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  1. We Lost Another Big One
  2. Did your dad tell you the things your telling your kids?
  3. Chilling new Sandy Hook report: ‘least resistance, greatest kill numbers’
  4. mission impossible squirrel !!!! roflamo
  5. Teacher license to carry a handgun, leaves one hidden in the school
  6. Has anybody tried
  7. Just watched 'Argo' on Blu Ray
  8. Puppy Chewing
  9. Does "sim racing" have a shelf life as a hobby?
  10. To tell elderly parent of child's death, or not?
  11. How can Office Depot...
  12. Happy Birthday, Dad.
  13. Who have been the greatest leaders from the Twentieth century?
  14. NY offers $500 reward for reporting 'illegal' gun owners.
  15. How do bills get amendments and how does it impact votes?
  16. If you watch this video, you will fall in love with this woman
  17. The NRA wins again.
  18. Shot 9 times with a .45 and survived
  19. Need camera advice.
  20. What's in the trunk?
  21. UK is the most violent country in the European Union
  22. Federal appeals court restores Maryland’s concealed carry law
  23. Texan cleans gene pool
  24. secrets of old age
  25. This has been my argument for some time...
  26. Motorola adviser hints at custom-built smartphones
  27. 3 Android apps for Wi-Fi calling with Google Voice
  28. Watched Argo today
  29. 8th grader commits suicide at local school.
  30. Florida boy, 10, dies after being shot with BB gun
  31. jtull7 on NPR
  32. Anyone hear of 'Mike', the headless chicken?
  33. NRA files suit against New York State.
  34. Colt feels unwelcome in Connecticut
  35. 5.56 stopping power anecdote
  36. Remember when he told you that you would be able to keep the same ins?
  37. 2006 Pilot v 4Runner
  38. Peter Schiff on the Cyprus mess and how it relates to the US
  39. Senate gun bill will expand background checks
  40. How Democrats Misread Polling on Gun Control
  41. Bowing to Second Amendment Myths
  42. New Cosmic Microwave Background map - Universe older than we thought
  43. A call to arms for common sense gun control.
  44. Background checks a possibility; Magazine limits?
  45. Felony Conviction == owning a gun ?
  46. This iis what people who are just haveing when trying to buy some ammo.
  47. Gun legislation strategy
  48. Home Invasion - Texas Style
  49. UPS Store: We Don't Ship Gun Parts
  50. What would the child you think of the adult you?
  51. I'm a little concerned about some of the new gun owners.
  52. What a surprise...Aurora CO. mass murderer converts to Islam in prison
  53. former wrestler uproots tree to save mom
  54. New diet: the dachsund diet.
  55. 300 guns seized in neew yark .
  56. La. Law Barring Felons From Owning Guns Rejected
  57. Standoff in Quantico
  58. 3 Marines, including gunman, dead in shooting at Marine Base Quantico
  59. One stolen gun blazes a violent path (MN article)
  60. Stage set for Senate gun control debate; background checks are sticking poi
  61. Bloomberg pumps millions into his anti-NRA super PAC
  62. Bipartisan push to repeal medical device tax gains traction in Senate
  63. Effective gun rights catch phrases.
  64. Heath insurers say premiums could double next year for some
  65. WSB-TV reports 10-15 year old shoots baby
  66. Things a movie theater employee won't tell you
  67. Ca. Approved gun safe
  68. I knew there was a reason why I hated the beatles
  69. Gun Trusts
  70. Tour of Duty
  71. CCTV footage of shooting in Philadelphia
  72. Texas CHL holders, help me out!
  73. NYS counties resolution list video, Last of the Mohicans
  74. Vehicle stripped while victim is pinned underneath
  75. Military Arms Channel excellent point...
  76. ‘Ethical’ PETA killed ‘1,647 cats and dogs’ in 2012: 'Which side are you on
  77. New York riots
  78. Declaring economic war on Colorado
  79. dirt-pit bikes??
  80. I have to believe there is more to this story than random violence
  81. School me on the Steyr M-A1 series
  82. Defense attorney argues that woman wasn't trying to kill her husband when s
  83. a little sequester info from Bill Whittle
  84. facebook question
  85. TDI owners
  86. 10,000 New York Patriots
  87. Ten Years Ago Yesterday: OIF's First KIA
  88. The .22 shortage sucks
  89. 33 Dogs That Cannot Even Handle It Right Now
  90. Outdoor Channel Pulls Production from Colorado
  91. Who was President of the U.S. when you were born?
  92. should say hold my beer
  93. Kapooya!!!
  94. Gouging
  95. Probably not Holiday Inn Express...
  96. Punxsutawney Phil 'Indicted' Over Spring Forecast - seeking death penalty..
  97. Who remembers BeOS?
  98. CA Registered Assault Weapons Bill Pulled
  99. Outrage fades so quickly
  100. Kill It With Fire! ...Oops!
  101. New Mex. Slaughterhouse employee flims himself shooting a horse
  102. Time to hoard or sell guns?
  103. Finally found some ammo today .
  104. Finaly after 3 orders from 3 diffreant places I got them
  105. Do the bears and sharks and deer really know ???
  106. Computer! (Re: internet speed)
  107. Dang it.
  108. Forget weapons ban. They'll go for ban on ammo.
  109. Best movie you have ever seen
  110. Man Charged for drinking $102,000 worth of pre-prohibition wiskey
  111. Logitech Harmony remote
  112. So I think I stopped a robbery
  113. Kirsten Dunst
  114. "ain't exactly pretty ain't exactly small, 42"-39"-56"
  115. USAF Drops Nuclear Bomb In Eastern US
  116. I'm a Good Ole American..
  117. It’s background checks or bust for gun-control advocates
  118. Another solar panel company bites the dust--this one is different
  119. Maryland’s shrinking assault-weapons ban
  120. Microwave Incident
  121. Dell Computer help......?
  122. First you have to admit you have a problem
  123. kid sneaks into wrong house... Gets shot
  124. Crawfish!
  125. Charlie Rangel - as with all Democrats he is careful with stats.....
  126. Okay, which one of you was this?
  127. Bloomberg: "Get used to it"
  128. Audiophile can listeners - especially Oakie
  129. The Legend of Chris Kyle
  130. NY on SAFE Act: Judiciary Has No Power Over Legislative, Executive Branches
  132. Lee Proposes Supermajority to Pass Gun Control Bills
  133. List your excuses for not being an NRA member
  134. WiFi, DSL & Modem question...
  135. Volkswagon CC...
  136. Guard dogs attack a kid and parents want the dogs to be put down?
  137. Apple ID security issue fixed, password page back online
  138. Decent, relatively inexpensive iPad speakers?
  139. A Modern Day Joan Jett
  140. Better buy that Suzuki now...
  141. Had to go to the DR. ofice to get a paper signed
  142. There was no ar15 used at the sandy hook shooting.
  143. I need a safe????
  144. Firefighters can be jerks too.
  145. Bank account seizure
  146. Kicked a student out of my NRA class today.
  147. The man with one gun
  148. Black women huggin'
  149. Olympus Had Fallen - guilty pleasure movie
  150. Inspiring weight loss story. Wow.
  151. Arrest this morning at he Summit Country gunshow
  152. "Also, I Can Kill You With My Brain"
  153. Anybody rent from or use a real estate agent to deal with renters?
  154. Best glue to put a side view mirror glass plate back on?
  155. Man! You'd think FedEx was actually a ferderal agency !
  156. Super Guppy swallows NASA aircraft whole (pictures)
  157. what should we do with the elderly?
  158. NCAA Wrestling Championships
  159. "I only buy guns at ---------." Where do you get 'em?
  160. The worst anti 2A bullcrap I've seen yet
  161. Saw a dog hit by a car today.
  162. Joe Weider RIP.
  163. ******* clowns man.
  164. The goodness that is the Luby's breakfast buffet!
  165. Bloomberg’s TV Blitz on Guns Puts Swing Senators on the Spot
  166. Vehicle Maintenance
  167. Awesome story...
  168. Time to change the tax system? Me thinks so.
  169. Bloomberg's at it again
  170. Any MS Excel guys here, need to do something I can't figure out
  171. J. D. Powers & Associates loves the IPhone, 9 times.
  172. photobucket anti gun?
  173. The joys of the myleogram
  174. What you can learn on the 'net- "Swindling The World, One Con At A Time"
  175. What will you do?
  176. guns and sleepwalking,
  177. Kapooya!
  178. Father in law bought a cool car...
  179. Bloomberg to spend $12 million on ad campaign for gun control
  180. tonight Walking dead spoiler ep 15 **spoiler inside***
  181. New idea for a Sticky - GT Hall of Fame
  182. Why is there a doxycycline shortage?
  183. Guns & Ammo rank Best States for Owners in 2013
  184. Moving to Arizona, looking for insider info.
  185. The Spreading Problem of Bath Salts
  186. Roof leak
  187. Credit card question
  188. Marvel's THE AVENGERS
  189. Has Volkswagen Reliablity Improved?
  190. I'll Be a First Time Grandfather Tomorrow!
  191. A Jerry Reed kind of day!
  192. Improvised bomb explosion outside Bank of Cyprus. No injuries.
  193. Les Miserables, anyone make it through all 157 mins of it?
  194. Popping the question
  195. Mother-in-law hounding us for another kid....
  196. What bar soap do you use?
  197. McCain emerges as key senator in expanding background checks
  198. Who else here shaves with a Beaver Hair Brush and Shaving Cake?
  199. Bear tracks on my property today
  200. Jim Carrey...another Hollywood idiot
  201. Scrapping pink N.C. licenses, No Lawful Status, a good move
  202. The voices of veterans ring out in Maryland’s debate about assault rifles
  203. Assault rifles, background checks and the Second Amendment
  204. VR-ed again and I heard,
  205. Finally saw "Avengers" this weekend
  206. My open apology to Steven King
  207. When Is 750# Not 750#?
  208. Guns and ego.
  209. Rope Swing gone wrong.
  210. Happy Passover ya' matzah eatin' xxxxxxx's :)
  211. $1,000 for an NRA Membership?
  212. Colt Considers Leaving Connecticut
  213. Is Tiger Back??
  214. Chicken - use by date today trash of cook and enjoy?
  215. If this does not make you angry with our government nothing will.
  216. KaPOOya KaPooYA!
  217. School me on Pot Roast
  218. Gotta give Fox Sports some credit on their NASCAR coverage...
  219. Coming soon to Middle Schoolers near you...
  220. Car stereo gurus?
  221. Squad car vs. Harley
  222. New York City Guns Radio
  223. Unemployed, unemployable, or disabled?
  224. Colorado State Shooting Association - Fighting the good fight!
  225. show me your reloading benches!
  226. More Embarrassment For Bloomberg's Anti-Gun Mayors Group, Says SAF
  227. Forget the Second Amendment
  228. Cypress seizes 40 percent of it's citizens bank accounts
  229. Need some advice from the guys........about a woman!!!!
  230. Does GT have a WTS/WTB forum?
  231. Considering Lexus RX350 - thoughts? alternatives?
  232. Guy writes a book about Hollywood stars and us.
  233. 2005 Toy 4Runner....163K miles
  234. Texas Blue Bonnets Where are they Blooming?
  235. At least they died having fun....
  236. Road rage or self defense(DFW)
  237. Tucson gun store owner cancels Mark Kelly's AR-15 purchase
  238. Kids
  239. Software That Forces Updates
  240. Ammo is scarce.
  241. Remember ‘The Shooter’ Who Claimed to Have Killed Bin Laden?
  242. Pictures from Israel
  243. TV Series That Need To Be Cancelled
  244. More US Companies Imposing Consequences on Unhealthy Employees...
  245. Got a reply from Jim Carrey's Manager
  246. scorned wife buys billboard lol
  247. AZ Gun Store Owner Rescinds Mark Kelly's purchases: Well all righty then...
  248. Astronaut Mark Kelly?
  249. Guy pulls gun in road rage incident
  250. zombieland comes to tv lol