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  1. Banker admits to Libor fraud conspiracy
  2. Oil Rag Storage after Gun Wipe Down ?
  3. Have a drink on me
  4. "We will murder people if Officer Wilson isn't charged."
  5. Nother Dallas patient might have Ebola
  6. Vehicle Backup Camera System
  7. In and out burgers
  8. If you get this
  9. Local Domino's heck of a deal.
  10. Watching a show about Mumia Abu-Jamal
  11. Let's agree to a couple of ground rules...
  12. CNN reporting 3 officers being tested for Ebola
  13. Dog dies after left in car...
  14. Open Carry Man Robbed Of His Own Gun
  15. 11.6" Backlit Keyboard Laptop?
  16. The Grand Canyon
  17. sad death for a good dog
  18. Moms Demand SWATting
  19. Sci-Fi Presidents (& other historic figures)
  20. Texas responds to Ebola
  21. Runny nose, sore throat, sinuses full, achey.
  22. What do people pick on for you as an adult?
  23. 2009 Toyota Avalon or 2011 Hyundai Azera - your pick?
  24. You just can't argue with the facts.
  25. Open carry enthusiast robbed of gun at gunpoint
  26. "Fight for $15"....
  27. Had to post an update
  28. Chris Mathews causes Hell to freeze over...
  29. Flu Shot: Yes? No? Maybe?
  30. US Exports oil for the first time in 40 years....
  31. Arizona: Swarm of 800,000 Bees Attacks 4 people, Killing 1
  32. Do you think ISIS is here and what are you doing to prep
  33. I Wasn't Going to Do This....
  34. Mike Rowe new show
  35. Selfe
  36. Interview with former american soldier fighting with the Kurds
  37. Enterovirus D68 from Central America
  38. Azorian: The Raising of the K-129
  39. That girl in the GT ad banner...
  40. Wild pigs in the lawn - how to get rid of them
  41. Attention Rally spectators:
  42. Troubled Samsung facing USA sales ban on the a Note & Galaxy series phones
  43. I finished watching Breaking Bad
  44. Wish me luck!
  45. Is Adrian Peterson the dumbest person alive?
  46. A reminder.
  47. New GT background
  48. Glock founder sued by ex-wife over millions
  49. I Think The Bank Guy Wants Me
  50. 7 Different Types of Awesome
  51. You Tube - amateurs!
  52. Just NUTS!!!!
  53. Love the new Reel n Smoke add
  54. Glock G41 Gen 4 Commercial I shot
  55. And this is why you don't mess with someone's car
  56. Christmas (holiday) shopping online! = very little virus threat
  57. Hawk- 1; Quadcopter/Drone- 0
  58. Would You Prefer Your Teen to Smoke or Cheat?
  59. Living High on the Moose
  60. So apparently Red Bull doesn't give you wings
  61. Walburgers
  62. ATF Agent: I Lost My Gun in A Boating Accident
  63. Fred on policing...
  64. Gander Mountain
  65. Computer reading glasses?
  66. Obama Bumper Sticker Removal Kit
  67. Coincidence?
  68. Barbie Dolls?
  69. M2 Carbine
  70. Drunk beyond drunk!
  71. Question re: ISIL warning to military and families
  72. Dogs/intelligence
  73. Fun in resturant...
  74. Should he be whacked as punishment?
  75. As predicted: ISIS girls want out!
  76. Disposal of personal financial records
  77. Considering a move from FL to CO...
  78. Strange medical bill
  79. If you ccw, you need to see this!!!!!!!!
  80. How to solder REALLY thin wire -or other tip to fix a 9V battery connection
  81. Worth a laugh.
  82. I'm so frustrated
  83. Best deal on a 11.6" laptop?
  84. Sliding Glass door or not?
  85. Cross eye dominance
  86. High School football hazing
  87. Tourist Tips
  88. Home Overrun with 6000 Brown Recluse Spiders
  89. No recent Ebola in US?
  90. Army War College revokes degree of Dem Senator...
  91. Mother Of 2 Murdered By Wal-Mart Security!
  92. My freinds just learned why I don't pay go to haunted houses
  93. 90 yrears old today.....much respect! WWII vet
  94. The Japanese car commercials are...very different
  95. Saw an Old Friend Tonight
  96. Should we send in ground troops to Iraq?
  97. Kidney Stone Hell
  98. Growth spurt after high school?
  99. Second Ebola case confirmed in Dallas
  100. Transmission Service Question
  101. Distracting ads
  102. TSA vs. Nobel Prize
  103. Police Impersonator kills man
  104. Sunday NY Times on Dutch Pension System
  105. Hawk objects to quadcopter
  106. 20 amp breaker and a 15 amp device
  107. More Arguing About the A10
  108. Reality. Alaska vs. Louisiana
  109. In case you missed it. the Army Bergdahl investigation is completed
  110. Ebola now in Ohio!!
  111. I can't help but notice the irony of the CDC concerns.
  112. Booze in a paper bag...why?
  113. High speed footage of flux core welding
  114. Thermostat or Ignitor?
  115. What YouTube channels/series are you into?
  116. Can a good 45ACP JHP be stopped by heavy clothing?
  117. Kirk Cousins
  118. National Fallen Firefighters Memorial Weekend
  119. How to turn off &!@ iCloud log in pop up !!
  120. Kudos to local grocery store
  121. F1 Russia
  122. More History From D-Day
  123. You think ebola sucks, I just found out...
  124. Unclogging Plumbing: Best Chemical
  125. Funny Commercial
  126. Night stand gun pic
  127. Ebola Truthers
  128. Don't give babysitters Glock Revolvers
  129. Moving to Tallahassee - Any tips?
  130. Favorite Power Tool
  131. Flashlight Apps and Malware
  132. Half your age plus 7 ? Fact or Myth ?
  133. I messed up my son's soccer game, or 'things you've screwed up'
  134. The real reason flights from Africa continue...
  135. Unusual Newspaper Cover from 1884
  136. Guess I am still young
  137. Stay Classy Philly Sports Fans....
  138. Ping
  139. Turn off Ads?
  140. Happy Indigenous Peoples Day!
  141. Really Neat Map
  142. The Real? great Show!!!
  143. Possible Ebola in Kansas - low to moderate risk
  144. Happy Columbus days! All you meatballs get in here!
  145. Which Phone case?
  146. How did he have time to practice?
  147. Glock Family lawsuit
  148. Saw Something That Choked Me Up
  149. CDC. Over 70 exposed in Dallas.
  150. Who else has Ebola fatigue?
  151. MAD Magazine morons
  152. Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime......Wow!
  153. Life in 4K
  154. Can you ride a unicycle?
  155. Never on Friday
  156. $2.77/gal
  157. "Highest GT Post Count Record"
  158. Amazing traveler you may never had heard of...
  159. Samsung Galaxy Note 4
  160. Failed Nations plan to blackmail US Taxpayers
  161. What's the worst thing you'e seen one human intentionally do to another?
  162. The Ebola Pup!
  163. CDC director says they have a new plan to control the spread of Ebola
  164. Will Turkey cave to Obama & NATO
  165. Defacing our flag!!
  166. Oil prices heading south
  167. Study finds Blacks are LESS likely to be shot, by police.
  168. Cool story about a guy I knew, in Soldier of Fortune
  169. Found this, don't know what it is... but don't want to throw it away
  170. New York Times now says there were chemical weapons in Iraq!!
  171. Dutch biker gangs fighting against ISIS
  172. 16 Members of Doctors Without Borders Infected with Ebola, Nine Dead.
  173. Bermuda
  174. Propane is 1.68.9 here - question
  175. I like the ads....
  176. Let's Go Royals!
  177. Caption This Photo...
  178. No matter what you did today, you are still not as cool as Billy Gibbons
  179. It's the ebolas!
  180. 3D-printed heart saves baby's life
  181. Carmen (Hammerstein) vs Carmen (Bizet)
  182. Second healthcare worker at dallas hospital tests positive for ebola
  183. korean zombie leaves MMA for 2 years due to mandatory enlistment
  184. So, there WERE WMD's in Iraq?
  185. 4 Pits Attack Elderly Couple- Both in Critical Condition
  186. Hey, GV! Now I know what a dog watching television feels like...
  187. Drone causes a Brawl at Serbia/Albania Soccer Match
  188. Surveillance camera man.
  189. Any Experience With The Honeywell 87n?
  190. 10year old Charged as Adult, Held Without Bail, for Killing 90 year old.
  191. More stem cell treatment progress
  192. Pro Audio Experts?
  193. The Best Plagues and Epidemics Movies
  194. Kindle Fire
  195. About that 2nd nurse that has come down with Ebola
  196. Recommendations for alarm/security co.
  197. Pastors' Sermons Subpoenaed
  198. State Lawmaker involved in gunfire
  199. Obama Ebola Presser
  200. sending Army units to Africa a lawful order??
  201. My Smartphone and Gun Fantasy
  202. Boat Shed Construction: Part Deux
  203. Sons' Halloween costumes :)
  204. Possible ebola at local hospital.
  205. I'm not going to miss you
  206. Changing the ride on a car
  207. The latest Jewish joke from my Dad
  208. Silence speaks a thousand words.
  209. LE officer cracks woman's iPad passcode w/o permission
  210. Finnish hillbillies cover Thunderstruck? Yep.
  211. Unusual Coin - Mint Error
  212. Alaska, the last frontier
  213. Has Lockheed(Skunk Works) Made a Breakthrough on Fusion Reactors?
  214. As bad as things look right now in the US...
  215. time capsule
  216. The Foo Fighters are on Letterman every night this week.
  217. Corny but amusing
  218. Anyone Else WAITING for the IPHONE 6 Plus??
  219. new AC-DC song released
  220. Found some cool old receipts...
  221. Conservative County in State?
  222. Bass Fishermen...Question about these HIGH TECH Lines....
  223. Just spent over an hour and a half changing a headlight bulb....
  224. Motorcycle Guys and Gals...What Do You Think of the NEW INDIAN SCOUT??
  225. Explain the latest stupid trend at Walmart in bikes...
  226. Life isn't fair...
  227. Ebola is eclairborne. We're all gonna die...
  228. Worst books you read in school?
  229. AdBlock is a pig
  230. Democrat Lawmakers in Gunfight With Teens
  231. Halloween Once again, YOUR ghost , paranormal, creature stories requested
  232. Best headphones for the $$
  233. Who is watching the Apple event for the iPad?
  234. Active Shooter at Fort Hood?
  235. Ebola Dirty Bomb Already Detonated ?
  236. Ex-gang member becomes rabbi, pretends to be cop, internet forum expert
  237. Obama sending troops where????
  238. My gun cleaning tab
  239. Bought some .22 ammo at Walmart yesterday...
  240. Women are pigs...
  241. Guitar score win!
  242. One great thing about Facebook ...
  243. Million Dollar Luger & Other Rare Guns
  244. Questions for bicycle riders of GT
  245. Back ordered
  246. Undergoing a 2 level laminectomy within the next month.
  247. Great article in the paper today about my Uncle, A True Southern Gentleman
  248. ACL Repair Surgery Tomorrow
  249. Does anyone have a source for police shooting effectiveness?
  250. Fury *possible spoilers*