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  1. Suspect killed, 'Cops' crew member hurt in officer-involved shooting
  2. Anyone ever regret buying land?
  3. And here we go...
  4. Bruce Lee fighting in the UFC!
  5. How do you motorcyclists park your bike...
  6. Time To Change Phone/Cable/Computer Services
  7. Are you a Spinster if unmarried and over 40?
  8. raise a little hell, trooper or head east
  9. Breaking..F15 crash, Deerfield, VA
  10. Tebow to the Rams?
  11. Need a bathtub/shower insert
  12. Suppose you decided to "live off the land"...
  13. peep freak
  14. Al Sharpton Is A Bigot...
  15. Meat Mountain
  16. Shaving Brush
  17. Cops crew member killed in Omaha police
  18. To not hijack bathtub thread. Wall liners??
  19. Killer of drunk driver acquitted.
  20. What do you consider yourself the Glocktalk expert of?
  21. Instructor killed by a 9 yr old girl shooting a fully auto-uzi.
  22. Recommend a good book(s) on WWII
  23. Will doing this bike ride kill me??
  24. Maines Number One!
  25. The naked truth
  26. Woman Finds a 3ft+ long Wasp Nest on her Bed
  27. More gold from CA: Schools have to teach the importance of Obama
  28. Tiling over counter tile
  29. One sneaky snake
  30. 2009 Acura MDX AWD constant velocity joint talk....
  31. So, what the hell happened at WalMart!?
  32. I Just Learned A New Word
  33. How do you strike up a conversation with a stranger?
  34. Investigation over involving Alaska Border Guard that drew gun on Boy Scout
  35. Will Hayden arrested a 2nd time, show canceled.
  36. Heading to Lincoln Neb next week. Anything fun or interesting to see or do?
  37. Ukraine fears russian invasion has begun.
  38. Sprouts farmers market coming to town
  39. Insurance advice needed- Total Loss
  40. Old Back Injury has reared it's ugly head, anyone had mult. surgeries?
  41. What vitamins have you found that really made a difference
  42. Anti-Marijuana Academics...paid by Drug Companies
  43. Organ transplants...
  44. TargetVision Wireless Target Camera System
  45. The Secret Shooting Society
  46. For The Top Gear Fans
  47. Purchasing a home - Question about AFCI
  48. Boat Shed Construction
  49. Sorta Kinda Cool
  50. Shirley Bassey or Dusty Springfield
  51. Purchasing a home - AFCI question
  52. Obama hatches plan to explode welfare
  53. Miley Cyrus banned from performing in the Dominican Republic because her ac
  54. Mission RS electric superbike
  55. President Obama Missing......Sort of
  56. Cool Birthday Present
  57. nationwide CCW possible
  58. Camping Recipes
  59. The Bushy Eyebrow Story..
  60. Longmire cancelled
  61. Fort Hood Shooter Asks to Become an ISIS Citizen
  62. Happy 1,000!
  63. Happy Labor Day Weekend Gang !
  64. How do you choose a gift?
  65. A horse walks into a pool...
  66. Trying to find a member-Tactical Kydex?
  67. Happy Birthday, Eric!!!
  68. Want To Hear An Actual Leader Speak?
  69. The Three Hottest Women Shooters
  70. The Meat Thread... not for Vegetarians
  71. You just never know who might be the bad guy in your town...
  72. Have anyone seen the movie The November Man?
  73. Tony Stewart to return to NASCAR this week
  74. Smoking makes movie PG-13?
  75. Black Monday this fall?
  76. Star Trek DS9 episode Blood Oath - my favorite
  77. Bikeshare is the greatest thing ever
  78. Feds warning of terrorist attacks on Southern borders.
  79. Single Men of GT Pack your bags!
  80. Got Meth?
  81. What's with the Chevrolet ads?
  82. Buying items from a pawn shop?
  83. Napolean Brown...Hero!
  84. What is your state good at?
  85. Need help--security camera ??'s
  86. built a couple of poppers
  87. "Swatting" - a dangerous practical joke
  88. The hottest women in Pro Tennis
  89. Holsters.....leather or synthetic?
  90. Update-Grand Jury No Billed Ohio Flash Light Case
  91. I always thought it was an urban legend, until today !!
  92. Damn Them..Damn Their Eyes
  93. Under The Dome
  94. Slash at Hard Rock Hollywood Florida
  95. Is your Wal-Mart still limiting ammo sales?
  96. I'm looking for a pistol class in TN....HELP
  97. Americans react to Arizona shooting incident
  98. Business Rant; Just Getting It Off My Chest
  99. Possible meteor heading east
  100. Forget it all. It's time to head for the mountains.
  101. Aldon Smith, #99, suspended 9 games.
  102. if news isnt happening, make something up...
  103. Help Identifying Wallet Brand/Maker
  104. Favorite American Chinese food?
  105. This is funny right here I dont care who ya are.
  106. Woman Uses Her Gun To Ward Off Abduction
  107. Anyone ever read "The Dark Knight Returns?"
  108. Michael Sam released by the Rams.
  109. Mystery of Death Valley moving rocks solved.
  110. Anyone Watch the YouTube VIDS of those Russian Kids that Climb Crazy HIGH??
  111. Rousey vs. Carano
  112. Thermal imaging PIN keypads to get PIN
  113. Car lease question
  114. To be a better person .....
  115. False Flag Terrorist Attack this fall...
  116. Incredible NU's Westercamp catch!
  117. Vpn
  118. Pretty cool Blue Angel cockpit video...
  119. What are your packing tips for traveling on short duration trips?
  120. Any Information or Network Security folks?
  121. Cash: American IV
  122. Fredrick Wilson II is one smart young man!
  123. In New Orleans now, what to do
  124. DREAM THREAD: How do your dreams usually go?
  125. anybody ever play KanJam?
  126. This will be an awesome ride!
  127. When is a 'Gentleman' not a 'Gentleman'
  128. America has Reached Peak Gun
  129. Joan Rivers On Life Support...
  130. Bugatti Veyron wreck fraud.
  131. Cursed _____ fans... Should get their heads checked?
  132. Shoulder stabilizing shirt?
  133. Looks like Joan Rivers is on the way out...
  134. The Official "Z NATION" Thread
  135. Most over-hyped movie you remember
  136. America's Most Heavily Armed Counties
  137. Dodge owners are like democrats...
  138. Another Walmart, Open Carry, and unbelievable thread/story
  139. The evolution of the selfie and photobomb: the stiffie
  140. Who heres a big city urbanite?
  141. Putin suggests statehood for eastern Ukraine.
  142. Hot, Hot, Hot!
  143. I told my boss to kiss my ass (Thursday)
  144. Do any of you use the Sony DVD/Streaming ..
  145. SOC Commander retired. Heck of a leader.
  146. Anyone live near Ashland, NE?
  147. Ubuntu 14 Purple Screen of Death
  148. Where do you usually buy your groceries?
  149. intense Walmart shoplifter takedown
  150. 3D concrete printing - a way to low cost housing
  151. Spanking makes kids less smart?
  152. To anyone who thought iCloud was safe...
  153. Kid charged for "SWATting" gets 25 years
  154. UT Police investigating drone use over DKR
  155. Detectives Go the Extra Mile
  156. MOMS AGAINST GUNS planning to march on Georgia's Capital
  157. Drone video of Apple's new "spaceship" campus under construction
  158. Is 'Modern Republican' slang for Libertarian nut?
  159. AK ban sets off buying frenzy
  160. Rant Thread
  161. Nashville Outlaws: Tribute to Motle Crue
  162. For the Whisky Lovers.... Space Whisky
  163. What WWII movie would you like to see remade
  164. Poetry you like
  165. Civil disobedience expected in fast-food pay fight
  166. An easily preventable crime.
  167. Dove Season 2014
  168. Card Tricks with Willie
  169. Iron Dome
  170. 7-Year-Old Boy Injured While Target Shooting in CA
  171. texting can be a pain in the @@@
  172. Receiving Medicines From Russia/Ukraine
  173. Remember the crazy fighting lady over the drone?
  174. CNN Poll - Children allowed to learn to shoot?
  175. CEO Resigned over animal abuse video
  176. So I was at a Labor Day lunch yesterday...
  177. Video shows apparent beheading of U.S. journalist Steven Sotloff
  178. ISIS/ISIL - Nuclear Option?
  179. I was cooler than you.... even before I was born
  180. Piers Morgan Not Finished With The NRA Yet
  181. I've been doing burpees all wrong...
  182. Bitdefender Antivirus
  183. Should I Make It A Threesome?
  184. Another one for the "You can't make this **** up" file....
  185. 7th Time!!!! 7th Fargin' Time!!!!
  186. 3G vs 4G Service
  187. When Pigs Glow
  188. UN Condemns Police Brutality
  189. The mid east, again.
  190. Convicted in 1983, just released based on DNA
  191. Cartoonish road rage.
  192. HAZMAT Hell
  193. Stevie Ray Vaughan!!!!!!
  194. aints
  195. Counter tops...granite, quartz....or?
  196. what are bit coins?
  197. HVAC Techs - new guy advice
  198. 3D Printing Your House. Or, maybe just your Castle!
  199. "Snapped"? Man guns down multiple people in multiple areas
  200. My GT Message To Clinton and Gore
  201. This dude frigging shreds!
  202. All-in-One DELL XPS-18..What Do You Think of It?
  203. Today is VJ day, not a word on the news.
  204. "People On 'Ludes...
  205. Eleven missing Libyan jetliners
  206. Have you ever been in a photo that makes others ask what you were thinking?
  207. Mh370??
  208. You are stronger than you think you are...
  209. Fake Cell Phone Towers Discovered in the US
  210. Extended warranties
  211. My best friend in the world passed away today
  212. Obama Vows to Destroy ISIS...In Moderation
  213. Man Pretends To Surrender Then Draws His Concealed Firearm
  214. I think there are fake gun buyers out there.
  215. Russian Furry Road Rage Incident
  216. 9/3/1783 Happy Independence Day
  217. This is Where We are in the Universe....Sort Of
  218. Removing contacts from broken Android
  219. Truth about Obama lifting Libyan flight school ban?
  220. Man Headbutts Neighbor for getting Radio Wave's into his Head
  221. Guitar Strings
  222. Ya know, you just can't
  223. Wenger or Victorinox?
  224. Good snake repellent?
  225. Any Good Dog Trainers Here??
  226. ISIS to Putin: We Are on Our Way to Russia
  227. Acoustic cover tunes
  228. For those that watch the show 'Arrow' (Airport Customs story)
  229. What would you buy?
  230. Sooo....remember my extremely uncomfortable " plumbing thread"?
  231. Pre game team intros
  232. Conspiracy Theories?
  233. High Humidity and Crab Eyes in Stores
  234. Feds Spend $1.5 million to Study Obese Lesbians
  235. Ahhh... A perfect morning..bacon and eggs..
  236. NYC Police 'request' sales records
  237. I've noticed something since riding a motorcycle.
  238. History Lesson...
  239. ISIS/ISIL/IS Information Thread
  240. Common sayings that are mostly crap
  241. Rand Paul: Team up with Syria and Iran
  242. Biden says chase to the gates of hell...
  243. NRA E-Mail
  244. Berkeley City Council must have been high when they made this decision
  245. zoo "kill" team
  246. I Makee Special Coffee For You!
  247. Gun-control group pressures Kroger in huge ad blitz
  248. How have you been blessed?
  249. I Thought It Was Diversity and Overweightness!
  250. Breaking...shes gone