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  1. Army Vet shot dead by his 4 year old son
  2. Here are the questions about gun violence the CDC would study — if it could
  3. Chicago's gun registry on the ropes
  4. Democrats still aren’t being ruthless about gun control
  5. Bloomberg’s Gamble: Risking the Democratic Senate Majority for Gun Control
  6. Can a generator run a tankless water heater?
  7. 4 people dead in Santa Monica rampage
  8. Problem with ohub campfire
  9. My WalMart is now well stocked with ARs..
  10. Anyone ever go fly fishing on the San Juan River in NM?
  11. agree with Larry Pratt on immigration's effect on gun rights?
  12. TSA tries to Confiscate Chewbacca Actor's Lightsaber Shaped Cane.
  13. Can't teach an old dog new tricks? Why not?
  14. Free gun initiative begins in Houston neighborhood
  15. I now work for the firearms industry...
  16. All the infrastructure a tyrant would need.
  17. Caught dealership trying to rip me off
  18. Free UFC fights on Fuel channel
  19. Name this KIDS Show from the Late 60's to Early 70's...
  20. President Madisons home in Va.
  21. NEWS RELEASE: Pistol Caliber Debate Settled.
  22. Red Jacket episode: Sheriff's sniper rifle?
  23. Help me with my cold call speech.
  24. What little things tell you that you're getting OLD?
  25. I wish we had a few more like this guy.
  26. Lamm: Drawing the line on gun safety
  27. The NRA, the NSA and the Politics of Individualism
  28. Colorado sheriffs wrestle with new gun laws in differing ways
  29. States tighten, loosen gun laws after Newtown Five restrict, 12 ease owners
  30. Second Amendment group sues Chief Chitwood, Daytona, over seized guns
  31. At Colt's Connecticut factory, no apologies for arming America
  32. Angry man set bus fire that killed 47 in China, authorities say
  33. Ricin letter sender caught?
  34. 5 dead in California, and 8 million gun owners screwed
  35. IL: Simon: Cities should consider some weapons bans
  36. Good Lord, i would hate to be a little-boy in todays world....
  37. Neil Cavuto, as you've never seen him before.......angry as hell!
  38. How The Human Face Might Look In 100,000 Years
  39. Glock talk on Ohub campfire??
  40. PTSD from Drone Operations?
  41. Sealed ball bearing
  42. Computer Help Please
  43. Valedictorian's mic cut when he starts talking about freedom of speech
  44. NSA whistleblower comes forward.
  45. Wright brothers did not invent airplane.
  46. Snowden, hero or criminal
  47. What's Your Favorite Car Color?
  48. August 11, 2013: The Beginning of the End.
  49. The Last to Die:war in the Pacific ended as it began, with a surprise attac
  50. Santa Monica shootings: Were gun control laws powerless to stop suspect?
  51. First, We Need To Understand Guns And Gun Violence Better
  52. Gun advocates urge 'disobedience' at Albany rally this week
  53. The Tony Awards
  54. Conn. lawmakers revise gun control legislation
  55. I'm time traveling through time...
  56. Can this news be for real?
  57. Personal Breathalyzer
  58. I laughed so hard at this photo I almost died!
  59. Leeds and Northrup potentiometer
  60. Very funny stuff
  61. Look Ma, no hands!!! (Or anyone in the cockpit)
  62. facebook gold!
  63. Seeking To Answer Unknowns Of Gun Violence, Institute Of Medicine
  64. Fox News, MSNBC heavyweights present divergent views on guns
  65. Ha!! I showed him!!
  66. Gun ammo running out in Australia as US citizens buy big
  67. New Membership Group That Protects Gun Owners Who Shoot Home Invaders
  68. My kind of truck!
  69. Obama voter on the plane today
  70. Spitfire 944
  71. TSA considering new security protocol
  72. Another Darwin Award contender
  73. Fnfalman, is that you???
  74. When, if ever, is revealing government secrets patriotic?
  75. Dripping Sound In Bathroom Exhaust Fan
  76. Justice Department Fights Release Of Secret Court Opinion
  77. DeBeers settlement
  78. Falling Skies Thread
  79. My daughter awesome update
  80. Amerikilt v. Utilikilt
  81. There's going to be a bad wildfire here, soon...
  82. Jericho...about to watch it again
  83. Are there any glassblowers or lamp worker here?
  84. Elementary School Beginning Toy Gun Turn-In Program
  85. Atheists in foxholes
  86. Losing a pound a day since I was fired...
  87. Trying to get rid of ants in my kitchen.
  88. so you think a hygrid car is the way to go huh...
  89. I found some ammo...
  90. Xbox One E3 Event...
  91. Interesting situation
  92. Apple iOS 7: Daring new design of Apple mobile
  93. The March to Gettysburg began...
  94. who leaves 5k worth of guns in a storage unit?
  95. Tom and Tebow
  96. Kilt or pants?
  97. Your dream home?
  98. Telescoping Ladders?
  99. Antioch Police Ask Mail Carriers, Garbage Collectors To Help Spot Crime
  100. Nevada Background Checks Bill Becomes Focus Of National Gun Control Fight
  101. UCLA law prof: No gun laws will ever stop a ‘crazed madman from killing’
  102. A Dummy’s Guide to Winning Gun Control Debates
  103. Interpreting the second amendment
  104. Dog ear infection
  105. Teen panelist: Gun laws wouldn't have prevented Sandy Hook
  106. Very Sick Pet...
  107. Classic monologue from Good Will Hunting.
  108. Another Gun FFL Transfer Question
  109. Weld County Commissioners Vote To Ignore New Colorado Gun Laws
  110. CA school holds toy gun buyback
  111. Marco Rubio: In immigration reform, legalization comes first
  112. Summer fun: channel catfish. Weed infested lake from shore.
  113. speeding up/cleaning out a slow Android phone
  114. ps4 details finally released.
  115. German bank employee naps on keyboard
  116. Federal Preemption Laws Allow Guns at Public Pools
  117. End the imposed ignorance of guns and the harm they do
  118. High school gun raffle has Texas lawmakers concerned
  119. Santa Monica shooting raises specter of mental health, again
  120. SF sues gun companies over high-capacity magazines
  121. Midway USA
  122. Assault weapons ban not likely as concealed carry law approaches
  123. Republican Party of Virginia in Hot Water Over Request for Gun Details
  124. A new version of "DECK OF CARDS" worth a look
  125. for those about to retire
  126. Disregard
  127. Anti-gunners exploiting author’s negligence and guilt in ‘gun death’ story
  128. Trying to remember the movie by the preview...
  129. Anyone else switch lines when you see a WIC check?
  130. How do you tell a really good neighbor you don't want his help
  131. Why are shoes...
  132. Blu-Ray + Roku?
  133. Memphians Using The Tennessee Stand-Your-Ground Law
  134. Apple's latest ad: Not enough crazy?
  135. Time well spent: Jaw-dropping luxury watches
  136. A different approach to school dicipline.
  137. So just HOW crazy are Yellowstone or Yosemite in July or August?
  138. Quitting Diet Coke, cold turkey
  139. Dog days: Gimme your ideas
  140. Flying fish: Sushi joint tries table delivery by drone
  141. Galaxy S4 upsets iPhone 5 in CNET brutal destruction test (video)
  142. Does YOUR dog HATE the UPS driver?
  143. AMD unveils first eight-core 5GHz processor
  144. Another fun day at WalMart
  145. $27,500 gun hits targets at 1,000 yards
  146. scalped-infant-survives-surgery-father-charged
  147. Can you touch your toes?
  148. Flying to New York? DON"T take your guns.
  149. Actress Katee Sackoff urges gun safety on Twitter, loses half her followers
  150. Standard Mileage rate question, legal
  151. Who do you call when you're getting screwed over by a company?
  152. Do you have any friends that do strange things
  153. Low end laptop recommendation needed
  154. I really want to buy a Surefire flashlight, but...
  155. Gun Control Debate 2013: You Can't Argue With Facts
  156. WA gun control advocates file gun control initiative
  157. ATF study: Criminals use stolen guns
  158. Amended SAF Suit Challenges California Gun Microstamping Law
  159. Saved $2.5K on Yearly Auto Ins
  160. Tequila and beer?
  161. Gun control groups plan to try, try again
  162. Forget Gold, .22 Ammo up More than 400%
  163. Got a new car...that I didn't really want
  164. Greatest martial arts move known to man!
  165. The next generation is doomed...
  166. Everything is so damn loud now
  167. First Time Home Buyer Questions
  168. Troll the NSA!
  169. Mind-controlled cursor may be easier than previously thought
  170. Dumb question from a camping noob: any tips for sleeping when it's hot?
  171. No fish today...
  172. ok so i'm an ***hole.
  173. Grandma + .357 Magnum = attempted entry stopped
  174. Bill could eliminate some gun background checks
  175. Gun play: 'Zero tolerance' toward schoolkids could backfire, says expert
  176. What happened to the gun control movement?
  177. PA: Gun advocates will rally again
  178. Bloomberg Asks Donors to Shut Wallets Over Senators’ Gun Votes
  179. Gov. Sandoval vows to veto bill expanding background checks
  180. WI: State cops could be punished for enforcing some federal gun regulations
  181. walmart ammo app dont work no more...
  182. Toy gun ‘buyback’ violates school policy
  183. Gun control’s 90%: Four turn out for gun control rally
  184. Korean M1s Still in Limbo, New Bill Introduced to Prevent State Department
  185. Fighting terror, neglecting guns
  186. Battlestar Galactica star causes firestorm for gun safety comment
  187. Magic beans or smurf turds?
  188. Glock Pop-up
  189. Ex-drone operator suffers from mental distress over 1,626 deaths
  190. Survey: Many Physicians are Unhappy With Their Jobs
  191. iOS 7 looks great, but can it lure this Android user? (CNET)
  192. Surefire E2D LED Defender Ultra Review
  193. Storm's a Brewin', Ethel.
  194. Amazing fast Cisco router...
  195. Recovering a ground down number stamped in cast iron.
  196. What's your biggest haul from your spare change jar?
  197. Thin White Line and Thin Blue Line
  198. House committee looks into IRS seizure of 60 million medical records
  199. Fossil Experts...found a possible "tooth" on the river?
  200. new toy
  201. Aftermarket car back-up camera help
  202. Man with toy gun is fired upon by police
  203. What became of...
  204. Who here thinks twice about the words they use in electronic communication?
  205. Man sells wife's $23,000 wedding ring for 10 bucks
  206. Teen dies after being shot with pellet gun
  207. NC: The wrong direction on gun legislation
  208. Opinion: Taking concrete steps to end gun carnage
  209. Anyone a member of FAL Files? need help
  210. Dragonborn plugin for Skyrim
  211. If Obama was made of ice cream what flavor would he be?
  212. One of the most amazing tales of survival I have ever heard
  213. Streaming Bluetooth Gurus...
  214. Kitten hiding up behind the gas tank of my Tahoe.
  215. White Trash TV
  216. The Family Sedan Is Still Relevant.
  217. Scary movie about a Bunny
  218. Neighbor VS Neighbor with baseball bat. One ends up in a Coma... Justified?
  219. Mold.
  220. Gecko45 rides again!
  221. finally getting my bike back after crash
  222. K-9 Photo Contest
  223. Car question: 2005 Impala Radio
  224. Joining the Army and have some?? Especially the Aviation folks.
  225. "Dry Cell" battery sizes
  226. Brittany (dog) owners
  227. What would happen if.............
  228. Video Game Companies Pressured To Drop Gun Manufacturer Product Placement
  229. Has the moment passed? Why gun control push fizzled
  230. After gun bill’s defeat, it’s Democrats, not Republicans, paying the price
  231. Lie about a Purple Heart, get arrested..
  232. Bloomberg backed gun control 'freak' loses Va. Lt. Gov. primary on first ba
  233. Prosecutors used existing gun laws as Congress debated restrictions after S
  234. Newtown families relaunch gun control push
  235. NRA goes after Sen. Manchin over guns compromise
  236. Maryland background check delays: Danger of universal background checks
  237. So how do I get this job? (rant)
  238. Is NRA Business Alliance good for business owners?
  239. 10mm?
  240. For those whom enjoyed the movie 300 here's the sequel
  241. Boy do I feel dumb lol
  242. Four things iOS 7 tells us about Apple's next iPhone
  243. To part ways with a "buddy" I started a gun shop with or not?
  244. Jason Leffler Dies in Sprint Car Crash
  245. I found a cure of hangover.
  246. Why do most places pay every 2 weeks?
  247. Inova X1 Review
  248. Amazon to slash price of HTC One to $99 on June 14
  249. Do you carry a GPS in the woods?
  250. What would you do..........