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  1. Boy's first date goes way wrong....LOL!
  2. Kentucky Derby Day
  3. Cellular repeaters
  4. LaPierre: NRA, members will never surrender guns
  5. It's for the children...
  6. In memoriam: GT has lost a good friend
  7. Could this be the light at the end of the tunnel...
  8. I. Am. In. Love.
  9. Anyone remember that netflix movie about Russia in the Afgan war
  10. Nissan Maxima vs Acura Tl
  11. I picked a used book off my shelf and found this inside.
  12. Protesters Outside The NRA Conventions
  13. DJANGO part 2
  14. This is different, another pitbull thread
  15. "Todler Fight Club" filmed by day-care workers
  16. Here we go again!
  17. GPS with 7" screen. What do you like?
  18. Caused a scene tonight
  19. Any Black Dahlia fans? I'm looking for this hoodie
  20. Gun Surge Production at Ruger
  21. Sports fan but don't like NHL hockey?
  22. How come ???
  23. Forum Automated Messages
  24. it's a rap kind of night.
  25. Chris Kyle's wife give speech at the NRA mtg
  26. Saturday Night Country Night
  27. A clear case of self-defense rallies supporters of gun rights
  28. Food stamps, thoughts from youth, hatred and speaking vile words, and me
  29. "Bad Lip Reading"
  30. Texas Rancher uses Rattlesnake Logic for Bombing at Boston
  31. Hey Dads. Watch This.
  32. Camera megapixels: Why more isn't always better
  33. From phone to frame: Best apps for printing your photos
  34. Soccer Ref punched and killed
  35. Married Men Deactivate Your Garbage Disposal RIGHT NOW
  36. NJ Dems too divided to press Christie on guns
  37. Favorite Salsa
  38. World's first entirely 3-D Printed Gun
  39. Balancing The Constitution’s Stance On Guns
  40. As NRA meets, Great Gun Debate intensifies America's culture war
  41. Nice article about Tom Knapp in the NY Times (of all places)
  42. NRA expo features nine acres of guns, bras and zombies
  43. How CAN ammo prices come back down?
  44. Post-Newtown, NRA membership surges to 5 million
  45. top shot all stars season
  46. Texas house passes 12 firearms bills on gun day
  47. Buffalo Wild Wings
  48. Jeff "Skunk" Baxter (Doobies, Steely Dan): Pentagon defense consultant
  49. 'Take Shelter' movie.
  50. first printed Gun
  51. old fart stuff---Burma Shave
  52. Ford 6.0 Duramax/truck question-
  53. Fox News host blames mass shootings on ‘liberal Hollywood’s violent video g
  54. An Open Letter to Wayne LaPierre
  55. Holder threatens to sue Kansas governor over gun bill banning feds
  56. Honoring an Advocate of Gun Limits
  57. Recycling for money.
  58. Let's remember Second Amendment martyrs
  59. Dog smarts
  60. Interesting conversation with a very far left friend
  61. Yet another spider thread
  62. 7 more Americans killed in Afghanistan
  63. Glock LE rep for the Colorado/Utah region
  64. Armed protest in D.C. planned for July 4.
  65. Starting trout fishing yesterday!
  66. Had som time to kill so I cleaned my two home defense weapons
  67. More hockey greatness....
  68. Using a short barrelled gun
  69. Vote Poll: More Armed Citizens in Boston?
  70. Anybody have a RAZR MAXX HD ?
  71. Woman with profanity on T-shirt at park playground.
  72. Caused a scene part 2
  73. I can't view glocktalk from my I phone 5!
  74. Newspaper Editor: Send all Terrorist NRA members to Gitmo
  75. What if you could ignore people in public like you can online?
  76. WWII Bombers over Arizona Landscape
  77. Purchasing a new pressure tank / well water
  78. Do not ever give your guns up voluntarily!
  79. Best. Liquor. Ever.
  80. Whatever became of the indomitable American spirit?
  81. Schumer: U.S. needs to block 3D plastic guns like ‘The Liberator’
  82. Gun-control supporters outspent NRA lobby in Olympia this year
  83. Flirting with treason: The insurrectionist ideology of the NRA
  84. Today Marks The 76th Anniversary Of The Hindenburg Disaster...
  85. Motor vehicle crashes: A little-known risk to returning veterans of Iraq
  86. IL: Editorial: Listen to the voters
  87. NRA Convention Gun Advocates Include Victims, Immigrants, Kids
  88. My two youngest cats...
  89. obama's cummin' to Texas
  90. 2nd Rope swing death.
  91. Justin just keeps on syncin'
  92. Canadian Warning...
  93. A graphic of homocide as related to gun ownership
  94. Looked at GT's home page and got a laugh
  95. Ben Morgan pwns Piers Morgan
  96. Bad news
  97. Stupid expensive...
  98. Welcome to the surveillance state.
  99. Can you eat Lo Mein using chopsticks?
  100. Midway USA's Five Star customer service
  101. Have you seen this video explaining why America is exceptional?
  102. One thing I miss about Japan...
  103. 70/80 inch LCD - your thoughts/experiences?
  104. Buford in a trailer park a terrorist?
  105. Robel Phillipos out on bail
  106. Escherian Stairwell
  107. Photoshop Jedis: I need your help to save America!
  108. Car insurance question...
  109. Proud of Vermont
  110. This guy is awesome, talks about the party of "tolerance"
  111. Another Immigration Fallacy
  112. Need a New Cell Phone...Would Like Some Suggestions Please.
  113. postcard from Smith&Wesson
  114. June Foray, the voice of Rocky and Natasha
  115. China government behind cyber attacks on US defense & commercial systems
  116. Air Force anti sex assault chief arrested for assault.
  117. Unemployment figures for Americans aged 23-35 are higher than Europe
  118. Inhofe: Obama administration trying to ‘dry up’ ammo supply [AUDIO]
  119. inversion tables?
  120. One small step for man...
  121. The Pants Cannon Fires At Snooker Championship
  122. 20 Ways America Has Begun to Reap What It Has Sown
  123. Anthony Judge says she was guilty.
  124. Who Are You Listening to?
  125. Lincoln commercial
  126. Fridge water not working...
  127. Naval Academy graduation protocol and logistics
  128. FBI: Raid of home disrupted terror attack; suspect has militia ties
  129. Meet Mayya :)
  130. snake experts needed.
  131. boat won't start
  132. Cop breaking the law
  133. Monkey demands equal pay
  134. Senate passes Internet sales tax bill.
  135. Anybody here tried "sparkles"?
  136. ESPN reporter gets on soapbox against NRA
  137. HUGE win against trolls.
  138. Same town as Treyvon...
  139. how many of you saw colbert
  140. Waking the Dragon--How Feinstein fiddled
  141. Question about Storing a Bullet for emergency.
  142. Dollar Shave Club
  143. Celebrity Apprentice is obviously rigged
  144. Strange dream
  145. Gun control debate may return as Republicans signal a new willingness to ta
  146. When Gun Rights Advocates Want Guns To Have Rights
  147. Let's All Calm Down About 3D Plastic Guns
  148. Opinion: Group Wants To Give Shotguns to Single Moms
  149. Reid: Dems a "couple" votes closer to support for background checks
  150. Heroin "Vacine"
  151. Gun lovers download printable gun 50,000 times on its first day
  152. New York City gun giveaway planned by Armed Citizen Project
  153. Huffington Post seeks ‘gun violence’ stories from readers
  154. But...but...
  155. Why the flag change?
  156. Kidnapped for 10 years! Amazing story.
  157. "Katrina Dude" Now Living In Cleveland?
  158. GM Recalling Thousands Of Vehicles Over Faulty Battery Control Module
  159. dumb idea for the mods/ admins?
  160. how can anyone be like this?
  161. Ernie's-Dwarf-Car-Museum/
  162. So. Much. Fail
  163. No Internet Available
  164. Has Reality T.V. Helped the Pro Gun Cause?
  165. What's the deal with NADA?
  166. For the wristwatch enthusiasts: Toms Watchmaking blog
  167. First college visit down
  168. Reader's Digest Trust Poll: The 100 Most Trusted People in America
  169. US Vet wants to give up Arlington plot to Baltimore bomber...?
  170. Microsoft to redesign Windows 8 as PC sales plummet
  171. Video game maker drops gun makers, not their guns
  172. Gun control debate--Moms demand action
  173. Owning guns, not NRA dogma
  174. Glenn Beck and stagecraft wizardry: Why his NRA talk trumped all
  175. First real warm day of 2013
  176. Greatest AR lower of all time!
  177. Reefer gurus...
  178. Any model train experts here?
  179. Reports Show Gun Homicides Down Since 1990s
  180. Flight attendents fly the plane while pilots sleep
  181. Redesigned interior, easy to open (and repair)
  182. Motorheads: The do-it-yourself Chevy V-12 engine
  183. swords
  184. A sad story
  185. DOJ Report-- gun violence has fallen dramatically
  186. Don't Dads teach their daughters about cars?
  187. Investments
  188. music trends you dont get
  189. Need a new water heater
  190. The Simpsons anit gun?
  191. Gun crime down; public thinks it is up
  192. old fart thoughts
  193. More wire taps from the Obama administration.
  194. Remember the Christians arrested at the Dearborn Arab Festival?
  195. Cheerleaders and Soldiers: Call me maybe
  196. Gun Value
  197. NRA lifetime $300 still available?
  198. Dead give away.
  199. Too late, my time has come...
  200. Big Mac Index - ROTFL!
  201. Today is V. E. Day, thanks WWII Vet's !!
  202. Preemptive Crime Fighting Comes to Mark Twain's Hometown
  203. When someone says "this time is different"
  204. Keep Score of Bengazi Hearings
  205. Getting a divorce; where to live??
  206. Benghazi hearing now!
  207. Spock vs. Spock Audi Commercial
  208. S.C. House passes bill making ‘Obamacare’ implementation a crime
  209. Cleveland, OH
  210. Toot my own horn
  211. Verdict in the Jodi Arias trial
  212. Nutty gun march must not enter D.C
  213. 4 Major Setbacks In 3 Days Are Latest Stumbles for US Nuclear Power Indust.
  214. Anyone familiar with Leonard Peltier case?
  215. Tom Coburn Withdraws Gun Amendment On Water Bill
  216. Ever ruin something you just got?
  217. Calling the wonderful Charles Ramsey a "hero" is bad for America
  218. Rep. Cummings to Benghazi Whisteblowers: 'Death Is a Part of Life'
  219. Spock vs. Spock
  220. I'm going to shoot this truck.
  221. Md. Attorney General Says Gun Control Bill Constitutional
  222. Fighting the gun world
  223. Lead Fire Department Vehicle question
  224. 3D-printed guns could be outlawed in California
  225. US grown/raised Food, the first domestic, "Made in China?"
  226. Man! What a way to stretch the intent of the founders!
  227. I'm Stoked
  228. Running out of excuses/rationaizations to convince the wifey
  229. Favorite Female Voices?
  230. Need new wireless router
  231. Slight neighbor issues
  232. Bacon: the secret to longevity.
  233. School me on boats.
  234. World's Sexiest Sound!
  235. Music appreciation?
  236. Do you throw like a girl?
  237. WashPost article on proliferation of military camo patterns
  238. so the son-in-law is going to Afganistan
  239. Adam Kokesh... This is nuts.
  240. Chain saws
  241. Should be hung by the neck until dead!
  242. Simple things can make a difference
  243. Meth? Or Alcohol?
  244. The Science of Guns Proves Arming Untrained Citizens Is a Bad Idea
  245. TX: Editorial: State Senate should ignore most of House's gun bills
  246. With gun violence down, is America arming against an imagined threat?
  247. open carry....oh never mind...
  248. Boys suspended in Soffolk Va for pointing pencils like guns.
  249. The best guitar ever!
  250. Der Fuhrer would approve...