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  1. cars found ---wow
  2. Suit fit issue
  3. Worn out today
  4. English Christmas crackers
  5. Genius or madness? Functional auto shotgun disguised as Super Soaker.
  6. Taco night!!!!!
  7. Someone took my shorts at work
  8. What the hell is going on in this country?
  9. Restless leg syndrome sucks
  10. Do celebrities never go away now?
  11. Christmas Displays
  12. cracking the safe....
  13. Icemaker is kicking my behind...
  14. Gotta love Vegas shootings...
  15. Ask Residents To Volunteer To Have Their Homes Searched For Guns
  16. Disaster avoided
  17. 278 marked for NYC gun grab.
  18. GPS for you & me.
  19. Why not 7.62x25 for a Glock chambering?
  20. Sandy Hook Families Set to Sue Bushmaster, Newtown, Nancy Lanza’s
  21. Impossible to buy for! Gift Ideas.
  22. How does unemployment work exactly?
  23. Police hunt for killer in burning death
  24. "Wizards of Winter" in a whole NEW LIGHT..wait...
  25. Prayer Request...
  26. So this happened yesterday
  27. When "Glock vs. S&W" arguments get out of hand...
  28. A new proud mom post (CAP folks, pay attention)
  29. Girls and Guns: NYT Photo Essay
  30. do any of you "speculate" on foreign currency?
  31. What I want for my Daughter
  32. How much do you tip your mailman for Christmas?
  33. Fitbit
  34. Does Anyone Have One of the All-in-One Touch DESKTOP Computer?
  35. The Pirate Bay
  36. Looking like the bay area is gonna get slammed...
  37. Ken Weatherwax died
  38. Small towns; not so much Mayberry anymore...
  39. Navy unveils new uniforms ......
  40. Do Movie Stars Look the Same to You?
  41. Anything to do in or around Albany, NY in December?
  42. Alzheimer's and earplugs, now I have both :)
  43. The City Of Saint Louis Hires Dorian Johnson…
  44. How much do you pay for housecleaning?
  45. Mary Ann Mobley passes.
  46. Memory sticks aka thumb drives...
  47. Wireless router boosters?
  48. Would you date a fat chick?
  49. Mothership SpaceNet Penthouse
  50. PSA: Huge 1-Day Sale Hudson Bay Wool Blankets
  51. My gun store is famous!
  52. Bad news for some folk's pensions
  53. The Only Soldier (sic) To Survive From His Team
  54. Grammar Nazi Academy Video.
  55. Atlanta killer using Judge/Governor?
  56. Happy Day
  57. USAF Marathon
  58. Navy's Laser Weapon System Now Operational in Persian Gulf
  59. Kennel footing?
  60. Now If Your Bored
  61. Helo stuff #1
  62. The Darwin Award winner of the week...
  63. Support for gun rights at highest point in two decades
  64. Jeanine Pirro blasts Obama on his raical bias
  65. Is the Postal Service Intentionally Slowing Mail?
  66. How not to unload a truck.
  67. VA Doctor visit.......
  68. ... with frickin' laser beams!
  69. Air Force Secretary Supports Lifting Transgender Ban
  70. The Fairytale Castles of King Ludwig II
  71. Gun Rights Outweigh Gun Control In New Pew Survey
  72. Need advice from the braintrust: Snowblowers
  73. Spider bite. 2 questions
  74. Electrical question...
  75. More People Support Gun Rights Than Gun Control
  76. My Pet Peeve Is.....
  77. Will San Diego honor my CCW permit?
  78. You won't be alive when this happens again.
  79. Neighbor Died Last Night
  80. Fear Thy Neighbor
  81. Medal of Honor
  82. A great $5.50 stocking stuffer flashlight...
  83. Personal information available online
  84. Out of the mouths of babes...
  85. Are you surprised when Google can't find an answer?
  86. Race Gone Bad
  87. What the heck is this thing ?
  88. Dehydrator for making jerky
  89. Aging
  90. Brick & Mortars without land-lines?
  91. How Big is Too Big ? A-380 to be Mothballed ?
  92. Who's at fault for this crash?
  93. Rebuild Ferguson
  94. They cloned Han Solo
  95. big daddy hoffman 1911
  96. Car electrical question for GT braintrust
  97. Whitey's still a racist...
  98. Income tax time approaches...
  99. Any GTers use SmartThings home automation?
  100. Special Ops Group Is Putting ‘The Fear of God’ Into ISIS and Racking Up the
  101. Pheonix: Home burglarized of guns, gear and ammo - LOTS of pictures
  102. "The Ammyy Scam"
  103. 7 habits of highly effective people
  104. Do You Follow the 19 Kid Duggar Family?
  105. TSD Rally?
  106. Objective Evaluation
  107. Napkins???? We in here talkin' 'bout NAPKINS?!?!?!?
  108. The effects of a lack of justice in America?
  109. they are back !!!!
  110. Shooters Grill, Rifle Colorado
  111. Help me comment on this flag burning FaceBook "friend"
  112. Squirrel recipes
  113. Odd Family Xmas eve dinner
  114. Ferguson, Idiot Cops, and Experts Who Know Nothing At All
  115. Anyone use Inbox by Google?
  116. These chicks are banging!
  117. Roses stores
  118. Cutting a burger in half?
  119. Small World Sometimes
  120. Have anybody seen Exodus: Gods and Kings?
  121. Man arrested, painted handgun red to look like toy
  122. Game of Thrones Season 4 & Considering Dropping Cable
  123. Best movies you watched in 2014?
  124. Daily News Lies and Propaganda <<<<------
  125. The Genderbread Person
  126. Who Is Jamie Glazov?
  127. Whistling Death!
  128. white elephant gift ideas
  129. Ferguson protester accidentally burns down own home
  130. Anyone Jailbroke using Taig?
  131. Who is at fault?
  132. Looking for a Sedan with backseat room for tall people
  133. Good WSJ article today on the collapse of crude oil prices
  134. Good WSJ article today on the collapse of crude oil prices
  135. would you buy one, might be fun.
  136. Blackbird history in rare photos
  137. Renewed my CCW permit today ....
  138. Secret Santa in KC strikes again.
  139. Video- Robbery suspect shot in casino
  140. "Shooters Grill" of Rifle, Colo.
  141. Anybody Go To A Wreath Across America Event Today?
  142. My shoes are eating my feet
  143. Mailbox-baseball proofing my mailbox (a USPS spin-off thread)
  144. Another Tire Question
  145. House cleaning cost?
  146. Jeep Question
  147. good quality boots
  148. I locked the bathroom door.
  149. This is Down Right Funny Right Here
  150. Where's "Angry Fist" been???
  151. What Should i ask For CA Undercover?
  152. Question for you car gurus
  153. A Texas solution to armed robbery: shotgun squad
  154. Put a Laser on it!!
  155. New family member joins the circus...
  156. Favorite Holiday Movies
  157. A Little different Christmas Treat
  158. Neighbors...
  159. Rabbi: FYI
  160. More for you motorcycle guys.
  161. Ever wonder...
  162. Car audio question.
  163. 2015 Subaru update...
  164. Spanking your parents?
  165. Anybody paying less than $2.00 for gas?
  166. Car mechanic question Ford Explorer
  167. He stole the pocket change I give to charity
  168. 440 rounds
  169. How Many Shots are Needed?
  170. It is All the Gun's Fault
  171. Ground Venison (burger)
  172. Hostage Situation in Australia
  173. 5 wins 8 losses and a tie is good enough for 1st place
  174. Please Vote: CRV or Outback
  175. Need some cool podcasts
  176. Any dishwasher repair genius' here?
  177. Glocks VS Sig 320
  178. Put in a good word for the folks in Sydney Australia tonight folks
  179. The NBA Basketball Thread (2014-2015)
  180. Hostage situation in Sydney
  181. Any shoe snobs here?
  182. If you had to do it over again, what would you have done for a career?
  183. Sunday Funday
  184. This Might be the Most Disgusting Story Ever....
  185. Have we over criminalized America?
  186. 'Fire with Fire' movie.
  187. Brooklyn H.S. stdent makes a cool $72 million..
  188. sad day, prayers please
  189. Paying nearly the highest in gas prices in the US? How do I find out why?
  190. Ferguson v2.0
  191. Families of Newtown shooting victims sue gunmaker, seller
  192. Anyone still have a DVD plan at Netflix?
  193. Need a Large Thermos/insulated Mug
  194. Hi-Tech Christmas Card
  195. Girlfriends friend won a gun in a raffle
  196. Netflix "Marco Polo" TV series
  197. How much do you tip the people that tip?
  198. Anybody want a HMMWV?
  199. Ex Marine murders 6.
  200. Another good zombie series by Joseph Nassise
  201. Copycat Threads
  202. Thoughts on the Bell V-280 tiltrotor and Sikorsky S-97
  203. Burglary Victims Catch Suspects, Hold Them for Authorities
  204. The Polish-Soviet War 1919-1921
  205. Christmas Moochers
  206. Senate approves Obama's anti-gun activist for Surgeon General
  207. Bullet Changes Course
  208. Another White cop/Black perp incident that went viral
  209. Recommendations - Vacuum Sealers
  210. 'You are a 'Teabagger!'' LI Woman Receives $1.12M-For False Prosecution
  211. Tea tree oil
  212. How old do you feel?
  213. Multiple Threads on Same Subject
  214. What did you do on your birthday this year?
  215. Cheapest site for online car rentals?
  216. Taliban attack school in Pakistan, 126 dead, mostly children
  217. Several vehicles broken into during Ferguson Commission meeting
  218. Gun And Target Recordable Alarm Clock
  219. The Ultimate Tip Guide
  220. Disturbing collection of no knock swat raids from 2014
  221. Local Report: Dozens Of Suspected Killers, Rapists Released In Detroit
  222. Just recently I have been seeing...
  223. Armored vehicles needed for 'Constitutionalists' with guns
  224. Potluck dishes
  225. 1000lb Cow Fatally Shot After Lengthy Police Chase
  226. General Aviation Guys: New Mooney M10
  227. SyFy: Ascension 3-part miniseries
  228. Female Teacher exonerated of sex charges with minors
  229. Who's ready for The Battle of the Five Armies?
  230. How much does a Christmas tree weigh?
  231. Speaking of bad luck...
  232. Anyone using Amazon Prime instant video?
  233. Does anyone get a Christmas bonus from their employ?
  234. Finding A Doctor
  235. Hmmm I wonder
  236. MA residents paying for this???
  237. 302 350 351 383 396 426 427 429 440
  238. Oberlin students ask College Prez for a passing grade if they protested..
  239. Bad Day At The Office For 50 People
  240. How Much of Your Past Did You Forget?
  241. 1000 Felonies - Does Anyone Know if this is true
  242. NRA membership discounts limited time.
  243. How is my Internet faster through my ISP+VPN than through just my ISP?
  244. RIP Clifford the Big Red Dog.
  245. Hey VART !!
  246. I usually don't recommend movies, but..
  247. What happened to the "Made in the USA Crowd"
  248. Problem with 02 Silverado Tailgate
  249. Dog Lovers.. Dog runs for first time
  250. Ignorant, Not informed or Stupid?