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  1. Open Container?
  2. Employer POS
  3. Billionaire Allen backs gun control while trying to buy German tank
  4. School bans 'offensive' Chick-fil-A sandwiches.
  5. Thanks for Federal Flood Insurance
  6. Sotomayor: Be Alarmed at Drones
  7. Where's My Panzer?
  8. Bad Wekk for the NFL:Adrian Peterson Indicted For Child Abuse
  9. Whole new level of sick
  10. Interesting quandary.
  11. Clicking Links on the News
  12. "The Replacements"
  13. U.S. Army worried too many white officers.
  14. Could we have our own territory?
  15. 2004 Accord not starting...
  16. Well, this doesn't happen every day...
  17. Need a Woods, Fishing, Outdoorsy Type Shoe...Can You Help Me Here??
  18. Pretty cool news story. Fine, young man.
  19. Restaurants and Fast Food Places Closing
  20. Restaurants and Fast Food Places Closing
  21. Does the "Patriots" book by Rawles get better?
  22. Chromebook WOOT!
  23. A family that kills together
  24. HELP! Hunting boots in 4E width?
  25. Do you live for stress?
  26. It's Four not Three
  27. Medical question cancer
  28. Nerf War....
  29. Which would win: motorcycle or car?
  30. Death Row Inmate Suing CT over Lack of Kosher Food in Prison
  31. Minneapolis dad pleads guilty to drugging, abusing girl at sleepover
  32. Rattler!!!!!
  33. What's in a name? Help.
  34. any other INTJ's out there?
  35. France to conduct air strikes against ISIS
  36. Welfare for Weed: EBT Recipients Can Use Benefit Cards To Buy Pot
  37. Petroleum prices contine to fall!
  38. Looks like ISIS is at it again.
  39. ISIS Executes British Aid Worker
  40. 2015 F150 with Clamshell Doors
  41. Girl in a glocktalk Thread
  42. Mrs. VR on TV Deliverance Creek
  43. Dang 7000 Posts
  44. Worlds quickest street legal vehicle.
  45. Any landscape/drainage experts here? PICS ATTACHED
  46. Of Lies, NY Times Admits “Assault Weapons Are A Myth”
  47. Sleeping man raped by woman
  48. Fantasy Football FAIL Picks
  49. If its not Scottish its Crap!
  50. Crazy Best Buy Deals - buying stuff I have no need for...
  51. Black actress from movie Djano Unchained arrested by LAPD for prostitution
  52. American Purposely goes to Jail in North Korea
  53. Joseph A. Bank or Mens Wearhouse?
  54. Here we go again
  55. Greatest prank ever?
  56. Would you would you not allow your 18 year old to buy a motorcycle and why?
  57. Heating unused rooms ??
  58. How Long Will RG3 Be Sidelined?
  59. 22 ammo!
  60. Tell me about trail cameras
  61. USS Saratoga Arrives In Final Port
  62. Carrier designations?
  63. Exterminating Skunks
  64. Bring me up to speed on .22 ammo.
  65. An American Werewolf in London
  66. Slick Willie sure has aged...
  67. A question for you bikers.
  68. Isis
  69. Treat them as Royalty - Really?
  70. Illegal aliens are bleeding us dry.
  71. Stealing water in California
  72. Cowardice In The Face Of The Enemy
  73. CSM Adkins has titanium ones.
  74. Laser Printer Talk......
  75. things that can go wrong during a wedding
  76. For Aviation Buffs
  77. Stats on Africa...
  78. Any of you ever get this vibe about some local gunshops?
  79. US Military to fight Ebola?
  80. We can't have kids praying in school, but....
  81. 2nd adult pleads guilty in overdose death (MN)
  82. Recent phaone scams
  83. *BEST HELL-CAT Video...
  84. Yellowstone Volcanic Eruption??? Truth or tinfoil hat stuff?
  85. Anybody Else Pissed at Apple for "Pushing" New U2 Album to Your Device?
  86. Uber drivers protest Uber policies
  87. Vietnam Memorial on the Great Divide
  88. Any pipe smokers out there?
  89. The Tor Project
  90. DWTS thread (can you dig it)
  91. Slugs and Dog Food Bowls?
  92. Hurricane Odile
  93. Tools of a Super Villain
  94. Weren't people praising the Icelandic Recovery?
  95. Anyone watching Legends?
  96. HerrGlock OK?
  97. Weeping Willow problem....
  98. A murder happened at the end of my street
  99. Brady Bunch Sues ********.com
  100. Flower delivery scam?
  101. Any latin experts here? At least I THINK it's latin...
  102. Could those William Devane Rosland Cap gold ads possibly be any greasier?
  103. Do Seasonal Allergies Exhaust You?
  104. NASA announcing return of manned launches from the US today at 4PM EST.
  105. Suspect in PA State Trooper Murder...
  106. An airplane. A hillside. All we need now is a treadmill
  107. Jeep Enthusiasts
  108. Obama: US Military to Lead Medical Response for Ebola
  109. Three guesses...
  110. Who's in the right
  111. Anyone else have an Ithaca 51 that doesn't shoot?
  112. Hypothetical murder charge question
  113. Think Your iPhone Or iPad Is Nice? Try This!
  114. Get Ready For A Shift In The Gun Control Narrative:
  115. Clint smith and American Hangunner
  116. Relaxing
  117. Does Your Employer Have to Teach You How to Behave?
  118. Pics you never seen
  119. Adventure/Tourer for actual adventure/touring...
  120. Facebook local selling groups....
  121. The, "Strange Things That Happened At Weddings" thread makes me wonder...
  122. Idaho has the rudest drivers??
  123. Hennessey Venom GT 270.49
  124. Ukraine citizens throw out the trash...
  125. Any Non Prescription Pain Meds Work?
  126. ISIS releases video trailer.
  127. NY Store Owner Arrested for Aiding/Recruiting for ISIS
  128. Went to doctor this morning
  129. If you think your iMac is nice? Try this!
  130. Premonitions
  131. Shingles
  132. Yes, it was all the roads' fault...
  133. Why doesn't America embrace hatchbacks and Sport wagons?
  134. IOS8 now available
  135. What to do with a broken laptop?
  136. DC carry: Word round the campfire is...
  137. Have you successfully learned a 2nd or 3rd language?
  138. Local WalMart has great deals on ARs!
  139. Charlie Schummer - next Supreme Court Justice?
  140. School Police giving up Grenade Launchers
  141. Doc Says I Need Knee Replacement Surgery. Any Advice?
  142. Lethal violence in chimps occurs naturally
  143. Rob Ford has aggressive cancer...
  144. Mr. Noir has a show on NRA channel Youtube this was a funny segment
  145. Favorite TV theme songs
  146. Anybody like Star Trek: Enterprise?
  147. Hickok45
  148. Am I a CC Bigot?
  149. Remington's War on Squirrels
  150. Return of the tactical thong
  151. Running a gas line for a stove in a slab house?
  152. Sad, sad, sad...
  153. I'm cookin' scrimps this weekend
  154. Comcast rant
  155. Windows 8 Replacement
  156. Equilibrium - A Horrid movie
  157. DirecTV Genie. Anybody using it? Like it more than standalone DVRs?
  158. Netflix connection boxes (Wii, PS2, DVR player, Roku, etc)
  159. Google Chrome extension "Awesome Screenshot" uploads your browser history.
  160. Olympus has Fallen
  161. Abduction what would you do?
  162. Afghanistan asks Washington for $537,000,000 bailout
  163. Another UA Today
  164. I inherited this from my Best pal after he passed
  165. Ninth Circuit Affirms That It’s Illegal To Wear American Flag Shirts On Cin
  166. Rum, Sodomy & The Switch
  167. Happy Birthday USAF!
  168. My crickets are chirping!
  169. Mass shooting now in Florida
  170. Freedom's New Threat: Unreasonable Search
  171. Army Colonel denied access to his daughter's school
  172. Weird car crash cause
  173. Is it me, or is the CBS show 'Madam Secretary'
  174. TSA Screen after deplaning?
  175. I'M pissed
  176. Old Man 1- Skunk 0
  177. Mmmmm Good beer. A fine night.
  178. RIP Sweden...
  179. Do Enhanced Sentences for Rape Cause Murders?
  180. Stopped by a Motorman
  181. Breakfast?
  182. Las Vegas to clean up The Strip with glass bottle ban
  183. Don't feed the crocodiles...
  184. Trailer Park Boys fans unite! Season 8 streaming on Netflix
  185. Do You OUTSOURCE ? Sites ?
  186. The Pop-a-Wheelie Boys Dangerous motorbike riders in D.C. hit woman
  187. Physics questions
  188. Food Stamps in NY Going Down
  189. Focusing issues
  190. Banana clip used in robbery
  191. Tit for tat
  192. She can't stand the Clarinet
  193. You think you're a great father? Read this
  194. So I Says To Her "Make Me A Sammich"
  195. Need some TV recommendations
  196. MMA Fighting at MCAS Yuma Tonight.
  197. Gym Soundttrack
  198. Definition of this situation
  199. Hostess Cupcakes
  200. Shots fired near the home of the PSP killer
  201. Chips, dip, and beer...
  202. A long night !
  203. Feeling lucky?
  204. Why chimps kill other chimps — U.S. study uncovers main reason
  205. New U2 album on iTunes
  206. Can someone please educate me...
  207. MIA thread - Atlas, JM, CMB19, folsom check in dang it
  208. Turkish ISIS Prisoners "Released"
  209. Got me a New Job
  210. Lets see those ATV type offroad vehicles.
  211. Interesting Chernobyl/Prypiat Video
  212. UK imams in video appeal to IS
  213. So, the White House fence is just as secure as the border fence
  214. Leather Wallets
  215. Just Good Movies;
  216. Protect Your Family & Prevent Injury during Home Invasion: Use Wasp spray!
  217. You = TV character
  218. Is it me or could Vladimir Putin and Michael Bloomberg long lost brothers?
  219. The Missus is now on the bandwagon.
  220. Windows users... input needed.
  221. Why do cats and dogs need to turn around before they lay down?
  222. I think I want to be a butcher
  223. Anyone Wear these Shoes Called MOCS?? PIC Included...
  224. Person of Interest Id'ed In UVA Case
  225. Sex after surgery
  226. Reed's Ginger Brew
  227. Look at what I found at the sin store!
  228. Investors are you buying Alibaba?
  229. Makita tools.
  230. Love to shoot?
  231. Happy ITLAP Day!
  232. iOS 8 is "Cop Proof"
  233. My GOD....Could CLEMSON Stink this Up Any More than they Have??
  234. Why'd you bring a shotgun to the party?
  235. New study: Internet trolls are just the worst kind of people.
  236. Android L is "Cop Proof"
  237. Baseball Season Ticket Holders
  238. Why were the doors unlocked?
  239. Inner Ear 'Rock Slides' Lead To Vertigo
  240. Graceland the TV Series
  241. "Caption Time Again!!"
  242. Intruders - BBC America
  243. Elders watched helplessly while woman beaten to death
  244. I bought something at the mall, then found it online for 40% less
  245. Hot and dangerous
  246. Question for home repair guys
  247. iPhone 6 & 6+ Fare better than other current phones
  248. Question about military snipers.
  249. The Walking Dead- Season 5! (10/12/14)
  250. Power of Attorney and private handgun sale