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  1. states you have been to that are aweful
  2. Sweeney Todd razor
  3. Happy Lunar New Year!!!
  4. Dorner's Manifesto
  5. WTF? Toyota Land Cruiser = $78.5k, Lexus LX $81.5k what is in the LC??
  6. spinoff from arclight610's physics thread
  7. Steven Seagal is awesome!
  8. semi autos can blow up trains--jessie jackson said so
  9. Just heard this............................Paul Harvey
  10. What's the Strangest Thing You've Seen While Driving?
  11. Today's Gripe....
  12. The Two Top News Stories
  13. Ammo shortage isn't doing anything to traffic at my local range
  14. Florida Homeowners Please Read
  15. Ammo no longer on Walmart website?
  16. Indiana Woman Sues Kroger And Man Who Saved Her Life
  17. Why is purchasing a mattress such a nightmare??
  18. Innerstin safe video
  19. Firefox Keeps Shutting Off
  20. what kind of socks do you wear?
  21. Obama's at prayer breakfast
  22. Military/government passenger jets.
  23. Any musicians here??
  24. GT page not formatted correctly on IPAD
  25. Anyone see the preview of the S.I. Swimsuit cover?
  26. How does free energy sound?
  27. Sciatica?
  28. What's the Coolest Tool you own?
  29. I'm not a conspiracy nut but I'm starting to wonder
  30. Funny Pro-2A "Ad" in local newspaper.
  31. Poll for your consideration. (anti gun)
  32. Another epic fail in NY
  33. Is tomorrow a postal holliday
  34. Why was my thread closed ?
  35. Public Hearing in Olympia, WA on House bill 1588
  36. Your favorite workout song?
  37. What is the deal with .22 lr ammo?
  38. $1,000,000 reward just issued for Donner
  39. Reality shows that you never want to see on TV!
  40. Americans Buying Guns Every 1.6 Seconds
  41. Live in an area where they salt the roads?
  42. Suburban starting issues...
  43. This movie looks incredible !
  44. Have to admit this is pretty cool
  45. Homeowner Forced to Shoot Home Invader While Waiting for Police to Arrive
  46. Walking dead
  47. Colorado about to force MAGPUL out of the state.
  48. Lead Poisoning: Exposure, Effects, & Preventative Measures for Shooters
  49. It's going to happen, you know it will
  50. movie title
  51. Support Growing For L.A. Cop Accused Of Killing Spree
  52. Hospital bed mattress recomendations - anyone?
  53. So this is how the Empire begins?
  54. Wtf up with Vart laptop thread?
  55. Google Nexus 4 Reportedly Sells Over 1 Million Units
  56. time lapse of blizzard in UCONN .
  57. Texas, the next California?
  58. Another one of those "Creepiest things" threads...
  59. GT copycat threads?
  60. Pay Attention to Dog Barking
  61. Do you let rude ederly people slide?
  62. need mom prayers
  63. High school administrators found photos of student’s National Guard service
  64. The pope set to retire. 1st pope since (b4) Chris Columbus to do so.
  65. Public service response time.
  66. Give This Guy Thirty Minutes...
  67. Fight looms over registry disguised as background check, say activists
  68. NY Times: Rising Voice of Gun Ownership Is Female
  69. Walking Dead Season 3
  70. For Blair Oaks 8th grader, it's 'Ready, aim, fire!'
  71. Say it isn't so!
  72. Disabled Marine rifles at inauguration
  73. Bloomberg Article-Background Checks Best Chance for New Limits
  74. I-Killed-UBL-And-Now-I'm-Unemployed
  75. Anyone drive 40 or more miles to work?
  76. Engagement ring advice
  77. GASP! La Pierre Was Right: San Bernardino Schools Opened With Armed LEO
  78. ATF Agent Seizes 30 Toy Guns! Says They can be Converted!
  79. Post Lifting Muscle Soreness Remedies?
  80. I hate bill collectors
  81. Which is Worse, No Toilet or Being in Mexico?
  82. state lawmakers rush to draft anti-gun bills
  83. The New National Identification System Is Coming
  84. NJ Attempts To Fast Track Anti Gun Legislation Wednesday, February 13, 2013
  85. Just got notified! Cheaper than dirt has them!!!
  86. Replating a nickel gun?
  87. Navy SEAL who got Bin Laden talks about leaving the USN...
  88. Anyone surprised at this?
  89. "Ole Smoky Moonshine"
  90. In a bathroom downstairs
  91. What happened to Walmart site?
  92. Best place to file my taxes???
  93. Hey Virginians, tell me about VA.
  94. Thanks Obama!
  95. Fundraising: how would you do it?
  96. Requesting a video be taken off Pirate Bay
  97. Pilot error? Helicopter Crash Top Gear Korea
  98. Larry the flagman
  99. 3 dead-courthouse shooting
  100. Ever order something, then find out later the item is not in stock?
  101. So God made a Liberal........
  102. an old video of Bob Mundon
  103. TED NUGENT to be at State of the Union Address
  104. MOH awarded today to Sgt Romesha
  105. News of the Weird
  106. Colt's New Commemorative Pisol
  107. Father shoots drunk driver who killed his sons
  108. Directv just pissed me off
  109. Questions about a career in the insurance business
  110. What day are we all supposed to go to Starbuck's?
  111. Gold producing bacteria?
  112. Sleep apnea testing... at home?
  113. Little help with florecent lights.
  114. At Last! A Reason To Buy That Ma Deuce!
  115. Lost a good friend today.
  116. Bin Laden Shooter: 'That's Him, Boom, Done'
  117. Parents hire armed guard for school
  118. Glad I would never go on a cruise ship ...
  119. North Korea nuclear test
  120. Visi
  121. Visiting L.A in a month
  122. Heavy Gauge Chain Link Repair?
  123. TV hackers announce dead are rising
  124. 800 Million Android Phones to be Active by December
  125. Oswald's rifle
  126. Get The Funk Outta My Face
  127. New Jersey Bill Banning All Rifle Ammo
  128. If You Hate Spiders Do Not Open Links!
  129. NJ Pro-Gun Group Organizes Rally
  130. W.K.C dog show handlers question
  131. I vote for this gentleman for president.
  132. Congratulations to my son!!
  133. IOC: Wrestling is out.
  134. Guns and duty, once the combat tour ends
  135. The Second Amendment Should Live Only in Spirit
  136. Why The Centers For Disease Control Should Not Receive Gun Research Funding
  137. Who Is The Gun Lobby? Me For Sure; Maybe You Too?
  138. Massive whiff knocks out opponent
  139. The SASS Winter Range is back in PHX. 2/18-2/24
  140. CNN Shakeup, will it help?
  141. CNN anchor person reafirms "blonde" stereotype..
  142. Rubber Bullets For Varmints
  143. Something I just overheard.
  144. Price gouging at it's finest
  145. Mad yet? Take action!
  146. MAS AYOOB on 850 KOA
  147. Biden worried about social media on gun issue
  148. Dental Implants
  149. Boost Mobile customers
  150. 28th Ratified Amendment to the Constitution of the United States?
  151. Kleptocracy
  152. Help finding a thread
  153. My Second Airplane Emergency
  154. Dorie passed a year ago today
  155. I just saw Chris Kyle's funeral procession
  156. Ted Nugent to attend State of the Union speech
  157. ATTN Iowa residents! Iowa democrats introduce magazine ban!
  158. No Trillions this year!!!!
  159. Weird things your spouse does?
  160. Glock 23 Hostage Situation Ends
  161. 65+ million guns sold!
  162. Dorner is ongoing gun battle
  163. iPad cover - what do you like?
  164. Between Two Ferns
  165. About those phones that the US Gov. was handing out to poor folks
  166. If you could, quick vote on Dorner: Does he come out alive, or dead
  167. Bought ammo at Walmart
  168. Drudge Report
  169. GA AG Files Amicus Brief In Support Of The Second Amendment
  170. so i bought yeagers dvd "shooting missology"......
  171. Mass. police chiefs sued over gun license limits
  172. Looking for something gross to eat......
  173. Movies I appreciated the second time around
  174. Medal of Honor recipient declines Obama’s State of the Union invite
  175. Anybody up for wasting some time?
  176. Tribe testifies in Second Amendment Hearing
  177. I never get sick of these stories.
  178. Watching State of Union Address....
  179. A simple white trash test
  180. State of the Union
  181. An interesting new shop
  182. Inside Combat Rescue; Nat Geo.
  183. Something said at the State of the Union has bothered me
  184. Ouch, glad no one was seriously hurt .....AH-1 goes down
  185. My 22 year old son came home today and showed me.....
  186. Florida Man Shoots Himself In Crotch With Flare Gun
  187. Map of London bombings (WOW!!!)
  188. If
  189. Wood floors vs dogs
  190. First trip to NOLA
  191. Recommend me a photo hosting site (not Photobucket).
  192. Dorner's Last Day - Interesting Summary
  193. NRA blasts Obama’s call for gun control
  194. When are the politicians going to make their move against us?
  195. Mom charged, let 3-year-old pump gas
  196. Question for the folks here
  197. How do I get the NRA to stop calling my house?
  198. How did Minimum Wage become a federal problem????
  199. Police Burn Your House Down. Now What?
  200. Claim this on taxes as dependant?
  201. Finally a member of the 9mm Club!
  202. Voter suppression?
  203. Quick question about a subpoena in TX.
  204. Tax credits on energy upgrades?
  205. I love
  206. Mass Stabbing in Guam
  207. Haywire the movie.
  208. Assault weapons ban is an irrational, and futile, response
  209. Tracking Gunbroker prices for 3 popular AR-15s, 11/30/2012 to present
  210. Time for Real Gun Control, Not Just Window Dressing
  211. Subject: Status of the gun industry
  212. Foot Hood victims betrayed
  213. Supt. McCarthy: “Chicago Does Not Have Strict Gun Laws”
  214. HB 1224 and 1229 Pass in CO
  215. Olympic Arms Stops All Sales to NY LEOs
  216. MagPul: Pass Gun Control, We Leave & Take Our Jobs With Us
  217. NBC begins week-long series on ‘gun violence’
  218. Didn't get any 30 round mags? Print them!
  219. Gun-control hearing interrupted by jeers; one audience member ejected
  220. Alabama recruits thugs for football team.
  221. Couple who adopted deer will not face charges.
  222. Hot Mess Burger
  223. Map to risqué place names...
  224. Thinking about working for Ruger...
  225. At what point do we loose our constitutional rights during a crime?
  226. Another "I Talked to the Police!" Thread
  227. It's Definitely Winter Time In Texas.
  228. Galaxy S4 Mini, Galaxy Watch to Debut Alongside Galaxy S4
  229. The Top 4 Android Phones in Customer Satisfaction Ratings
  230. And you thought an Off-contract smart phone was spendy...
  231. Walmart will stop selling ammo!!!
  232. Where do we post questions/problems with the Classified Forums?
  233. Georgia lawmaker wants to make lewd photoshopping a crime
  234. Time for the yearly physical...
  235. Surgery tomorrow for me
  236. Goalie off team after scoring for opponents
  237. Louisville popo abandons glock
  238. So chanting USA is now considered racist and grounds
  239. The did you hear about walmart thread
  240. Amazon Cloud Player
  241. Why I Like GNG
  242. Cafe Du Monde
  243. Belgian Beer Nirvana
  244. HP to release an Android tablet
  245. Why The Pope Resigned (PG)
  246. Open letter to Glock
  247. Twenty State Attys, Several Others File Briefs Supporting SAF Appeal
  248. Gun control bills pass Assembly, but not without a fight
  249. Favorite "Homemade" Desert
  250. Michiganders support gun-control measures but not Obama initiative, poll sh