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  1. Who missed the Big "O" interview?
  2. Interactive blood work site?
  3. Are you enamored of a whole ethnic group because of one person
  4. Any of you using turbotax this year?
  5. Kyle vs Hathcock - job differences
  6. Fess Up, who didn't pay their fair share of taxes in 2014?
  7. Emergency/Rescue/GPS Watches
  8. YF-16 Flight Zero
  9. Threaten to use the "Ring of Power" and get suspended
  10. Just when you think you've heard it all, Gwyneth Paltrow's latest ..
  11. Terrible scene in American Sniper
  12. Need an EDC bag: Mystery Ranch, Kifaru, Goruck
  13. The anti-Gun is strong in Florida...
  14. Motorcycle Racing Grandma
  15. Walking Dead Season 5: Let the gun follies begin.
  16. CODE SHATTERED Ex-Navy SEAL faces jail for $1.2M fraud on brothers
  17. Tax question; energy saving spending on my home...
  18. Northwest PowWow canceled...
  19. My son just got his W2's and boy is he pissed.
  20. Warren sapp arrested for soliciting prostitute
  21. "2015 Superbowl Commercials"
  22. Happy World Hijab Day
  23. This "heat pump" thing isn't impressing me.
  24. I'm new here
  25. You know flexible lamp neck stuff.....
  26. Avatars
  27. Question on school ground carry for non school related event
  28. You'all shoot anything else besides guns?
  29. Garage floor
  30. Musicians Friend
  31. Facebook is a mental disorder...
  32. Spark of Life in the Old Fart
  34. Music to fall asleep by.
  35. Comments from the front lines...
  36. Why didn't I think of that?
  37. Because it seemed like a good idea at the time
  38. Tax questions.
  39. 33 year old cold case murder solved (MN)
  40. Who would win?
  41. You May Be A Redneck If...
  42. Always wondered what the words were
  43. 11-Year-Old Girl Uses Shotgun to Save Herself From Home Invader
  44. Driving a zamboni while drunk
  45. Media mail...
  46. Black History month, surprised Jackson & Sharpton are not crying
  47. Cats and their people...
  48. Tips for driving in the snow
  49. What's the deal with this vaccine debate?
  50. Scumbag Mark Wahlberg wants to be pardoned...
  51. World's Deadliest sniper
  52. Screw T-Mobile AND Sarah Silverman.
  53. Jordanian Pilot reportedly burned alive by ISIS
  54. Vehicle undercoating
  55. donations for Michigan man James Robertson with 21-mile walk to work
  56. Boy suspended for making 'terrorist threat' with 'Lord of the Rings' ring
  57. Bath or Shower?
  58. Persuading the anti-gun liberal LGBT community to support gun rights
  59. Lance Armstrong Hit and Run on Parked Cars, Girlfriend takes the Blame
  60. The '70s were my "kid" years, I loved every minute of it.
  61. Hamas 'Conquers the University of California'
  62. Former rap mogul Marion 'Suge' Knight charged with murder
  63. Dog Getting Into Trashcan
  64. What's the stupidest thing you done as a youth
  65. I am officially back in the saddle
  66. W4 question
  67. Cash in Hand?
  68. eBay and Paypal promise 2400 layoffs this quarter
  69. Black Wall Street
  70. Did you ever accidently scare someone with your gun?
  71. What time is dinner time?
  72. retailers offering discounts on purchase if you apply for their credit card
  73. Do you keep childhood items to pass on?
  74. Jordanian pilot burned alive
  75. Fury!!
  76. Rep. Alcee L. Hastings - Messing with Texas...
  77. Jordan Executes 2 Prisoners in Response to ISIS burning it's Pilot
  78. Question about motorcycle helmets
  79. TransAsia Flight Hits Bridge (dash cam video)
  80. The fittest guy in Detroit..
  81. I'm back! You lousy bunch of SOBs...
  82. Finally got a smart phone... App suggestion for calorie tracking?
  83. Wasn't there some vintage video game guys here?
  84. Poor Randy Quaid
  85. The Devil's Brigade
  86. Minor fender bender, BANG!
  87. Former Columbine student wants firearms in schools for protection
  88. Anyone else watch N.C.I.S. last night about the SeaBee wp for the MOH
  89. Police Ask Woman With Kangaroo To Leave Wis. McDonald’s
  90. I can haz gravity?
  91. a new look at an old way of shooting a bow
  92. Called in sick today.
  93. Crazy Russian Drivers
  94. Retroactive Tax Refunds for Illegals
  95. Now THIS is a NE Patriots fan!
  96. No Inmate Has a Better Name Than Takeila Calada Brown
  97. Smart phones without a camera?
  98. Are you sick of the Islamic State?
  99. How far would you go to get rid of a chomo?
  100. Thinking of Going to MAC....How Different Will it Be for Me??
  101. Supper
  102. We couldn't find no gosh darn turkeys in the city...
  103. Tous!!!!!
  104. 'I did kill those cops,' suspect says of California slayings
  105. King Abdullah vs. President Obama
  106. NBC News' Brian Williams admits he wasn't on aircraft in Iraq
  107. Brian Williams "misremembers" being under hostile fire
  108. Fast food
  109. Nra-ila: Gabby giffords’ gun control group ‘just making stuff up
  110. Think I might go black ...... is that OK ?
  111. - "autobid" VS "buy it now" question??
  112. ........two nights in a row!
  113. Squirt Cheese
  114. Frozen beer, is it OK to drink it?
  115. Ashton Carter Confirmation Hearing - Focus on the Important Issues
  116. The Red Skull lives!
  117. Could we get new machine guns soon?
  118. FFL transfer...
  119. Stuck in a hotel.
  120. King of Jordan supposedly personally participating in anti ISIS airstrikes.
  121. Admit it; you want one...
  122. Who would win in a fight ?
  123. Taqiyya
  124. Ever beat the GT braintrust?
  125. Blue Cross Blue Shield) was hit by hackers.
  126. news system rigged??
  127. FFL Surprise!
  128. Let's Bash The English...
  129. Secure the junk in the back of your pick-up....
  130. I don't get Saturday Night Live, at all
  131. The first Asian family comedy show on the network in decades
  132. Staples buys Office Depot which had bought Office Max
  133. Derek Jeter's GF on SI swimsuit edition cover...
  134. Eggxactly
  135. Dean Martin Roasts - Foster Brooks
  136. I need some informed opinions on geothermal heating.
  137. Verizon vs Sprint
  138. Need a kids violin...
  139. If you only had one concert?
  140. Anyone ever use Blue Apron food delivery service?
  141. Quality watch
  142. Tritium vials: what to do?
  143. 0bammy "misremembers" The Crusades....
  144. Women and pillows on the bed
  145. Why is it that Pawn Stars Gold & Silver in Vegas...
  146. It's Only Rock 'N' Roll (But I Like It)
  147. Excessive Management Turnover
  148. Trivial Pursuit -
  149. I think I've got it figured out.
  150. Fine Chocolates
  151. Turbo-Tax Temporarily Halts All State E-Filing Options Due to Fraud
  152. New car vs. old car buying logic
  153. Some Grunge for your Friday listening enjoyment.
  154. Dishwasher reviews?
  155. Skull Nearly Sold as Gettysburg Soldier's is 700 Years Old
  156. Mummified monk in Mongolia 'not dead', say Buddhists
  157. Identity of Left Shark revealed.
  158. Paul Anka or Neil Sedaka for playlist?
  159. First commercially available Ubuntu phone
  160. Sig Sp2022 in 40
  161. Sig P224 VS Glock 26/27
  162. Mathias Rust
  163. Return of TWD This Sunday.
  164. Navy Unveils New Railgun
  165. Looking for a new web host
  166. If you have made up your mind, why ask for advice?
  167. Flying for the first time in 8 years...
  168. Insomnia sucks.
  169. Is swing shift making me fat?
  170. Building the SR-71
  171. What Would You Do? (auto. door ding)
  172. ABC Revives ‘BattleBots’ For Summer Series
  173. Plane ticket pricing first class tickets
  174. Official thread for all tacticool mall-ninja awesomeness.
  175. Dad coming to daughter's aid after fight with boyfriend is shot dead
  176. Headphone recommendations
  177. Brian Williams Stepping Away From 'NBC Nightly News' Amid Scandal
  178. Bruce Jenner involed in Fatal Car Crash
  179. Another newb boat question for the GT boaters
  180. How much mucus can one head contain?
  181. My next concealed carry weapon.
  182. Shooting at Mall near Pittsburgh
  183. What Brought You To GT?
  184. Do You Bake?
  185. John Wick
  186. Tree stumps...
  187. ObamaCare & IRS
  188. Tea drinkers?
  189. Better Set Your Recorder
  190. 5:30am, police car on my corner runs siren every 15 mins?
  191. Dean Smith dead at 83
  192. Small door for garage?
  193. Getting older, farting more. Solution?
  194. If you're not yet sold...
  195. Pagan temple in Iceland
  196. Mounting a tv antenna at the new place today
  197. New walking dead tonight 2100 hrs
  198. The tv channel AMC
  199. Advance Auto Parts Online Coupon $50 off $125
  200. Anybody speak Spanish / Italian / Portuguese ?
  201. I smell a business opportunity...
  202. Man looks like RedSkull......
  203. I caught a big fish today !!!
  204. Victim of truck theft chased perp down and shot/killed him
  205. Better Call Saul premier
  206. Why Old Men Don't Get Hired
  207. buying property from county tax lien sale
  208. Another foot of snow coming !
  209. A dark western ....
  210. Holy **** I just saw a flying squirrel in my kitchen !!!!
  211. That episode of Brooklyn 99 was EPIC! ......and a boring OTA antenna story
  212. Deaths at Florida Reform School
  213. People watching at the range.
  214. Im making trout pate tomorrow !
  215. What Is The Seventh...
  216. Baby monitor recommendations
  217. Purchased a Fuji Finepix 8630...
  218. What the @&#@?!?!?!?!
  219. Chris Kyle's story
  220. Wood Trim Scratches
  221. Payday - Every 2 week vs semi-monthly
  222. student government passes resolution to divest – FROM AMERICA
  223. Visiting Yosemite - 20 years ago vs. now
  224. Injuries of the Stupid Kind
  225. Sexy Female Cop Outfits Seduce Male Cops... Leads to Prison Break
  226. Pentagon Spent $504,816 on Viagra Last Year
  227. The Stuff On YouTube
  228. Contract working dogs returning from Afghanistan needing adoption.
  229. stranger danger
  230. The 1970s Just Walked In The Door
  231. Tribe fighting Redskins name plans ‘Oz’ casino despite author’s racist past
  232. Anyone own rental property and do their own taxes?
  233. O'Drama Earns An "F" In World History
  234. Dog at the shooting range.
  235. Working With A New Business Partner
  236. Anybody going to NRA Meetings in Nashville?
  237. Vietnam: Pictures from 35 years ago
  238. Is it a good time to buy a house?
  239. Picky eaters
  240. Dodge Hellcat Owners: 7 Rules
  241. Roc, Are You Sure You Are O-Bee K-Bee?
  242. Okie would love the new Zulily ads.
  243. African Scammers are Back
  244. Big career change for Steel head!
  245. Small chest safe, Any recommendations?
  246. Do electronic cigaretts entice younger folks to take up smoking?
  247. 11 hubs, one package?
  248. Police Admin want ..not too smart cops
  249. This Legislators Daughter must not be paying attention...
  250. Puppy! ... That I Can't Have