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  1. Why are we bribing Hamid Karzai?
  2. Practical joke revenge?
  3. Decided to grow a full beard for 1 year...
  4. Please help this paralyzed Police officer.
  5. Judge sentenced to 28 years in prison for selling teens to prisons
  6. Maybe the coolest/most impressive accomplishment by scientific man.........
  7. Any way to get out of a lease?
  8. WhatisthisIdon'teven....
  9. Fleas: Help!
  10. Thought I found a repair shop, the search continues. :(
  11. GAO Now Investigating DHS Ammo Purchases
  12. The gun reform N.J. really needs: Editorial
  13. Reviving the CDCís Gun-Factoid Factory
  14. AL: Sheriff OK with revised gun bill
  15. Financial Gun Control: Obama-Funded Corporations Targeting Gun Sellers
  16. "Where Are We Going?" she said...
  17. Ariz. Bill Requiring Resale of Buyback Guns Signed
  18. Pro-Gun Native American Billboard Draws Criticism
  19. Another tragedy for gun-crazed USA? The answer is to get more guns
  20. Gimme your wallet!! ***racks slide***
  21. Dang Carnie games at the fair!!!
  22. Elementary principals will be able to paddle misbehaving students
  23. Backlog on Gun Orders Hits 2 Million Units
  24. Comical Newpaper Sprea with Obama
  25. Capitalism is killing our morals, our future
  26. Software that use to be good
  27. What to do in Vegas
  28. three men in NJ charged in shooting 70 year old woman
  29. jtull7 and Willie
  30. Komatsu D575 Super dozer
  31. A great video!
  32. Police Chiefs Call Senate Gun Control Vote A "Disgrace"; READ THE COMMENTS!
  33. So I watched the 2012 Red Dawn
  34. how do you parmesan crust a steak?
  35. Bomber's family received 100k in federal assistance!
  36. Downtown Atlanta's Kick Ass Mall Cop Fired for Assault
  37. No background check 'foe dis banga
  38. Air Force Two stuck in Arizona
  39. Bagram Airfield Crash - 7 dead
  40. Looks Like Libs in The North Want The South To Secede
  41. New toy!
  42. Who likes their Samsung Galaxy Note?
  43. Happy May Day!!!
  44. Planned Parenthood lobbies for post abortion rights
  45. Attorney general seeks extension on gun appeal
  46. Anyone Use PackRat For Moving?
  47. Work Clothes Issue
  48. Just watched
  49. Virginia Beach "Beach Week" Rampage
  50. TV's dead, need opinions
  51. SIG SB15 Stabilizing Brace Introduction
  52. Early - more or less - United States Supreme Court decisions
  53. Got something from UPS today
  54. Man Steals $26,000 Bottle of Scotch
  55. Jersey Police Dept. Disciplining Oathkeepers
  56. D.C. councilmember wants Redskins to change name
  57. Gear heads! Two Lane Blacktop! Check out my find!
  58. Just listened to "accident" victim report on cause.
  59. College Degrees. Oddest? Most impressive? Most useless?
  60. Anyone here not drink at all?
  61. Calif. woman accused of tainting OJ at Starbucks
  62. Should you wait for the mythical Motorola X Phone?
  63. AT&T trade-in drops Galaxy S4, HTC One, others to $99
  64. Getting a 2003 Road King
  65. Most Violent City on Earth
  66. iPad Mini popularity burying regular iPad, claim suppliers
  67. Is it time to ditch the iPhone for the Samsung Galaxy S4?
  68. Obamaís 'hatred' of new media understandable but selective
  69. Downstaters don't care about Chicago concealed carry
  70. Oktoberfest Sold Out
  71. Obama empty-handed for gun talks in Mexico with anti-trafficking measures s
  72. Gun-Related Businesses Look to Leave Colorado in Face of Stricter Gun Contr
  73. Sen. Kelly Ayotte becomes focus of gun-control groups after voting against
  74. Explaining Conspiracy Theories
  75. AL Senate votes to ignore federal gun laws that are in 'violation' of 2d A
  76. Happy May Day.....
  77. Texas Town Urges Residents to Buy Guns in Support of 2nd Amendment
  78. Obamacareís Tax Hike Train Wreck
  79. That's what I'm talking about! Don't mess with a Iraq War vet and his AR15!
  80. Apple, Verizon earn poor marks in EFF privacy report
  81. NYC elementary school adopts all-vegetarian menu
  82. 3 new arrests connected to Boston bombings
  83. Dickies Vs. Carthart
  84. The Individual as Property
  85. California Trip
  86. There are statutes of limitations for reasons.
  87. Ethanol free gas ?
  88. Bagram air crash on video load shifted
  89. I think I am a bird nerd (bird feeding)
  90. Super Gonorrhea Superbug "Could Be Worse Than Aids"
  91. tulammo
  92. Nascar
  93. Binocular Recommendations? (Cheap)
  94. Man convicted for stealing GM's hybrid technology
  95. Turkey Hunting With Neil Diamond
  96. The Curious Case Of Trayvon Martinís Backpack With Stolen Jewelry and Burg
  97. do you take your gun into the crapper with you at home?
  98. Cardiac blood vessel calcification and statin drugs
  99. Another Masonic thread (Salt Lake City related)
  100. What is the "thread tag system"?
  101. Reverse osmosis water filters
  102. Poll: Obama gets low marks on gun policy
  103. The day I took a gun to school
  104. Make your old iPhone run like new
  105. A lap of LeMans 1956
  106. Dallas-area Glockers Meet Up part 2?
  107. Killer Guitars.
  108. Anyone video skype
  109. OK, which GTer is this?
  110. a rant on humans and pets
  111. Apple's iOS 7 May Be Delayed Due to Redesign
  112. 5-year-old shoots 2-year-old sister in Kentucky with rifle he got as a gift
  113. Eagle Scout gets expelled for doing the right thing
  114. Simply amazing. *Atomic* movie. Science buffs, get in here!
  115. 2006 and up Jeep (JK) question?
  116. Lotsa interesting is one...
  117. Liberal student blogger gets caught framing conservatives..
  118. That which is art deco, the thread.
  119. Changed the oil in my truck today..and..
  120. Osama IS NOT DEAD
  121. Gun Registration is coming regardless of what Manchin says
  122. San Antonio hunker down now!
  123. ATF checking on Chinese ammo manufacturing equipment import cutoff report
  124. Film Studios Say New York Gun Law May Ban Props
  125. Sen. Patrick Toomey Doesn't See Another Push on Gun Control in the Senate
  126. Young Voters Aren't Sold on Gun Control
  127. School's 'Redneck Day' sparks anger
  128. NRA leadership should refocus its priorities
  129. Here Come Gun-Focused Retail Super Centers
  130. NRA money and power influenced Senate gun vote
  131. Governor salutes company's relocation
  132. Dissent opinion gives heart to National Rifle Association in handgun sales
  133. Do you believe in the "magic bullet theory"
  134. personalized license plates
  135. Apollo 11 Re-experience it
  136. Running groundhog match. What do you guys think?
  137. NRA elects new president
  138. Psychiatrist gets 30 days for booby-trapping Oregon tr
  139. Spire for One World Trade Center being installed
  140. Women of the NRA
  141. A Video That Will Greatly Upset Obama And His Gun Hating NeoMarxist Drones
  142. Pay Raise to get Tattoo Of Company Logo
  143. Coming to Palm Beach County: Stasi and Nazi tactics
  144. petition asks Obama to repeal second amendment
  145. SAF wins permanent injunction v. public housing gun ban in IL
  146. Mri time
  147. BREAKING: Shots fired at Bush Intercontinental Airport, Houton
  148. "I'm a monkey!"
  149. Good Birding guides for Texas Gulf Coast
  150. GM is creating 6000 new jobs!
  151. More GT photos = more fun & education?
  152. Bloomberg denied extra pizza in Brooklyn Restuarant
  153. ME: Gun background-check, concealed-carry bills go before panel today
  154. Vote Poll: Do you think tougher gun laws will prevent gun violence?
  155. Obama vows to keep at gun control: 'This is just the first round'
  156. Gun control won't come to a vote this session, Minnesota House speaker says
  157. NRA gathering proves a big draw amid gun-control debate
  158. Alabama State Senate Embraces Crackpot, Antebellum Legal Theory
  159. How states are making it a felony to enforce federal gun laws
  160. Suicide Rates Rise Sharply in U.S.
  161. What's there to do in Kansas City?
  162. Is China crazy???
  163. Anyone have experience with CarMax?
  164. Nissan Xterra (2013) thoughts / opinions?
  165. Rare working Apple-1 to go on auction block this month
  166. What to do/ things to have
  167. Freelance graphic design folks here?
  168. People Act Weird in Airports
  169. Wow, Wally world really does sell everything!
  170. Anyone else think this drill was a dumb idea?
  171. New video game technology.
  172. Selling spare ammo....what if?
  173. Ahead of Major NRA Meeting in Texas, Questions Over Who Really Represents G
  174. Pentagon: Soldiers who spread faith may be prosecuted
  175. My first ER visit.......
  176. For sale at gun shows: Stuff that has nothing to do with guns
  177. Kyrgyz officials: U.S. military plane crashes
  178. USAF KC-135 crash in theatre
  179. Auto Insurance Shopping
  180. Iron Man. Three. Was. Awesome!!!
  181. Elgin AFB Silver Flag
  182. President covers real motive on gun control
  183. Blind veteran takes down would-be attacker
  184. He Said Jesus not Jihad
  185. Air Force lost a KC135 today in theatre
  186. Single-issue voters: Will the gun debate impact 2014?
  187. Stoned Animal Control Officer Busted for Waving Gun from Vehicle
  188. Alice Fredenham - Week 1 audition for BGT
  189. Man questioned over missing woman shoots self
  190. Home made Mosquito trap
  191. World's first 3D-printed gun makes its debut
  192. Samsung Galaxy S4 earns Pentagon security nod
  193. Gay pride week at work
  194. Is Illegal Immigration still a major problem?
  195. Next Time, the NRA Will Lose
  196. NRAís new president is worse than Wayne LaPierre
  197. The NRA won. Now comes the hard part.
  198. U.S. attorney general tells Brownback new gun law is unconstitutional
  199. NYC shop fined $60K for selling gun-shaped lighters, fights back
  200. Exhaust on a C5 corvette
  201. So, you wanna eat food from China?
  202. Scout Expelled for Shotgun WILL Get to Graduate and gets Scholarship
  203. Before you send racy pictures of yourself to the one you love...
  204. Democratic front group hyped as hunters by media in gun control fight
  205. Slayer Guitarist Jeff Hanneman Dead at 49
  206. Joe Biden hasnít told Obama about new gun plans
  207. Obama Blames U.S. For Gun Violence In Mexico
  208. NRA meetings in Houston underway
  209. Re-model recessed lighting electrical info needed
  210. Up and coming terrorist, or stupid kid?
  211. Best way to sort coins
  212. It's a great day for hockey!!!!
  213. Django
  214. Court gives more time for concealed carry appeal
  215. Kansas Governor Pushes Back After Holder Calls Pro-Gun Law Unconstitutional
  216. NRA Official: 'Culture War' More Than Gun Rights
  217. NRA official: 'Our freedom is under attack'
  218. College pride Friday...where did you go?
  219. What I discovered when I got a gun
  220. Today's Ferris Bueller Moment(s)
  221. Too much efficiency in retail
  222. Columbus Day
  223. 2016ers pledge to NRA: We'll stand firm
  224. Drug-crazed man bites off victim's finger
  225. Click for a laugh
  226. Arrested Friend of alleged Boston bomber was in U.S. illegally
  227. Blind Veteran Stops Street Attacker
  228. Military personnel past and present
  229. Heck of a weight loss.
  230. Is this a scam?
  231. Happy Rhode Island Independence Day
  232. NRA lobbyist, arms dealer played key role in growth of civilian market for
  233. We can only save ourselves from kidnappers at the NRA
  234. NRA: Protestors plan a showdown at the gun show
  235. Obama Blames U.S. For Gun Violence In Mexico
  236. Phoenix police plan to destroy guns from buyback
  237. The Gender Pay Gap Is A Myth
  238. Home Gym vs Gym Membership
  239. Knee Surgery Monday!!!!
  240. Mom narrates The Matrix
  241. Shot placement is everything and know what's behind your target.
  242. Feds: Many causes for dramatic bee disappearance
  243. Erie-based Magpul begins making ammunition magazines outside Colorado
  244. Mayweather / Guerrero fight tonight
  245. I use the Outdoor Hub app...
  246. 150th anniversary of Chancellorsville
  247. Well I did it
  248. El Ron
  249. "The Walking (And Talking) Dead" ó A Bad Lip Reading of The Walking Dead
  250. Funniest TV Commercial - K Mart Ship My Pants