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  1. Slight ripple in my age/time continuum.
  2. Shaving
  3. Full-time living in an RV, or wow she's gorgeous
  4. On my way to Oakland
  5. extraterrestrials; good or evil?
  6. UNRWA gives rockets back to HAMAS (??!!)
  7. I meet the criteria for being an idiot - made same mistake twice
  8. Naked and Afraid: Why no snares?
  9. A fun one for the GT brain trust!
  10. For all the Leo guys.
  11. Rupert "paradummies" used in D-Day...
  12. Alternative shot gun loads
  13. I completed my motorcycle rider's safety class.
  14. Who wears RGP contact lenses?
  15. How did you handle getting screwed over by a family member over money?
  16. Sycamore firewood?
  17. worlds tallest flag pole
  18. Buzz Aldrin Punches Heckler in the Face
  19. Lightbulbs to high of wattage for the wiring?
  20. Firehose nozzle - where have you been all my life?
  21. Interesting video from former border agent
  22. Gov. Perry calling out National Guard.......
  23. Sept. 9, 2014: Sons Of Anarchy, the final thread...
  24. J.Hopkins settles country's largest case of sexualmisconduct by a physician
  25. J.Hopkins settles country's largest case of sexualmisconduct by a physician
  26. Jesus take the wheel....
  27. Local store shenanigans...
  28. Salaried clock watchers - I don't get it
  29. University of Wisconsin-Madison mulls ‘diversity-based grading’
  30. History buffs, is hot right now
  31. Empty primer plastic trays
  32. Downsizing to one vehicle
  33. I got sent to prison this morning.
  34. Soldering Pencil?
  35. Man Impersonating Army Sergeant Major gets Busted by some Marines
  36. Careful with that axe, Eugene
  37. View from a B17
  38. Tiny Houses - I don't get it
  39. HVAC & A/C Guys: Help Please
  40. Ex Marine Arrested in Erin Corwin(CA) Missing Case
  41. Anyone else HATE SHOPPING FOR A CAR?
  42. Hope
  43. Can any GT members tell me why this happened?
  44. Fed appeals court panel says most Obamacare subsidies illegal
  45. coporal captain
  46. Israel's lone soldiers
  47. Narrow, Windy, Bumpy roads, what were they thinking?
  48. Sometimes it's bad to fire the boss!
  49. Lady ran into me and another and she had backup camera.
  50. My Grand kids are living with me now
  51. 12yr old girl receives purple heart
  52. Hooray for kidney stones!
  53. Open carry waitresses
  54. 2014 Tour de France
  55. Leather Chair and Ottoman for the Man Cave Help
  56. Yet another new coin to share.
  57. Any other writers here?
  58. A B-17 , B-24, and P-51 landed in my town
  59. Chained dogs and property line laws?
  60. Dick's fires 500 golf pros today
  61. New York Strip = 40 SW
  62. Medical question
  63. Under cabinet LED lighting for a kitchen?
  64. Beretta USA announces move
  65. Woman dead after "break-in" and being stabbed
  66. My coworker was robbed at gunpoint
  67. Basic Skills Required to be hired and work AT YOUR OFFICE?
  68. Sex on the Beach
  69. What Russia don't want you to know...
  70. Watched it a dozen times can't stop laughing
  71. The Gun That Never Was
  72. Medication supply
  73. Patent/product question
  74. You know you're getting old when...
  75. Headed to Los Angeles. What to see ?
  76. Only 1 Week Left!!!
  77. An oldie but goodie....
  78. Jet lag!
  79. New F150
  80. What happens when someone who knows little about cars writes an article...
  81. Very powerful video clip...
  82. My Brother, part 2, Nigerians and bad checks.
  83. GM Scraps Volt in Europe
  84. IT Guys--what's the best way to get into that business?
  85. Odd smells from childhood
  86. Wireless Speed issue
  87. Cheap Thrills!
  88. 20 percent chance of rain tomorrow
  89. Guns Welcome Sign Increases Business
  90. Sandy Hook Hoax: False Flag to disarm Americans
  91. Funny Video of Kim Jong Un Dancing
  92. Fistfight breaks out in Ukrainian parliament
  93. Consensus on BB white flags?
  94. Any HR experts?
  95. Smelly thread spin off!
  96. Don't urinate on the candy
  97. Diamonds
  98. Driving too slow in fast lane...charged with murder.
  99. The first time you were ever drunk....
  100. Had two dollars in my pocket till payday
  101. Birth Control Dinner
  102. Ben Carson on 2nd Amendment
  103. Amazon for auto parts?
  104. Sidney Rice Retires
  105. Doctor asked my kid about guns in our home today!
  106. 17 Year Old Boy has 232 Teeth Removed From His Mouth
  107. Firearm Lesson In School?
  108. guy at the LGS
  109. Credit card account closed for inactivity.
  110. Consider helping this little girl with her heart surgery
  111. Zombieland - The Series?
  112. Nash Bridges
  113. Utility fees
  114. Touchdown or Incomplete Pass?
  115. The Strain. Anyone watching it?
  116. What to see in Fort Worth?
  117. yet another plane.....
  118. man gets out of truck to check his tires, gets arrested.
  119. things to do with a hula hoop or wok
  120. Workplace salutations: "Good morning" & "Good Night"
  121. ISIS orders all femals in Mosule be circumsised.
  122. Had a Little Storm
  123. Can a doc or staff tell if a potential patient has O-care.....
  124. K9 Home Invasion
  125. How many here had a digital LED watch?
  126. Massachusetts police chiefs rally for right to control long-gun permits
  127. Demolition cord/fuse in action in Cleveland
  128. Typewriter sales taking off in Germany to thwart NSA
  129. Hard to sit still watching my son play soccer
  130. Good stock tips?
  131. Local kid killed in a plane crash...
  132. Russia firing artillery into Ukraine
  133. Otter case question
  134. Let's add .22LR to the 'potent caliber' debate...
  135. Anyone do a kind of modified paleo diet?
  136. Pregnant Woman Unable to Cross Street to Hospital Because of Obama Motorcad
  137. Shooting at hospital in Upper Darby PA
  138. Are you living on 'borrowed' time?
  139. Why make it hard?
  140. Garage door cost?
  141. Who knew Ray Stevens was still around?
  142. Gunman opens fire in hospital. Wounded doctor returns fire, stops shooter
  143. Anybody been to Diagon Alley yet ?
  144. Do you think Al Gore could change a tire?
  145. No thoughts of suicide....but my life may be over tonight regardless...or
  146. American Greed
  147. And Some People Make Fun OF Texas A&M Around Here
  148. Swarm of Mayflies so large it Shows up on Radar!
  149. I give you the next "Trayvon Martin"-level of controversy case:
  150. Hey Eric!!
  151. Old man says "I shot her anyway" (So Cal)
  152. Sirrusxm radio
  153. Dodge dash cover replacement? GT braintrust!
  154. Won't see this in MSM. Civilians catch the bad guys!
  155. The lawn mower man:
  156. Salon Attempts to Paint Avowed Communist Lee Harvey Oswald as a “Right-Wing
  157. APNewsBreak: Gun law based on flawed estimate
  158. Up-selling
  159. Fast Food workers pushing for $15/hr. wage
  160. Why are you on GlockTalk?
  161. Gun guy cliches I'm tired of hearing...
  162. Stealing
  163. "The Last Ship" TV Program
  164. Powerlifting - this is mind blowing
  165. Imaginary lover
  166. 2005 Honda Accord Hybrid dilemma
  167. Rifle rods
  168. Have you ever lowered the pegs on your motorcycle?
  169. Intruder Shot by Homeowner Not Pregnant
  170. Post Office Carry?
  171. Why do guys pee in stalls?
  172. Dogs at Shelters, why are they almost all Pitts?
  173. Can I make my Frontier DSL service better?
  174. Floriduh Politicians Lower the Stupid Bar
  175. Long Ago In Days I'm Told
  176. Gas station clerk with MMA training surprises thieves
  177. Scientists: Rich People, Poor People May Have Shared Common Ancestor
  178. VisionAire Vantage Jet
  179. Israel claims they have killed top Hamas leader.
  180. Chic-fil-A vs McDonalds
  181. Looks Like One More Good WWII Movie On The Way
  182. Public Horsewhipping...
  183. Marine Tribute Flag Found at Flea Market-$5
  184. Back on the Track!
  185. Need Work Computer Help Please!!!
  186. Jared Loughner had bomb making materials in his home
  187. Robert Downey Jr
  188. Every breath in your lungs
  189. Human test
  190. USPS Tracking - SUX!
  191. What's your current favorite food item?
  192. Nature TV shoes now vs. a generation ago
  193. Season 5 The Walking Dead trailer
  194. I Finally Pulled The Trigger
  195. DC Carry-ban is no more.
  196. Muslim childrens tv.
  197. Zack Interview-Security on the border between USA and Mexico
  198. Sheriff Sends Mexican President a Bill for the Illegal Aliens in His Jail
  199. Shooting Death of Well Known FSU Professor is a Major Mystery.
  200. Woman Stabs Roommate for Listening to The Eagles.
  201. Poncho and Lefty..
  202. HVAC trouble-need advice
  203. DC ban on handguns found unconstitutional! (Palmer v. DC)
  204. The "Transformers" sound..BOOOOOOoooommmmm. ENOUGH!!!
  205. Dodge Ram Idle Speed Valve
  206. I AM HERCULES!!! What a fun movie to watch.
  207. FLIR One
  208. Helping family....
  209. 1990 Toyota Supra - BRAND NEW - only $70k
  210. Before you bury a terrorist, make sure you remove his suicide vest
  211. Anyone Following the Chris Deedy retrial?
  212. Craigslist etiquette?
  213. Grandpa took a lot of pics in WWII...
  214. Gal Gadot
  215. Auto insurance folks - claim question
  216. Allen West, Foul-mouthed Black Jesus coming to your TV
  217. Dogs kill jogger.
  218. Stuff you just can't make up
  219. Sunday morning and I love my kids ....
  220. New car problems
  221. Need Help With Sport Sandals
  222. Anybody work(ed) for Loomis?
  223. The orange Share+ button on GT
  224. When Fish Attack...
  225. Power meter
  226. F1 Hungary
  227. BORDER PATROL POINTS LOADED GUN at Iowa Boy Scout Troop
  228. New 'Mad Max: Fury Road' Teaser........
  229. The Green Inferno-bon appetit!
  230. Boston Top Cop: City Residents Do Not 'Need' to Own Shotguns, Rifles
  231. Do you trust your gut instict all the time?
  232. Cash clerk is semi pro MMA. You can guess how the robbery went...
  233. Ok report in...whis carried in DC this weekend?
  234. Syfy Shark Whatever!
  235. Are you a Bad As*?
  236. Do you carry any weapons when jogging or walking outside?
  237. Jeff Gordon's 5th brickyard win
  238. Mothers Powerball 4 paint
  239. 1/2 Ton Truck: Ford, GM, Toyota?
  240. Oshkosh 2014
  241. Very Old Bible
  242. Big Bend national park
  243. Fall Garden
  244. buying car parked for 6+ yrs???
  245. Cheap parking at Denver airport??
  246. [Video] 4 Home Invaders Chose the Wrong Home – 1 Shot, 3 in Custody
  247. Outdoor Gas Grills hooked to natural gas, thoughts / opinions please
  248. The women on Fox News ....
  249. Great video - absolutely hilarious!
  250. Nothing makes a woman feel more like a girl