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  1. Concealed carry amendatory veto likely, Lisa Madigan says
  2. Delaware Senate rejects gun-control bill
  3. The Fight Over Gun Control: To some, guns are a way of life
  4. Low water ahead.
  5. It's starting already watch your six
  6. Creepy ass cracker comment "not racist"
  7. Potential riots?
  8. Night Night Pigeon.
  9. email sig imponderables
  10. Suggestions for Securing a High Crime Neighborhood
  11. Woman sells jacket with $18,000 in earrings in the pocket for $20
  12. Ever witness someone die in front if you?
  13. Land line phone Update. LOL
  14. Transfer files between Android and OS X with Droid NAS
  15. Time Warner Cable to bring 300 channels to Xbox 360
  16. 06.28.2005 never forget
  17. What happened to Trayvon Martin?
  18. Attention Criminals
  19. What would you do in this situtation?
  20. "Mass shooters are all on anti-depression meds..." - NOT
  21. Stanley Cup Shot 11 Times During Chicago Blackhawks Victory Parade
  22. 30 years ago today, the Mianus River Bridge collapsed
  23. Protecting guns from destruction doesn't protect Second Amendment
  24. Laser Engraving
  25. Sometimes the bad guys win — and worse
  26. Thought experiment about music.
  27. N.A. FITASC @ Northbrook, IL - WOW !! (with pictures)
  28. Rowing machine for exercise - yay or nay?
  29. Talking with my coworker today...
  30. Been on a Netflix tear lately...
  31. Sure could use some prayers
  32. Another Cop vs. Guy with Video gone bad
  33. Jobs
  34. Anybody ever save a life?
  35. Why I love June!
  36. Fingers crossed for tomorrow's B-24 flight...
  37. The Blues Brothers
  38. Now they are saying Bert and Ernie are gay!
  39. Which?: Galaxy S4 wins battery life test
  40. IPA fans, give me your top three....
  41. Weather Map
  42. JFK's closest, most vital protectors called off...
  43. Can't this administration keep any secrets?
  44. Anybody going through football withdrawal?
  45. Not sure if this has been posted before BUT...
  46. Best Man Speech.
  47. Scott Signs Bill To Restrict Mentally Ill From Buying Guns
  48. Huntsville Stars giving away chance to win guns as part of '2nd Amendment N
  49. Gun maker turns down W.Va. offers due to Sen. Manchin
  50. Senators Ask if NSA Collected Gun Data
  51. And now for something different...
  52. Give KC more power on gun control
  53. W.Va. teen who wore NRA shirt won’t be charged, judge says
  54. Glenn reads the unbelievable tweets of Trayvon’s “classy” friend
  55. What do the different color names mean?
  56. White girls can't play jazz....
  57. Obama got his answer...
  58. Free PMags!
  59. Is "Creepy Ass Cracker" A Racial Slur?
  60. Incredible Nightmare
  61. QUAIL is delicious! What other game birds to try?
  62. Bottled-water purchase leads to night in jail for U.Va. student
  63. Inquiry about "new" shooting style I am seeing...
  64. New map may explain Lee's decisions at Gettysburg...
  65. man-accused-of-strangling-cooking-family-dog
  66. The Tours on
  67. All this RACE Crap is Making Me Crazy
  68. LA riot 1992: A lesson from the past
  69. Well Built Bridge LOL
  70. Yeah, this would happen in Philly.
  71. How much water should be in Kenmore Water Softener?
  72. Majority of New Gun Buyers Chose Pistols
  73. Android 4.3 Firmware Spotted, May Hit "Nexus" Gadgets in July
  74. Man charged with attacking dog with machete
  75. People who drive slow in the left lane
  76. When will the Brady Center get out the big guns?
  77. Hiding the Numbers on Gun Madness
  78. Reggae Mon!!
  79. NFL Player Busted
  80. Calling All Texans.....a Question
  81. My friend paid $3000 for this guitar! (Pics)
  82. Awesome New James Yeager Video!
  83. How to drink a boilermaker
  84. Jewelry appraisal
  85. Digging around the back of my safe and found...
  86. Snowden
  87. 118º and 6% Humidity
  88. Another Darwin award.
  89. How to move all my stuff??
  90. Where to ask questions of the big head and Admins.
  91. SC Congressman Duncan Questions IRS Training With AR-15 Rifles
  92. 5th Amendment doesn't apply if you proclaim your innocence
  93. I like the NRA and all, but dang
  94. The Bourbon Trail...
  95. One way to ask for a push...
  96. Your biggest public speaking bomb...
  97. This is real talent.
  98. Anyone Hear the Story about What ACTUALLY Happened to Scott Speicher..??
  99. Obama pledges $7 billion to Africa
  100. July 4 parade nearly nixed over tea party plans to bring unloaded guns
  101. Hey Jeanine Pirro, you know where to find me (gun owners map)
  102. Women lead anti-gun control rally
  103. Anti gunner decides to get a carry permit, with zero experience.
  104. New TCv shows
  105. 150th anniversary of Gettysburg
  106. Real power belongs to the people, not the NRA
  107. Gun Control Begins to Fade Out
  108. Ophthalmic / ocular migraines
  109. Camishaper(body shaper)= false advertisement
  110. Tracking devices for remote areas
  111. For those upset over Paula Dean
  112. i need a new browser.
  113. UK couple terrified to find 7,500 "bullets" buried throughout their yard
  114. Louisiana GTers- Rob Maness
  115. Rare ammo find
  116. Who is the "coolest" guy alive? The "coolest" guy of the last 50 years?
  117. Two girls and mom killed ~ for dancing in rain video
  118. Just a reminder about gun control...
  119. Need GT help identifying a symbol on a grave.
  120. Brinkley: Do loose gun laws make economic sense?
  121. Would you date/marry a fat person?
  122. Girl buys water at grocery store, Undercover cops "spring" into action
  123. Worn Flags
  124. Some Details of Sandy Hook Killer Online Postings and Med History Released
  125. .22 LR ammo shortage?
  126. Snake !
  127. New Laws Go Into Effect July 1st
  128. Cuomo strikes back at gun rights lawsuit
  129. Anyone know how to get ahold of AKJ Concealco?
  130. Plant Based Eating
  131. "Business up front, Party in the back."
  132. USN F-35C Lightning lands at Eglin...
  133. Does anyone ever buy from the Sky Mall Magazine
  134. 19 Firefighters killed in Prescott Az
  135. Chicago-area towns rush to consider assault weapon bans
  136. Alberta RCMP to start returning guns seized from evacuated homes in flood
  137. Another CC scam, with a bit of a twist
  138. 'Enter the Dragon' actor Jim Kelly dies
  139. Contour HD vs. GoPro
  140. Where did the phrase...
  141. Egyptian military gives Morsi 48 hours to "resolve the crisis"
  142. My oil and other automotive & miscellaneous fluid collection.
  143. Anyone carry an Ontario RAT 1?
  144. Devildog.....A question
  145. Debunking the paleo diet: Christina Warinner at TEDxOU
  146. Peter Attia: What if we're wrong about diabetes?
  147. Syrian rebels behead Catholic Priest
  148. Folding bike
  149. CNN Broadcasts Zimmerman Social Security Number
  150. Former CNN Anchor Soledad O'Brien Joins Al Jazeera America
  151. another historybof weapons thread
  152. Baltimore Officials & Clergy Ask For Help After Dozens Killed
  153. Gov Quinn expected to amendatory-veto CCW in IL Tomorrow (7/2)
  154. Avg. sale price here on the classifieds is $13,578
  155. Car running hot with A/C on?
  156. Stinky bathroom problem...
  157. so a question about beheadings by muslims
  158. Macho man vs sissy boy
  159. Would we even be talking about George Zimmerman if he killed ...
  160. Russian security forces on US soil with FEMA???
  161. repost
  162. trying to remember the name of a lesser-known '80s cop show
  163. Three armed men break into home, two do not leave
  164. Small engine questions B&S
  165. prayers for friends
  166. WBC to picket fire fighters funerals in AZ
  167. Let's hear some funny names for mullets.
  168. Manchin fires back at gun manufacturer
  169. CO: Gun Control Opponents Display Blatant Defiance Of New Law
  170. Gun background-check crimes rarely prosecuted
  171. Gun Advocates Will March on D.C. July 3, Brandishing Nerf Guns, Supersoaker
  172. Gun control survey finds most first-time buyers are subject to background c
  173. WH Touts Kenyan Program to Obtain National ID Cards for Voter Registration
  174. Fourth Of July Fireworks Scrapped At (some) Military Bases
  175. Police officer gives gun to stranger to put down injured deer
  176. Ernie Hemingway ~ RIP
  177. Back in the day, without modern technology...
  178. Giffords visits shooting range before gun control tour
  179. CT Governor Malloy Looking To Stack The Deck Against Gun Permit Applicants
  180. LOL just got this in the e-mail...:)
  181. A safer Kansas?
  182. Siri Finds Out Steve Jobs Died
  183. Mounties Seize Firearms From Homes In Evacuated Town Won't Let People
  184. 400 Teens Brawl - Greensboro N.C.
  185. Cordell Jude upcoming trial
  186. Recommend me a multi-tool
  187. American workers are being paid by prepaid payroll card
  188. Mozilla Announces First Firefox OS Smartphones
  189. Presentando a Carlos Estevez
  190. Cell phone buying guide
  191. Dead person pushing mag release AFTER dying from self inficted gunshot to
  192. Top apps when you're working from home (WFH)
  193. Google's new Motorola ad one-ups Apple: It's all-American
  194. Two free ways to encrypt Google Drive files
  195. American Indians honor Obama!
  196. Tipping etiquette for home repairs
  197. More air passengers showing up with loaded guns
  198. Guy dressed as Darth Vader runs Death Valley in 129-degree heat
  199. debunk this email--please
  200. Join the NRA and one other Civil Rights organization
  201. Bead Blasting in Huntsville Al area
  202. CB shop in Sioux Falls SD
  203. Kris Kross star died of drug overdose
  204. Mechanic in Plano, tx?
  205. NRA "Self Defense Insurance"?
  206. 4th July Party at the embassy!
  207. Need to put down a horse
  208. Some fun stuff I threw together (target frame monstrosity)
  209. Consumer group outs 'Worst Restaurant Meal in America'
  210. Get a Gun song...
  211. Any Honda mechanics in the house?
  212. Technician accidentally broadcasts porn film on public display sign...
  213. IBM Has Laid Off Over 3,000 Workers; Union Reacts
  214. Russian Launch Failure Today
  215. NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH: Where do we go from Here?
  216. 3 more months.
  217. Simple Man: Lynard Skynard
  218. Still hope on passing sensible gun laws
  219. Carrying with one in the chamber means you are looking for trouble
  220. cool bear
  221. GNG Investors: School me on mutual funds
  222. Canine Dental Cleaning
  223. Dog shot by cops...justified?
  224. California Dog shooting - Justified?
  225. Insurance Co.: No Firearms During Local July 4th Parade
  226. Calling all Audiophiles - Car stereo ?
  227. Mom of tot taken hostage at Walmart: I begged for her life
  228. You now need a license to pump gas in NYC
  229. A Soldier's Pledge
  230. Six iOS apps you'll thank us for(CNET)
  231. Hack your Android like a pro
  232. Moto X sign-up page goes live
  233. Are you being watched?
  234. Paula Dean needs our help !!!
  235. The Social Security Administration (SSA) has paid at least
  236. Locking Your Dog In Your Car/Truck
  237. Is it time to pull the trigger on gun control?
  238. Gun records even more secret with new law
  239. Zimmerman Prosecutor Angela Corey Criminally Indicted By Citizens' Grand Ju
  240. How to STOP Losing My Knives
  241. Mouse inventor dies.
  242. Please keep your dogs away from fireworks this 4th
  243. HOA - Home Owner Associations - let's discuss:
  244. In case you haven't heard about free NRA memberships...
  245. I forgot to show you guys my rent-a-car from Chicago (pictures)
  246. The three most fascinating things we learned from Glock: The Rise of Americ
  247. Restraining/Subduing A Burglar---OKLAHOMA STYLE
  248. Looks Like Egypt Just Had a Recall Election
  249. Samsung Acquires Boxee For Around $300 Million
  250. New Watch, Comments