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  1. I will be saving time, money thanks to GT GNG
  2. Chicago gun ordinance approved by City Council
  3. Man steals doughnut truck
  4. Has Public Opinion Really Changed Regarding Gun Control?
  5. LinkedIn rewards all employees with iPad Minis
  6. Best way to sell...
  7. Wee hours of the morning
  8. DJIA: When will it hit 15k? Close at/above 15k?
  9. Kate Upton in SI
  10. Replies from my reps
  11. Coupons
  12. Now that I have a job the other jobs I wanted are calling.....
  13. Harlem Shake
  14. Helicopter Crash Caught On Camera - Top Gear Korea - Top Gear
  15. Kali approved gun safe
  16. Angel Flight
  17. For First Time Since 2009, Global Cell Phone Sales Drop
  18. Who Failed Chicago?
  19. Amazon backing out of gun relate products
  20. morning Mrs VR
  21. Committee: Cities can't destroy surrendered weapons
  22. Bill tweaks law on state's 'unorganized militia'
  23. What if...
  24. Closed-door meetings on gun control criticized in Maryland
  25. Los Angeles residents buying 200 guns a day
  26. New Drone/Tech Warfare Medal Higher Honor Than Bronze Star w/ V Device
  27. Stupid is as stupid does - Cleveland rep wants AWB
  28. Police Chief Wants Citizens As ‘Reserve Force’ To Defend Against Feds
  29. Warm Bodies.
  30. Gas mileage. Take a guess.
  31. Magpul's website is down for restructuring....
  32. 2nd Grader suspended for throwing imaginary grenade
  33. Canadian News Anchor: ‘Gun Registration Will Lead To Confiscation’ (+video)
  34. Missouri Democrats Introduce Legislation to Confiscate Firearms
  35. Police accuse man of burning evidence (what a pig!)
  36. Post some of your favorite 90s country!
  37. I Missed the Raid at My Neighbors house
  38. The "Blade Runner" Charged With Murder
  39. McCarthy Backs Piecemeal Gun-Control Strategy in Congress
  40. Lap Top Death Throws???
  41. NYT review of Tesla electric car - reporter didn't know they check car logs
  42. iOS 6.1 hack lets users see your phone app, place calls
  43. Laptop recommendations
  44. Bangor newspaper seeks names of all concealed-carry permit holders
  45. Android Security Flaw allows remote wipe
  46. Missouri liberal progressives actually trying to confiscate your weapons
  47. Can a rattlesnake/cottonmouth bite through boot leater?
  48. U.S. Soldier Has AR15 Malfuntion Then Gets Really Screwed
  49. An interesting perspective
  50. My son is depressed about smart-cars.
  51. agency protocol for transfers
  52. Response from Sen. Pat Toomey
  53. Baby got back! Well, sort of....
  54. Banning Guns from a Portfolio
  55. Show your love
  56. Android Increasingly a Growing Target for Mobile Malware
  57. Prepaid smart phone
  58. Dairy Queen's blizzard of the month
  59. DHS buying lots of bullets...
  60. Are you a creature of habit?
  61. Senators say gun reforms will pass
  62. California Police Chief: ‘A Gun Is Not a Defensive Weapon — That Is a Myth’
  63. NRA Plans A Blizzard Of Litigation To Lock In Pro-Gun Decisions While Repub
  64. Who is the most prejudiced?
  65. Some gun makers try to keep their guns out of police hands
  66. Anyone Watching The NRA Press Conference
  67. Any refrigerator experts in the house?
  68. Flowers on Valentine's.
  69. Illegal immigrant tells Congress not to call him illegal
  70. Body confirmed as Dorner, Fox reports
  71. Android, iOS combine for 91 percent of market
  72. Very Interesting Read
  73. Bill proposing gun safety classes for Highschoolers in Texas
  74. Another gun to identify
  75. Distinguished Warfare Medal for drone pilots?
  76. Ultra-Ever Dry
  77. man lives in tomb for 15 years
  78. What will happen when the US defaults on the national debt?
  79. The Carnival Cruise Ship Breakdown has interesting side effect.
  80. My gun dealer is the best!
  81. Valentine's Day When You Were a Kid
  82. Class 3 repeal and 86 Ban repeal...
  83. I Went to The Chiropractor Today.
  84. OOPS: GOP Rep. Inadvertently Makes The Case For Nearly Doubling The Minimum
  85. Which GT'r is responsible for this?
  86. Strep Throat? No way.
  87. Gun control, quit wasting time
  88. Lawsuit over gun control may be more effective than legislation
  89. Meteor in Russia.
  90. The War on Drugs Has Taken a New Direction Locally
  91. You may not watch American Idol but this kid has something
  92. CNN anchor wonders aloud if asteroids are caused by global warming
  93. 'Drones' saving lives thanks to Central Texas non-profit
  94. Sacramento Gun-Control Efforts Are ‘as Bad as It Gets,’ NRA Activist Says
  95. Dorner's last stand: 80 year old building is insured and will be rebuilt
  96. First Frost!!
  97. Is Political Correctness destroying the U.S.A.
  98. News
  99. Why gun ownership among US women is climbing
  100. Interesting fact about the Ventures "Walk Don't Run"
  101. Recommend me a Maglite LED Drop in...
  102. Worst CS Ever
  103. Hat wearing
  104. MoveOn launches ad campaign on gun control
  105. The System Works
  106. NYC teachers' pension fund divests from gun makers
  107. Interesting story on France putting limits on the size of cash transactions
  108. Author of gun and ammunition bills misses much of testimony
  109. NRA flunks former ally in Olympia
  110. Convicted identity thief can't own gun, Commonwealth Court rules
  111. Any GTer Want to Predict the Answer to My Supply of Magazines
  112. Nose hair trimmers
  113. Someone else that needs a few emails
  114. One Less Idiot on the Road.
  115. They're not all bad......
  116. Chicago Gun Control.
  117. Bangor Daily News CWP List
  118. Which Linux Distro?
  119. New Ad/Commercial On The High Cap Mag Ban
  120. A Rabbi's Letter to Michael Bloomberg
  121. Blade discoloration...
  122. WWII Black Cross
  123. Video: Security guard saves lives with an AR-15 rifle
  124. Hot Toddy Time.
  125. 19 day trip to Roatan for vacation.
  126. Possible Carnival Triumph Fire
  127. Does Anyone Miss It?
  128. wsj sat gun piece.
  129. THIS is whats wrong with america...
  130. Cheaper Than Dirt joining others by not selling to .gov
  131. Cougar Tracks or Not
  132. Gassy After Drinking?
  133. Foreign Owned, But US Taxpayer Supported Schools, in Texas
  134. My stove goes kaboom, is it made by Glock?
  135. Windows 8, hard drive swap, boot problems.
  136. New York website wants Kentucky gun owners' names and addresses
  137. Oh lawdy, I'm dying. Of milk.
  138. I need an IR camera
  139. Where can I get a prison-spec. TV?
  140. Guy destroys his AR with sledge hammer!
  141. My wife made me so proud
  142. Nexus 4 update removes unofficial 4G LTE Support
  143. iOS 6.1.1 Doesn't Fix iPhone 4S Battery Issue, Adds Problems
  144. Homeowner kills burglar in backyard
  145. map of where guns used in self defense
  146. Early warning meteor system - why?
  147. Another State Lawmaker Goes Nuts
  148. SCOTUS Expecting Gun Cases
  149. There May Still be Hope for CO
  150. $700,000 + a year
  151. What A Shame...
  152. National 'gun control' organizations, such as Home Invaders of America, tha
  153. Guns are a loaded issue in the South
  154. Why I am for the Brady Bill....
  155. Interesting article from the Wall Street Journal
  156. No, Chicago Isn’t Proof That Gun Regulation Doesn’t Work
  157. Who Said Amazom Was Anti-2A?
  158. The assault weapon question
  159. 2015/2020 CAFE MPG Regulations
  160. Oakley bans residential ammunition sales
  161. Senator Ted Cruz likened to McCarthy by Democrats
  162. CA Police Chief, “Guns Are Not Defensive Weapons”
  163. Concerning Gun Legislation...
  164. draft question...
  165. Veteran Helps Family Of Fallen Iraqi Comrade Get Safely To U.S.
  166. If you haven't read the book "No Easy Day"........
  167. What would you do?
  168. Cops: Girl raped, hit with hatchet, stumbles to movie theater
  169. Outdoor Hub
  170. Guy pays support for deceased child.
  171. Advantage conversion kit G22 G3
  172. What's the greatest movie ever made and why?
  173. Car suggestions. Getting ideas for future.
  174. Dana T and TBO...
  175. How do I delete my face book account
  176. Just a Great, Feel Good Story!
  177. Legality of a large alligator pit/farm
  178. Democrats Seek to Ban Hunting Ammunition in Wisconsin
  179. Do Mechanix gloves 'break in' with use?
  180. What's Your Favorite African SAFARI Books?
  181. Got a favorite cliffhanger?
  182. Officer frees tangled bucks by shooting antlers
  183. CNN Highlights the Ridiculousness of an Assault Weapons Ban (VIDEO)
  184. Federal case outlines how guns made their way from Indiana to Chicago
  185. Actors greatest roles?
  186. Idiots selling used glocks......
  187. Great movies that needed a better ending?
  188. Proposed gun ban would protect more than 2,200 firearms
  189. NYC mayor dissented from vote to sell gun stocks
  190. The Second Amendment Is All for Gun Control
  191. Make-shift repairs to a couch
  192. March 2nd day to honor Chris Kyle
  193. Elegant ar-10 with fancy wood furniture.
  194. Straight Talk Wireless Home Phone
  195. Knott's Berry Farm got the best of him
  196. Bus Transporting Carnival Cruise Passengers Crashes Into Sewage Treatment P
  197. Calling All WA State GT Members
  198. Planet Of The Apes?
  199. sleep # bed?
  200. An Explanation of my Avatar..
  201. Hooked on MTV Catfish
  202. Random Picture Association Thread
  203. Caturday best photo!
  204. Facebook to pay NO tax for 2012 and will even get tax refund of $429m
  205. Random Thought Re: Sandy Hook Repercussions
  206. Just to give a few of you some hope on AR availability
  207. Why is auxiliary heat less efficient?
  208. women are fun!
  209. DirectTV genie...
  210. Movies so bad you can't change the channel...
  211. With ammo prices through the roof...
  212. My return e-mail from Dianne Feinstein..
  213. Testing Out The New R/C Copter FAIL
  214. Whats the strangest thing you ever photographed
  216. Female gun owners drawn to way of life
  217. Gun-control act by Pennsylvania’s attorney general will hurt Florida’s top
  218. Highest ranking female judoka passes at age 99
  219. ID theft protection? Any recomendations?
  220. Has anybodys vehicle been vandalized because of gun stickers?????
  221. Loud
  222. One Maine Gun Guy Does Good
  223. Contact info for gun manufacturers that supply NY State and NYC PDs
  224. Ipad question
  225. Subj: Fw: California to Ban all Semi-Automatic Guns, Confiscate Firearms an
  226. Who used the 15 yard range on the UA flight, and didn't police brass?
  227. Screen replacement > new tablet
  228. Time to contact the shooting industry
  229. 7+1 "subcompact" options.
  230. Foreign's the little things.
  231. History animated quick but kool
  232. Makers Mark reversing its decision
  233. Roller Derby?
  234. NRA chief David Keene, a gentleman who sticks to his guns
  235. Woo hoo! Maker's Mark reverses their decision to lower ABV.
  236. Florida State Fair.
  237. Danica gets Pole........
  238. Gun raffles stoke debate after Conn. shooting
  239. Best dog movie ever!
  240. KBI terms girl's death an accidental shooting
  241. Why Men Don't Want to Marry Nowadays
  242. I would just like to point out - Eurodriver
  243. So I found this cel phone
  244. Good thing this guy got an intent to distribute citation
  245. Remove That Ad.
  246. MSNBC Continues Smear of 'Racist' NRA
  247. Gun owners arise ...
  248. Question about ceramic bearings
  249. Warning To American Gun Owners From Canadian News Anchor
  250. Changing Cat Food: Big Stank