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  1. Diesel motor questions.
  2. Glad to see the Army has rejoined the ranks of the sane.
  3. Scotch advice need from the GT braintust
  4. Gun show report
  5. Legal immigrants VS born Americans.
  6. Dead body on gurney flies out of Coroner's vehicle.
  7. Who here is on septic?
  8. Arg. vs. Germany 0-0 At Half
  9. Rules of SOCCER....WTH is Going On Here??
  10. Flying home!!!
  11. Do you like John Voight?
  12. Drugs - 60s, 70s...why again?
  13. ~ The Strain - Night Zero ~
  14. Caption this pic
  15. Lightning Ban?
  16. For All You Cheap Old Penny Pinchers
  17. Any photography people? Help on a lens is needed.
  18. Who here is septic?
  19. Well, damn...
  20. Deck Restoration Products
  21. Is Jim Shockey a hypocrite?
  22. Green fire
  23. Decided to make my own bacon
  24. Kidney stones,......anyone get 'em?
  25. Added some cool new coins to my collection
  26. Take your protein pills and put your helmet on ....
  27. Foil
  28. Anyone ever read the Outlander series by Diana Galdon?
  29. New engine doesn't sound right
  30. What kind of $$$$ should you have or be making before considering land?
  31. neat little trailer
  32. DEAD CHILDREN Found “Washed Up Along Riverbank” of Rio Grande
  33. Leftist yahoo news
  34. Sharknato 2
  35. AnchovyNado
  36. Lost a pack member today
  37. A/C won't turn on after changing low battery
  38. The ultimate black
  39. Cavalry Apes shooting machine guns - cooler than laser head shark
  40. A fun day at s Siberian beach...
  41. Who owns the oldest house?
  42. Bergdahl - wierdness
  43. The Five Most Dangerous Guns in America
  44. When are you going to retire?
  45. Celebrity Picture Photshopping
  46. Anyone buy a Short Sale home?
  47. A plea for gun control- Archie will be shot and killed Wednesday
  48. 1 year in jail for disorderly and a unpaid traffic ticket?
  49. Smart Bullets - Science Fiction turned science fact
  50. Anyone Playing Sniper Elite III ?
  51. Note: if you aren't a cop, do not attempt cop duties
  52. Do you have a weekly dinner schedule?
  53. Smoking Alternatives
  54. Heartwarming but bittersweet dog story
  55. I believe I found the Soup Nazi
  56. Officer shoots aggressive pit bull that was in owners van
  57. Drinking fine rum on Seven Mile in Grand Cayman...
  58. Is This a Fishy Car Sale or Not?
  59. 24 Season Finale (probably spoilers)
  60. Boy Genius from Arkansas could change the world!! Watch this video!!
  61. Pamplona Spain: Running With The Bulls !! (with pictures)
  62. Going to hire a house keeper and gardener this week...
  63. Help me name this little guy
  64. So I am looking at getting a nice watch...
  65. Feel good story of the Year, 40yr old mom becomes cheerleader for Saints
  66. Artifacts from an earlier Arizona 2nd page
  67. can you sell a broken water damaged macbook
  68. Artifacts from an earlier Arizona page 1
  69. What the heck? Thor is now a chick!!!
  70. Humbling experiences
  71. Is this excessive Jack in the Box?
  72. My new toy
  73. GM not desperate to sell vehicles...
  74. Personal Cloud Storage
  75. Boeing 787-9 Extreme Maneuvers
  76. MPG loss with trailer height???
  77. Carjacker Thumped By Citizens
  78. Tomorrow will be a GOOD day!
  79. Parents - what age did your kid(s) finally mature?
  80. July is National Ice Cream Month
  81. All the traffic will bear shipping
  82. Need an apartment in New Orleans
  83. Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl Recaptured By Taliban After Wandering Off Texas Base
  84. Road Trip
  85. Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes
  86. Collectible Jeeps?
  87. GT Laughs At People Wearing Tinfoil Hats but...
  88. Leased Vehicle, Warranty, New Cylinder Head
  89. Farts cure disease
  90. Intel Pics of NK Air Force
  91. Barcelona Spain, what a great city !! (with pictures)
  92. I just bought my last bag of Ruffles potato chips.
  93. Kenai River Red Salmon
  94. Stupid 9-year-old doesn't know which side of road to drive on.
  95. Last few days on a job....
  96. GF rant
  97. why not shoot instead of report?
  98. Counter Checks
  99. chimpanzees in the everglades?
  100. folding hand carts
  101. Lowe's Employees Fix Vet's Broken Wheelchair
  102. TSA It Just Keeps Getting Better and Better
  103. KKK passes out candy in SC
  104. The Most Painful Customer Service Call...Ever!
  105. Driver rant: your car is not the couch....
  106. Epic hilarity looming...You're The Worst...
  107. Feds to pay for $50 million resort for illegal alien teens
  108. 'The Lion of Fallujah'
  109. Missed This Auction?
  110. Not up on social media -help explain FLike, Share, Tweet, g+1, share
  111. Watch information
  112. Patio sliding door glass or whole door replacement
  113. Feds to open $50 million resort for illegal children
  114. Wanting a sand dunes toy- quad or sand rail?
  115. Navy Guys? Missed the ship. What will happen.
  116. Personal drones - I see big problems coming
  117. What car would you get for...
  118. Mystery hole in Siberia...
  119. Company Limits Employees to 6 Minutes PER DAY of Bathroom Use.
  120. A "kill it with fire" lesson .
  121. Charcoal BBQ and Bugs issue.
  122. American Ninja Warrior Kacy Catanzaro, holy smokes!!!
  123. Bystanders Stop Attempted Car-Jacking/Kidnapping (video)
  124. Top Marine Critical of Obama
  125. Will Mike Trout Become Americas Greatest Sports Star?
  126. Even illegals can buy guns
  127. Strange case
  128. 56k a year to deliver pizza
  129. Peggy Joseph today.
  130. Credit card offers - what do you do with them?
  131. Ah, Craps
  132. Pontypool - A different type of zombie movie
  133. Recommend a car for under $20K
  134. Pilot Drops 3000 PingPong Balls on the Highway by Mistake.
  135. Strangers help man with a photograph
  136. HVAC A Coil leak causes
  137. Illegal lodging
  138. RIP Johnny Winter
  139. Were You An Early Or Late Bloomer?
  140. Signing off for awhile
  141. Cool lookin lil lizard!
  142. MS cuts 18K jobs
  143. MS cuts 18K jobs
  144. Import of saiga 12s banned
  145. Manuel Noriega Sues 'Call of Duty' video game for 'Damaging His Reputation'
  146. Work Drama
  147. Malaysian Plane Shot Down
  148. I Made an Old Man Take a Walk
  149. First it's a chick Thor, now it's black Captain America
  150. 7/17
  151. Lottery Odds?
  152. Israel launches ground invasion of gaza strip.
  153. Are Chinese Sellers and Businesses SUBSIDIZED or Aided with Their Sales?
  154. Tapatalk Doesn't Work Here
  155. Net Neutrality is in jeopardy
  156. so the goobermint is trying to ban tannerite...
  157. Anyone see the movie After The Dark?
  158. Self defense/Martial art advice for daughter
  159. Dem Bill Would Outlaw Firearm Brands On Kid’s Clothing And Colorful Guns
  160. summer polar vortex.
  161. Prank Caller Makes it Through Live on MSNBC
  162. What are the triggers for retirement
  163. Spicy Food and your Dog. Do you?
  164. Nightline: Violent Crime Victims Become Gun Owners
  165. New "Duck" show on A&E
  166. World's Oldest Man?
  167. What's your WPM typing speed?
  168. why is the russian import ban bad?
  169. Almost broke my leg did break my foot
  170. Russian missle company
  171. 92 Chevy 1500
  172. A question for you motorcyclists.
  173. Official Isreali Assault Into Gaza Picture Thread
  174. Moral Clarity In Gaza
  175. Anyone see the movie "AMERICA" ?
  176. The bottom line is $
  177. "Holey" bullets claimed to go faster
  178. Grill Advice
  179. Funny Muffler Shop Lady
  180. People buying continually problematic cars baffles me.
  181. Palestinians Starting To Have Mixed Feelings About Being Used As Human Shie
  182. Father Walks In On a Man Raping His 11 Year Old Son
  183. Water Shortage - Would You Cut Back?
  184. William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2
  185. Superheroes aren't real!?
  186. Off road camp trailer
  187. getting faded receipt to show up?
  188. For A Vegetarian...
  189. Mel Brooks set cheap at Amazon
  190. Staten island man killed during arrest
  191. Do child molestors really have a rough time in prison?
  192. Need help, buying books from Amazon
  193. HVAC/Plumbing Issue/Question...
  194. Transferring DVDs
  195. Old F350 with camper.
  196. Local news site deleted my article comments :(
  197. What is your most extreme indulgence?
  198. And A Good Saturday Morning To You
  199. Visiting Reno for a week?
  200. Visited Jack and George Yesterday
  201. The Bored at Work Thread
  202. The Donkey Whisperer...
  203. My dog was attacked this morning
  204. Gitmo vets, what did you wish for?
  205. An interesting little bit of history...
  206. almost dropped my bike today....with my wife on the back.
  207. UFC Fight Night- Dublin
  208. 1997 shooting in North Hollywood
  209. Biker high five's cop
  210. Massad Ayoob
  211. Bad night at the bar.
  212. Political sign
  213. Split nails
  214. Crime rates are really low now but...
  215. Tough Guy!
  216. Leverage - TV Show
  217. Black Talon 45 ACP vs 5lb Gummy Bear
  218. Question about moon phase
  219. Florida Jury Awards $23.6 Billion to Widow in Smoking Lawsuit
  220. No fault car accidents.
  221. Rocky pretty much rules.
  222. Cell phone question.
  223. .50 Cal. Browning Incoming From Mexico
  224. James Garner Dead at 86
  225. Dogs: GSD and Doberman
  226. Ammo about to get scarce again
  227. Sharks = Fish?
  228. Eurodriver made it to NM
  229. Open question to philosophers...
  230. Eric's Chevy add finally got me, hope they send him a big fat check!
  231. How do you make major personal decisions?
  232. Rotisserie chicken
  233. How long to repair credit?
  234. 60 iconic photos from the 60s.
  235. I finally saw "The Punisher" last night.
  236. I just figured out how to retire ...
  237. Kerry Caught On Open Mic Sarcastically Slamming Israeli Gaza Op
  238. Aluminum gun cases
  239. What is the most important piece of machinery ever built by mankind?
  240. Rocky!
  241. Prayers?
  242. 401K into a bad?
  243. Car guys?
  244. 105-year-old woman throws first pitch
  245. Gas grill vs. Charcoal grill
  246. Fake Palestine Injury Photos
  247. Pop Corn Book Free
  249. Running Thread.
  250. Ken Burns - The Civil War