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  1. Public service announcement
  2. Should I call dad and take him to vote? He is a total liberal.
  3. Prayers for my kitty
  4. Hard GANSTA'n!
  5. Nascar acts on Sunday fight..........
  6. HVAC pros weigh in-
  7. He na na na goodbye Pryor
  8. Destroy ISIL
  9. Man dies in freak accident - and the story is really strange too!
  10. The bank asked do we want to prosecute?
  11. Would you buy a turbo-charged car?
  12. Wow! Just wow...First person shooter movie trailer..
  13. Leaf stain removal from boat seats
  14. I need a Garmen. Please help.
  15. VICTORY!!! The Liberation Of America Begins
  16. Illinois governor
  17. Im posting lots of butt hurt pictures to local news facebook and the lulz a
  18. Oregon Votes Yes to Legalize Marijuana
  19. Wheels up and feet wet.
  20. Seeing some cool firearms related vehicles at SEMA 2014 in Vegas
  21. WA state passed stricter gun control...
  22. Some people looks for Racism
  23. Well, how bad was the Dem's defeat last night?
  24. Great Song for Election Night Victory
  25. Looking at election results over several cycles...
  26. Alex from Target - Yes, it is that easy to manipulate public opinion.
  27. Those damn pasty white Utah racists elect a Black woman to congress...
  28. Hey Eric. Did you know Tom Cotton?
  29. Why buy silver eagles.
  30. Are you for the legalization of gambling?
  31. Got some new wheels
  32. Last Update on The Ohio Kid with Flashlight
  33. Web-based library of arcade (coin-operated) video games
  34. Don't you Remember, The Fifth of November,
  35. Greatest Rock Song Ever?
  36. Thank You Saudi Arabia
  37. Coumo still reins over the people's republic of NY
  38. Dog/ex situation
  39. The hotel industry doesn't want you to sleep
  40. Rural Georgians spoken.
  41. Osama Bin Laden shooter has gone public...
  42. Joe Dirt 2 is being filmed!!!
  43. Name THE ONE ITEM that drives you bat crap crazy IF...
  44. What Is Your Single Greatest Musical Recording? This Is Mine.
  45. I just saw the first Christmas-related commercial
  47. New Apple-focused malware uses Macs to infect iPhones
  48. kirgi's photos
  49. Had shoulder surgery, can't get strength back
  50. Vacation ideas in gun-friendly states?
  51. Handgun bullet temp as it exits barrel
  52. ITT, Devry....anyone have stories?
  53. And another car buying thread...what to do
  54. Which Car Stereo?
  55. Oh sweet Jesus, the McRib is back!
  56. AC/DC drummer charged with attempting to procure murder
  57. Earliest TV Crime Drama Where...
  58. My new favorite beer...
  59. Recommend an SUV for a friend...
  60. How much is a "used" gun worth?
  61. 74 year old Dallas man cleans house.....
  62. Veteran's Day offering from commie PBS
  63. Colorado Magazine Limit Law - Does it apply to visitors to our state?
  64. neato, a B29 that is diveable view
  65. Turbopump likely cause of Antares blow up
  66. Cool new error Bank Note
  67. Vehicle From Your Childhood You Want
  68. VICTORY? Awesome. What's coming?
  69. Just got this email at work....
  70. Beagles.
  71. Uncle Frank
  72. Man chooses to be eaten alive by anaconda
  73. Drinkin' beer and eatin' goat...
  74. A anonymous survey on political beliefs
  75. Interesting turn of life events, I am the man behind the bump
  76. Who likes liver ?
  77. Shipping a Transmission
  78. Amazon Echo
  79. Acura TL vs Toyota Camry XLE
  80. Best looking female in commercials.
  81. Hospital violence on the rise (MN)
  82. What is your gift?
  83. From the Land of Rising Sun - Transparent Mice
  84. There are a lot of Asians in Asia and they ain't all Chinese stocks
  85. Snow/All Weather tires for a Honda crv
  86. Homeless woman becomes man gets home loses it gets another one
  87. Hunters/Outdoorsman/Etc (Cheap Christmas Gift)
  88. Why Doesnt Game Thoery Work?
  89. The media and ebola
  90. Go Pro recommendations please...
  91. Aspirin Alert
  92. Fox Girls, Out # on now...........
  93. This is why I don't believe in helping people !!
  94. Has your computer ever been invaded by gremlins?
  95. The American People Have Spoken
  96. A Record-High Number Of Americans Say Guns Make Homes Safer
  97. Vintage Barber chairs
  98. HuffPost defends disciplinary actions against reporters, editors
  99. The latest lousy news about Jan Michael Vincent
  100. Store Owner not indicted
  101. Anyone know anything about Blogging?
  102. The Taking Back of America: On to Part II
  103. Cool waypoint names
  104. Full Leather Trench Coat.....
  105. What is going to happen to Sears?
  106. Interstellar
  107. Am I wrong to be offended by this?
  108. What kind of car would you....
  109. Wallets
  110. Deer Season is here.
  111. The Lincoln Thread
  112. IOS 8 jailbreak now stable
  113. Home Depot coupon needed
  114. Sometimes words have consequences...
  115. North Korea Releases 2 Detained Americans
  116. Oil coating the inside of a bore. Is firing through it dangerous?
  117. Winless Raiders upset Broncos in Oakland
  118. NINTENDO thread...
  119. I spent the week in DC
  120. Where to Spend now
  121. Scrap the A-10 Thunderbolt Warthog?! NOT SO FAST!
  122. Viking River Cruise? Are they any good?
  123. Anyone use a Scott 2000 push reel mower?
  124. $1000 financed equals $100 monthly payment
  125. There IS a way to add multiple destinations on the Google Maps mobile app.
  126. I'm an aunt in law!!!!
  127. New Smart Gun Tech
  128. B52 turns 60
  129. Tamooreesi interview
  130. Anyone been to St. Martin/St. Maarten?
  131. For the voyeur in you.....
  132. Nevada Earthquakes, Nov 3 to 7th....
  133. Know your runway.....
  134. Do you have a dedicated commuter car and a "fun" car?
  135. Monthly Shooting Costs?
  136. In case you need anymore reason to visit south Florida...
  137. "What Caliber Would You Use?"
  138. TapTapTap - Calling all iPhone 6 Plus Owners
  139. Electric indoor grills
  140. Once Again Aviation Buffs
  141. J.B. IOS 8? Cydia apps work?
  142. When are movie theaters going away?
  143. Self-protection in NYC?
  144. Tomorrow
  145. Yeah, I get to wear my cold weather gear !!!
  146. New close up bigfoot footage
  147. Kaci Hickox, boyfriend leaving Maine after Ebola quarantine fight
  148. Movie "On Any Sunday - Next Chapter"
  149. 'A night in Old Mexico' movie.
  150. Car Talk tribute show for Tomy todaym
  151. What are some good action movies? While eating my McRib..
  152. One Of Those Days
  153. I'm watching the Bears / Packers game, and...
  154. I saw the face of evil
  155. Deadpool gets greenlight
  156. Anthrax Scare at Lambeau Field!!!
  157. Hornady 357 mag 158 grain XTP?
  158. Happy Birthday, United States Marine Corps!
  159. Is the boy stupid or is she a bad woman?
  160. heat imager for iphone or android
  161. Virus that 'makes humans more stupid' discovered
  162. Traveling to NYC
  163. the Evilstick is not a princess wand...
  164. GT Braintrust - Home Fire Alarm Replacement
  165. St. Louis PD to auction off $1 million worth of Tommy guns to buy new weapo
  166. Its better. . .
  167. Veteran's Day over kill....
  168. Buying a Telescope
  169. Attempted hack by Fallaga Team
  170. Massachusetts - Saving you from yourself
  171. Plumbing - I learned something this weekend...
  172. Time for some parrot jokes.
  173. Having surgery tomorrow...
  174. Aeroseal for existing ductwork
  175. Police Arrest man Pretending to be Navy SEAL with a Gun Sting
  176. Crazy Weather
  177. Dinner fights
  178. It's That Time of Year Again
  179. N Korea rescue mission delayed by plane trouble
  180. Chinese state run media mocks Obama while he is on their soil
  181. Old Silver Dollars
  182. Just got back from England. I'm alive to tell about it.
  183. Veterans' Organizations - Which to help?
  184. Continental Resources CEO Ordered to Pay $995.5 Million in Divorce
  185. The Lottery
  186. NYPD to Stop Arresting for Minor Marijuana Possession
  187. Should I follow car maintenance schedule? At dealership?
  188. Marine vet shoots home intruder
  189. November 11 Veterans Day.
  190. Internally geared rear bycycle hubs.
  191. Had no idea child care was so expensive...
  192. "Fury" pistol and unit patch; my grandpa's...
  193. 11/11/2014
  194. Dang, looks like I'll have to get a pair of Bridgstone Blizzaks soon.
  195. Cheap but decent color endoscope for Mac...
  196. Why I HEART Obamacare
  197. HA!! I just remembered how I got here
  198. Dutch jazz trumpeter Eric Vloeimans....
  199. Michigan UP Man Kills Home Invader
  200. Replacement batteries
  201. Obama care architect aknowledges deceit /voter stupidity to get bill passed
  202. Migraine Headaches... Cures & Treatments - What do YOU do?
  203. 91 Year Old War Veteran Dies In Brutal Home Invasion
  204. $10k in damage, abuse, neglect to a 750 BMW?
  205. Thanks to Applebees and Great Clips!
  206. thank you to Veterans
  207. Isn't it just great to have a sniveling little coward
  208. Gold and silver are for terrorists...
  209. Lost a great Vet today.
  210. Interesting Frank Serpico Piece
  211. German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County.
  212. CNN yanked from Russian TV
  213. Putin Hits on China's First Lady - China Freaks
  214. Experienced Mexico travelers please chime in
  215. Zippo Hand Warmers
  216. Bacon tacos!!!!
  217. Wind turbines declared a human health hazard
  218. FFL POS Software
  219. Funniest commercial on TV right now..."you're not mankind!"
  220. Must be dust in my eyes.
  221. November Nine
  222. Dogs Of War
  223. I am confuzzled about the title Attorney General
  224. Another Win for the Good Guys
  225. Long range shooting....
  226. Rosetta/Philae Comet Mission.
  227. Massachusetts School Installs Military-Style Shooter-Detection System
  228. Propeller slices through plane loaded with passengers...
  229. How fast SHTF (video of 2013 LE shooting incident released, not graphic)
  230. Securing Truck Boxes
  231. Dropbox sluggish on iPhone 6
  232. The Police came to my home last night
  233. Winter....???
  234. Interesting interview with the guy that shot Osama Ben Laden
  235. New court decision likely ends California's restrictions on conceal-carry p
  236. Another tape surfaces of ObamaCare architect calling American people ‘stupi
  237. States splitting apart; Why never done?
  238. How to Row a Boat?
  239. Criminal or Hero?
  240. I'm in tears
  241. Hamlin, Harvick, Logano or Newman?
  242. How I lost my virginity...
  243. Califfornia Court say "reason" not necessary to get Concealed Carry Permit
  244. What is the "real" purpose of...
  245. Female rock singers
  246. Last meal
  247. If true, this article should give pause to our fearless leaders.
  248. US Sailors Attacked
  249. How fast are you? Apparently Larry Vickers isn't
  250. Tomorrow.