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  1. WWI Centennial - Aug. 4, 2014
  2. Everything a Young Man Needs to Know About Women (Video)
  3. Caption this....
  4. horsing around
  5. Don't cough in front of Homeland Security...
  6. Ebola and South America
  7. Former White House press secretary Jim Brady dies
  8. New Indian Scout motorcycle
  9. CNN reporter bit 2 EMTs while in drunken rage: suit
  10. Environmentalists call for Americans to pee in bottle and recycle it...
  11. Neat Story
  12. This week in college football 2014/2015
  13. 13 illegals arrested wearing Marine uniforms.
  14. More history for today - Anne Frank arrested 4 August 1944
  15. Shooting Star in Jaws Movie
  16. Hennessey Venom F5
  17. Considerate of others???
  18. How Would You React to this Guy Flashing your Kids?
  19. Flashlight section?
  20. We didn't built this. Obama did.
  21. Listen to Border Agent at check point
  22. 911 told her to put the gun down
  23. Sheriff Advises Folks To Protect Themselves
  24. Do You Grow Tomatoes?
  25. World's top PR companies rule out working with climate deniers
  26. Book: Obama ignored gun lobby's bid to help rid illegal guns after Newtown
  27. Bolt from the blue? Darwin! Pick up your phone!
  28. Man shoots himself in head while posing for gun selfie
  29. U.S. General Is Reportedly Killed by an Afghan Soldier
  30. MISSOURI! Get out and vote!
  31. Fenix PD35 Flashlight-850 Lumens - yay or nay
  32. 9-year-old boy dies after being stabbed repeatedly by child at Michigan pla
  33. The Move America Forward "Charity" funnels money to consultants
  34. MetLife - Good or Bad?
  35. Uh oh, the drone is on the other foot.
  36. 3D-printed saxophone makes sweet plastic music
  37. This makes my blood boil.
  38. FN15 and "The Chart".
  39. Hurricane iselle is heading straight for Hawaii...people are scrambling for
  40. Insider kills US General in Afghanistan with M-16
  41. GT Fantasy Football League
  42. Anybody have SiriusXM and not have billing issues?
  43. What a wonderful nation we live in...
  44. Cannabis kills two...
  45. Pilonidal Cyst
  46. Ban selfies
  47. 90 Year Old Sentenced to 4 Year for 'Mercy Killing' his Wife of 65 years
  48. Verizon mail-in rebate
  49. What happened to Lebron James?
  50. Suspects in murder of Border Patrol agent arrested & deported numerous time
  51. Audio question (sub woofer)...
  52. Need Advice on New Tires
  53. Kids 4 Wheeler
  54. My holster making adventure
  55. Companies that don't do what they say
  56. Pretty good flashlight for $21.16...
  57. The Sopranos
  58. NC Sheriff has Libtards crying
  59. Any vintage audio guys out there?
  60. 1000 yard shot with handgun.
  61. Kids with cell phones
  62. Bronze Star
  63. Laptop For College Student?
  64. Arguing with Idiots or What Happened To The Rule of Law
  65. Good quality renters insurance....
  66. Need advice, thinking of going back to school
  67. Son's soccer game, U10
  68. So if I DID have enough Money - I could have Class III In NYC too?
  69. Car battery - tested good - but will not hold a charge.
  70. Prize to honour inventions that have HARMED the planet is launched.
  71. Doctor's
  72. superbowl petition...
  73. NRA Life Member
  74. This Is What Happens When You Demand More Than Minimum Wage (McDonald's)
  75. A question for you motorcyclists.
  76. China: Police Force Drivers to Stare at Bright Headlights for 5minutes
  77. Army has begun questioning Bergdahl about capture
  78. Outbreak and Contagion
  79. Dogs Pointing Worms
  80. Serious gun cleaning question...
  81. Longmire!? Warning: Finale Spoiler..
  82. Any Hiroshima threads?
  83. Ebola Virus a US Gov't Patent?
  84. 50 People Push a Train to Free a Man's Leg (video).
  85. Going to switch my pants line up.
  86. 18ft Crocodile Catches and Makes a Meal out of a 5ft Bull Shark.
  87. Gonna Get my FIRST MORA Knife...Which One Should I Get??
  88. zoysia grass lawns??
  89. Are people just giving up these days?
  90. Dishwasher for glock-anybody actually do this?
  91. Half brother and sister marry by accident....
  92. Ebola
  93. Obama received birthday greetings from around the world
  94. Any movie sequels better than originals ?
  95. What started the American Civil War, suggest a good book
  96. Rob Pincus of "ICE" on Fox News
  97. Best Gun Engraving
  98. Ford ESP; Take My Money Please!!!
  99. Sun Sentinel article on 'silencers' may be allowed for hunting
  100. "New To Me G23"
  101. 115 year old home
  102. Torch Caught Fire Last Night
  103. Any popular movie franchises you just don't care for?
  104. Firing Squads, I have a ?
  105. My afternoon adventure
  106. Jaws is on again now .... Watch for the shooting star ...
  107. My godfather USMC and my best friend old Navy .....
  108. Top 10 Worst Sports Cities..
  109. Back Into Iraq
  110. Godless bastion of freedom is talking...
  111. How Much Can A Person Take? Prayers Maybe? I Apologize for Venting.
  112. Help me, Cat People
  113. Coyote VS rottweiler (Video)
  114. Is bowling dying?
  115. Juicer Recipes
  116. Skating rinks....
  117. Favorite old funny threads...
  118. A Blast From GT's Past
  119. Whipple(???) Surgery
  120. This is what diebetes is like
  121. Will ebola be the SHTF situation we've been waiting for?
  122. Got any personal alien/UFO encounter stories?
  123. Secretary cars
  124. Footlocker Commercials
  125. ISIS Beheading Children in Iraq
  126. Lies, Damned Lies, Stats and Yahoo
  127. Those Crazy Coke Bottles With Names On Them.
  128. Do you know the difference between a sea story and a fairy tale?
  129. Global Cost of Living Index ?
  130. 2015 Chevy Colorado
  131. James Brady's death ruled HOMICIDE
  132. Question for the ladies.. no pervs please!
  133. Zonkey!
  134. Ricky Graham in the Motorsports Hall of Fame
  135. The Best Gun Fiction
  136. gun liability insurance ?
  137. Look who baby VR met last night!
  138. All the restaurants of the future may indeed be Taco Bell
  139. Boardwalk Empire -- Any Good?
  140. Has Anyone Figured Out how a Guy Like SNOWDEN Was Hired and Had the Access?
  141. Lord! It's a miracle!
  142. Fat Guys in the Woods
  143. OK, which of you guys are these?
  144. Electricians? Or electrical informed people?
  145. What would you do
  146. Bear mystery solved?
  147. Electricity, Height and Women - Would YOU do this job?
  148. Hardest part of juice cleansing/fast
  149. Texas Proposes Alcohol Sales at Some Gun Shows
  150. Do you need a laugh and have 6 minutes?
  151. Kokanee; not just a cheap beer...
  152. For those who didn't believe how fab outlander would be
  153. Flashlight guys look at this thing!
  154. I stopped drinking alcohol
  155. Knockout attacker asked victim if he had a Glock first
  156. Canadian football....
  157. Guide to women
  158. Who has leather vehicle seats and how do you maintain them?
  159. What movie am I watching?
  160. Who knows about recumbent bikes?
  161. Meaning of number of town sirens?
  162. Sharon Tate, 45 years ago today.
  163. A 1%er wedding
  164. Why doesn't my PC make "computer noises?"
  165. So, what did I miss?
  166. Tony Stewart may have run a guy down
  167. Any Telescope GURU's On Board?? I Need Help and Advice..
  168. One cool "flashlight".........
  169. High School reunions
  170. Question best asked of GT
  171. What is this?
  172. Your best wedding stories
  173. Update on my father
  174. Headline just scratches the surface of this story...
  175. I think this is a physics question?
  176. How to get wireless to reach distance
  177. Buying a tablet - need advice?
  178. Strange Stuff That You See At The Gym
  179. Lets talk about the Kurds...
  180. Interesting story from the border.
  181. Hey Eric
  182. Isis in America?
  184. Rant of the day: Abuse of handicapped parking.
  185. Illegal dumping on my property
  186. Walmart brand Soniccare replacement brush heads
  187. Carlton Complex fires in Wash. State
  188. Shark week 2014
  189. Discovery Channel trend: Fake Documentaries, Like Shark of Darkness
  190. What could possibly go wrong with a new mower?
  191. Why You Should Get Rental Car Insurance.
  192. Got a new computer with Windows 8.
  193. What a great 2 days of work
  194. Super Moon
  195. Teen Choice Awards 2014
  196. Kung-fu and Kung-pow know-it-alls
  197. Upchuck!!!
  198. Problems with ATT U-Verse internet, anyone else?
  199. Tri tip..... meat heaven!
  200. Facebook Steps in it again
  201. Bad idea- Florida State Lets Fans Ask Jameis Winston Twitter questions
  202. Just got my FLIR One.
  203. Anyone Disappear and Become a New Person?
  204. James O'Keef dresses as Osama bin Laden and cross from Mexico to US
  205. Any flashight guru's in here?
  206. New GT dress code?
  207. Tony Stewart fan?
  208. 'Sons of Guns' star arrested for....
  209. 'Sons of Guns' cast member Arrested on Suspicion of Child Molestation
  210. Crouching Tiger, Falling Dagger
  211. What is a "targeted air strike"?
  212. Micro Mini Pigs
  213. Another one for Scotch Drinkers
  214. Who has the oldest GT join date?
  215. Robin Williams Dead at 63
  216. Eight More Things You Had No Idea Are Racist
  217. Robin Williams dead
  218. The U.S postal service lost $2 billion this spring
  219. Young lady "marries" Charles Manson
  220. here you go Eric, geek-out a bit......
  221. ‘Smart pistol’ push may shift to police market
  222. Finally FOOTBALL!
  223. ISIS needs
  224. Met the Cops @ Walmart!
  225. Airforce movie Pearl Harbor attack question
  226. Did the military stop using cruise missiles?
  227. Would you be nervous paying $300K for a 2000SF house?
  228. Today I learned I was given the highest Glock talk award.
  229. Identity Theft! I'm asking GT for help.
  230. Hyperlapse... Pretty cool!
  231. Which level should I trust???
  232. Whats a good flashlight to have around the house?
  233. Meet Four Business Owners Squeezed by Operation Choke Point
  234. news crew robbed while reporting on "sketchy" neighborhoods
  235. Man jailed for siccing dogs on Border Patrol agent
  236. Prius vs Ram head on
  237. In your opinion who was the best General
  238. Gortex shell rain jct suggestions?
  239. The new Carls Jr commercial
  240. Need a new camera -point and shoot
  241. Price Is Right model
  242. I think playing cards are sexist
  243. Recommend a Brush Chipper/Shredder
  244. Help me chop up a chicken and get into the bones
  245. Balance a motorcycle on your head?
  246. Anybody Use Gunwatcher?
  247. ISIS Suicide Bomb Trainer Accidentally Blows Up His Class
  248. Iraq militants changing tactics, complicating US airstrike mission
  249. Of all the forums I'm a member of, GT...
  250. BREAKING: Federal Judge Rules AR-15′s Not Protected by 2A