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  1. Haribo sugar free / sugarless candy advertisement.
  2. Yes, she got diplomatic immunity, told you so!
  3. Water water everywhere (aka: I'm damn proud of my kids)
  4. Star id?
  5. Tried to run over neighbor kid - fast buggers
  6. N.C Sheriff's Dept., Trades-In Their 1928 Thompson Machine-Guns
  7. Photos with hidden stuff. Name the thing, then post a new pic.
  8. Stag Horn Grips for a Ruger New Vaquero.
  9. Car accident in store parking lot - what would you do?
  10. Yet another reason to own a Surefire...
  11. McCarthy to Retire
  12. Guns confiscated from Nazi undesireables used to guard concentration camps
  13. Wonderful, just wonderful...
  14. Jackson/Jackson Hole, WY
  15. The Great West (by God) Virginia water panic (!!!)
  16. First time home buying
  17. Greater love hath no man than this,
  18. Obscure song - jazz
  19. Why we should not argue gun control on facts alone.
  20. the apple really doesnt fall far from the tree
  21. The government can now ignore constitutional rights.
  22. Remember
  23. The 'Polar Vortex' Flooded My House
  24. How many pets are too many?
  25. Chris Christie Screws the Pooch
  26. Man I want a Flintlock rifle in a bad way LOL
  27. Little help from Las Vegas folks please.
  28. shotgun or mosin?
  29. Selling ammo to Illinois?
  30. what is your shtf/wrol scenario.
  31. Motorist chased 15 miles, murdered.
  32. Youse with school-aged kids with Kindles
  33. Learning something new
  34. background checks for ammunition! Brilliant!!!
  35. Mesmerizing! Mom downs 72-ounce steak in under 3 minutes
  36. Question about Operation Red Wings
  37. Cell phone videos, a legal question
  38. Push button start for old pickup question.
  39. Hot Weather
  40. Mansion up in smoke
  41. This year is the year of the giveaway!
  42. Kiffen to Alabama
  43. Michael Bloomberg on nightline
  44. Has the Illinois CCW non resident requirements changed?
  45. What bed mattress do you sleep on ??
  46. Saw this and thought of Okie.
  47. bigfoot spotted again
  48. Anyone live in Spanish Fork, UT?
  49. Intel Pentium 2127U @ 1.90GHz - is it enough....
  50. Palm Beach Boynton Delray flooding
  51. Think it was cold where you live?
  52. question ??
  53. UNC denies athletes can't read. Disavows own researcher.
  54. Does anyone like caviar?
  55. The chemical leak in WV...
  56. Had to bug out today.
  57. Haven't worled out in 2 weeks. Flu, weather, etc..
  58. Anyone else have crippling insomnia?
  59. Bill Porter Passed On
  60. Ariel Sharon Dead
  61. Thoughts of Schlage Electronic Door Locks?
  62. Western North Carolina
  63. Petco Online Coupon: $30 Off $100 + Free Shipping
  64. Top regrets prior to dying
  65. Why did Sharon reverse policy on settlers on the Gaza strip?
  66. Civi Literacy Test
  67. What is wrong with Seattle?
  68. Newly Discover Irish Cream
  69. Move from AZ to Tampa, FL for family - stupid? Advice?
  70. Hypothetical question-use of force
  71. I need suggestions for dealing with a hoarder.
  72. Colts and Patriots
  73. Sons Of Anarchy official Merchandise
  74. Kiss "Beth" song Inspiration finally revealed
  75. Why Do They Scream?
  76. Never seen a knife like this; what is it??
  77. Everyday Red Wine
  78. Don't forget to clean the little guns
  79. A Day @ The Races
  80. The benefits of crippling insomnia...
  81. Burger Ecstasy
  82. My favorite disaster video. Amazing.
  83. This is the new "Wear your Seatbelt" ad the UK!!!!
  84. NFL Playoffs
  85. Wooden Model Ship Building...
  86. Updated on Stolen Valor - A Follow-Up Thread
  87. Tow Didn't Go As Planned...
  88. Who purchased the Black Rhino hunt?
  89. Has Anyone Else's Choice of Firearms Changed Over Time?
  90. .....going for it on 4th Down
  91. NFL star has more money than sense.
  92. Another CPR
  93. Suzuki V Strom 650 Adventure
  94. Need some help with gun value
  95. What Netflix thinks is kid-friendly?
  96. For My WWII Aviation Friends
  97. India makes first gun designed for women
  98. Bang! Payday for man suing cops over guns
  99. Thoughts on Lone survivor
  100. You gotta be kidding me...
  101. Are .22s cheaper now that you can't get ammo?
  102. "White House Down" Movie
  103. Coolest Bluetooth speaker system ever....
  104. New Camera Lens results
  105. stupid commies, the MIG-31 was Firefox
  106. A perfect example of the power of the common man.
  107. Critique Technique
  108. Why Doesn't Superman Look Like A Sasquatch?
  109. The "addiction" business model.
  110. Bullet bounces off victim's head and kills robber.
  111. Android in notifications advertisment spam help to kill it!
  112. China testing the "Ship Killer" missile
  113. Woman Fatally Shoots Brother During Argument Over Whether Gun Would Fire.
  114. Touching torch-heated steel
  115. Hey Bac...
  116. Chicks, you gotta love 'em (no pictures)
  117. Anyone make it to the Detroit Auto Show?
  118. 2015 Z06 "reveal" streaming now
  119. Beans and Space
  120. I am never buying anything again!!!
  121. Is This the Best Looking Car Ever?
  122. Strange disappearances in national parks
  123. Reality is in short supply these days in Gunland
  124. The DEA Struck A Deal With Mexico's Most Notorious Drug Cartel
  125. Arctic Passage Opens Challenges for U.S. Military
  126. Kalashnikov feels guilt over AK-47
  127. OMG!!!!! ROTFLMAO!!!!! Please read this!!!!!
  128. How many times have we said it, STAY OFF YOUR CELL PHONE IN THE MOVIES!
  129. AK-47 designer Mikhail Kalashnikov wrote repentant letter before his death
  130. We don't need no stinkin' GPS, we got...
  131. Looks just like a mini bell pepper, so why not?
  132. Japanese buy Jim Beam Company
  133. Not sure if this is the right way to do this...
  134. Got my wife a new car stereo...
  135. Shot and killed over texting at the movies.
  136. Random Facts Thread
  137. New suspender wearer
  138. Cried Today
  139. AMC Theater - Nice!
  140. Netflix how cool is that
  141. Hollywood Undead
  142. Simple delights can be best! Avocado-guacamole..
  143. What is your favorite every day, casual work shoe?
  144. Dillo Dust
  145. People who drowned because of a dog...
  146. Adaptive Investing: What’s Your Market DNA? | Epsilon Theory
  147. Two CA cops acquitted of all charges in beating death of Kelly Thomas
  148. I think the media is wrong on this one, the retired cop was justified.
  149. True detective hbo
  150. Front wheel drive question...
  151. Country Singer that did a Metal or Hard Rock Album?
  152. The Bible - Don't Try This At Home
  153. Hostage situation in Denver
  154. Rodman’s North Korea Trips Signal Basketball Push by Leader Kim
  155. sick, heartbroken.. wife had an affair
  156. What is the stupidest thing you've done to get the attention of a crush?
  157. Charlize Theron convinces Sean Penn to melt his guns into a sculpture?
  158. Fox sets premiere for ‘24: Live Another Day’
  159. Morris v. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
  160. OMG, I'm dyin'. lol
  161. Lost my little buddy this morning
  162. Methods of stateside execution...
  163. We are reminded, yet once again, why it's called 'Dope'.
  164. C'mon FedEx!!! Deliver It Already!!!
  165. Emergency Rooms Are Front Line For Enrolling New Obamacare Customers
  166. General Hamm was not told to "stand down"
  167. School shooting reported at New Mexico Middle School
  168. Devil baby terrorizing NYC
  169. Don't bring a knife to a gunfight
  170. Dutch give drunks beer to clean the park.
  171. World’s Sneakiest Chicken Nugget Thief
  172. Android Users Question?
  173. DaleGribble's School District Laptop Program
  174. 1st Convertible-Advice?
  175. Funeral Pre-planning
  176. Pure Capsaicin :)
  177. Is this some kind of Obamacare mandate?
  178. GT Braintrust: Need a new phone, don't want a new contract
  179. iPic Theater - I am in love!
  180. 2008 Highlander price check
  181. Found a Picture of Herrglock Scaring His Copilot
  182. Who bought gold one year ago? Ouch.
  183. If you had to carry a new, unfired pistol...
  184. A tale of two puppies
  185. need to pull tooth
  186. Eggs causing $20,000 worth of damage is hard to beliebe.
  187. Time... snip, snip
  188. Bacon chocolate bar
  189. I Have an Eye Twitch
  190. Simple photo improvement software for novices
  191. men's clothing at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, etc
  192. $1K at a BBQ Shop...
  193. I heard an interesting talk last night on GMO foods
  194. Mexican military and federal police disarming civilians who fought cartel
  195. Anyone in the Hinesville, GA area?
  196. Filled out 4473 yesterday...
  197. Maine's Bear Hunt Under Attack
  198. Spot the disconnect...
  199. DHS Now Helping Coyotes Smuggle Children
  200. How we do it in San Diego
  201. Persecution!!!!!!!
  202. Missile Launch Officers Decertified
  203. Quiet places
  204. Safety razors
  205. Ar 15 porn
  206. 46 and 2 Cover
  207. Miami Dolphins QB's wife leaves gun in rental car
  208. There's A Marauding Devil Baby Scaring People On The Streets Of New York
  209. Who Is Russell Johnson?
  210. What will be the next taboo to be legalized?
  211. Shot show 2014
  212. life insurance
  213. Padron Churchill - What great cigar
  214. No sympathy, just truth
  215. Paladin
  216. Spinoff of "Taboo" Thread
  217. Income Eqaulity Theme song
  218. Kick back music
  219. New movie
  220. New Meryl Streep movie will make NRA ‘wish they weren’t alive'
  221. This 4th grade teacher is just awesome!
  222. Dolphins QB's wife leaves rifle in rental car
  223. List of all the gun industy deaths from 2013?
  224. CNN opinion: Guns in movie theaters
  225. Moving Vans
  226. F/A-18 Hornet HUD video, low level and MiG-21 Kill from 91
  227. The Knockout Game - how it should work
  228. Totaled car questions....
  229. The 'what happened to American customer service thread"...
  230. Seattle radio host Phone Pranks 49ers fan, says her tickets revoked
  231. Have you ever "stirred the pot" to see what would happen?
  232. Executed Ohio inmate had a really bad day...
  233. It's Apple's fault......
  234. It seems the skinny jeans trend has found a way to be even worse.
  235. Position vs Education vs Experience
  236. Pro-Gun Article on
  237. RIP Professor...
  238. Looks like everyone's favorite prepper and apex predator is going to jail
  239. Splicing ROMEX....
  240. When are you done with family?
  241. Dating Coworkers ex?
  242. U.S. Justice Department faults head of Philadelphia gun buyback effort
  243. what is this
  244. First the Professor, Now Mr. Kincaid!
  245. Assisted suicide, for or against?
  246. Where do real men buy jeans?
  247. So this is weird. Or not.
  248. Business advice, again.
  249. Gonna be a two dog night here in Central Florida
  250. The Passing Of Kurt Caselli