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  1. Anyone else's "join date" change??
  2. Fiat buys the rest of Chrysler it didn't own for "peanuts"
  3. fun cars 5k and under
  4. Hate Winter
  5. Most needless item ever produced?
  6. Pistol pulled from Bonnie Parker's bloody skirt set for auction
  7. Windows 8
  8. Just read on yahoo
  9. Looking for advise. Yeah I know.
  10. Obama Proposes Changes To Background Check
  11. The Male Fairy Tale
  12. Economics: Western Debt and Your Savings
  13. Paul Walker's autopsy report suggests car crashed at over 100mph
  14. Detroit police chief James Craig says more citizens should be armed.
  15. U.S. Weighs Tech Fixes After Health-Site Woes
  16. South Sudan?
  17. Desert Tech turns down Pakistan
  18. Alabama Mom goes after student at game
  19. This winter weather sucks !!!
  20. Wife had to pull her gun today
  21. Weld aluminum?
  22. Who is hottest?
  23. New 4.7 Jeep battery $$$
  24. Got my brand new 3D TV
  25. Exposing a Navy SEAL Imposter
  26. Catwoman: a dog person with a sense of humor
  27. Random question for the Freemasons
  28. Is anyone here against retirement accounts? (IRAs, 401ks, 403bs, etc)
  29. Bye Bye Love: RIP Phil Everley
  30. Heater went out 2 days ago. It was so cold in here that...
  31. R.I.P. Phil Everly..
  32. Man shoots at armed shoplifting suspect
  33. An angel sings...
  34. I just shoved a trumpet into your ass...
  35. Best compliment.
  36. FAKE NFL Playoff Ticket!!!
  37. North Korean leader fed uncle to starving dogs, report says
  38. Cufflinks
  39. Global Warming
  40. NCAA Tournament 2014
  41. Attending a wedding in California - gun law questions.
  42. US put China-made parts in F-35 fighter program
  43. Subaru Crosstrek XV
  44. 18 years ago today
  45. IL Glock Talkers/ FOID VALIDITY website
  46. The Hunting Rifle of the Future? $20,000
  47. Another odd car question
  48. Are ants clones?
  49. To those who quit smoking cigarettes; when did it hit you?
  50. Who here has shown dogs in an AKC show?
  51. Jahi McMath. Your thoughts?
  52. colorado first state, marijuana is legal? ever?
  53. Productive hunt?
  54. Car guys, what did I see today?
  55. Anyone want a perfect Polly?
  56. Most Interesting Conversation at Gunstore
  57. Why Japan Isnt Back
  58. Packer Ice Bowl 1967
  59. Mandatory school laptop in my home...
  60. Anybody Remember These?
  61. C-O-LTS! Colts Colts Colts
  62. Disputing negative items on credit reports
  63. Any Monster Energy Supercross Fans?
  64. Breaking news: lebron got carded at bar!
  65. D Brees is having an issue with the mildly chilly weather
  66. eye health
  67. War Movie Night: Portrait of the Fighter as a Young Man
  68. Pot smoking effects universal?
  69. Posting From Cell Phone?
  70. "I Never Spent Much Time In School
  71. Faces of Marijuana
  72. To those who have been overweight, and now are at a "normal" weight, how?
  73. Steven Seagal says he may run for Ariz. governor
  74. 'Final Countdown' Scenario II: Iowa & Missouri Battleships In Pacific
  75. Any refrigeration technicians here? Question about regulating temperature.
  76. Meeting Another Gun Owner
  77. Do You Think Seagal will run for AZ Gov?
  78. Granddad's Den..
  79. Now The US Coast Guard Patrols Antarctica?
  80. Are you an introvert?
  81. Arctic Temps in Alabama Coming!
  82. Retirement in Northern AZ?
  83. Kerosene heaters
  84. VHS Repair...
  85. hey weight loss experts....
  86. GM Publicizes the Stingray's new Performance Data Recorder
  87. Time travel and murders..tin foil hat guys
  88. Mandiant Virus and annoyance
  89. My 1,000 post - A PSA, slower traffic move right
  90. Dang, 6" and counting....
  91. Rush DD214 info for funeral?
  92. This is retarded.
  93. Dems seize on income inequality for 2014
  94. Ok who edited the audio for "Life Alert"?
  95. A tale of two pot users: OK for elites, illegal for others
  96. Am I tinfoil? Viewing apt. requires ID collateral
  97. Do you have a favorite charity?
  98. This POS should just off himself...
  99. Trim work/tire inflation compressor/combos
  100. 85 deg temperature difference in 2 days
  101. Two teens attempt to rob a gun shop
  102. Need suggestions for a wireless IP camera to work over a 4G LTE Mifi router
  103. Marines delay female fitness plan after half fail test
  104. Balvenie 14 Carribean Cask neat, football on ice
  105. Barack Knows Best...
  106. Jerry Coleman died today
  107. Huckaby on FNC
  108. New Downton Abby tonite.....
  109. Frost Quakes in Canada!
  110. I don't think I'll bother getting out of bed tomorrow- what's the point?
  111. Snow moving in...gotta protect mine
  112. Car window tint
  113. This movie needs to be made RTF NOW!
  114. Someone said the "S" word in Alabama. God be with us.
  115. It all started when he went to look at an amplifier...
  116. Anyone have sleep apnea ?
  117. Do you spray for bugs?
  118. Parking Brakes Frozen
  119. What gun related youtube channels do you watch
  120. Logical Fallacies
  121. Fourteen Potential Surprises in 2014 | David Hale
  122. What TV series would you pay 50 dollars for them to cancel?
  123. Colder than a-insert your favorite term- in Memphis
  124. how to find pro gun/defense lawyer in MI?
  125. Name a band you like then their best song!
  126. Economists Spar on Path to Faster Recovery
  127. Lead poisoning
  128. Mrs. VR
  129. Silver Barter?
  130. Catch 22 on Netfix instant
  131. Four ways to tell if Obamacare is working... not looking good
  132. Hot water heater or just water heater?
  133. pros and cons of sliding doors w interior blinds
  134. haley strategic partners leaving CO too!!
  135. Want a 2014 Z/28? You'll have to dig deep for one..
  136. Gun Type By The Way You Look?
  137. Alternative uses for a loaded pistol
  138. cold enough to freeze the balls of a Brass Monkey--yet
  139. Chicago ban on gun sales in city unconstitutional, judge rules
  140. Utah gunmaker turns down $15 million from Pakistan
  141. Vizio BCS National Championship Game
  142. FrOzEn BuBbLeS
  143. Little IFR for Ya
  144. Shake!!!
  145. Movies that get better more times you watch them
  146. Are the most paranoid people you know, cops?
  147. Klondike.
  148. Justified Returns - January 7th, on FX at 10pm
  149. Dang, new heater went out, too.
  150. Workin' for the Man Every Night and Day...
  151. 30 degrees even in heated garage
  152. Stomach virus
  153. FX's Justified vs. Reality
  154. Rebecca from Pawn Stars
  155. Opinions on KIA Rio (or other cars for under $3K)
  156. Two cities, same population - different murder rate
  157. Still playing the victim
  158. The average temperature across the United States right now is 13.8
  159. Chalk another one up for gun owners
  160. This is why DHL doesn't do any biz in the US
  161. The skating rink!
  162. Federal Reserve's William Dudley: "we really don't know what we're doing"
  163. Tested my sleeping bag last night
  164. Is America Going to Pot?
  165. Did you ever tell your parents to shutup as a kid?
  166. Justified?
  167. crack-crackety crack, pistachios
  168. B-1 story of survival.
  169. Battle Royale vs. Hunger Games
  170. Goodyear Tire Workers in France Take Two Bosses Hostage
  171. Cheap As Bird Seed!!
  172. Guns sales break records by wide margin---thank you President Obama
  173. New York Times Comes Out Against School 'Zero Tolerance' Policies
  174. Disability fraud? Look who's doing it. Shame.
  175. Trying to find a movie...
  176. Obamacare or Walmartcare
  177. Surfs Up!
  178. Christie Signs NJ Dream Act
  179. Rationing ammunition and pot.
  180. Illinois Conceal Carry Applications Overwhelmingly Outpace Obamacare Enroll
  181. If it's too cold for you, it's too cold for them
  182. Will we ever have any "new" classic cars?
  183. selling a photo?
  184. Question for Nurses: Temporal Thermometer Recommendations
  185. Doomsday Preppers: Guy just...
  186. Decent Sign-Up for CHL's on IL Website
  187. For all you grammar Nazis!
  188. Horrifying Video Shows a Shooting on a Michigan Bus New Years Eve
  189. Recommend my an induction hotplate
  190. Do dolphins get high?
  191. Rifle Range on Van road & hwy 90 Hou Tex
  192. Help Me Find A Coat Like This One
  193. MMA fighter kills attacker.
  194. Please post state in your profile
  195. PA road rage killer.
  196. Blow to Chicago Gun Ban
  197. One side isn't even trying on the gun debate.
  198. What does "in the cloud" mean?
  199. The Vice Index and the State of Retail Spending
  200. Help finding a .pdf that was on here years ago?
  201. The high bar for Obamacare success stories
  202. 720 to 1080 big difference
  203. GT Braintrust: OC spray recommendations?
  204. Anybody own a Ruger GP100 Wiley Clapp?
  205. Everything old is new again...
  206. As if we didn't have enough to worry about--Nightmare Bacteria
  207. For those looking for a fast and cost-effective wireless connection
  208. Anyone else get back into running?
  209. See a shrink, lose your gun.
  210. Grim consequences of CT laws on magazine capacity
  211. FedEx Firearm FFL-to-FFL Shipping
  212. "Here you go" - Bam!
  213. No 2014 Dakar thread from Charly?
  214. Dennis Rodman sings "Happy Birthday" to North Korean leader
  215. I got the speech again today.
  216. Wedgie Alert
  217. What to pack and do on communist trip
  218. Kentucky lawmaker has an ND in Capitol building...
  219. Chevy leaking some info on the 2015 Z06
  220. Mynd you... mse bites Kan be pretty nasti
  221. Any wine drinkers?
  222. 2013 -The Year of the Gun
  223. Name that Movie
  224. Insane Clown Posse Sues Federal Goverment
  225. He shot bigfoot
  226. What's the most ridiculous reality show?
  227. Sun Goes Wild: NOAA Issues Alert
  228. Study: Residents want to leave New Jersey
  229. Massachusetts Wastes Third of Health Spending, Report Says
  230. Multiple Impact Bullet
  231. Dalton Wayne!!!!!
  232. Derek Trucks and Warren Haynes Leaving the Allman Brothers Band
  233. Just watched Lone Survivor! Great movie!
  234. Keep it in you pants men - or - Which GTer is it?
  235. Not going to live in a double-wide...
  236. Death by atomic wedgie?
  237. What A Few Dead Rock Legends Might Look Like If The Were Still Alive
  238. How the College Bubble Will Pop
  239. It's Not Just On GT: They Do Exist
  240. Glock 19 vs. Microwave
  241. Florida legalizing warning shots
  242. Anyone ever do their own valve lapping grinding?
  243. Knowing CPR saves lives
  244. Arizona Marine may face charges
  245. The case against rising interest rates
  246. Anyone know where to get something encased in acrylic ball.
  247. How can 'Jahi' be improving?
  248. I got called by the ATF the other day
  249. Book by Gates a betrayal of the president?
  250. What's a good dishwasher?