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  1. For our Asian members. Where are you from?
  2. Weather at the destination
  3. Emulating Switzerland
  4. German car fans....
  5. man sets neighbors house on fire
  6. Zimmerman prosecutor withheld evidence
  7. Just for you AR-15/I Phone users
  8. US mortgage rates on the rise
  9. GT ads are freezing my computer.
  10. more twisters in oklahoma
  11. Armed DC March Cancelled
  12. Comrade zero to Sign International Gun Treaty June 3
  13. What the holy hell is that thing?
  14. Huge fight in my dining room tonight
  15. I could use business sales advice.
  16. 6 year old and 15-22 video. She's pretty good!!
  17. Animals you've never seen before...
  18. Silence is golden...
  19. Defiance
  20. OR man has had AR confiscated, facing criminal charges for warning shot
  21. Maryland boy suspended for gun shaped pastry given NRA membership
  22. IL: Tentative concealed-carry plan could come up for committee vote today
  23. FBI: Ex-prison guard sold assault guns to ex-inmate
  24. Anti-gun 'Demanding Moms' group fails to provide grassroots transparency
  25. Charge in Spokane auto theft killing rekindles lethal force debate
  26. NRA attacks gun liability insurance as racist 'poll tax' on the poor
  27. Do magazine bans require the Supreme Court to ignore D.C. v. Heller?
  28. Erie gun-rights activist sues over rally
  29. it’s time for some sensible limitations on who can buy a pressure cooker
  30. Should I or shouldn't I?
  31. Illinois Senate soundly defeats Madigan pension reform plan
  32. Cooking wild pig
  33. Illegal Immigrant Mother of Seven Given Food Stamps, Meds, Housing, and Soc
  34. Water Heaters - what's your temp?
  35. 2 Parter - The Shield and Amazon Prime movies
  36. New Maryland gun law beneficial
  37. Undercooking Chicken. Intentionally.
  38. Getting CCP
  39. A question re secure servers.
  40. She has an incredible amount of strength in her
  41. Right to Bear Arms has always been an individual right
  42. How New Gun Regs Pushed Me Into Getting A Concealed-Carry Permit
  43. The era of 2nd Amendment terrorism has begun
  44. Court upholds rifle sales reporting requirement
  45. Immigration reform could fail just like gun control did. Here’s why.
  46. Travel to China
  47. Electrical short in the car
  48. Central Islip Murders Show Need for Gun Control
  49. Scary results Wi-Fi radiation experiment, also cell phones?
  50. Valley dealers: Proposed gun control laws unfair
  51. Guns And The Small Business Economy
  52. IL: Police selling guns from buyback program
  53. Steal Your Eel?
  54. V8 vs. V6
  55. Collectibles Insurance Services llc
  56. Speaking of strange animals....
  57. What are terrorists teaching your kids?
  58. What is a hangover?
  59. A Pen Review (For you EDC fanatics!)
  60. Court upholds rifle sales reporting requirement
  61. have it your way lol
  62. rats!!
  63. Looking for a small belt clip multi tool.
  64. What's a good non fiction book for the summer?
  65. Obama Signing United Nations Anti-Gun Treaty June 3rd
  66. 2014 Dodge 1/2-ton diesel??
  67. Jay Leno: How much grief is he getting from D.C.?
  68. Will Smith's After Earth is bombing
  69. ILLINOIS House and Senate pass CCW!!
  70. Questionable Parenting
  71. the book Black List by Brad Thor is
  72. Am I in trouble ?...... prepaid git card
  73. Electrician advice
  74. Happy Birthday, Clint!!!!
  75. Another Big Tornado near OKC/El Reno
  76. 4 Firefighters Killed in Houston
  77. Honda CRV Thoughts After a 1000 Miles In a Week
  78. Too much caffeine?
  79. Editorial: Legislature’s gun bill is failure for Illinois
  80. 8 Arrested at a Kindergarten Graduation
  81. Turkey descending into chaos?
  82. This is what winning looks like
  83. ASHI CPR/First Aid Credibility
  84. Carp Recycling
  85. Got Some New Ink
  86. A Co-Worker Made An "Off" Comment Today...
  87. SAD state of ranges south of Atlanta...
  88. Gun dealer Gary Hyde admits to United States smuggling charges
  89. Judge orders Google to turn over customer data to FBI
  90. 9mm guns are not accurate and always break!
  91. Wow: Katie Holmes jumps the shark
  92. Jesse James accidentally chops off finger
  93. Sometimes the hunter becomes the hunted
  94. "Caption Time"
  95. Recommend a High Quality Blow Dryer...
  96. Going Through Late FIL's Stuff....And Found A Gun!!
  97. Possible scam?
  98. The Flying Car is (Almost) Here !
  99. Strange looking object
  100. Ants! What do I do?
  101. What we know about Robert De Nero:
  102. how many of these can you name
  103. Cellphone contract ending.
  104. "Govt. is buying .22LR, 30-30, .45LC" Credible or rumor? Source?
  105. This man only did what our VP suggested
  106. Small boat
  107. Edith Bunker dies at age 90...
  108. CA law requires a $50 fee to buy ammunition
  109. For Bringing Toy Gun to School, 5-Year-Old Gets 2-Hour Interrogation and We
  110. Anti-Gun Violence Project by Art Center College of Design
  111. California's rational gun control path is a long, politically charged road
  112. Why Mike Bloomberg's gun control ads backfired
  113. Democrat airs ad touting opposition to gun control bill
  114. Maryland petition to repeal gun control law fails; NRA lawsuit looms
  115. Recommend good house paint.
  116. Railroad Bridge Fire!
  117. Why drain water heater yearly?
  118. Anyone likes mate?
  119. Hog Hunting
  120. Had a Great Steak Tonight
  121. Rollo Tomasi
  122. Netbook or tablet
  123. Our culture is circling: TV Show
  124. Pet Odor
  125. I saw Lori from The Walking Dead today.
  126. PILOT CREW: Taking my ATP written on Weds...
  127. Credit card machine for a small business
  128. Thinking of buying an adventure touring bike?
  129. guy wraps coins gets surprise
  130. TWC storm chaser catches one...
  131. Night owls report in
  132. Head Of Chicago Anti-Violence Group Arrested For Allegedly Hitting Wife
  133. Andrew 'Dice' Clay
  134. Question about guns,girls,and friends....
  135. Professional Milestone Today
  136. Hell hath no fury...
  137. The zero-tolerance war on kindergarteners
  138. Bee's
  139. Are you seeing the Cracking down on Medicare commercials?
  140. The time is now...
  141. Trash Pump for irrigation
  142. Rot gut liqueur
  143. Ford Recalls 2013 Models: Fire Risk
  144. Oooof!!! Night in the ruts!
  145. Gun show turnout higher than expected
  146. Guns and public policy
  147. top shot the new season
  148. Rooftop Cargo vs Hitch Rack Cargo
  149. Looking for a Tactical style fall jacket for everyday wear.
  150. Anyone live in Deming, NM?
  151. Spits in Cops Face....Gets Tasered
  152. Paperwork After Private Sale?
  153. NASCAR attendance down a bunch
  154. Workout Routine Suggestions
  155. 10 Gun Control Measures Pass in NJ, Making Paranoid Gun Worshipers Even Mor
  156. Natural Gas Water Heater Vent Question
  157. Toyota 4Runners?
  158. Journalism professor calls for firing squad, missile attacks at NRA...
  159. Should drone operators be eligible for combat decorations?
  160. Any FreedomPop users want to share data?
  161. german semi-auto
  162. Red Oak beer
  163. Starship Troopers
  164. Percentages in career
  165. Buying a GPS finally.. Maybe..
  166. Ammo FYI
  167. Game of Thrones 6-2 - Quasi spoilers
  168. Making A Smartphone "Non-Slip"
  169. Driving through Indiana
  170. Your dream car?
  171. Bb or air soft pistol for at home practice?
  172. New tattoo...
  173. Anyone here play a National Steel?
  174. Caught By The Law
  175. Sandy Hook official report released!
  176. Guns Don't Kill--Lobbyists Do: Why Sandy Hook Was Not a Wakeup Call
  177. NJ: Herald News: Progress on gun legislation
  178. Dan Carpenter: State's gun control advocates load for long haul
  179. NY: Butler: ‘Gun control law must go’
  180. UT: Lawmaker considering bill to lure gun makers
  181. Somali pirates will face death penalty in federal trial in Virginia
  182. What is the proper term for someone like this, and whats the reason...
  183. Democratic governors miffed at Perry’s job-stealing Texas swagger
  184. The right to bear arms can and should be infringed
  185. Here’s What Happened While The NRA Told Parents Not To Lock Up Their Guns
  186. Did My First Autocross!
  187. The Slackers, Generation X
  188. Chris Kyle’s Widow Has a Theory:
  189. Lautenberg dead
  190. Ground coffee beans up the ass
  191. What Do You Think Of The New Cheerios Interracial Commercial
  192. Another sleepy, dusty Delta day
  193. Anyone know about this store?
  194. Cook county awb
  195. Naming your WiFi network...
  196. Apple owes France $6.5 million in unpaid taxes
  197. Court: Police can take DNA swabs from arrestees
  198. move to Honolulu
  199. Obama calls for end to mental illness stigma
  200. Driving Gripe of The Day
  201. At The Corner of the Beginning and the End...
  202. China won the war in Iraq
  203. Well, this is embarassing
  204. BREAKING: Effort to Recall Colorado Senate President More Than Doubles Sign
  205. NYC - Mayhem in the city: 25 people shot in 48 hours
  206. Funniest Gun Review Ever!
  207. "Dear Democrats"
  208. What species of snake is this
  209. 92 strikes and he is still not out!
  210. LAPD in an armed Standoff with a life-sized ‘Call of Duty’ Statue
  211. Drill pump won't suck?
  212. Got rid of the house phone
  213. Illinois Press Association opposes exemptions in gun bill
  214. We got a sticky for computer apps how about one for android apps
  215. Birthday gift for 50 y/o man who I don't know?
  216. Septic Tank Systems Question....Advice please?
  217. Southland cancelled
  218. Recommend A Good Set Of Binoculars
  219. Apropo of nothing: Them Crooked Vultures Live
  220. 2 police officers fired after using excessive force
  221. Any baseball/softball bat experts here?
  222. Anyone carry your Glock 17 or 22 in a small of back holster
  223. Older sport/roadster for ~$10k
  224. Bike show result...
  225. "i love you"
  226. iPhones can apparently be hacked with malicious charger
  227. Apparently Staples Got Enough Bad Press
  228. Virginia's easy way around gun laws
  229. Madigan asks for 30 more days on concealed carry law
  230. Gun background checks up to Sandoval now
  231. Arms Manufacturers Benefit from Political Turmoil
  232. Edmonds students suspended for using Nerf guns at school for class project
  233. Are Guns a Good Investment?
  234. Battle ahead as Colorado Democrat John Morse fights gun-based recall
  235. flocks of geese headed south?
  236. Maine Anti-Gun Bills Halted in State Senate
  237. Canada not among 60 countries signing landmark treaty on world arms trade
  238. U.S. Commission on Civil Rights to Investigate "Stand Your Ground" Law
  239. Heath speaks on guns and violence
  240. Defiant Kerry vows to sign UN arms treaty despite opposition
  241. Feds Ask States To Sideline Self-Driving Cars
  242. Testing New AQC 1 Combat sight
  243. Left lane ban on big rigs, your thoughts?
  244. Son Was Suspended for Merely Talking About Guns on the School Bus
  245. Transgender former Navy Seal.
  246. Angry man now looks stupid.....LOL!
  247. George Washington was a freak of nature!
  248. Carolinians (North/South)
  249. Please rescind one of Bush's Executive Orders.
  250. The scoop on cell/data coverage in central AZ?