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  1. Quickest way to pay off a loan?
  2. It's been getting really cold around here.
  3. Drunk On A Plane
  4. Hotel guest secretly tapes maid messing with his belongings
  5. Democrat-Controlled Cities Among Most Violent in the World
  6. Best Bum Wines?
  7. "New NyQuil Flavors Needed"
  8. Hey Pawcatch - look what I found
  9. Polaris Slingshot
  10. Dallas hospital pays off Duncan's family so they won'
  11. Dallas hospital pays off Duncan's family so they won't sue
  12. Gimme your hands-down best all-you recipe
  13. Russian Su-24 sinks the USS Donald Cook
  14. Russia Plans Long-Range Bomber Flights to Patrol Gulf of Mexico
  15. Complaining at a Restaurant
  16. For those that care....Kim K is posing naked again
  17. The 10/22 is at the top of the "Deadliness" chart
  18. Sacrifice of Gelatin George
  19. Ever read "King Leopold's Ghost"?
  20. RC Cars
  21. N.Y.State to take Carleton Heston's From My Cold Dead Hands
  22. Whys is 22LR so expensive?
  23. Constitutional Carry Bill Introduced In Texas
  24. Stolen Samsung Galaxy S5 is locked. Can rooting it yield a working phone?
  25. I bet he had them on when he went in..
  26. How do you carry your bug
  27. Interesting article in tomorrow's WSJ on fake airborne "cell towers"
  28. BMW catching fire
  29. I've got 30 foot of strap....
  30. Georgia gun rights group sues Botanical Gardens
  31. Dallas guy selling ~25% of his ~500 car collection.
  32. Drunk on a Plane - tangent - was I offensive?
  33. Since my county is canceling all holidays
  34. Brazen home intruder in upscale neighborhood
  35. iPhone 5S, Galaxy S5, Nexus 5 And Fire Phone Hacked At Mobile Pwn2Own
  36. What to do during the day?
  37. One Percenters Pay 24% of Taxes
  38. St. Louis Schools – Townships Warn Residents to STOCK UP ON WATER, FOOD, ME
  39. Wheeler Dealers; Hooked
  40. Heating a Garage
  41. A2Fay
  42. Border Patrol agents say agency’s gun recall puts them in danger
  43. Any opinions on
  44. How do you like your steak?
  45. Bzz-Zap !
  46. Started to doze but hadn't quite realized
  47. Did you ever watch "The Killing?"
  48. Motorola Droid Turbo vs Samsung Galaxy S5
  49. 1970's motorcycle carb tuning?
  50. Water heater keeps leaking/popping the pressure reducer valve
  51. Beef and other jerky recommendations
  52. Snapping and popping in the attic?
  53. DOJ convenes civil rights grand jury against Zimmerman
  54. Volkswagen Powered By Ducati
  55. Texas teacher fired for racial Tweets
  56. OK, tell me how illegal aliens are..........
  57. What to do about a lying coworker
  58. Illegal Alien Released on Bond after his 9th DWI
  59. Backpacking - what's your favorite piece of gear or useful trick?
  60. Driving for business question
  61. Why should I not buy another 10mm?
  62. Free turkey.. How does this make sales??
  63. so I'm in destin, FL for the weekend
  64. What to buy in the wake of I594????
  65. Reviving Blue Collar Work: 4 Myths About the Skilled Trades
  66. Watts LA Video Footage. Is this what Ferguson will look like?
  67. Winter's here (MN), be careful (video)
  68. No, nobody would notice this.. (video)
  69. Granny get's purse snatched, good people finish her shopping for her (CO)
  70. Jose Canseco goes all in playing poker (you cant make this up!)
  71. I don't think they will be representing anyone soon..
  72. Things you can get overseas and not here
  73. Kentucky CCW class..22 rimfire ok?
  74. You just can't make this BS up
  75. Ferguson Officer Will Be Reinstated if No Charges
  76. Rental Car Cost
  77. Contacting the moderator - Eric please read.
  78. 0% Credit Cards
  79. I Hate Bad Weather
  80. Otterbox is awesome
  81. Video bargain-bin Score! And fail.
  82. Refrigerator Experts needed!
  83. Nebraska Pheasant Hunting (with pictures)
  84. Ufc 180
  85. Great Question......
  86. Kindle Fire HD ??
  87. Lawmans, Columbia SC
  88. Hitler Reacts to GruberGate
  89. septic system question
  90. Car repair side jobs.
  91. Electric Guitar Heaven
  92. RIP Glen A. Larson
  93. Wireless data SP needed again
  94. Which is more dangerous when shot wrong?
  95. Funny anti gun politician quotes
  96. According to Turkish leader, muslims actually discovered America
  97. Lunch at the Duluth Rexall Grill
  98. Christmas lights done...
  99. protest
  100. Veterans Day home invasion (attempt)
  101. Need Assistance with Brandy
  102. 700 horsepower Sedan
  103. Cat owners & cat lovers (not necessarily the same)
  104. Dying uncle owes my Mom $
  105. Old cars pushed down the hill.
  106. Prayers for one of my Dept's FireFighters please, bad injury
  107. People at Wally World.
  108. LED Christmas Tree
  109. OK, how did my Rams beat Manning today?
  110. Breaking Bad, Orange is the new Black, Sons of Anarchy - ALL IN ONE SHOW
  111. Can we talk about butter?
  112. Obamacare and State Lines...
  113. I think I'm done with amazon.
  114. Police K9 Saves Officer
  115. Heck of a good movie.
  116. Most you've spent on a bottle of booze?
  117. Strange question I know, but does anyone know a good place to buy a Pantry?
  118. Sub zero wind chills tonight and tomorrow here.
  119. Snow On The Ground!
  120. What were they thinking?
  121. Saints fan steals football from Bengals fan
  122. Extreme cheapskates
  123. Another thing about Detroit
  124. The Startling Unvarnished Truth
  125. Ken Block's Gymkhana 7
  126. MO governor activates National Guard...
  127. Winter Shoes-Boots for college student.
  128. Home improvement frustrations
  129. What to do, what to do...
  130. Manliness fail: Testing my coolant
  131. A wiper blade thread
  132. Snow chains on steep gravel rd.?
  133. Just ordered Speed Sights for my new Glock 29 G4 - thoughts?
  134. Flannel pajama pants and a soft hoodie.....
  135. I have a question about blue collar/tradesman skills.
  136. Snow to determine proper PSI?
  137. YouTube (ThemTube) and "Fair Use" music policy.
  138. Charlie Manson's magic is still working on some women
  139. What's the best way to get dried blood out of carpet?
  140. Sam's Club Gas Smoker Review..
  141. Classical music
  142. American Horror Story
  143. who hates family gatherings at holidays and why ??
  144. Frozen/Breaking Bad: Do You Want to Build
  145. Prime rib, how do you like to cook it
  146. Another Terrorist Attack in Israel
  147. Do you use Sta-Bil?
  148. Sports - Great clutch performers
  149. Buck knives
  150. Science is cool...I never about this: Prince Rupert's Drops.
  151. Darren Wilson Supporters Crowdfund ‘#PantsUpDontLOOT’ Ferguson Billboard
  152. Draft in Laundry Room
  153. Transatlantic Cruise
  154. Bath exhaust fan...observation.
  155. A beer commercial - not your usual, though
  156. Anyone use
  157. Simplifying my life and belongings. Need advice.
  158. What do you wear when it's cold?
  159. The $325 million dollar man
  160. Is there a legal way to borrow my father-in-law's .44?
  161. Who all is simplifying their lives by getting rid of possessions?
  162. Bart 2: Grizzly!
  163. And another one bites the dust
  164. Production Value at the DMV...
  165. Pretty is as pretty does
  166. When your dad tells you not to microwave a glowstick...
  167. When You Yell Out a Window In Sweden..
  168. Whomever posted that hotel room thermostat temp/motion override code...
  169. Front Door Security
  170. Another "You Can't Make This UP"....
  171. Customer shoots, kills would be robber
  172. CNN Black & Blue (blacks & police)
  173. Verizon E-Mail Help Please
  174. Walmart comes through again
  175. Israel relaxes gun laws after attack
  176. Is this a good deal for .22
  177. A hypothetical for you shooters
  178. Is it me or have driving skills dropped in the last 7 days?
  179. Samsung Quad HD Super AMOLED screen too Good? I find it weird to look at.
  180. Ever given a "Best Man" speech at a wedding?
  181. Snatch strap
  182. I am going to win the lottery!
  183. Mistyped/misused words or phrases based on phonetics
  184. Free photoshop?
  185. WWII Guns Pulled Due To New Gun Law
  186. Anyone use the "high-tech" base layers/long-johns?
  187. how many are still riding their motorcycle
  188. Fedex Rant
  189. Who Remembers Nuclear Testing?
  190. Ok, I just saw the most awesome thing ever on TV
  191. Sex offender, killer William Shrubsall denied parole again
  192. Penny For Your Thoughts...
  193. Anyone seen Dumb and Dumber, to??
  194. Feds sending chemical, nuclear and bio vehicles to Ferguson
  195. Best deals in tires?
  196. Laptop Bag Recommendation
  197. Laptop Not Charging
  198. Pete Harman of KFC passes away
  199. Lifeproof fre case available for the IPhone 6
  200. The FSU Shooting
  201. Lights Out
  202. Chatted Up A Ukranian Beauty
  203. What do you think a tazer would do to a android?
  204. Navy Vets, a question...
  205. Any GM mechanics around? Or anyone that works on new vehicles?
  206. should i buy snow tires?
  207. I'm in a magazine!
  208. Road trip destinations (Central)
  209. Missourians buying handguns and shotguns!
  210. This Young Woman has a Good Message
  211. Mercedes CLA 250...any opinions...advice?
  212. need a new electric stove/oven...
  213. ‘Better Call Saul’ to Premiere February 8
  214. Movie Question
  215. Saving/Investment
  216. So you won the lottery...
  217. What's your favorite cocktail/drink?
  218. How bout them Raiders?
  219. Any of you ever used self leveling compound?
  220. Video- South African Robbery Thwarted, GSD Killed
  221. Looking for a New Coffee Bean
  222. List of Cities for Ferguson Demonstrations
  223. Salmon Cannon.
  224. Gouging, hoarding, and free markets. Do they exist?
  225. Tequila Recommendations
  226. There's a scammer for everything
  227. Life in prison for music lyrics?
  228. Buying stuff online sight unseen?
  229. I Don't Fit In With Today's Society
  230. By golly, I did it!!!
  231. E39 m5 those who have experience with them talk me out of it
  232. The mic died during the US anthem. Then something amazing happened.
  233. Good dog...
  234. Question for the gym rats...
  235. Paid protesters
  236. Jay Leno Gives Wounded Veteran A 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat: Video
  237. Anxiety
  238. Your CC Science question of the day...
  239. Smart Guns
  240. DOJ investigators appear to be breaking their own rules in Ferguson
  241. Sexual Assault and Contract Accountability
  242. Costco pork spare ribs- help me cook 'em!
  243. The Devil was caught off guard ...
  244. What's up with Bill Cosby?
  245. Remy: ISIS Crisis (The rap)
  246. Anyone own a Browning lever action rifle ?
  247. Ez open knife recommendation
  248. Have trash bags, need can
  249. What's the point of winter vests?
  250. Thermodynamics Question...