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  1. You guys are gonna love this...
  2. So, still going to carry?
  3. Learned something about cooking tonight...
  4. drive-to-end-blackout-nfl-games
  5. Al Sharpton on Meet the Press Today
  6. The most expensive toy your friends will smash
  7. The Zimmerman trial did all it was supposed to do
  8. NAACP's statement about Martin/Zimmerman...huh?
  9. Venezuela experiment: Will a gun ban stop the murders?
  10. A Christian Argument for Stronger Gun Laws
  11. Denver residents rarely use guns for protection in home invasions
  12. NAACP on Face the Nation....Zimmerman
  13. Something that can be learned from the Zimmerman issue...
  14. Zimmerman Concealed Carry
  15. Sen. Reid "This isn't over with Zimmerman"
  16. Moto X will sport always-on voice commands, leaked video shows
  17. Sandals
  18. Protests/vandalism in Oakland
  19. Grapefruits and meds
  20. Zimmerman gets his gun back
  21. MAGLITES.......Anyone a FAN...NEW LED Stuff..Have Questions...
  22. Do you see yourself in this Dawsonville GSSF video?
  23. Fla. mom gets 20 years for firing warning shots
  24. How did this become a Black / White thing
  25. New Illinois Law Empowers George Zimmerman style Cop Wannabes
  26. Obama on Trayvon... We need more gun control
  27. Replacement car radio. Need suggestion.
  28. Two of my favs now gone...
  29. Zimmerman wants to go to law school to help others like him
  30. Justice department exploring possible charges on Zimmerman
  31. Drastic Temperature DRop
  32. Holy crap its hot.
  33. Mosquitos must die!
  34. Anyone ever used Angies List?
  35. I paid off my house, now what?
  36. My first new..
  37. Asiana Flight Pilot Names - oops
  38. The hardest, biggest PITA home improvement you've done?
  39. Republicans Freak Out and Claim Obama Is Using Zimmerman to Take Thier Guns
  40. Mayor Bloomberg: End ‘shoot-first’ laws
  41. States with toughest gun laws have triple the amount of gun deaths
  42. Pacific Rim
  43. Walmart Steak - It was really good!
  44. The quick and the dead
  45. Something amazing has happened!!!!!
  46. If a friend of yours attended a rally for TM
  47. What is this car from Cinderella video?
  48. Will O'Mara become a sought after defense Attorney...
  49. Wyoming "Run To The Wall"
  50. I hope Zimmerman sues......everybody.
  51. What ammo did Zimmerman use?
  52. Verizon May Owe Apple $14B Over Slow iPhone Sales
  53. Tom's Guide: 15 Awesome Android Shoot 'Em Ups
  54. Why Jello Shots???
  55. CT: State Police To Gunmakers: No More Advice On Designs
  56. The Role Of “Stand Your Ground” In Zimmerman Trial
  57. My son is just developing a sense of morals. What can I tell him Zimmerman
  58. Does anyone else use window AC for individual rooms, and like them?
  59. Obama and future gun legislation?
  60. Electric auto maker Tesla: sales exceeding expectations
  61. As per the Civil Rights Playbook
  62. Obama says "Honor Trayvon with gun control."
  63. Federal civil rights probe faces significant investigative hurdle
  64. New studies: ‘Conspiracy theorists’ sane; government dupes crazy, hostile
  65. Uprising in Egypt/Libya is Zimmerman's Fault!
  66. 30 best iPad games
  67. Apple to investigate death of iPhone 5 user
  68. The Memphis Belle comes back to life (pictures)
  69. Morton Grove Wants Your Opinion On Weapons Mon 7 p.m. at the American Legio
  70. OR: New gun rules still just ideas
  71. Self Defense In North Carolina: Can You Stand Your Ground?
  72. Zimmerman's Not Guilty. But Florida Sure Is.
  73. Health & Nutrition Forum?... Poll?
  74. Shouldn't there be an opposite petition going now? (For no DOJ involvment)
  75. Self-defense must be eliminated so guns will be useless
  76. Zimmerman - Not Guilty
  77. Yappy/Crappy/Sappy Songs Stuck In Your Head...
  78. College education
  79. The word is in - how to stop a bear attack
  80. I Changed my mind on Zimmerman...
  81. Stefan Molyneux on Zimmerman/Martin
  82. Non-UnionizedTwinkies weigh less, have fewer calories
  83. Will AT&T finally get serious about prepaid with Leap deal?
  84. The Witch hunt continues...
  85. Piers Morgan lands Rachel Jeantel interview
  86. Zimmerman Juror B37 going to write a book
  87. Who uses a handgun like this?..
  88. Lotus Esprit for sale ("special")
  89. Just Fishing
  90. Bill Gates says Microsoft Bob will make a comeback
  91. New York City Guns Radio
  92. Beautiful space photography tops Australian contest
  93. The Zimmerman verdict outrage should also be about concealed guns
  94. Who Is the Second Amendment Foundation?
  95. Arizona Charity Is Raffling Off Four DPMS AR-15 Type Rifles, With A Twist
  96. WA: Wording of gun-related ballot measure finalized after court fight
  97. Which way will Hollywood go with it?
  98. Rumor: Windows Phone 9 Will Be Built from Scratch
  99. Where to Honeymoon
  100. Rabbi accused of road rage, impersonating cop
  101. Gun Control Advocates Hope to Put Gun Debate Back in Spotlight
  102. This is what we are up against...
  103. What happened to you after 40?
  104. Rapper View of the Zimmerman verdict...
  105. it was his duty to call it...
  106. Spooner/Simmons...are you watching Sharpton and Jackson
  107. Hamstring Issues
  108. Has anyone ever dealt with leukemia
  109. Driver Dragged! Auto Racing Road Rage Caught on Tape
  110. This is for Trayvon
  111. So is the craziness over? Can I buy ammo now?
  112. Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. Is it worth my time?
  113. Orgs Honoring George Zimmerman
  114. Another "Zimmerman" case in Florida
  115. Racism in America.
  116. Leaf Blower Superchargers....
  117. Medical record question.
  118. Play stupid games...
  119. Verdict "socially unacceptable"
  120. what is the online source to monitor local police radio?
  121. "Protestors" in LA trashing cars, stores, beating down people at random
  122. $10,000 Bounty On Zimmerman
  123. That Zimmerman thing
  124. How did Okie become mayor?
  125. Riot, right now! 1145PM Central
  126. taking vacation ,
  127. Losing my mind.
  128. What a horrible way to go... (serious)
  129. Maker of Gun Owner Tracking App Now Claims it Was “A Honeypot”, a Fake and
  130. His death wasn’t about race, guns, or your pet issue. It was about misjudgm
  131. Washington (state) gun initiatives square off
  132. Evergreen Park's Assault Weapon Ban Shot Down
  133. Former NRA president to lead Washington Times opinion pages
  134. In 10 days i.will be facing the Bermuda triangle....
  135. Civil rights charges against Zimmerman would be difficult, Justice official
  136. Photo of Zimmerman jury released
  137. Dershowitz: Zimmerman Has Defamation Case Against Florida Prosecutor
  138. AT&T gets in on no-contract, early upgrade plans too
  139. Apple in talks to acquire company behind Microsoft's Kinect
  140. Phone 5s hit by fingerprint sensor issues, claims report
  141. Eating out at a North Korean Restaurant
  142. Killing in Self-Defense: You Better Be White
  143. Little Stevie Wonder boycotts Florida
  144. Job Offer Letter - Question
  145. Last Night's (mini) Riot in LA
  146. 20 years ago - the Flood of 93
  147. Zimmerman Trial Evidence Photos
  148. Contemplating some life changes
  149. Intrusive DNA Collection? DNA Libraries? DNA Evidence Can Be Fabricated
  150. Outer Banks
  151. What is the worst song ever?
  152. Jambox or other Bluetooth speaker as a car stereo?
  153. Could This Be "Zimmerman II"
  154. Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo or, BVVP - The horror!
  155. Liquid/Soft Food diet
  156. Help me make 1st Ribs!!
  157. California Ban on Traditional Ammo May Ban all Hunting Ammo
  158. Center For Biological Diversity Lawsuit Scheming to Ban Lead Ammo Dismissed
  159. Youth marksmanship programs in new york state are dead!
  160. 'The Wire' creator, Ashamed to be American
  161. Can somebody please 'splain this to me?
  162. "Reverend" Al "Not So" Sharpton Dialing Up Trouble
  163. Black Racsim Killed Trayvon & Paula Deen's Career
  164. Minor riots in LA (two days after verdict)
  165. Holder Speaks at NAACP
  166. How mad does this make ya!
  167. Trayvon - Interesting Take from Black Neighbor
  168. Stop NRA----Big "FAIL" website
  169. $120 Kanye-branded plain white t-shirt sells out
  170. Airline Pilots Names Frisco
  171. Another Black Betty & Beard Man Thread
  172. Verizon Working on a Multi-Upgrade Scheme Too
  173. Leaked Video Reveals Moto X to Launch in August
  174. Electric service question for the brain trust
  175. Holder questions 'Stand Your Ground' laws
  176. 410 gauge shotty - $160 (nw) ?????
  177. My answer to a liberal re: Trayvon Martin
  178. Gardening tips?
  179. Holder urges review of stand your ground
  180. Will GM reimburse me for warranty work?
  181. Mark O'Mara will take calls
  182. What's Next for the NRA: Arming Young Black Males
  183. Beyond the NRA: Pro-gun Groups Aren't in Lock-Step
  184. After massacres, has anything changed when it comes to movies and games?
  185. Americans Own Nearly Half of the Privately Owned Guns on Earth
  186. Is Zimmerman a member of Glock Talk?
  187. Group challenges Starbucks policy on guns
  188. How Criminals Might Be Purchasing Weapons Easily, No Questions Asked
  189. Litigious society
  190. Tell me this isn't Nazi Germany
  191. News sources that quote Wikipedia
  192. Can we all agree Trayvon Martin was foolish?
  193. Bounty hunters against drones
  194. Zimmerman IT guy to file lawsuit
  195. Hannity Right Now
  196. He's Gettin' It!
  197. I'm in the gym now guys
  198. My conversation with Ken Vogal of politico, former Soros employee
  199. Why not carry a less than lethal weapon?
  200. IL: Almost all gun bans fail Monday evening.
  201. Manchin a straight shooter; NRA off target
  202. Justice Department Sets Up Email Address to Get Tips About Zimmerman to Bui
  203. The Democrats' gun conundrum
  204. Projectile Vomiting
  205. Don't want to turn your radio down? OK; I'm standing my ground then.
  206. IL: Council committee passes gun proposals
  207. The Justice Department should respect the jury's verdict
  208. Blacks benefit from Florida ‘Stand Your Ground’ law @ disproportionate rate
  209. I'm No Yankees Fan, But Mariano Rivera Rocks
  210. Dhzokar Tsarnaev on the cover of Rolling Stone
  211. Let's Theorize Zimmerman was racist.....
  212. I only have 13 days to live
  213. Apple delaying iPhone 5S due to switch in screen size?
  214. Cookware Preferences?
  215. LaBeefa Jeantel: 'Trust Me, I Am Educated, I Have A 3.0'...
  216. More Car Talk!!!
  217. Zimmerman's Black Intern
  218. Unarmed 17 year old kills 29 year old in El Paso
  219. How third party retailers can complicate your smartphone purchase
  220. Be a part of the group photo with Groopic
  221. You are George Zimmerman
  222. Let's play "Walt's body count"
  223. Americans own nearly half the privately owned guns in the world
  224. Hard Drive crash? PC Stolen? No Problem
  225. Fisher-people - help me think I'm not crazy
  226. Movie trailer is out for Hunger Game 2: Catching Fire
  227. Racial Comments and Epithets In Posts
  228. Lost a true legend today, Elmer T. Lee
  229. just wondering
  230. Remington and Armscor Expanding Ammo Manufacturing
  231. How can Nancy Grace get away with saying this
  232. Starting to build a plane. Advice welcomed!
  233. Illegal Alien Previously Deported 11 Times Arrested on Drug Charges
  234. Bloomberg’s Latest ‘Nanny’ Move: Pushing People to Take the Stairs
  235. Girl, 11 electrocuted in swim club pool
  236. I hate cheap people...
  237. 'Apple made me a porn addict' says US lawyer suing tech giant
  238. Pee-analyzing urinal spots drunks before they drive
  239. A brand-new dinosaur noses its way into the books
  240. White Chicks Can't Sing
  241. Can Obama read cursive?
  242. Open Cab Fire Trucks
  243. Any recurve/trad Archers? hunting, target, what ever
  244. Coulter: To avoid looking like a criminal, don’t commit a crime
  245. Sad songs
  246. In growing lawsuit, servicemembers fault TEPCO for radiation-related illnes
  247. looking for a good way to spend that extra mil you got?
  248. New Mac malware.
  249. I know what killed compact trucks...
  250. Grassley to Holder: Why is Your Dept. Hiding New Fast and Furious Murders?