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  1. Veterans are receiving letters from Obama administration prohibiting the ow
  2. Egypt denies U.S. access to Benghazi suspect..
  3. CO Gov's Facebook Page
  4. Article a friend wrote re: moving from anti states
  5. Need some help with a roofing issue.
  6. Heroic & Tragic Story
  7. Structural engineers: please advise
  8. Bay Area Law Enforcement Encourages Fighting Back Against Active Shooters
  9. Liberal facebook friends.
  10. I may cancel my RMEF membership...
  11. Ad popup on Droid?
  12. Hands-on with the HTC One: HTC's Superphone for 2013
  13. Need recommendations
  14. Maybe the "More Guns = Less Crime" story is getting traction.
  15. Are you physically fit?
  16. I'm glad I joined the NRA and all, but...
  17. LE opening 45 min. south of Houston
  18. Sorry White House, This is the internet.
  19. Question for folks using e-file for taxes
  20. For those of you who are worried about drones
  21. If sell on Amazon BEWARE!
  22. Where's the Outrage???
  23. Homeowner shoots dead 'mentally disabled' 15-year-old burglar
  24. Found This, More Stolen Valor Revealed
  25. FBI says I gotta wait up to 3 days?
  26. Heads Up- Glock Factory G19 Hi Caps Available
  27. Ronco Rotisserie revisited.
  28. Loaded gun found in my old junior high school yesterday
  29. Tried sushi for the first time tonight
  30. Glory Hounds
  31. Shooting glasses - amber better than clear?
  32. Gatlinburg TN
  33. Local news today, not good news to me.
  34. Oregon
  35. What ammo shortage?? 350 rounds for $1.77 today!!!
  36. Miss. speaker invites gun makers to move to state
  37. New Jersey Democrats pass 22 gun-control bills
  38. Vigilante justice boosts danger on our streets
  39. Wal-Mart sells out of some guns due to surging demand
  40. Evil toys of yesteryear
  41. Video of my 2nd time doing stand up comedy
  42. Hit It!
  43. Where the Journal News Went Wrong in Mapping Gun Owners
  44. Speedometer Correction, Can you explain why this formula works?
  45. In gun-loving North Dakota, one activist pushes for gun control
  46. Tinfoil hatters...yeah, right
  47. Transaction issue - what would you do?
  48. Utah State Trooper bogus dui arrests
  49. Cheerleader hits a half court shot
  50. NRA President Thinks Automatic Weapons Should Be Illegal
  51. Veterans cannot own or buy firearms?
  52. Feds want to take over IRA management
  53. Gun Measures Pass Colorado House
  54. Veterans Receive Letters From VA Prohibiting Ownership or Purchase of Firea
  55. Case ends against former Blackwater officials.
  56. Here Kitty, kitty, kitty!
  57. NRA Winning the Influence Battle Over Gun Control
  58. ‘Reddit Assault Rifle’ Is The Most Terrifying Thing On The Internet
  59. Texas Teacher Reportedly Threatens to Give Students Zeros on Homework Assig
  60. Pro-Gun Control Politicians Stack the Deck at MN Senate Hearing
  61. New coin
  62. That's a big goldfish!
  63. Hacked
  64. My Mother got the diagnosis today
  65. Bill Whittle nails it yet once again!
  66. Sandy Hook's Shadow Fails to Prompt Illinois Gun Ban Rehearing
  67. A message from Ignatius Piazza - Frontsight
  68. Need a showerhead recommendation
  69. GLOCK ID now live
  70. Pistorius was going to kill more women.
  71. Nothing like having to cross a police barricade to get home. 0.o
  72. The Duck Whisperer
  73. NASA officials leaking sensitive data to Chinese?
  74. Walmart Catch of the day - Endangered species found in the wild
  75. Is there an app for it
  76. San Francisco seems to be the center of really stupid!
  77. Obama shooting escapades
  78. Abercrombie to close up to 50 US stores
  79. Grocery bag ban in Austin, TX!
  80. Federal court: No Second Amendment guarantee for concealed carry
  81. Whole Foods Obama chicken ad misfires badly
  82. CDNN G19,20,22 mags 29.00 call in orders only.
  83. Plastic Poncho, $0.99. Fixaflat, $8. Wife safe, Priceless.
  84. Musicians! What Instrument Compliments You?
  85. Squirrel hunting/ eating?
  86. Reply from PA State Senator Farnese and my response...
  87. New pro-gun bills currenly going thrugh our AZ Senate
  88. Tropic Thunder is the greatest movie of ALL time !!!
  89. Chicago murder rate slowed by snow...
  90. There Was A Knife Assault in My Laundry Room Today
  91. Long Range Precision Shooting
  92. Electric Wheelchair with Tank Style Tracks
  93. you ever have one of those amazing days/nights?
  94. Favorite TV Show Opening - not just theme song, but opening.
  95. Bravo to Magpul!!
  96. Why Is This Month-Old Clip of an Ex-Secret Service Agent Suddenly Going Vir
  97. Captain Morgan "Tattoo" rum is nasty...
  98. My dealer cut me off!
  99. Ever try to pet a cat's back feet?
  100. Florida task force says no major changes needed to Stand Your Ground law
  101. MN: Assault weapons, ammo bans off table in state Senate
  102. Anonymous Govt Gun Buybacks Not So Anonymous When Sellers Names Become Publ
  103. Va: Carrying guns openly, gun rights activists stage sit-ins
  104. Houston program offers free shotguns
  105. Suspected L.A. Cop Killer Posted Pro-Obama, Pro-Gun Control, Leftist Rant o
  106. Their View: Gunboys — what Is their problem?
  107. NC: Gun rights rally planned for downtown
  108. a question for Eric/mod concerning "no more police, political, cl in GNG"
  109. Gallon Smashing...
  110. I Spent $5 Mil on Cocaine
  111. Shooting my first IDPA classifier today!!
  112. Spousal health coverage going away?
  113. "Pay to Play" suit nets NM $24 million
  114. @BreakingNews: Person with a 'long rifle and body armor'
  115. Offical! iphone is better than Samsung
  116. see how good you are with a Russian pistol
  117. "Victory or Death!" Alamo letter returns.
  118. New Weight Loss Plan Promises Better Health
  119. Rare G37s
  120. Revisiting Childhood Places?
  121. anybody know what happened to Armslist website?
  122. On Huckabee tonight
  123. 2nd Amendment: Definition of the right to bear "Arms"
  124. Houston: Home invasion by 3 gunmen. One gets killed
  125. Naples, FL
  126. Huckabee tonight on why women carry
  127. Electric Water Heaters Are...
  128. Your 1st MP3 Player?
  129. Nirvana --> Foo Fighters
  130. 10 Free Online Diagnostic Tools
  131. Safe options
  132. Two observations about SiriusXM's "BoneYard"
  133. Anyone familiar with transcoding? I NEED HELP.
  134. Engine thru the catch fence at Daytona
  135. Droid Razr Maxx GlockTalk problems
  136. Ethnic Murder in South Africa
  137. Gun Control Debate: Why It's Being Won By the NRA
  138. Firearms-makers vow to close 'police loophole' if gun control enacted
  139. NRA uses Justice memo to accuse Obama on guns
  140. State Senate panel flexes muscle, blocks gun control bills
  141. Congress Set to Consider Tighter Rules on Firearms
  142. LaBeefa spotted in Berlin, Germany
  143. Been using Ubuntu OS for about a month.........
  144. What to do - One day in New Orleans
  145. Senators near a deal on background checks for most private gun sales
  146. Am I the only one who thinks that....
  147. Sheriff Clarke's pro-gun radio ads will be paid by taxpayers
  148. Wmmr bbq 2013
  149. Parking lot idiot
  150. Another Armslist Gem
  151. Dog farts!
  152. Watched End of Watch tonight
  153. This is how I browse GlockTalk
  154. glock 21 modification
  155. hey guys here's a clue...
  156. The myth of the U.S. being the fattest.
  157. Tea Party standing up to Environmentalist Extremists...
  158. Mittens and firearms don't mix
  159. West Virginians could sue if the government tries to confiscate their guns
  160. Wayne LaPierre says list of registered guns would lead to confiscation.
  161. Proposed design of NC illegal immigrant licenses sparks concern
  162. Primal Diet; Results to Date
  163. Gun-ban proposal is tabled, for now
  164. Songs that won't go away
  165. caption time
  166. Dallas area Glockers Meet-up
  167. caption time
  168. Overreaching gun bills killed in Legislature
  169. Black Leaders: Gun Control is "Black People Control"
  170. Sequester and Gun Show
  171. More than 100 take part in Western Maryland 'Day of Resistance' rally
  172. Republicans Have Created Racist Frenzy With Baseless Obama Gun Confiscation
  173. walking dead predictions
  174. Too Old or Too Sick to Drive??
  175. Is the Sequester the best reason NOT to support universal background checks
  176. What would you do? (car question)
  177. The SCOOTER STORE and the FBI
  178. Should I work mah dog in 7" of snow?
  179. ‘By All Means, Leave’: The Amazingly Blunt Response One State Rep. Gave
  180. Adventure Touring Motorcycle? Which one should I consider???
  181. companies boycotting LE & Govt
  182. German mouser
  183. Horror of the Seas!
  184. Funny Biden song
  185. Go Danica Go!!
  186. Daytona 500 Thoughts
  187. ECHO pas system questions
  188. Words from a Sandy Hook Father to Congress and their gun grab
  189. .22 Ammunition
  190. OBAMA CARE I'm being raped
  191. Four-alarm fire engulfs Dallas shooting range
  192. DFW Gun Range Burns to the ground!
  193. Yet another precious metals thread...
  194. Bullet overkill
  195. GT plumbers - HELP!!! pics inside
  196. Electricians - confusion over NEC
  197. New, on tv!
  198. Yahoo's new front page?
  199. Anyone besides me here watching the Oscars?
  200. Lost email & Glock 19 mags
  201. Who likes sushi?
  202. How did you end up in your job/career?
  203. Hoppe's #9 - "powder solvent' vs. 'gun bore cleaner' ??
  204. How did you end up at the college you went to?
  205. another movie identification thread.
  206. Do you have an unrelated side job for money?
  207. Garage Door Flood Stopper , Water Rising Protection ? How To ? Sandbags?
  208. More Drought Relief on the way
  209. What are you using for NAS (networked attached storage) ?
  210. The plot line of shows. Sadly where public gets information
  211. timing to sell Glock?
  212. Coburn: Any proposal that keeps a record of legit gun owners will 'kill' Se
  213. The AR-15 Is More Than a Gun. It’s a Gadget
  214. Mitch McConnell Hit Over Assault Weapons Stance In New Progressive Change C
  215. WI State Republicans: Don't expect any new gun-control laws
  216. Second Amendment Lawsuits Expose Rift At The Top Of Gun Rights Movement
  217. The NRA’s con: Promoting lies and conspiracy fantasies
  218. NRA Uses Justice Memo to Accuse Obama on Guns
  219. State of Emergency Anonymous Marine
  220. Democrats’ collection of insensitive rape comments too much to stomach
  221. VOIP/Magic Jack/Cable Internet/Other Options
  222. Ammo is back on the shelves!!!
  223. Custom Holster, Awesome Deal
  224. Ayrton Senna - The Right To Win
  225. Integrity got me free food.
  226. Why did Obama won an award at the oscars?
  227. HOLY COW - Completed my taxes this weekend!!
  228. How much tip on an $8.50 bill ?
  229. Universal Backgorund Checks about...TAX MONEY
  230. What would you have done?
  231. Started out as a humorous question but now I'm truly curious. What u think?
  232. Just for all of you NE Ohio members--it will warm your heart
  233. Women, and talking.
  234. Firing grenades at pirates is fun.
  235. Tipping fast food places
  236. Immediate action needed to defend gun rights.
  237. Justice Department Memo:
  238. Texas tax free gun holiday - could happen.....
  239. Haha! organizingforaction
  240. Judge Janine: Second American Revolution on the horizon
  241. Love a good rain storm
  242. Cannibal Cop...?
  243. 1949 Mercury Dwarf Car
  244. Italian elections indicate grid lock for now
  245. Judge Jeanine Calls Out Garry McCarthy Chicago
  246. Thinking about getting a Go Pro Hero 3
  247. 6 Biggest Problems With Mandatory Gun Background Checks
  248. Assault weapons ban could get committee vote Thursday
  249. New Vandal Craze Gallon Smashing
  250. Assault Weapons Ban: Constitutional Parameters of Gun Control