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  1. Anyone watching this Houston/Pitt game?
  2. White House photos.
  3. High airline ticket prices, any advice on a deal?
  4. Mice
  5. Cheating?
  6. Drop foot
  7. Donna Douglas, R.I.P.
  8. 500 mile two way emergency/bad weather trip - which auto?
  9. Who would win in a fight ?
  10. Backpack dufflebag suggestions.
  11. RIP Little Jimmy Dickens...
  12. Need to change spark plugs. Are the super
  13. When You Can't Talk...
  14. Anyone Else Getting PO'ed Trying to Deal with EBay Sellers Lately??
  15. Elle May Clampit dead at 81!
  16. Audiophiles, Turntable question.
  17. Police cheif "accidentaly" shoots wife with Glock
  18. I Will Carry You
  19. Need Help From My Pilot Buddies
  20. More classical music
  21. Ufc 182
  22. Even Police Dogs Grieve a Loss of Life
  23. Beard Oil? Anyone Make their own?
  24. She must have a Guardian Angel !
  25. New Fire Truck day at my FD
  26. Anybody have Dish Net or know about it?
  27. Japan's Demographics will Crush Its Economy
  28. Ltsewh
  29. Tithing
  30. Go steelers !!!!
  31. Are charges of bullying getting out of hand?
  32. Newtown Suit Prodeeds Under False Pretenses
  33. My first attempt at making an RC Truck video...
  34. Most bang for your buck!
  35. Guitar Question
  36. Gun safe.
  37. Anterior/posterior lumbar fusion
  38. Transfer to FFL
  39. Subwoofer amp
  40. Wild Card Weekend!
  41. Funeral Processions - Should they still exist?
  42. Galavant on ABC
  43. Mandatory chili thread.
  44. The gin thread
  45. Bill Bratton either back your Cops or resign
  46. About the 500 mile trip......
  47. i broke my truck grrrrrr
  48. Briefly Held Captive In Car By My Coat
  49. Guns & poop don't mix!
  50. Looking for car suggestions / experience : recent small cars
  51. Blood glucose level logging app
  52. ESPN's Stuart Scott, dead at 49...
  53. Hawaii bound... Poke salad!
  54. Simple phone call just saved me $100 a month on my cell phone bill!
  55. Amazon has a few sub $50 Seiko Automatics
  56. Sharpton and Racketeering
  57. NY SAFE act at work.
  58. peaceful protests VS ....
  59. Home Made Mac & Cheese w/ Spam for Lunch
  60. Bald Eagle Cam
  61. Buck wheat pancakes!
  62. No charges against W. Wis. resident who grabbed gun, shot violent intruder
  63. The Romo Playoff curse
  64. World's Worst Currently Living Dictators
  65. Why don't people say "bye" on the phone in movies?
  66. How to get a superball out of a shower drain?
  67. Today was VR and VR jr's bday. This might be our best family portrait ever!
  68. It is cold here...
  69. Fantastic pice on trauma, trigger warnings, and entitlement.
  70. Justified - the final season
  71. Ships in 1 to 3 days...
  72. What did you find after fifty?
  73. American Airlines pilots union leaders accept tentative contract with 23%
  74. Help me figure out a movie/show
  75. Pricless Looks
  76. Best egg producing hens
  77. Idaho mom arrested for keeping loaded gun near kids
  78. Where will all the workers go?
  79. Amazon Deal of the Day
  80. Anyone ever heard of a Raffle Tax?
  81. Aquarium help?
  82. I don't need organic toilet paper!
  83. It's a Buyer Market!
  84. I carry a gun everyday...
  85. Home Office re-paint - color/technique suggestions?
  86. Slick Willie In Trouble Again!!!
  87. Refinance?
  88. ?Keystone Pipeline question?
  89. Dell customer service sucks
  90. Alternative history novels
  91. Ocare commercials
  92. Bess Myerson Passed Away...
  93. Police shoot, kill robbery suspect near my house
  94. Which one of you has the Cojones to try this??
  95. Firefighters rescue naked woman trapped in ex-boyfriend's chimney
  96. Training Video Downloads???
  97. COP ND's himself on elevator
  98. being a animal lover this video
  99. 'The Outsider'.....
  100. Puppy!!!!
  101. Lamborghini 88 Tauri
  102. Town of Reading Massachusetts to Vote on Banning Hunting & Firearms Dischar
  103. Packers vs Cowboys: Call it.
  104. Murder Statistics
  105. My new coworker is making me feel like Steve Martin in Plains, Trains...
  106. Beautiful thing; teaching a woman to shoot...
  107. How does one buy commodities?
  108. Our "diversity" spells doom for America.
  109. Anyone else into leather
  110. Game! Mis-attributed Rap Lyrics Hilarity
  111. Who would vote for Allen West?
  112. Anyone else watching Ultimate Survival Alaska?
  113. There was a gun in the office today!
  114. What the hell is this condition I have?
  115. Constitution State Set to Punt Due Process for “Gun Safety”
  116. Can the FBI Be That Dumb
  117. Dish TV asked for my SS no., I said no and they said no internet for U!
  118. I borked my big toe.
  119. Buy a gun because you own the ammo, Or...
  120. Hubble takes the Largest Image ever of Andromeda Galaxy(1.5 billion pixels)
  121. My new addiction worse then crack
  122. So Boehner is going to "punish" those who voted against him
  123. Bones knows blow...
  124. Army Base Shooting
  125. How much electricity do you use?
  126. Sabering Champagne - Alton Brown vs Kirsten Joy Weiss
  127. “Common Sense” Gun Laws Revealed
  128. Charities how do you choose one to give too?
  129. Do you ever click on a thread only because of the person's name who replied
  130. Tonight at 10 on PBS. NRA hit piece.
  131. New(ish) vehicle for work.
  132. Dish or cable
  133. Buying a gun on Armslist?
  134. New Dallas Law Mandates Nickel Charge For Bags
  135. Whatever happened to Acid Rain?
  136. Miss My Old Girl
  137. Best Eagles Song Ever?
  138. Why no pingers from AirAsia?
  139. Chemtrails!!!!
  140. Mass Shooting at Paris Satirical Magazine HQ
  141. 11 Dead in Paris, shooting in Paris at Charlie Hebdi
  142. Genius at work(YouTube)
  143. $16,000 Headphones
  144. Helicopter Test Pilots are Crazy
  145. What was your first post on here ever?
  146. Mon Dieu! A Review of French Gun Laws
  147. Initial reports were that the attackers used RPG's in France
  148. Hey LEO's. Buddy's car got hit but didn't see who did it
  149. Gunbroker & Taxes
  150. How do you find the value of a used tractor?
  151. Tell us one fact about yourself's that may surprise us
  152. She calls her machete ‘Rufus’ and she used it to stop a burglar
  153. Apple's Lightning Connector
  154. Adrian Carton de Wiart: The Unkillable Soldier
  155. So, this Dumbass gets a Lion's Super Bowl Tattoo....
  156. RFI: Newport Oregon
  157. Obama care smacked my tax return!
  158. Sup?
  159. Another good boy Turning around
  160. Person of interest
  161. This is Jewish holy water
  162. Why is a photo ID required to enter?
  163. Would you turn down $974 Million?
  164. Listeria...
  165. Disaster Planning; defeated by my wife and MIL.
  166. Awesome website
  167. I have not opened my safe for so long ...
  168. Digital vs Standard Round Honeywell?
  169. A guy at work fell for a ridiculous scam yesterday to the tune of $300
  170. Documentary Films from Ken Burns
  171. "Rise" by Daniel Rodriguez
  172. Saw a woman's windshield shatter because of the cold this AM
  173. Gun Sales Surged ....
  174. Anyone see "My Strange Addiction" last night? Rubber dolling
  175. I want!!!
  176. Tracking gun owners
  177. Stuff your dog wants you to know
  178. Who's working today?
  179. New Tax forms sent out for Obamacare.....
  180. Police: Business Owner Follows Robber to Next Target, Shoots Him
  181. I am so far behind on everything I think I'm about to lap myself
  182. quinoa
  183. You might be an aviation buff (wing nut) if....
  184. The cold kill anyone else's car?
  185. Just had a thread deleted over on BAdger and
  186. American Sniper Seen it Yet?
  187. What famous person/actor do you get told you look like
  188. I guess having a lot of cash is a good thing??
  189. If you didn't go to/finish college but wanted to, what stopped you?
  190. Anyone got a lightweight vacuum they like?
  191. Free Community College!
  192. Experience makes a believer...
  193. Classic cars
  194. What's for dinner???
  195. Test Thread
  196. Got A Fitbit Charge
  197. Thunderbird Solo
  198. Programmable Thermostat
  199. VA: Free gunlocks for personal information
  200. If you're leaving, close the door
  201. Civil Rights Leader Critical of Police Undergoes Use of Force Training -vid
  202. John Balmer, 50, Arrested For Drug Possession Wearing “I Have Drugs” shirt
  203. The Most Miserable Place You've Ever Been To
  204. RUN ALL NIGHT movie trailer
  205. Had to deal with pinhead driver
  206. Anyone use a mans shoulder satchel with built in holster
  207. Registration And Proof Of Insurance Please
  208. What do I need to suck water up from commercial carpet and vinyl tile?
  209. The truth slowly comes out
  210. Want to get into High Resolution music...
  211. Polarized Ray Ban sunglasses for 25 bucks 1/9/15 only
  212. Honda Dually
  213. Bobbie Gentry
  214. Anyone watching French armed response in Paris ?
  215. Is my computer OK?
  216. Welding??
  217. Human ingenuity - The Full-Auto Revolver
  218. Crazy Pileup 2 miles from me
  219. Muslim tolerance...
  220. Stupid Reporter Comments Project
  221. Barbara Boxer no longer a blip on the radar
  222. Smells
  223. Police: 4 people shot in botched robbery at Kansas gun shop
  224. Massad Ayoob's article in newest American Handgunner
  225. Sexy Fat Girl..................
  226. Dear Mr. Hannity
  227. The Best Place You've Been To
  228. Accused “Sons Of Guns”Pleads Not Guilty
  229. Dr. McGillicuddy's root beer.
  230. Sexy without trying.
  231. Texas homeowner shoot convenience store robber w/ar15
  232. Raiders of the Lost Arc
  233. Texas homeowner shoot convenience store robber w/ar15
  234. Inspired by Dalton Wayne!
  235. Best online deal right now for 223/5.56?
  236. "Hot" celebrity who never lit your fuse
  237. Would you date a manly chick?
  238. Essential Tremors
  239. You're lazy
  240. Best video of one of the Paris raids yesterday.
  241. The best dang dog, ever, thread...
  242. A little change of heart
  243. Pretty dang innerstin'
  244. Video shows 12-month-old playing with handgun
  245. Zimmerman arrested again...
  246. People Meet Pit Bulls For The First Time
  247. The man who shot Bin Laden
  248. Gofundme warning...
  249. House OKs Keystone XL Pipeline....
  250. Would you tip a store clerk who gave you a $25,000 winner?