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  1. Lookie here ...Nor Cal shooter was an illegal
  2. gun protection decals on residence windows
  3. I have an honest question about landfills.
  4. Hideous - day 4
  5. Return from Hill 400 - Video
  6. Meddling in other's biz advice needed
  7. Appalacia in Idaho...
  8. Subaru Crosstrek
  9. I've sucked this year at Bass fishing...
  10. Pittsburg
  11. Have you seen how kids hold pens, these days? It's the fist grip.
  12. I am bored. Entertain me.
  13. Go Packers!
  14. Oscar Taveras Dead at 22
  15. American football in HD
  16. Is NPR a good news source, or biased ?
  17. 'New Driver' stickers.
  18. Have any of you had any gun finds or deals lately?
  19. Does the US have any real allies in the world.
  20. Mobile App Days Are Numbered
  21. Just a little windy!
  22. Bears vs. Pat's - Over / Under was 85 !!
  23. Charles Barkley speaks the truth.
  24. If buying online music files, what do I need to know?
  25. I've Got the Gun Buying Itch
  26. Woot Deal for those with 2-6 year old boys
  27. Optional Work Day (Would you go?)
  28. 22 LR auction
  29. Bike running rough in 1st and 2nd gear
  30. Dynamic Mount TV Mount (over fireplace etc..)
  31. Firearms/LaGuardia
  32. Hillary in MA: businesses don't create jobs
  33. Are women like bacon???
  34. IRS: Stealing again with no due process
  35. Air travel prices... wth?
  36. Hard sad day today
  37. Sam's Club Premium Membership - $3.00
  38. Interesting Op-Ed in the NYT: NRA, Black folks and Equal Rights
  39. I needs a drill driver
  40. Odyssey sputtering out
  41. The National Anthem - Why can't folks just sing it?!
  42. Need help with a song ....
  43. Bummed... Broke up with my girlfriend today
  44. Hi point Nearly a kaboom
  45. Springsteen Concert to Close Metro to Arlington Cemetery on Veterans Day
  46. I want a black lab pup now ...
  47. Anyone Use a Password Manager Software?
  48. How terrible is this idea?
  49. Carrying your shotgun Mexican style - bad idea
  50. Penmanship: Anybody care about their penmanship?
  51. Matthew McConaughey for Lincoln.
  52. Anyone else think Halloween should always be on a Friday?
  53. Crawling sensations in my ear...
  54. Any Simpsons fans on here?
  55. Wife had "special surprise" waiting for me
  56. Antares Rocket Explodes 6 Seconds After Launch
  57. Boaters, know anything about the Bayliner 185 Br series boats?
  58. Ferguson..Prepare for the Looting!
  59. Does my son's costume bring back any GT memories?
  60. What kind of riots would/could break out in your hood?
  61. Found the new Glock talk theme song
  62. Marvel's Cinematic Universe is secured for a more than 4 years
  63. Me sooo hungry!!
  64. Anyone Sickened and Infuriated at what the FEDS Done to Sheryl Atkisson??
  65. Jose Canseco Shoots off Finger while Cleaning his Gun
  66. tannerite can be expensive
  67. Corvette vs. Suburban HP; mind blown...
  68. Beheading in New York
  69. **video** Voting machine switching from REP to DEM
  70. Unusual Range Trip>>>>>
  71. What A Waste of Good Corvettes !
  72. Has anyone had their tonsils taken out as an adult?
  73. Would she would be more upset if nobody noticed her at all?
  74. Obligatory Clock Thread
  75. Cramp in calf upon waking?
  76. NCIS New Orleans, what kind of
  77. Search on for armed bank robber in Loudoun
  78. FYI: 200 gift card with purchase
  79. Robbery suspect shot, killed
  80. Knife Guys question?
  81. Reef Aquariums
  82. Man shoots tree. Tree goes after man.
  83. For all you jet lovers...(Cool Vid)..
  84. What stereotypes does your state get from others?
  85. Any suggestions for a home weather station?
  86. Help! Artillery or tool?
  87. eyes vs boat cleats
  88. Future Military Gunships?
  89. The True Story of Ferguson and the Gentle Giant
  90. A Real Leader!
  91. Former GITMO Detainees Joining ISIS
  92. Interstate Blown Up Battery Warranty
  93. ?? About Sirius radio
  94. CNN on the Glock divorce
  95. We need more Ebola cases
  96. Crazy claims/stuff/pics of UFO's by scientist Boyd Bushman
  97. Public ranges suck
  98. Can you feel the history in an object?
  99. Space Travel experts?
  100. Anybody in the chicagoland area looking for a job?
  101. The new Sarah Connor is Daenerys Stormborn
  102. Fugitive Eric Frein has been captured...
  103. Something or all you single guys and gals to ponder
  104. What the Heck Now
  105. Tom Brady vs Peytom Manning Sunday ?
  106. I shot a deer with my bow tonight and cant find the damn thing ...
  107. Luck or Fate?
  108. Islay Single-Malts
  109. NE Houston: Burglars Remain In Critical Condition After Shooting
  110. After Zimmerman again
  111. Lott: Americans With Guns Are Last Defense Against Terrorist Attacks
  112. Luckiest (Or unluckiest) Japanese Man In History
  113. Welcome to my local law enforcement.
  114. Way Down - Elvis Left The Building
  115. Brittany Maynard: Right to Die
  116. You Guys Know I Like Flying Stuff
  117. Mechanics: How could this happen with my car?
  118. No Contract Phones
  119. Most Horrific Single Atrocity ISIS Has Committed
  120. I got Caught
  121. AHS: Freakshow
  122. Eureka! Proof!
  123. Something scary for Halloween / not safe for children
  124. Despierta America
  125. Need help identifying car make/model
  126. IDF Soldiers' Conduct Unbecoming? I think not
  127. What are the 'smoke-the-bear' Trooper hats chin straps for?
  128. Breaking: Virgin Galactic possible crash.
  129. It's gonna be a cold winter, the signs are out there
  130. Cowboys fan goes berserk
  131. It's me or the guns
  132. Ax attack on D.C. cop prompts warnings, new protocols for police
  133. Woman molesting men - not so funny now
  134. Flashlight ok or trash?
  135. So many thanks
  136. World Wide Web Gets An Upgrade HTML 5
  137. GT Gamers, what do you want to see in video games?
  138. Question about Firefox.
  139. I brought a pen
  140. Mexican judge orders jailed Marine Andrew Tahmooressi freed
  141. Trick or Treaters...
  142. LA School Cafeteria - Speak English Only
  143. The NY Times' War on Gun-Owning Rape Victims
  144. The Weather Channel
  145. Question on Chords for Stringed Instruments...Confused and Would Like Help.
  146. CDC Deletes Ebola Page On How You Can Catch Disease from Coughing, Sneezing
  147. Does GT have a Virus?
  148. Best Car Battery Booster Pack
  149. Rock / Fossil / Gem Hunting Websites?
  150. Jazz - Any fans here?
  151. Did you dress up for Halloween?
  152. So my Wife...
  153. Wondering where on the Hot/Crazy Scale
  154. My ex-wife was killed in a horrible accident last night !!
  155. help me decide on a daily driver
  156. Snow in SC!
  157. 72 virgins dating service
  158. Ebola's gone...What's next?
  159. Bourbon and scotch book or website
  160. Made From Unobtanium!!!
  161. Glocks have spoiled me.....
  162. Anyone use Uber?
  163. Alleged Child Sex Ring
  164. Movie Buffs Need Help
  165. New tires
  166. Cell phone screen savers
  167. Would you consider yourself a tree hugger ??
  168. Any GM mechanics here?
  169. Small houeshold/auto type Air Comperssor
  170. The 100... Anyone watching?
  171. Sports cards collection
  172. Masked Thieves Rob Home when Door was Opened for Trick-or-Treaters
  173. Buying a drill
  174. Fantasy Fight Lineups
  175. Lawsuit Filed RE: National Firearms Act
  176. Sometimes the plug comes out...
  177. "Prove it"
  178. Sanctity of Life
  179. Instakarma
  180. Anyone else like to crush broken things?
  181. "AC/DC Hell's Hits"
  182. NEW: How much is gas in your area?
  183. Jeep TJ Thoughts & Opinions
  184. Why should I give this to you?
  185. Al Sharpton
  186. When is the traditional college going to change?
  187. No Fly Zone around Ferguson
  188. One week left!
  189. That Offensive Ad Is Back On Here Again
  190. TOUCHDOWN Denver !!!!!
  191. Kitchen knives
  192. A tale of Momentum and Enerta
  193. Anyone know anything about drones/quadcopters?
  194. I was winning the battle, but she went and did this.
  195. How slow is Pittsburg Steelers organation and fan?
  196. Duke checking possible Ebola case.
  197. Truck was cutting out.
  198. Driving with no oil in the engine
  199. Why do I feel so sad? I didn't even know her...
  200. Need for Speed movie; must see for car guys.
  201. Put one of these in your driveway and the neighbors WILL talk
  202. Have you sold on eBay recently? Seller fees are NUTS.
  203. AMC / DirecTv
  204. Console vs PC
  205. Anyone else watching Homeland?
  206. Hotel 'resort' fees - how are these legal?
  207. Man shoots self in hand, kills dog
  208. Suggestions for a 'hidden' TV in a master bedroom?
  209. I think employees should get beer breaks
  210. Why do people bother reading in the bathroom.?
  211. No Chris Rock/SNL thread yet????
  212. NO television in the bedroom.How many agree?
  213. Be sure to vote!
  214. Tom Magliozzi from NPR's "Car Talk" died today.
  215. Nascar finish on Sunday
  216. "Car Talk" radio show loses a brother...
  217. Jerky
  218. Any Bob Feller Fans?
  219. $3K for hybrid battery...
  220. Got lucky. My first beef-vegetable soup came out AWESOME!!!
  221. Anybody have a digital heir?
  222. Went to the bar last night
  223. Report has Obama losing interest in his job
  224. Cats vs Dogs
  225. Slednecks!!!
  226. Tomorrow is a referendum on Obama
  227. Who is NOT voting tomorrow?
  228. A nice version of the National Anthem.
  229. Jambogs We Know and Love
  230. For The Man/Woman Who Has Everything...
  231. The Next New Thing
  232. Auto accident liability question... Mud.
  233. Indian justice
  234. I voted did you?
  235. A Year Without TV Observations
  236. Expert: Armed citizens 'last line of defense' against lone wolf terror atta
  237. 3 Arrested in Keene Riots...
  238. I just turned Siri off.
  239. Anyone listen to Pandora for music?
  240. My orange tree is really producing this year
  241. What do I do about my dog?
  242. Street Version of Kawasaki Ninja H2 Revealed
  243. Is it just me, or are people starting to look really bad these days?
  244. Polling Problems!
  245. Looking for New 55" LED LCD
  246. Oh Hell No! These guys are crazy!
  247. Brined some chicken for a 48 hours by mistake.....
  248. who else's state is having voting issues today?
  249. New York: Vote !!!
  250. Get out the vote!