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  1. NRA national meeting
  2. The 12 Worst Supermarkets in America
  3. No suprise here - CNN headline - Don't focus on Chris Dorner's politics
  4. Small money investment question?
  5. Chicago Police Chief: Second Amendment Is A Danger To Public Safety
  6. What's the Strangest Scene You've Caused?
  7. Obama Care
  8. Singer Mindy McCready kills herself
  9. Looks like they went to the wrong house...
  10. Antron Brown survives massive crash at Pomona
  11. House of cards
  12. Help my wife identify this TV show 80s or 90s
  13. tonights walking dead
  14. Obscure TV Shows You Are Embarrassed To Admit You Enjoyed
  15. Nerf gun training
  16. Coolest TV show vehicle?
  17. Do you dread going to work on Monday?
  18. Stopped a home invasion (sort of)
  19. Going to teach my girlfrend to drive stick - tips?
  20. Gun owners don’t accept a ‘compromise’
  21. Colorado wouldn't be much more strict with new gun laws
  22. Gun control: Future hangs on misunderstood majority of gun owners
  23. Finger guns, toy guns and threats: The fallout of Sandy Hook
  24. Guns are not the enemy
  25. Right to life trumps right to own any gun you want
  26. CU-Boulder announces 3 finalists for new conservative scholar position
  27. Internet Radio Devices for Home Theater
  28. Most pro-gun states in 3-5 years?
  29. Electric Cooktop - where to buy
  30. I will no join the Fraternity of Cowards
  31. John Deere themed pistol.
  32. Bill Maher admits to owning a gun for home protection
  33. The Ultimate Question: Pulp vs No Pulp
  34. International flight... best price?
  35. haha check out this piece on CNN
  36. "Texas-where guns are right at home"
  37. Chicago police chief: Second Amendment supporters guilty of corruption
  38. First membership, now NRA license plates are hot
  39. Virginia pizza place offers discount to gun owners.
  40. I don't reload, so I turn my spent cases in to these! :)
  41. Kids' suspensions renew debate over zero tolerance
  42. Watch Armed Robber Quickly Retreat When He is Met With an AR-15 (VIDEO)
  43. Straw Purchases - Based on Intent Only?
  44. Gander Mountain...
  45. Drone Use Killing Children
  46. Cheaper Than Dirt... Ain't.
  47. Why Is Mexico Asking the U.S. Senate for a Registry of U.S. Gun Owners?
  48. Brothers blow up house while celebrating lottery win with drugs
  49. An Open Note to the Good Folks at Smith and Wesson....
  50. My F-16 is cooler than yours...
  51. Police Chief James needs a dictionary....
  52. Another tip thread
  53. Threat by Former Marine Today At Work
  54. Motorcycle Guys...Any Thoughts on the YAMAHA RAIDER and STRYKER??
  55. I live in the country.
  56. Bought a NEST Thermostat
  57. Suzanna Hupp back in the news
  58. Online role playing games
  59. Colorado House passed gun control measures
  60. Update: Shooting victim identified
  61. Lambing
  62. To All New Yorkers---New Gun Laws
  63. CO(D) Even if you feel like you might get raped, you may not, so no guns
  64. warning to all arachniphobes.
  65. chemical engineering
  66. I Lost My Brother this weekend.
  67. Which states are gun friendly ?
  68. Women Might ‘Pop A Round’ If They Think They’re Being Raped, So We Must Ban
  69. Stoned drivers test legal marijuana limits.
  70. Battlefield Technology?
  71. Who Watched Inside Combat Rescue Last Night?
  72. African American dresses in KKK hood on Philadelphia street
  73. DHS Raids Gun Collector – Confiscates Nearly 1,500 Guns – No Charges Filed
  74. OH poll worker admits to voting multiple times in 2012 pres. election
  75. Colorado House Passes Package of Gun Control Bills (VIDEO)
  76. Canadians Understand The Constitution Better Than Nancy Pelosi!
  77. Flurry of proposals address gun safety in PA
  78. Assault Rifles Are Big Business in Florida as Federal Ban Looms
  79. Lawmaker introduces bill to criminalize bills that restrict guns
  80. Woman doing some good ole voter fraud
  81. Colorado College Advises Vomiting Or Urinating To Stop Rapists
  82. Turns out I was right, Adam Lanza was a loser
  83. I´m not only a huge glock fan but I love photography...
  84. simple questions deserve simple answers.
  85. It's for the kids...
  86. Unbelievable Hoard of Guns, Drugs, Cash and a Tractor Found in Man’s ‘Pirat
  87. Justice Dept. Internal Memo Admits Gun Buybacks
  88. Local parents, educators weigh in on "student self-defense bill"
  89. What are your thoughts on this parenting issue?
  90. Gun Control Activist Protesting How Easy it is to Buy Guns, is a Rapist
  91. Case of spontaneous human combustion in Oklahoma?
  92. A Horse Named Sgt. Reckless
  93. Mo. House bill makes proposing gun control illegal
  94. Obama's Gun Control Website Now Live
  95. Clip vs. Magazine
  96. Higgs boson find may spell doom for universe
  97. Make mine a large with extra bullets!
  98. Mac Hack Attack! ACK!
  99. Internet On The TV?
  100. subaru info please
  101. Love me some back pay
  102. How Many Mags Until The Wife Has a Fit
  103. Coin value & how to sell?
  104. My own stray dog experience...
  105. Selling a handgun to NY- FFL?
  106. Obama Care Set to Increase Heathcare Costs
  107. Why doesn't Sam's Club sell ammo?
  108. LG Announces 5.5-inch Optimus G Pro, U.S. Launch Due Q2
  109. Microsoft's No Longer in Preview; Bye Hotmail
  110. Canonical Announces New Ubuntu Mobile OS for Tablets
  111. No gun licenses for FBI Terrorist Watch List
  113. 28 hr Work Week Thread
  114. Another one of Obama's sons ends up shot dead
  115. CATO Institute creating map, details citizens using guns to prevent crimes
  116. Muslim man kills/beheads two Christians in NJ, lame stream media silent
  117. Joe Biden says, "Buy a Shotgun"
  118. Another shooting spree in CA; not terrorism.
  119. Grey Poupon
  120. You Think Loud Mufflers Are Annoying?
  121. Mom arrested for hiring strippers for 16yr old's party.
  122. Obamacare epic fail..
  123. Best Picture You Ever Took
  124. Post your favorite song COVERS
  125. Bear steaks...I haz 'em. Need cooking tips.
  126. Mortgage Principal, Roth IRA or 401k/403b
  127. Laffing Devils are back!!
  128. 1995 Toyota 4Runner
  129. mini cooper back flip
  130. Anyone use Lumosity?
  131. Need recommendations for a budget laptop
  132. For First Time Ever, Google Stock Surpasses $800
  133. This is getting stupid!
  134. Alec Baldwin being investigated for possible hate crime
  135. How much do you pay to park at work per month
  136. things you put off last to do this year ??
  137. Galaxy note 2
  138. Anybody Watch PBS's "After Newton: Guns in America" Tonight?
  139. Junkyard Wars
  140. Sandy Hook killer being (imortalized)
  141. Gun signs on front door: deterrent or target?
  142. Hmmm..I thought Macs were immune to malware?!
  143. U.S. Insurers Resist Push to Make Gun Owners Get Coverage
  144. What is Gun Culture? It's Much More Than You Think
  145. Biden. Just walk outside and shoot your shotgun in the air.
  146. Grandma Poses With Gun For Virginia Pizza Shop's Second Amendment Discount
  147. Group is fighting for gun control — but dropping use of the term
  148. Which gun control measures are gaining momentum in Congress?
  149. Gunbroker Ar Prices Are Coming Down
  150. Prosecutor’s office in Cook County: Federal ruling is meaningless
  151. Obama admin.thinking about retaliation for cyber crimes
  152. My Crossbreed Minituck arrived!!
  153. CNN may replace Soledad OBrien with Erin Burnett
  154. Daddy Did My Hair
  155. Now we need to ban shotguns !!!
  156. Rally Planned to Protest Proposed Colorado Gun Laws Saturday
  157. Bloomberg’s Super PAC Dumps Millions into Chicago Election (VIDEO)
  158. Gun-rights group negotiates with lawmakers on background checks
  159. Newborn Baby Found Abandoned in Shopping Bag
  160. You've been given $500,000 as a gift.
  161. Another case of "Our Own Worst Enemy"
  162. OD deaths up for 11th straight year
  163. Skynet
  164. Law enforcement "requested" shooting targets of pregnant women.
  165. O'Rielly pissed me off yesterday
  166. My portfolio of Scotland
  167. The older you get the faster time seems to pass
  168. Muslim Beheads Christians In NJ. Nothing on MSM.
  169. Muzzle loaders still a bargain!
  170. Where I live in Spain...
  171. Armalite Statement: Continuing To Sell To Gov't/LE Where There Are Bans
  172. Personal stories of cruise ship violence?
  173. Ever "Hide" Something From Yourself??
  174. Smith & Wesson Adds Concealed-Carry Garments to Women's Clothing Line
  175. The Bobcat and the Beaver - Video
  176. Mistake in gun bill could defeat the effort
  177. Valid Lawsuit?
  178. Comcast Snubs Gun Industry, Refuses to Air Gun-Related Commercials (VIDEO)
  179. Landlord spanks tenant for late rent
  180. Students outsmart the professor?
  181. My baby, my little boy, my sweet little man...
  182. Explains why Dems favor gun control
  183. Most beautiful gun made
  184. Rorke Denver debates Piers from a SEALs perspective
  185. NRA 'Won't Bend' On Concealed Carry On Public Transit
  186. More stupid from my state...
  187. Severely Concerned Citizen, Evan M. Todd
  188. For the Keurig Coffee users.
  189. Lebsock rejects two gun bills
  190. Sarah Brady Promotes Gun Control Bill In Md.
  191. Arizona Cities May Sell Guns Under Anti-Destruction Bill
  192. Should Public Schools Teach Kids How to Handle Guns?
  193. Assault Weapon Ban Would Have Virtually No Impact on Gun Murders
  194. Question for AZ residents on concealed carry
  195. The Vilification of the private gun sale
  196. Detroit back in the soup, again..
  197. For the Breaking Bad fan who has everything...
  198. Would You Rather ave Precious Metals or Money
  199. "Our Guns" pics on webpage news
  200. Barrett is at it again. They are making me tingling all over.
  201. Which operating system is more dummy proof?
  202. Gunstore Faux Pas
  203. My strange addiction
  204. John Kerry Gives First Foreign Policy Speech...On Climate Change
  205. " Fear inspires eloquence.": Volsbear, 2013.
  206. "The water did have a funny taste" Gross..
  207. Machinists: Layout on a cylinder?
  208. What do you make of this statement by Rumsfield
  209. No Purple Hearts at Fort Hood
  210. The dark side has a new weapon!
  211. John Stewart makes me feel better about my country.
  212. Fred on Guns, Freedom, Urbanization
  213. Anyone know anything about sewing machines?
  214. what are those things called?
  215. Who was your childhood hero?
  216. NRA versus Chicago (G-d help me, another reason to join NRA)
  217. Wanna be just like TBO? There is an app for that :-)
  218. Pool table questions
  219. Added another Remington to the collection today..
  220. TSA detains 3yo in wheelchair...
  221. Battery Experts...
  222. Malloy to propose his own gun bill
  223. Joe Biden's Shotgun Advice Could Land Jill Biden in Jail
  224. Gun-grabber has meltdown, flees public affairs forum in anger
  225. Goats: They're Not Gonna Take It
  226. K9 Leads The Way
  227. Why do so many people think gold is a good investment?
  228. Couldn't think of a worse pair of RKBA ambassadors. Ugh.
  229. Columbine Student Pens Bold Letter to Obama Rejecting Gun Control: "Whose
  230. How many of you haven't joined the nra or wrote your reps?
  231. Funny Chicago story (it's a dangerous place)
  232. I've Never Seen Photography Like This Before
  233. Just canceled Comcast service due to their stance on firearms
  234. Feds trump state law
  235. Chicago Mayor’s Plan Backfires, Mutual Funds Invest in Gun Companies Anyway
  236. Quack Pack is back!
  237. Pure Genuis ... (Bullets in Oven)
  238. New tv/reality show I am actually looking forward to.
  239. Has anyone contacted Glock
  240. Greatest Martial Arts movie?
  241. My liberal inlaws...
  242. MAIG: 60% of NRA Members Support an Assault Weapons Ban
  243. For the Ladies....
  244. Best hardcore movie scene?
  245. More proof people are getting dumber...
  246. 10th Year in a row - Taking the day off - Kids are skipping school
  247. Sadistic Pleasures You Get at Work
  248. How much snow did you get?
  249. Don't Tread On Me!
  250. Attention Glock Talk. This is how to properly post a new thread.