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  1. Crossbow bolt shopping - need advice.
  2. I know there are a number of pilots here..
  3. Anyone else enjoy vintage/rare motorcyles?
  4. airports and wilderness belt
  5. More to Viagra than meets the eye
  6. Sealing Attic Entrance
  7. Is there a reasonable alternative to pagers for my workplace?
  8. motorcycle choices
  9. Looking for a power supply
  10. Quinn pushes for ban on high-capacity ammunition
  11. National Rifle Association faces a challenge
  12. What are your all time favorite movies?
  13. RepairClinic is a great resource for appliance repairs
  14. Thank you liberal south Florida
  15. Habitable vehicle?
  16. Another ID This Snake Thread
  17. Brazos Bend today
  18. North America is on Discovery.....
  19. Mom chases down girl’s alleged abductor
  20. China rethinks dead prisoner organ harvest
  21. The Queens Rddle
  22. Adam Kokesh arrested.
  23. Propane Grill
  24. Russian Corvette
  25. The USS Gabrielle Giffords?
  26. Shotgun executive taken into custody at Colo. gun show on cabbie terror tip
  27. The NRA's Perverted View of America
  28. Sentinel reporter looks to get an FID card
  29. Newtown parents join Quinn to call for ban on high-capacity ammo magazines
  30. D.C. man won’t face gun charges for shooting pit bull attacking boy
  31. Biker chick takes out mall cop
  32. Support, Pressure American Companies Based on Gun Sense
  33. Grass Seed
  34. Damnit....
  35. Gives new meaning to...
  36. Calling GT plumbing experts, I need advice!!
  37. Second Amendment: A new interpretation for a different environment
  38. NJ Court upholds Texas man's conviction in gun case
  39. Costas: 'Cowardly,' 'Feckless' Senators Opposed Universal Background Checks
  40. There can be only one: Home Invader, Meet Sword
  41. New season of Arrested Development is coming to Netflix
  42. D.C. man: No gun charges for shooting pit bull
  43. Central Air VS PTAC A/C Unit?
  44. Catholic HS: Petition pushes for transgender teen to graduate a man
  45. Has it been 20 years aleady? Cheers...
  46. Tom Selleck or Mark Harmon?
  47. New humidor/hygrometer question
  48. Need dog training advice
  49. Live Tornado Coverage - Weather Channel
  50. Quinn, IL Democratic Leaders Push For Ban On High-Capacity Magazines
  51. IL: Could This Concealed-Carry Law Actually Pass?
  52. I'm so sick of people on Craigslist.
  53. RIP Ray Manzarek
  54. Oklahoma Residents, Please Check In
  55. Anyone use Quibids?
  56. Mile wide tornados?
  57. Does anyone own a rooma?
  58. What is this... I don't even.. (youtube)
  59. Mas reviewed my latest book
  60. Here Is What I Want For My Birthday
  61. Using Slang Words Inside a Bank?
  62. Question for competition rifle shooters
  63. My 2nd grader is getting good at soccer
  64. What you see when you step out of your shelter after massive tornado.
  65. Some pictures out of Oklahoma
  66. Illinois, meet U.S. Constitution
  67. The Life Of A Beretta Man: Why Gun Control Measures Misunderstand America
  68. Gang Members Get Guns At Gun Shows
  69. me and "the waitress".
  70. For those that buy rice in bulk quantities--one source to avoid
  71. Pop bottle bomb?
  72. Okie - where you is?
  73. PBS: The Gun Lobby’s Concealed Weapon
  74. AL: Bill allowing employees to stow firearms in cars while at work passes
  75. Mandatory Firearm Insurance is the Newest Ridiculous Proposal
  76. Florida Gov. Rick Scott should be fired up to sign this reasonable gun bill
  77. Snohomish, Pierce County transits say no to gun control ads
  78. Nitro R/C truck
  79. Tornado shelters for the garage
  80. Off-Limits To Military Personnel
  81. Sometimes they survive the fall.
  82. Add insulation or powered roof vent?
  83. Underage High School Relationship Sparks Controversy
  84. Star Trek spoiler FAQ. Funny.
  85. Senators Quietly Seeking New Path on Gun Control
  86. Vegas bachelor party....where to stay?
  87. Microsoft's Xbox One: the details
  88. This gives new meaning to headache!
  89. Consumer Reports Declares Galaxy S4 to be Best Phone in the World
  90. Fort Hood Shooter STILL being paid by Army
  91. Here's a Gun Printed with a Consumer-level 3D Printer
  92. Hierarchy of Disagreement
  93. FCC relaxing regulations on tv, allowing for more sex and profanity.
  94. I bought a BRAVIA, brah.
  95. Womans Missing Dog Found in Tornado Debris While She's Being Interviewed
  96. Tornado victim finds lost dog ALIVE during live tv interview.
  97. Top IRS Official To Take the 5th Tomorrow
  98. My Punk band's new album cover - "Female" Chuck Norris w/ UZIs
  99. Pro 2a Mom at New Jersey hearing hits a home run!
  100. A prayer to St Bernardus. Rabbi is going Catholic tonight!
  101. Do any of the services still issue full auto M16s?
  102. Seems crazy to rebuild in OK after Tornados
  103. Anything like this ever happen to you?
  104. weirdest thing youve seen in a friends car
  105. Outgoing IRS Chief: Taxes Voluntary
  106. 3D Food Printer!
  107. Obama issued stand down order during benghazi attack.
  108. Cargo trailer wiring?
  109. This is cool!
  110. Metallica's "Astronomy" is a BOC cover? Makes sense I guess.
  111. Another Army general suspended...
  112. Don't drink and drive, please!
  113. Just got back from Moore, OK
  114. Would You Rather...
  115. Anyone Protest Outside IRS Offices Today?
  116. Anyone in the Roswell / Dexter / Artesia, NM Area?
  117. Help needed in Monroe LA
  118. Meet Ophelia, Dell's smallest computer...
  119. Victory motorcycles?
  120. New Stolen Valor Act Breezes Through House
  121. Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4: Next-gen feud
  122. Email POP3 to Gmail?
  123. Things I've found at work this week
  124. Great, more new laws telling us how to live
  125. Misogynistic? Really?
  126. Senate panel OK's amnesty bill and welfare benefits
  127. A few pics I snapped from Moore tornado
  128. Taking Bets
  129. Standardized patient gig
  130. Autobody shops rant
  131. Nikon Coolpix 330...who has one?
  132. 2 Men Kill man with Machete, shouting Allahu Akbar
  133. "Keep Calm, Carry On"
  134. Would you Rather (Day 2)...
  135. Beheading on a London Street in broad daylight.
  136. Senior NCO caught videotaping West Point women.
  137. Ragdoll Cats
  138. Gotta love Idaho...
  139. Goodbye my loyal friend.
  140. My son wants to start investing, but how?
  141. Little Caesars Deep Dish- Surprisingly Edible!
  142. Car ?s for the GT braintrust:
  143. Your favorite fast food joint?
  144. Who Else Has Done This?
  145. What do think it means
  146. Simple rule of borrowing gone these days?
  147. Dog lovers...
  148. New "Man Of Steel"(Superman) Trailer
  149. Are my new neighbors Irish Travellers?
  150. Hickenlooper is spineless turd.
  151. Lone Ranger v Rifleman?
  152. How do you feel about seatbelt/helmet laws?
  153. First they take our guns, then the give drivers licenses to illegals
  154. Butt Dialed 911 while committing a robbery…
  155. Concealed Carry in The Galleria (Housto)
  156. "Assaulted: Civil Rights Under Fire" THEATRICAL TRAILER RELEASED
  157. Chicago Killings Cost $2.5 Billion as Murders Top N.Y.’s
  158. Wolf Blitzer and the atheist...
  159. What am I forgetting?
  160. Saw something weird last weekend.
  161. All too true, unfortunately...
  162. Just A Bunch A Wild And Crazy Guys Who Like Guns And Money
  163. Hepatitis ?'s
  164. Legal problem about aging parents
  165. Got a scare at the gas station/c-store last night
  166. Anyone else watching Obama?
  167. TactiCool Vest for BBQing
  168. Speaking of fast food
  169. Alarm System Questions
  170. Would you Rather (Day 3)...
  171. What do you think of this pic?
  172. Go East, Young Marijuana Dealer
  173. Budget Cuts: 911 to caller - no cops to send - doesn't end well
  174. How can one estimate what his business is worth?
  175. You can't make this stuff up
  176. How's WWB 40 cal 165 gr for plinking
  177. Turning off the Tech
  178. Here I sit at work.....
  179. Quite simply, guns cause violence and death
  180. Armed teachers bill passes without Governor's signature
  181. Simple question
  182. Question about insecurity and changing your ways
  183. Just wondering
  184. Sad day for Scouting
  185. The Vultures are out in force in MN
  186. What are some funny headlines you've seen?
  187. Americans Want Senate to Try Again on Background Checks
  188. What would you do?
  189. Why do all the juiciest threads get closed??
  190. Got a new security system today!
  191. 3D Printers: Saving Liberty and lives. $25 handgun, bullets, mags, baby...
  192. His son ( if he had a son)
  193. guess the movie
  194. Favorite Pens
  195. What's Your Favorite Thing to Smoke(Food not drugs)
  196. I-5 bridge in Washington collapses..
  197. Anyone familiar with this gun?
  198. Need cable splicing help
  199. Craziest Bar/party story
  200. Terrorist attack in U.K. is no argument for guns
  201. 911 Dispatcher Tells Woman There Are No Cops, Budget Cuts
  202. Gunmakers say connecticut law may push them out
  203. Louisiana Passes Measure To Criminalize Reporting On Gun Owners
  204. Ruling over gun limits in public housing appealed
  205. Sheriff David Clarke: Federal government greater threat than terrorists
  206. Gun control vs. gun rights, in one interactive graphic
  207. Time Warner Criticized for Public's Misperception of Gun Crime in America
  208. Quinn, Emanuel lash out at Madigan gun bill
  209. Anybody waiting for World War Z in a few weeks?
  210. Save community laws on firearms
  211. Documentary on the history of the 2A
  212. Dissecting Cats in high school.....what do ya think?
  213. I graduated college over half-a-life ago
  214. Stupidity of Smart Phones and Ipods etc
  215. Big Hen PartyMy girls celebrated their first birthday yesterday and had a b
  216. Puzzling Evidence of Treyvon's Character
  217. GT Needs a Noob video like this...
  218. Divorce veterans: Question.
  219. You guys are going to like this.
  220. 85 Yay votes
  221. Would you Rather (Day 4)...
  222. Your 2nd wedding
  223. Holy Crap that was close!
  224. Bologna
  225. I Am A Bad Man
  226. Got this from Netflix
  227. This Memorial Day, take a moment to...
  228. Daughters 12th B-Day Party at Range-IDEAS NEEDED
  229. iPhone 5 repairs won't come cheap
  230. Let's say you want to finance a new business....
  231. Just Left The E.R.
  232. 40 Hour Hazwoper Env Tech Question
  233. Identify this weed
  234. Things to do in Branson, MO
  235. Scalia Resigns Post as Scoutmaster
  236. Bang, Bang!!! My baby shot me down...
  237. To the tune battle hymn of the republic
  238. Car Tried to drive over pickup
  239. testing the new neighbors.
  240. The big problem with the Illinois House gun bill
  241. What would you do, seriously?
  242. Greatest response to a Justin Bieber comment
  243. New Xbox One a spies dream? Approaching 1984s TVs?
  244. Knifes...
  245. Best Electric Shaver?
  246. Burger King employee steals getaway car, foils armed robbery.
  247. Rare Superman comic discovered in wall of abandoned house in Minnesota
  248. What are you growing in your garden?
  249. on our way to Corpus Christi, TX ...
  250. Will Smith on Graham Norton