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  1. Apollo 8 recreation. Neat!
  2. BMW M3. BMW M4. Official launchfilm.
  3. Reading only for the sentient.
  4. BMW Diesel Sedan
  5. Is China and Japan about to start shooting each other?
  6. Cook County Sheriff - Off Duty Fatality
  7. old fart stuff remember?
  8. Christmas past Bob Hope
  9. Question about Afghanistan/Middle East......
  10. New Get Enrolled Ad
  11. Why Can't We Complain About Chicken Soup?
  12. Just got this holster customized to fit rail laser
  13. Paypal : I am disgusted and fed up
  14. Extra payments or lump sum paying debt?
  15. Looking for an Explosion Proof flashlight
  16. So which of you did this?
  17. Dinner argument at restaurant.
  18. Knowing it was coming didn’t make it any easier.
  19. Bear climbs tree.
  20. Recovering strength after surgery?
  21. Panhandlers
  22. Ran my first 5k race
  23. Bob Barker Wrestling A Gator
  24. VW Jetta GLI
  25. E-Cigs? Experience anyone?
  26. Do you save your long guns boxes?
  27. Teach me about concrete
  28. Obama Repeals ObamaCare
  29. I need everyones input
  30. Professional cement pouring?
  31. Apollo/Saturn tribute.
  32. The Ignore List...
  33. Getting VR'd Kansas edition....
  34. Let It Snow Let It Snow Let It Snow
  35. Post a video or die!
  36. Krispy Kreme Christie Caves
  37. Storms....hate the waiting game
  38. Is this a great country or what!
  39. How *not* to merge
  40. 80 degrees today.... AQ issues apology.
  41. Nut bra
  42. more Target related scams
  43. is this what the knockout game evolved from?
  44. Just ordered this book, sounds like a real winner!
  45. Real tree or fake?
  46. Local Forum's Tyranical Administrator
  47. Fly by I-Phone - (where's TBO?)
  48. Military retirement benefits.
  49. food "warning " from the internet what do you think?
  50. Free, free at last. Thank God I am free at last
  51. Plasma or LED
  52. Heck of a good article on the state of the ACA.
  53. Saw this at Cabelas today. Glendale AZ
  54. What's for Christmas dinner?
  55. Rassafrackin' "Eco" Washing Machines!
  56. Judge Halts Icelandic Road To Avoid Disturbing Elves?
  57. I'm cooking my Christmas Eve gumbos
  58. The only silver lining of Obamacare
  59. Early xmas present from my dad... Thanks dad !
  60. Wait, did I just read about 18th century France?
  61. Knives in England
  62. How Y’all, Youse and You Guys Talk
  63. I need help from the wordsmiths.
  64. Who heres working on XMAS?
  65. Looking to change cellphone carrier.
  66. Budweiser Clydesdale commercial compilation
  67. Arapahoe HS shooting victim, Claire Davis, has died
  68. Eating refrozen meat question?
  69. Driving a 4X4 in 2wd with the front hubs locked
  70. Road Trip!
  71. You are a smelly pirate hooker....
  72. To be the rear guard at Kunu-Ri...
  73. Bought Myself An Early Christmas Present
  74. 7 day programmable digital timer for electric appliance - recommendations?
  75. Second prize to The Toby Reiser Quintet!
  76. Every demon wants his pound of flesh...
  77. Cheerleader turns special ops Afghanistan!
  78. Covert home surveilance question
  79. Anybody freash water fish in December?
  80. North Korea threatens South Korea... via fax.
  81. Do you....
  82. Is this your homework, Larry?
  83. Bags of heroin labeled 'Obama Care' seized
  84. open carry
  85. Those "holiday" songs.....***click!!***
  86. Need a little extra purchasing power for the holidays?
  87. Target consumer data theft: get new CC #s?
  88. 1 killed, 1 wounded in deputy involved shooting.
  89. For once it is a good thing to look like a nerd
  90. Inventor of the AK-47 Dies in Russia
  91. Mikhail Kalashnikov DEAD wow I thought he would live forever..R
  92. Whut? Car healed itself?
  93. does California charge sales tax for online sales (out of state)
  94. Which would you rather be....?
  95. James Dean on PBS this weekend
  96. Best way to use engine cleaner additives
  97. Mikhail Kalashnikov dead at 91
  98. Mistaken Identity Shooting
  99. strange headlight issue
  100. Clapping hands?
  101. China pressing media to avoid using "cash crunch" label with
  102. A thumbs up for Edgeworks, in Frederick, MD
  103. The ammo truck came today!! YAY!!!
  104. white christmas...ideas?
  105. Life Insurance
  106. Happy Festivus !!!
  107. and another one (home invader) bites the dust
  108. US Savings Rate Slides As Personal Incomes Below Expectations
  109. Hey Jail Break fans
  110. Recommend a Family Movie
  111. Fellow gt'ers........
  112. Jon Benet Ramsey 18 years later
  113. Gilligan's island remake the professor to be gay
  114. Where's your dialect say you are from?
  115. Frozen - the movie, not the degree
  116. Car shopping with women.
  117. Buy this for yourself for Christmas....
  118. How is the Flu in your area?
  119. I can't believe they would let yo do that....!
  120. Hobbit Desolation of Smaug
  121. Corvette video
  122. Accomplice charged with murder after home invasion
  123. Dont drink and drive !
  124. Anyone happen to know what an electric rope shovel costs?
  125. AK prediction
  126. Why did the chicken cross the road?
  127. Glock 23 Failing to Reset Trigger on Dry Fire
  128. Funny or twisted X-mas pictures
  129. Snow Art
  130. Obamacare outreach hits the clubs
  131. 10 Things Food Banks Need
  132. I seem to have some dust in my eyes
  133. Merry Christmas to all ...
  134. Oldy but goody - video on NY safe act
  135. Home Printer that doesn't suck?
  136. Undaunted by paralysis, Dewey Tate Makes, Sells Birdhouses From Shed i
  137. A new car (small SUV) next year...begin shopping now...
  138. domestic violence PSA
  139. Question for the auto mechaincs on here.
  140. Is this year the year? LOL I'm not holding my breath
  141. The county I live in is trying to adopt the Kennasaw law
  142. What to get an acrophobic for Christmas?
  143. Poll about polls...
  144. For when you need that temporary illness.
  145. Don't Litter in Texas
  146. Cell Phones are annoying!
  147. Merry Christmas pictures
  148. Santa shot in DC
  149. Sandwich Shop Fires Its Employees — By Email — Right Before Christmas
  150. Mrs VR's new
  151. Indefinate detention without trial retained?
  152. Pop up
  153. Just enjoyed a Christmas classic!
  154. Miniture Wonderland
  155. Robinson R-33 Maiden Flight
  156. Is Slash One of The Greatest Guitarists Ever?
  157. What's your favorite Christmas cookie?
  158. Will wood burn if it is green but dry?
  159. Stink, stank, stunk
  160. Merry Christmas to all sit back and enjoy
  161. How's your Christmas Eve?
  162. A Christmas Story -
  163. Edward Snowden /Julian Assange -heros or villians?
  164. What is your Christmas Eve/Day meal(s)
  165. There is this song ... help me find...
  166. red ryder bb gun
  167. Spot The Paradox
  168. Midnight Christmas Ninjas
  169. The Christmas haul thread
  170. VA Refuses "Merry Xmas" Cards!!
  171. The lawyers will be able to comfortably retire when this one is over...
  172. American girl doll for daughter
  173. Need advice on Car accident......
  174. Jerry Miculek abd the SW 500
  175. Did A Bit Of A Christmas Eve Prank.
  176. AK47 Inventor to be Buried in Mud
  177. TSA is a Joke
  178. Lea Gabrielle Joins Fox News
  179. I Just Shot My Eye Out!
  180. New vs used vehicle
  181. Dude I am having so much fun playing with kids gifts
  182. Help me pick an authentic western style 6 gun.
  183. Atlantic fish ID
  184. RIP W.C. Fields
  185. Do they videotape operations?
  186. Beretta won’t move to Virginia due to Terry McAuliffe’s gun-control agenda
  187. UPS Ruined Christmas
  188. What to do to get a Co. to honor a warranty issue?
  189. Garage beam ?
  190. Doctor My Eyes
  191. No burn days
  192. Things ya get for Christmas
  193. Volunteer Santa shot on Christmas Eve handing out presents to kids.
  194. PA GIRL who wanted caroling wish has died
  195. 1% of Illegals Deported
  196. Can a suspected drunk driver make it home free?
  197. Microsoft is telling us that Security Essentials is inadequate protection?
  198. Chance to hunt Black Rhino causing an outrage
  199. Am I crazy or is this old Caddy underpriced?
  200. Can a China-Russia Axis Bankrupt the US?
  201. The Darwin awards are out.
  202. Man shot by bad drug deal calls 911 before he dies
  203. A&E returns Phil Robinson they caved
  204. Arachnophobes: Click Here!
  205. Ever Wonder About Chinese Restaurants?
  206. ATT U-verse
  207. Anyone play WOT world of tanks online?
  208. My Best Christmas Gift
  209. Dmv
  210. Ski season's in full swing
  211. Acceleration Explained
  212. Snoring dogs...WTH?
  213. Iatrogenics is my new favorite term
  214. Real, Fake or Real Fake?
  215. Neighbor Calls 911 On Us Xmas Day
  216. 36 mpg Chevy Malibu or ???????
  217. Traffic cops in Melbourne, Florida, hand out tickets on XMas day
  218. Anyone ever used a pusharound manlift in their house?
  219. Not so good experience with
  220. Camera buffs - is this Lens worth $130?
  221. Dog behavior question
  222. ~ Zombie Attack in Russia ~
  223. Coffee grinder recommendation
  224. when fish attack !!!
  225. Keep up with ex's
  226. Watching Jodi Arias case details on Dr Drew
  227. Father & son drowned in a cave dive
  228. I have lost almost 20 pounds since August
  229. Anyone else have a non-traditional couple in the family?
  230. Affordable adventures?
  231. Halp!
  232. Hotel rwanda 2:
  233. Blackfish
  234. President signs budget deal.
  235. Forbes: Putin most powerful man in the world
  236. 70" TV Advice Needed
  237. Twitter Now Has A Larger Market Capitalization Than 80% Of All S&P 500 Co.
  238. toby keith bans guns from his restaurant
  239. Mutual funds
  240. Man captures python, puts it on his shoulders, then gets strangled to death
  241. Cordless speakers for my PC question.
  242. Is it illegal to drive barefoot where you live?
  243. Lost a coworker Christmas Night
  244. Zombie question.
  245. U.S. Flag patch on arm
  246. Over-henching
  247. Any guys here get pedicures?
  248. Pulled pork sammiches... Recipies?
  249. 100 Years Of Success? - Fed 'Inflation' Style
  250. China gets OK to purchase Smithfield foods...Oink Oink