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  1. Favorite Steely Dan song?
  2. Why do people say low gas prices will hurt economy?
  3. Speaking about the upcoming NCAA Football playoff championship game
  4. How long before "Tet Offensive" in EU by Jihadists?
  5. Sad day in Shawnee
  6. Active shooter in my hometown...
  7. Choosing a cordless drill
  8. Go on or go home.
  9. The Helical Model - Our Solar System Is A Vortex
  10. Guts - Puked out they are.
  11. Cornish game hens...
  12. Quit-smoking drug suspected in 30 suicides in Canada
  13. She ordered a salad Whiskey Tango Foxtrot !!!!
  14. Sometimes people forget .....
  15. LGS owner dies in robbery shootout
  16. I like painted finger nails !!!!
  17. Sanibel / Captiva
  18. Why does Glock not make a compact .45
  19. 56 and she is sexy !!!
  20. Prosecutors seek charges against Gen. Petraeus
  21. Crazy battery prices
  22. France and Europe taking a hard right for Freedom?
  23. Top 5 things to do in Dallas, TX
  24. Any diabetics on board? I have a question.
  25. Rescue Dog Identification Challenge
  26. France's march against terrorism this AM
  27. Who want to guess what I'm doing this rainy day?
  28. We are not Charlie Hebdo.
  29. Would you live in a tiny home?
  30. Cheap home security idea from a good friend
  31. Looking for Another Video - Found This- Can't Stop ROFL
  32. Watch junkies this is for you.
  33. Motorcycle Carry
  34. What's the Deal With Online Fundraising?
  35. 5 Guns Found in Car of Idaho Shooting-Spree Suspect
  36. Costa Rica adventure!
  37. trailer for sale or rent
  38. Question about French female terror suspect
  39. Advance Auto Parts Online Coupon
  40. Anyone have link to cartoons that bothered Muslims?
  41. On to the next: Packers v. Seahawks- call it.
  42. 4runner dilemma
  43. One hour till Shameless...
  44. Great Story for our Military, Happy Monday
  45. AFC Championship... Call It!
  46. Useless fact of the day
  47. I walked, ran, and sprinted five miles today
  48. New Snow Blower
  49. Crazy or Brave; The No. 2 man on al-Qaeda’s hit list is not in hiding
  50. Father and daughter shot while driving on I-70
  51. PM-ing with a musim on another board
  52. Facebook links for Veterans
  53. Koreans
  54. Amazon Prime
  55. US Special Forces repulse ISIL
  56. So I "Murdered" my Cadillac....
  57. "The Americans" Season 3
  58. Dyson Vacuum. I Done Messed Up
  59. 'The Arroyo'
  60. A Heavy Heart
  61. New Ford
  62. Amazon Deal of the Day Laser Printer
  63. Archer Season 6
  64. Gun Safety Ad
  65. Acura NSX unveil
  66. Saudi fatwa: No snowmen
  67. Bass Pro Shop vs Cabelas vs Gander Mountain
  68. Movie - Ganster Squad
  69. Shooting a laser-guided rifle made me feel like a robot
  70. Breaking! Navy Seal killed at Skydive Deland
  71. I thought I found a good place to put my gun while in the restroom...
  72. CPR Certification
  73. Are there any tailors here? What do you do all day?
  74. If you would own a time machine...
  75. Digitally remastered footage of 1938 refinery fire
  76. Super Planet Crash
  77. Embarrassing moment at the range
  78. Do you have a beard?
  79. Is The Wounded warrior Project a worthy charity?
  80. Luthiers, Luthers and Lotharios - guitar help!
  81. If you were starting a blog, where would you host it for free?
  82. Groomsmen Gift ideas?
  83. Nissan Titan...
  84. All I did was kiss the girl.
  85. Chewing Tobacco
  86. If You Were in a Movie...
  87. Anyone else been watching Gotham?
  88. When did "I don't know" become a question?
  89. Amazon Deal of the Day-Laser Level
  90. Bushnell Rebate Problems
  91. Hat/Cap for Winter Shooting with Ear Muffs
  92. Freedom gets boring sometimes ...
  93. French got some guts!
  94. Can someone explain this? FBHO Subsidies
  95. Anyone seen Jarhead 2 on netflix
  96. Pennsylvania Towns Are Throwing in the Towel as Gun Owners Challenge
  97. Tired of Pandora, I switched to
  98. Luxury SUV Weirdness
  99. Going off the rails...
  100. Everytown to Sponsor Journalist Education on Gun Violense on Gun
  101. Question for firefighters
  102. Back to shaving again
  103. Ductless Heating/Air in my house.
  104. Would you date a butter face? (channeling Vart)
  105. So, what's offensive to you?
  106. Trendy names
  107. I Get To Meet A GTer In Person...
  108. Beer Gurus!
  109. Are You Hungry?
  110. Next they'll tell us Bart or Marge isn't real either.
  111. I just bought a Sony Bravia TV
  112. When strangers touch you
  113. New cars with all these driver-alert systems
  114. Park empolyees find Winchester 1873 rifle propped up against a tree.
  115. Let's Talk About Paracord!
  116. Hypothetical question
  117. When stupid cowards meet brave men
  118. pho
  119. Ok. Which one of you made a post about Guntry clubs last year?
  120. Northern Virginia & Snow; OMG!
  121. Excellent article in today's WSJ on past, current and future oil pricing
  122. Are we preparing our children for the real world?
  123. 2 IDIOTS, 1 GUN SHOP: Police Officer Suing Gun Store After Shooting Off His
  124. Tankless water heater v. tanked....
  125. Calculator talk - HP-12C v. TI BA-11 Plus....
  126. Crazy, whacked out ER stories.
  127. Dang Kurt (Nascar thread)
  128. Hindu Man, Father "Kicked Out" of Muslim-Free Gun Range
  129. More Accusations Fly At ‘Sons of Guns’ Star
  130. Ecyt - a good buy at this price?
  131. New Quick Quack 'high speed' car wash
  132. NASCAR driver Kurt Busch says Ex-Girlfriend is a Trained Assassin
  133. anyone from AZ?
  134. Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” Activist Guns Down Unarmed Man, And Is Thankful
  135. Talk Show Hosts - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
  136. Residents Complain of 'Strange Taste' in Water, Find Corpse in Water Tank
  137. Liam Neeson is no longer cool
  138. Atlanta Fire Chief Fired for Writing a Book
  139. DC bombing plot
  140. Dual citizenship Israel ???
  141. I love you guys...
  142. Okay children, guns are bad, canned vegetables are good.
  143. 49ers promote DL coach Tomsula to Head Coach
  144. Muslim women are awfully sensitive... (with a picture)
  145. Dutch Mayor(who is Muslim), tells Muslim's to "F** Off" on live TV
  146. Reddish Water and Filters
  147. The Santa Cruz concept.
  148. Crazy Woman are made but not all become crazy
  149. Recommend a home surveillance setup
  150. What is your favorite Skyscraper?
  151. Feds lose patent infringement suit to ammo maker--$15Mil
  152. Aliens on the Moon: The Truth Exposed
  153. Moving From OK to TX: Info on Carry Permit
  154. 2015 Jeep Renegade
  155. I talk to my cat. And she talks back.
  156. You need this small tool, 1/4" hex bit holder for your socket set
  157. Paris Terrorists Bought Their AKs, Rocket Launcher at a Belgian Train Stati
  158. carjacking teens kill 69 year old woman
  159. How to switch lanes like a boss
  160. Muslim Who Was Against Paris Killings
  161. Don't be a jerk to the pizza guy. . . then post it on Youtube
  162. China establishes armed civilian Militia to defend N Korea Border
  163. And you thought YOU had skills
  164. I heard of mean but this is over the top
  165. My son was known for house burglary.....
  166. Found: Rifle Leaning Against a Tree After 100 Years
  167. Papa John's Pizza stands by employee who shot armed robber in self defense
  168. Nutcase Playing Guitar on the Subway
  169. Highway Blocked by Protesters
  170. Sweet!!! Belgian police killed two terrorists in a raid
  171. Hair in food..........
  172. Woman Freaks at the Sight of Man's Bulge
  173. Breaking news
  174. Wisconsin Gazette, time to repeal "stupid" 2nd amendment.
  175. +20%
  176. The Art of Conversation
  177. What iconic car don't you like?
  178. Coulter: Why Is College So Expensive?
  179. Andrew Brannan EXECUTED
  180. AZ passes Civics Education Initiative
  181. Square Pegs
  182. Interesting charts...what do you think?
  183. Show Your Age Game
  184. This is a serious and clever product!
  185. What lambasted car do you like?
  186. PA Dem has solved the rising homicide rate in the ghettos!
  187. To Helo And Plank Guys
  188. American Sniper
  189. Professional Snuggling Service
  190. Ron Pratte Collection
  191. B17.....get gassed!
  192. Does anyone understand this??
  193. Swiss currency moves causing shudders in market--WSJ
  194. Bodies of Terrorists
  195. microaggressions:The Newest Academic Load
  196. Pinewood Derby?
  197. Seeking Advice on Selling a Motorhome
  198. Second B-29 to Become Flyable ...
  199. Is There An Electric Airplane In Your Future ?
  200. Saw a funny license plate this morning...
  201. Bitcoin = Ponzi Scheme?
  202. So, Would You Hear An EMP?
  203. Global Warming
  204. Richmond Hill Explosion suspect to plead guilty
  205. My little guy is sick
  206. Anyone else going to see the Point Break remake?
  207. She's NOT Charlie, but...
  208. What's a funeral cost these days?
  209. USB wall charger secretly logs keystrokes from wireless keyboards
  210. Need help from GT with
  211. Kerry & Taylor vs. ISIS
  212. No One Knows How To Drive A Stick
  213. Sargent's Pass...
  214. Anyone Have a Fusion?
  215. Elio Car
  216. Tip Jar Bandit on The Loose in Los Angeles !!
  217. CDNN MLK weekend sale Sig P220R with night sights $699
  218. Movie recommendation - The Good Lie
  219. Don't tease the dog....
  220. Ultimate ar-15 meltdown!
  221. Holder limits seized-asset sharing process
  222. CA Man Charged with Owning an SBR for Pistol Brace Equipped AR-15
  223. No surprise of Malarkey in this one
  224. Belichick Give Great Interview!
  225. Yemani Chief of Staff Kindnapped
  226. Mommy was a Doper
  227. Going to need to find work in AZ.
  228. Remembering the HORROR of Y2K
  229. 24" LED Monitor for $119.99 free shipping!
  230. Is there such thing as putting too much oil in a car?
  231. What movie is this?
  232. Euro Rabbi wants CCW for Jews!
  233. Watching a squirrel...
  234. DC march to support police.
  235. Interstate Transportation of Firearms and Ammunition Bill Introduced
  236. British Man Convicted after having sex with a Mailbox
  237. You... Shall Not...
  238. What is the moon?
  239. When? New Glock #40 be available?
  240. New Ram pickup; 6spd or 8spd?
  241. Mrs. VR DANG YOU
  242. Who do you wish had a different avatar?
  243. Is a Rolex really worth it?
  244. Ordered Me A 'Selfie Stick'
  245. If your life could be like a TV show...
  246. Levon Helm
  247. No talk about Michael Mann's new movie "Blackhat"?
  248. Dog Crying For Dead Master?
  249. Purchased a used Dell laptop at the pawn shop....
  250. Oh my sweet baby petunias!