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  1. Elvis - one of his saddest songs...
  2. Top Gear Season 22
  3. New Tires
  4. Movie, The Interview
  5. With Russia's Economy Collapsing...
  6. Obama apologizes to Cube
  7. Will you travel to Cuba now?
  8. Do not give key fobbed cars to folks of advanced age
  9. Remove your company stickers from trucks before selling...
  10. Many 2014 cars don't have spare tires
  11. Ducati Monster Diesel
  12. Texas Plumbers truck used by terrorists?
  13. This is why I would not lock up my guns
  14. It's Merry Christmas, not Happy Holidays
  15. Went and Done it Again (New Truck!)
  16. Army deserter joins French Foreign Legion
  17. Montana homeowner found guilty of murder after shooting foreign student
  18. Has a anyone attended an Al-Anon meeting?
  19. Nissan Titan will sport Cummins diesel in 2016
  20. Mazda 3, Corolla, or Civic?
  21. All I want for Christmas is.....
  22. Iphone 6 or 6 plus owners, do me a favor please
  23. Wall Street bends us over... Nothing on GT?
  24. Next great epic movie franchise?
  25. 14-year-old boy shoots, kills home invader
  26. What's The Spirit of the Bayonet Fighter?
  27. Indiana cop asked to stop selling ‘Breathe easy’ shirts
  28. What do you know about Blackwater?
  29. Cars and stuffed animals??
  30. Well that was fast!
  31. Fallen Angel, Ripped and Bruised
  32. We had a baby! (Prayer request)
  33. Mens Chinese Christmas gift ideas?
  34. Woman Who Was Arrested and Called “Teagbagger” by Deputy Awarded $1.12 Mill
  35. This Is Really Weird
  36. Citizen snaps photo of public servant & 2 dogs in ditch
  37. The Original Osprey
  38. Greenpeace damages sensitive area
  39. I've been a victim of racism
  40. Plymouth Superbird
  41. The wind tunnel question...
  42. Hollywood endangers U.S. special forces by revealing tactics to Islamists
  43. You Can't Play Movies On A Sea Shell
  44. If You Could Own Just One Rifle?
  45. Large Denomination Bills
  46. 99-year-old woman mugged while delivering cookies
  47. 8 crazy nights.
  48. How does one become a layabout?
  49. Wood chipper
  50. Anyone else think this Cuba stuff is a news diversion?
  51. Maryland for Christmas
  52. American Sniper Trailer 2
  53. FFL in Florida
  54. Obama, Stalin and Hitler have a sit down...
  55. anybody here wear contacts ??
  56. Shout out to Wake County, NC Sheriff's Department
  57. Adults Don't wear Hoodies?
  58. Anyone here use a CPAP for sleep apnea?
  59. Best B&W or Color Laser printer UNDER $400?
  60. Sleep study with no cpap prescribed?
  61. Anyone here like [insert extremely common thing here]?
  62. is it just me --- reunions
  63. So, whats the plan for Christmas dinner?
  64. Anyone have experience with Ringplus as a cellular carrier?
  65. Merry Christmas from Scott Sterling...
  66. Favorite A Christmas Carol Rendition
  67. Drunk Driving
  68. .22 Ammunition
  69. Main Stream Media...who writes this stuff
  70. Cute puppies!!!!!!!!!!
  71. No More Makin' the Rubble Bounce ...
  72. Liquid cat foods?
  73. Flashlight Recommendation
  74. Watch Thread.
  75. Should this kid be sent to jail?
  76. anyone here collect pens?
  77. N. Korean Sony Cyber Breech U,S. response
  78. Ammo people shoot?
  79. Bad driver
  80. What fictional character would you be?
  81. U.S. Appeals Court rules on firearms prohibitions
  82. A French soldier's view of US soldiers in Afghanistan
  83. How old are were you when you first fired a gun?
  84. Tips for smoking a ham.
  85. how many folks blew their xmas budget ??
  86. The Final Inspection...
  87. What do I need to wash a car?
  88. Tactical car review
  89. IS has executed 100 foreigners trying to quit
  90. STAR WARS tonight at the XDRoX household!
  91. Anyone use a double edge safety razor
  92. Archer Season 6; Back To ISIS
  93. Snoring question?
  94. Rumor Has It......
  95. March 14, 2015
  96. Coolest thing you've ever seen
  97. Does this App Exist? Phone User Map
  98. When buying a car, would you get the base model or the top-of-the-line?
  99. Complimenting other men?
  100. over the counter narcotics
  101. 5 days until Christmas and the crazy is in full swing
  102. Mooning vs Sunning..
  103. "North Korea Missile Launch"
  104. Need a super sm. L.E.D. For lighted bobber
  105. Revenge double murder for Garner
  106. Increasingly Armed Mexican Populace Preparing for a Revolution?
  107. Who Uses Lifelock?
  108. Why do some people think they are smarter
  109. Strange X-Mas ad on TV
  110. How a J58 works on an SR-71
  111. How many Cigars do you....
  112. Printers - He said, "...There no money in reliability..."
  113. Hi Point vs Bear
  114. St. Louis Firefighters break into car.
  115. Anyone else having trouble with this site?
  116. NY cops executed by gunman
  117. Engvall’s 2nd Amendment Views Draw Ire Of Guns Rights Supporters
  118. Anyone redid a a shower? How did you do it?
  119. School approves young lady's photo....
  120. "I will not answer"
  121. Food vacuum sealers..what do you use?
  122. Cordless Drill Question
  123. Ali in the hospital
  124. Wister (Niland CA) duck hunting Saturday, (with pictures)
  125. Motorcycle Handlebars?
  126. Protesters Blocking On Ramps - How to deal?
  127. 175 x M1 Tanks FMS'd to Iraq
  128. Went to a Gun Show today
  129. Wolves
  130. Can James Bond be a black guy?
  131. Challenger SRT Hellcat Lasts One Hour
  132. Just got a CanCooker for Christmas. Does anyone ...
  133. iOS 8.1.2 problems?
  134. What security software do you run on your android phones?
  135. One reason for the
  136. What are you wearing for the Winter Solstice ?
  137. What did you hate as a kid, but now like as an adult?
  138. Silver and Gold
  139. What food can't you stand the taste of?
  140. Everyone, especially the cop haters, need to watch this.
  141. Yankees to pay for Fallen NYPD Officer's kid's education...
  142. Tinted Windows
  143. Those undereducated overpaid NFL football players - look what one did now
  144. St Vincent
  145. Crazy Motorcycle!
  146. Fury-WWII Movie John Wayne Would Have Never Made
  147. What a boomer is looking at.
  148. Santa Involved in Shooting in Detroit!
  149. Mayor Rahm Emanuel's 17-year-old son robbed near North Side home
  150. Importance of Gift Giving?
  151. Do people still go Christmas caroling?
  152. Mysterious Airborne Fibers Over Northern AZ
  153. Billboard of gun-toting Santa draws controversy
  154. Antigun Slugs reach a new low.
  155. Excited puppy dances when seeing his owner.
  156. Holiday Seasons Deaths - Post Here - Joe Cocker
  157. RIP Joe Cocker
  158. New PSA for GC
  159. take your parents guns to school kids...
  160. Posting from what is apparently one the most crowded places on earth.
  161. Why the little clouds where the banner ads go?
  162. Are the cities going to burn this summer?
  163. Internet in North Korea Is Now Out of Service
  164. North Korea goes completely offline: Report
  165. local cigar lounge
  166. Daughter Considering the Military. Advice?
  167. Dead Children and Violations of Law
  168. Nude Santa and Mrs. Claus / ADULTS ONLY!!!!
  169. First/Best Hanukkah Present Ever!
  170. Did I pay too much?
  171. Strippers. Strippers are awesome.
  172. My couch buddy
  173. Something Wicked This Way Comes....V
  174. Apple Spell Check
  175. Aim surplus Leo trade in question
  176. Who here put mods on their vehicle? How much money do you spend?
  177. Something Strange in the Sky (DFW)
  178. Classic TV shows
  179. My butt plug fell out......
  180. US Navy Xmas Music
  181. Do you save all of you receipts from buying and selling guns over the years
  182. Merry Christmas Ya'll!!!
  183. Christmas ??? Read this
  184. Did You Put Christmas Lights Up?
  185. Question for Open Carry Advocates; What if Muslims start doing it?
  186. Is there any Black woman in Hollywood Bill Cosby...
  187. Proud to Be....
  188. Timed 7 yard shots on a 6" steel target
  189. I don't understand "prayer requests"
  190. kirgi will not believe this
  191. Hat head
  192. Tennis shoes?
  193. Urinal Knowledge Test
  194. For all the Fox News haters, I hope you're happy.
  195. Archie Bunker On Gun Control
  196. Need information on a CZ 97 (BD) 45acp
  197. It's on! Alamo draft house to show Interview
  198. Inheritance fights.
  199. Suicide Prevention
  200. Which US milsurp rifle?
  201. Armed Robbery
  202. James Woods Calls It
  203. Nudity, A private place and seat belts...
  204. Court rules against environmentalists seeking EPA regs for lead bullets
  205. Laptop gift recommendation for my son's fiancee
  206. Christmas stogie!!!!
  207. Is there An UNBIASED Site for the Climate Change Gobbelty-Gook?
  208. Some dood gives a homeless man $100 and follows him...
  209. Anyone here like Skylar Grey?
  210. New Glock 42's
  211. Man Pulls Gun At McDonald’s After A Cheeseburger Is Missing
  212. May 2015 - A World With Hope, Without Law
  213. The "Purge"....
  214. A coyote thread ....
  215. Gun smuggler in Atlanta
  216. New member of the family
  217. Court rules against environmentalists seeking EPA regs for lead bullets
  218. You thinks Ebola was a problem? How 'bout this?
  219. Any Ham radio guys on here?
  220. Who's working tonight?
  221. Things you refuse to pay for
  222. JBT Cop stops and gives tickets to very sick teenager.
  223. The Christmas Rifle
  224. Neither side will let it go
  225. I'm on fun back unkinking meds so haven't been on much
  226. How Facebook Killed the Internet
  227. I think I have created a monster
  228. Sharpton visits WH 61 times
  229. Another police shooting last night.
  230. How can the Protesters be so Stupid
  231. "HK .45 Holster Question"
  232. Merry Christmas
  233. Tactical Walls - Concealment shelves
  234. WalMart Rifles?
  235. Merry Christmas Everyone!
  236. Physics: End of the Universe
  237. Just lost my critters...
  238. threads that go off course
  239. Gunmaker staring down $1B in debt as gun sales slump
  240. Very cool gift
  241. Group to pay mortgages of deceased NYPD officers
  242. HVAC Furnace burners not coming on?
  243. Getting the best out for tonight...
  244. Parents death, and I am next of kin?? Legal question??
  245. Is Christmas a Secular Holiday...
  246. More religious tolerance from a Florida woman...
  247. I guess Sycamore Township don't appreciate The Walking Dead"
  248. Zombie Nativity Display taken down...
  249. Was McCain tortured or given an enhanced interrogation?
  250. 41-yo man in San Antonio on trial for blowing embezzled $1.7 mil on escorts