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  1. The Dog Whisperer
  2. Trouble finding a good movie
  3. Evolution Is Not A Real Thing
  4. Bowlers
  5. This made me laugh
  6. 2 new guns..
  7. Madison, Unarmed black teen, killed by Police
  8. Would you date or marry a nerd girl?
  9. Hot air fryer?
  10. Anyone have RV Satellite Internet?
  11. What is GlockTalk to you?
  12. Boyfriend destroys cheating girlfriends saturn
  13. Bas Rutten breaks a spleen on Fight Science
  14. Fart Interrupts City Council
  15. First brisket attempt
  16. Best all around plowing/utility solutions
  17. Anyone.......
  18. It's 4:44
  19. Statin drugs
  20. Why is Daylight Savings Time still a thing?
  21. Dang, Life can really be tuff at times...
  22. And so it begins...
  23. List your favorite Aircraft museums?
  24. Spring Cruise?
  25. The Buffalo aren't putting up with our crap anymore!
  26. Any truth to this?
  27. I just adopted a dog, are Veterinarians like car salesmen?
  28. Celebrity Bowling
  29. Could you adopt a 3 legged dog?
  30. For those who canned cable tv
  31. Clinton government too small?
  32. Bike helmet recommendation?
  33. I just watched Shrek with my neice and loved it ...
  34. Why no William Shatner on The Big Bang Theory?
  35. Compact Fusion Power in 5 years - This may be REAL DEAL this time
  36. Credit card fraud
  37. This City has went about as low as you can go...
  38. Ever wonder what it's like to be the child of a serial killer?
  39. Fashion show and Firearms
  40. Iditarod
  41. B. O. B. And fog light recommendations.
  42. Solar powered lawn lights and outdoor lamps.
  43. Favorite Aquariums
  44. ATF Claims “Publishing Mistake” After M855 Ban in 2014 ATF
  45. What's an affordable option for retrieving an inoperable vehicle hours away
  46. CCTV In Every Home
  47. Would you fly a confederate flag?
  48. More F18 Goodness.
  49. Oklahoma Fraternity Is Closed Over Video Of Racist Chant
  50. Comb-Overs
  51. Does anyone loan or borrow money from Prosper?
  52. Dog Shows Are Getting Serious
  53. Brown shoes with grey suit
  54. The best gaurd dog...
  55. Handy device
  56. Best April Fools Pranks
  57. Loretta Lynch
  58. Any Toyota Sequoia owners?
  59. Cracked Windshield
  60. SPLC chatter predicts arrests of Spokane liberty activists
  61. Pitbull in the news!
  62. College Conservatives Branded 'Hate Group' for Refusing LGBT Training
  63. I'm feeling tacky, tacky, tacky...
  64. Ok I got another drawing
  65. Flying Car: Real or hoax?
  66. Another bullet ban thread
  67. Obama Comes Out Against Handguns With A Whopper Of A Lie
  68. Guy at work was throwin off light
  69. Experienced Sleep Paralysis For The First Time.
  70. asting a Fire Ant Colony with Molten Aluminum
  71. Walking dead Prequel is official
  72. Raymond James, A.G. Edwards, Edward Jones, etc...
  73. Patrick Willis Retires Tuesday
  74. Early, but certain, sign of the apocalypse.....
  75. 2015 Ram Ecodiesel...
  76. Shows that predict the future
  77. How do you pronounce '64 Impala?
  78. The "What If" Song Thread
  79. Just watched the movie 'Rules of Engagement'...
  80. Major survey shows decline in gun ownership
  81. Norton
  82. Chuck E. Cheese Employees Attacked, because Photo Booth isn't Working
  83. 12 Inch Samsung Tablet.....Who Has One or Would Like to Have One?
  84. Why only sports talk radio?
  85. Utah officers: mysterious voice called them to rescue trapped baby
  86. Doug Turnbull crashed his plane!
  87. Amazon shipping. Not impressed.
  88. 3/9 CNN story on "armor piercing assault rifle bullets"
  89. ATF shelves controversial bullet ban proposal
  90. President Elect Clinton
  91. The Logan Act - Open letter to Iran
  92. Why did Clinton say she didn't want to use State Dept account
  93. Galvanized water line sux
  94. Top Gear Suspends Jeremy
  95. Parents whose children are narcissist.
  96. ..............San Andreas *
  97. Some fun with X-Ray
  98. My grandson wants to join ISIS !!!
  99. Identity Theft, anybody here ever a victim? I got hit.
  100. Air Force Academy Commercial
  101. Got a blind date and trying to impress.
  102. No one's gonna say it?
  103. Hey Glock & Kimber Lady
  104. Don't underestimate the power of good teeth
  105. Yay
  106. Clarkson sacked from Top Gear
  107. What is Givens up to?
  108. FINALLY!!! HBO will be Available on AppleTV
  109. Ted Nugent Hates Raccoons!
  110. Didn't Even See Each Other [Helo Crash]
  111. Do your kids go to a Montessori school?
  112. Money guys- Advice Please.
  113. 7 Marines, 4 Soldiers Missing After Black Hawk Crash in Florida
  114. Most Terrifying Thing You Will Ever See
  115. Italian Town gets 100.8 Inches of Snow in 18hrs
  116. Monica Lewinski to give TED talk
  117. Do you ever change your mind? Pit bulls, tattoos, airplane on a treadmill
  118. Anybody here ever seen Mt. Everest?
  119. Explosion instantly put me in bug-out mode
  120. It's like 'UP', but in a chair. With a shotgun.
  121. Do I have the biggest ego in The Okie Corral?
  122. Electric Car??
  123. I guess I agree with the NAACP...
  124. More university insanity; ban the American flag...
  125. Hasbro releases Alabama Barbie for 2015
  126. Judges Order Sheriff to Remove his American Flag Display From Courthouse
  127. Hearing protection
  128. Bronx man busted for pointing laser beam at planes in LaGuardia Airport
  129. My idiot friend…Again.
  130. NPR Retirement article
  131. DUI investigation
  132. Fascinating documentary on this Doctor
  133. Any Golfers -- In Florida in Particular
  134. Building/construction fails...
  135. Does ISIS have an enemy "Boogeyman"?
  136. A good book .... Looking For Alaska
  137. Your personal phone ??
  138. Had to go to court today.
  139. Ferguson Mo. 2 officers shot? Please be a hoax......
  140. Vacuum salesman invited to a birthday party
  141. My hammer stud broke on my 442
  142. How many click a thread just because.....
  143. Keep data safe for 200 years - how?
  144. Not fishing, not a tarp
  145. 4 teen girls attack victim in Brooklyn McDonald's as dozens stand and watch
  146. Monsters vs Modern Day Weapons
  147. Son, men don't get raped.
  148. Car Thief Knocks Himself Out With A Brick
  149. I am deep in "guests coming that have never seen my house before" crazy
  150. Two kitchens
  151. ATF dropped the other shoe today!
  152. The people you need to know
  153. Tahmooressi Arrested Again
  154. Bond is dead, by own hand
  155. How far were the shots in Furgeson, MO
  156. Which Top Gun are you most like?
  157. GM to cut Chevy, GMC powertrain warranty to 60,000 miles
  158. Can someone photoshop my garage?
  159. Need advice...
  160. ....I Watched this oldie....Zulu
  161. Tube Free Toilet Paper
  162. ***Anybody watching Hannity tonight...?
  163. Larger than life .... Have you met that person ?
  164. Android lollipop 5.0 issues?
  165. Amazon Fire TV vs Roku 3
  166. House Bill Filed To Ban SS109/M-855 Ammo
  167. Video about the SEALs
  168. I hope DHS etc. are paying close attention to this
  169. Nothing says I love you like...
  170. Funny Story about travel, pooping and Lionel Richie...
  171. Being a snob
  172. Sir Terry Pratchett R.I.P.
  173. FAA going after people posting "drone" footage on YouTube
  174. neighbor trolling her with this sign
  175. Video USN C-2A Greyhound lands on the French Carrier FS Charles de Gaulle
  176. CA: Out of Money, Out of Water ....
  177. ATC to pilot: umm... yeah, we're over here.
  178. Indian Bride left Groom at the Altar for failing math question
  179. The Comedy of Stephen Wright
  180. Tulsa, OK.. 2 home invaders dead, one leaves house through unopened window!
  181. Gun Seizure and Government Corruption
  182. Hold your wife's purse with PRIDE.
  183. The mystery egger
  184. Stumbling on Happiness
  185. Shorters Gonna Short
  186. Dog Breed of Peace, does it again
  187. English
  188. ATF and Some Democrats Already Looking at Ways to Revive Ban on AR-15 Ammun
  189. Little Caesar's Bacon Wrapped Pizza Review
  190. Changing a baby at a restaurant table...Really?
  191. Indiana: Meth Lab Found in Walmart Restroom
  192. Meth Lab in Walmart
  193. Gulf Coast Clays (Naples FL) pictures & review
  194. Flashlights on Commercial Airplanes
  195. We went to Cinderella... and I LOVED it.
  196. Happy Pi day
  197. LilWolfess Cooking Misadventure
  198. Hey ladies, it is PI day
  199. Weird Dreams
  200. Photos of first A bomb
  201. Why isn't my sink draining?
  202. New Addition
  203. Hey, whatever happened to Jessica Chambers?
  204. Last night i had the strangest dream attn :hidden eyes
  205. Increase in Sex Offenders Crossing the Border
  206. UFC 185 Pettis vs. dos Anjos
  207. There are a couple of these I can't do anymore
  208. The NRA, even more ridiculous than usual
  209. Something smells bad in NYS
  210. GT Brain Trust Plumber(s)?
  211. ABS deniers, please sound off.
  212. Dakota Meyer and Bristol Palin engaged.
  213. Dog Food - Cheap to Crazy
  214. Pegboard Question...
  215. What has government done well?
  216. Japan: Scientists Successfully Transmit Energy Wirelessly(1.8KW/170ft)
  217. When you open a Fang thread
  218. Hitler's Reaction to Gen4 Glocks
  219. Eagle with a Camera Flies From Worlds Tallest Building
  220. Neighbor has Alzheimers
  221. 75% of Ferguson, MO population has warrants?
  222. Speed limit signs
  223. Supreme Court Administrative Law Ruling has Far-Reaching Implications for G
  224. identify this part...
  225. The New Man In My Life
  226. South Florida Shooting Club (pictures & review)
  227. "He Da Truth"!!! (video)
  228. Home Grown Archery Greats
  229. Anyone know what type of Bugs these are?
  230. Great front door lock solution...
  231. Chicks Dig Scars
  232. Idiot drivers
  233. And then the crab says....
  234. Avast antivirus popup blocking malware on GT
  235. Did I tick off the universe?
  236. I Guess We're Busted...
  237. Culture Shock: Papua New Guinea
  238. Fill you're hands,
  239. Highest praise for Benchmade customer service
  240. One pack of blackcats
  241. California Accredits Nation's First Muslim College .. . Founded By Jihadist
  242. Computer voice programs?
  243. motels? Columbus/Dayton, OH area
  244. Arrest in shooting of police officers in Ferguson
  245. Brady Campaign: CrimAdvisor - Plan Your Perfect Getaway
  246. My new addition
  247. If We Treated Alcohol The Way We Treat Weed
  248. Fast N' Loud question on car value...
  249. It's puppy season... Resisting...
  250. Mrs. VR.... I think I am in love with you...