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  1. Sony has agreed to Let Marvel use Spider-man in the Marvel Universe!
  2. Man lists occupation to police as 'drug dealer'
  3. Standalone Freezers
  4. Red Bull wants to rename Ashburn brewery, because an ox looks like a bull
  5. CB Radios, anyone?
  6. ISIS Kills Female US Aid Worker
  7. Charles Manson’s Fiancée Wanted to Marry him to Profit from his Corpse
  8. Name all the Submarine Movies.
  9. Should I buy a used Hybrid vehicle? Why or Why not?
  10. What an ugly POS!
  11. Pennsylvania town packs heat, and wants visitors to know it
  12. A pet bird mimicking former owner's fights.
  13. Who uses BillGuard App (or similar)? Concerns? Issues?
  14. NBC: Brian Williams suspended 6 months
  15. New tires are non-directional?
  16. so this happened yesterday
  17. Terrific aircraft photos
  18. Aviators, the Yak-141 Freestyle, Mach 2 VSTOL
  19. Motor W-32..Thought you might like this craftmanship
  20. You guys think I'm a cheap bast**d, you anit seen nothing yet !!
  21. OK Tannerite Explosion Kills 8-Year-Old
  22. There's a crew jackhammering in the street outside my hotel
  23. Soda Stream CO2 cylinder refill using dry ice
  24. Wellston MO Councilwoman Janet Dixon. Know what a horrible person she is.
  25. Favorite Time Travel Movies
  26. Best Movie Police Lineup Scenes Ever!
  27. Impractical Jokers
  28. F/A-18 Guiding a Tomahawk
  29. O Bummer Love Song
  30. Dream Car Thread
  31. 3D anomated fish tank screen saver
  32. Deal of the Day- Airline Tickets
  33. Cougars and Bobcats are not the biggest threat walking the dogs
  34. Boston Dynamics - "Big Dog" robot that can get up and walk stairs.
  35. Remember that Jackie Robinson Little League team from Chicago?
  36. An atheist killing 3 Muslims in North Carolina
  37. Coffin at mayor's home in Fergeson?
  38. How to cook Venison chops and steak.
  39. Lannister Sighting
  40. Is there such a thing as a potato slicer that will cut 1/4" thick slices?
  41. 3 Muslims shot in Chapel Hill
  42. Interstate handgun sale ban unconstitutional
  43. Plumbing/leaking basement help please!
  44. What is it?
  45. The Cup Song...with a gun!
  46. crazy video of a pursuit end/crash/fight in Dallas
  47. Is a 30' x 36' Garage big enough?
  48. Tapatalk
  49. Line Them Up
  50. Wet clothes in Washing machine?
  51. Powerball $500 mil
  52. CBS' Bob Simon Dies
  53. Flying for the 8th time this year...
  54. Looking for an image I saw on here once
  55. Gotta love Texas
  56. Eddie Ray Routh: Untold story.
  57. Mythbusters Jump the Shark Episode
  58. Saving Private Ryan...How Accurate are the Scenes of the Normandy Landing??
  59. Puppies!!
  60. ok i was at BBB OTHER DAY ....
  61. Becker On Life
  62. much will a new truck cost?
  63. It's 3 o'clock in the morning...
  64. nifty design.
  65. Conan & Steven Yeun visit Korean Spa!
  66. Pole Position; The Race From The Lights
  67. I....I don't know...
  68. Naked Speed on Velocity
  69. 50 Shades Of Grey
  70. AT&T jacking with my service plan. -Need new ISP
  71. Advertising on GlockTalk...
  72. MT home owner gets 70 yrs in killing of German teen.
  73. 6 Californians taste Test KY Bourbons
  74. Mom Tackles Driver Fleeing Cops in Road
  75. Have anybody seen Marvel's Agent Carter TV show?
  76. New York City sets record with no murders in 10 days in a row
  77. The return of the X Files
  78. Purebred German Rottweiler puppy!
  79. 300 Marines surrounded?
  80. Looking for some legal help for veteran in Nevada
  81. The Sandy Hook Advisory Panel
  82. Any sneakerheads on GT?
  83. Refreshed
  84. what's your week been like ??
  85. New TV genre: Jerkwad Parents
  86. James Bond Dumps His Walther for a H&K VP9
  87. Tip Jar Bandit Arrested in Beverly Hills CA
  88. Al Sharpton "Nailed it or Not" Game
  89. Why does Montana want to ban leggings and yoga pants?
  90. Fifty Shades of Grey for men
  91. "Happy Valentines Day!!"
  92. Tis the season for “IRS phishing phone calls”.
  93. Pit Bull Rescues Little Girl Being Attacked by Lab
  94. Shopping In Workout Clothing
  95. Kingsman movie - better than you'd think
  96. Video footage of 10mm hitting a ship
  97. Who Knows about Ballistic Nylon??
  98. USAF Sends A10's to Germany
  99. Any Glocktalkers practice Yoga?
  100. Valentine's Day gifts for your Significant Others?
  101. "Gun" is a cuss word now?
  102. I'm a 1%-er now, woo hoo !!
  103. Woman Headbutts another Woman in Walmart(video)
  104. Biden Butt Buddies Comment???
  105. Black Mirror
  106. Win a Free SilencerCO Saker 7.62 FDE & a Free Tax Stamp! (Facebook contest
  107. Gas dryer question
  108. The Brian Williams Meme Thread.
  109. Is Buds Always So Slow?
  110. "Women are a lesser cut of meat" per Senator Corbin
  111. What Does A World Weigh?
  112. Do You Have A Fireplace?
  113. Ummm, breakfast
  114. Blue Angels winter training is moving right along
  115. Rotozip
  116. Hows your area for ranges/clubs to shoot at?
  117. Megadrought coming - Mad Max reality?
  118. Decent article about future of submarines
  119. AR 15 ammo ban
  120. Shots fired at Copenhagen cafe free speech event
  121. High School Basketball (or any HS sport) - ROUTING and being ROUTED
  122. Evansville, Indiana Police Department BODY CAM FOOT CHASE
  123. Ba humbug, Valentine's Day.
  124. Price gouging, scalping, etc. etc. etc...
  125. Hotter than the Devil's Pecker.......You Gotta Watch This....
  126. 5 years.....
  127. Bloomberg Moves to Squelch Comments on Disarming Minorities
  128. 6 top tactical gifts for Valentine’s Day
  129. But...we never do valentines day!!!
  130. Really stupid way to die. (almost)
  131. UFC Fight Night
  132. Free UFC fights on FS1 at top of the hour
  133. A $103,000 Seiko chronograph?
  134. Hotwire snafu; how to proceed...
  135. Utah House Oks Proposal to Bring Back Firing Squads
  136. GoT Season 5 & Season 4 DVD Release Countdown
  137. Maui
  138. Back among the unemployed.
  139. Top Gear; poised for contract extensions!
  140. Book reports
  141. Luminox Watches...Who Has One??
  142. Unlocked LG G Pad 7" w/4G/LTE
  143. Animal Love
  144. Saw a pretty cool water jet powered board thing yesterday...
  145. ?? About lint filters for septic tanks
  146. Anyone know what type of plants these are?
  147. I am disappointed with some of you
  148. How to read a book on my computer?
  149. Since its been awhile and number one son came home for grandmother's bday
  150. I like plastic guns but....
  151. Plantar fasciitis
  152. Food Question - specifically WRT to sugar
  153. I'm not a misogynist, I swear!
  154. Online hearing test. Shooters check your frequency response
  155. BMW or Mercedes
  156. I'm Rewriting The Turkey Story
  157. Killing A Turkey, Reduxed Redux
  158. Snowmageddon is on!
  159. Pacquiao vs. Mayweather: May 2, 2015
  160. Not every day in So Cal is a day at the beach, but...
  161. Sir John Michael
  162. Glad I checked my junk mail
  163. Moving a gun safe?
  164. Anyone here a java guru?
  165. Osgood-Schlatter Disease
  166. How the heck can my 11lb cat do this?
  167. "New look! Same formula!" ...Why??
  168. Snl40
  169. I bought a chicken coop at Sam's Club today...
  170. Is this the (in)famous Bloomberg Aspen speech?
  171. damn ! a broke wiener yikes
  172. ISIS Releases Video of Mass Beheading of 21 Christian Hostages
  173. Rolling Stone offer
  174. Not going to bother asking advice anymore.
  175. Free Web Site Hosting
  176. Paging bruno/other dog people
  177. Converting a Harley to 3 wheels.......
  178. pistol oddities
  179. Darwin Wins Again!
  180. Mike the Gun Guy (Idiot)
  181. Question about online Payment for a Glock 19 RTF2 with gills
  182. Me and my harley
  183. I think as does my wife I had a mild stroke in the night
  184. Invoice Template
  185. Draw the Prophet Contest
  186. This Is Just Plain STUPID
  187. The razor thread
  188. Wireless geeks... I need your voodoo!
  189. Pro-Gun message in Brasil
  190. Ice Storm for NE Georgia.
  191. Who Is The Most Famous Person You've Met?
  192. here we go again, more water problems
  193. Gennady Golovkin
  194. Zoomability 4WD wheelchair
  195. *THIS JUST IN* Jim Cantore sedated, under observation, resting comfortably
  196. Do you tip the owner of the restaurant?
  197. snow movies
  198. Cat vs Gator
  199. Walking Dead Graphic Novels
  200. No more guns to buy so I ordered a ham radio!
  201. Sorry
  202. Unload 300yr. old flintlock pistol get 72yr. old arrested in NJ
  203. Interesting article from Stratfor on the coming population decline and..
  204. AR-15 price gouging
  205. Racist food label at grocery store
  206. Apple forced to nix key health features from smartwatch -- report
  207. Two more reasons to live
  208. Airheads: How Airbus Did the Airliner Formation Shots
  209. IS burns 45.
  210. Russian researchers expose breakthrough U.S. spying program
  211. What ar15 ammo is being banned?
  212. Out of the mouth of State Dept. talking heads--job creation to fight ISIS
  213. Proof Jesus was black...
  214. Stroke victims - post your recovery progress here
  215. Winter Boots- Help Me Pick
  216. Gaston Glock's Life-Threatening Illness Threatens Gun Empire
  217. What is more likely to kill you -- a gun or a car?
  218. This has the potential to hurt our economy...bad
  219. Shoveling Snow Techique
  220. Carhartt-Who has the best prices?
  221. Man Crashes into 9 Cars in a Parking Lot(video) - not facing charges?
  222. Bill Dance Bass Pro Shops Memphis Pyramid
  223. Westminster dog show on USA
  224. Joe Biden and his latest blunder
  225. Dalton Wayne Is Alive!
  226. Whatever happend to...
  227. On the advice to wear layers
  228. Help me find this song!
  229. "Come and Take It" - The Grill
  230. SLR/DSLR camera folks - some filter advice solicited...
  231. SSDI Could run out by 2016
  232. wooo-hooooo!
  233. Best deals on 42" refrigertors?
  234. "1911 FOREVER!!", say US Marine Corp. Now looking at G19
  235. Sign the Petition to "Stop the BATE from banning XM855 Ammunition"
  236. I had a stroke this morning....
  237. Viking River Cruises...anyone been?
  238. Las Vegas Mom Shot in Road Rage Incident
  239. NHRA suspends licenses of those on "Street Outlaws"
  240. for what it's worth
  241. Question...Why Do So Many Refuse to ID Terrorists for What they ARE??
  242. Because Old Ladies Mall Walk
  243. Wedding invite for abusive parents...
  244. BUSTED !! by my wife :)
  245. Sad...
  246. Looking for an online performance of Henry IV part 2....
  247. Naked woman stops traffic?
  248. Better than a punch in the face!
  249. For once they nailed it
  250. IP Address and VPNs