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  1. Feel I've betrayed my musclecar roots!
  2. Need advice on a trade quick
  3. How to find a job when I graduate college
  4. Anyone watch Hardcore pawn?
  5. Nexus 7 teardown for 2013: Wireless charging, easy repairs
  6. Ice Station Zebra
  7. Applying for Ohio CHL and
  8. Picked up a new watch....
  9. RC toy coptor + smartphone or tablet + free software = robot drone
  10. World record dive attempt underway in South Holston Lake in Abingdon, VA
  11. Non Steel Shank work Shoes...Ecco?
  12. Squirrel plague closes 3 campgrounds near LA
  13. Drive-In Theater
  14. MS-13 on Nat. Geo. Channel
  15. Lets hear your thoughts on tort reform
  16. The “spectacularly unhelpful” Second Amendment
  17. Neighborhood watch groups ponder use of guns after Zimmerman trial
  18. Colorado Recall Election Shaped By Smartphones, Online Voter System
  19. Okie
  20. Oops
  21. Vacation Suggestions
  22. Anyone have the Galaxy S4 yet?
  23. What if ZImmerman had an accomplice?
  24. Heavy heart for a lost little girl.
  25. I think Tony Jaa would have beat Bruce Lee
  26. I wished I were Evel Knievel...
  27. Play me a song Cutis Lowe...
  28. Who played the best James Bond?
  29. "This is for Treyvon"
  30. Packaging for a rumored budget iPhone 5C shows up online
  31. Blocked ear / water in ear
  32. MO: Lawmakers to override Jay Nixons pro gun bill veto
  33. Bob Mansfield bio vanishes from Apple executive leadership page
  34. Can't get any sleep....
  35. Warning on Body Building Products Marketed as Containing Steroids or Steroi
  36. Are people that ignorant about technology?
  37. Obama once sponsered a SYG law...
  38. fastfood workers demand double pay!
  39. You laugh, you lose. Keep it SFW and try to keep a straight face...
  40. Alabama Football Player Tweets Pic Flashing Cash.
  41. My FIL Has Almost Succumbed To the Dark Side
  42. Ever dream you were someone else?
  43. Send text messages from your browser
  44. Don't Fund - Hit this Petition
  45. Wow! Check out this guy's skillz!
  46. High level drug dealer shot dead
  47. Does anyone else despise the Wendy's spokesgirl?
  48. ?? About restoring win Xperia
  49. To my dying day, I won't be able to get the Apple OS
  50. So ive been dating this girl...
  51. Why is it news websites with the most popup ads???
  52. Low-cost iPhone named in China Labor Watch report
  53. Fast food workers on strike want double pay
  54. Activist Adam Kokesh ordered held without bond in D.C.
  55. Oakland City Council Considering Ban On ‘Destructive Items’ During Protests
  56. Home Invasion Suspect on the Loose on my road
  57. Wannabe Waffle House Robber Shot by Diner
  58. Piers Morgan tonight
  59. Mayors Defect From Anti-Gun Group
  60. Detroit, St. Clair Shores cops robbed men at gunpoint
  61. Has Anybody Seen This Guy
  62. Flightgear/Flight Sim X fans
  63. Please Inform me on LinkedIn
  64. Residents want to learn from lessons of Fla. case
  65. Who Played the Best Doc Holliday?
  66. The Gun Lobby Takes Vengeful Aim
  67. In Virginia, self-defense is clearly spelled out
  68. Gun control tour coming to Mpls.; foes reviewing whether they can be armed
  69. Gun Rights Supporters Donate Far More on The Issue Than Gun Control Advocat
  70. Waltham Voices: What happened to gun control?
  71. Would you return your degree for cash?
  72. Weiner sexts whale.
  73. What's With All of These Train Wrecks...
  74. FBI arrests 150 in child sex trafficing raids
  75. guy on a buffalo....
  76. I have seen lots of strange things while tending bar...
  77. My Father told me to shoot em in the foot
  78. Who invented the "shocker?"
  79. 7/30/2013 I celebrate my 15 year wedding anniversary
  80. Help finding a specific belt buckle type.
  81. how to find info about police raid not in the newspapers
  82. Conflicted about quitting a job
  83. Stand your Ground In Action!
  84. Good idea or not?
  85. Animals, Pigs on the Wing
  86. Who else owns their own business here...
  87. Had to put my dog down
  88. The Problem With the Marissa Alexander–George Zimmerman Comparison
  89. Len Lisenbee: So what is common-sense gun control?
  90. The media are reporting juror says Z is guilty of murder. That's not true
  91. Neighborhood Watch works
  92. Huge explosion at propane facility in Florida
  93. Big Thanks to Flaggstaff PD and Walmart
  94. Credit app required on cash car deal?
  95. Is this irony or what?
  96. Habits of the Rich
  97. Montana AG denies all media requests to ID those with concealed carry weapo
  98. What if Zimmerman shot another person in SD?
  99. Guns in Florida
  100. Hialeah: Only the Latest Mass Shooting by a Concealed Carry Killer
  101. CBC recommends Sheila Jackson Lee for Homeland Security post
  102. So the gov'mint is dictating engine size?
  103. One to the crotch and one for the face.
  104. Sticker shock
  105. School in Arkansas to use armed teachers as "security guards"
  106. Manning Gets Off Light
  107. Which Supermoto?
  108. Pickup tire question.
  109. What can you do "as good as or better" than anyone else in the world?
  110. Dog eats paralyzed man's testicle
  111. auto repair question
  112. Utah to clarify food with liquor law
  113. From .40 Caliber to 9mm for accuracy.....
  114. Increasing numbers of Americans hate freedom
  115. CFR Steps Up Attack on the Second Amendment Using Discredited Statistics
  116. Gun-rights group raffling off shooting excursion to cover legal bills
  117. Guns Are For White People
  118. The 'Big Sandy Shoot' Is Like A Hippie Festival For Right-Wing Gun Lovers
  119. Starbucks, loaded guns and lattes
  120. Greatest gun story of all time!
  121. OK, this is REALLY my last Alaska post, I swear :)
  122. Anyone have one of those new wave PIC cookers
  123. Help selecting a fishing kayak
  124. Protection for my 15 year old daughter?
  125. Jeep Wrangler Aficionados-Advice
  126. i want this guys job!!
  127. Seeing hot chicks at the gym. Okay to talk to them?
  128. Holy cheese whiz! This has t happened to me since I was a kid!
  129. Wonder what they're filming? Old cop car
  130. Android 4.3 is here (for Nexus devices)
  131. Chemically smell in the car when ac turned on
  132. Buick GN Brake Question
  133. 2014 Ford F150 to have Natural Gas option.
  134. Arkansas school arms teachers
  135. KY as gun lube. Would it work?
  136. Remember the ammo stash found in UK?
  137. NYC Asks More Time To Turn Over MAIG Documents, Says SAF
  138. Moms group plans bus ride to protest AZ gun law
  139. Behind the Cover: How Guns Won
  140. Kelly Ayotte Event Guest Pantomimes Shooting Gun Control Advocates
  141. The gun debate: Suburban growth alters political calculus
  142. A Harvard-educated judge's jocular remarks about Yale and gun-toting women
  143. MS: Bryant, lawmakers, NRA want to join gun lawsuit
  144. Cleveland man with concealed carry permit kills robber in his driveway, pol
  145. US school district arming more teachers, staff
  146. Inside the high school where teachers with pellet guns are trained to take
  147. Don't Shoot! 9 Outrageous Gun Proposals Since Sandy Hook
  148. Alabama's New Gun Law goes into effect tomorrow 8/1
  149. NYC Soda Ban Struck Down Again, This Time By Appeals Court
  150. Walmart Ammo Experience
  151. Artificial human ear grown in lab
  152. Why Obama doesn't dare speak about Detroit
  153. One of the worst massacres in mountaineering history
  154. Mild, Mild West: IL counties see no problems from concealed carry
  155. A drone watched people
  156. Nitric Acid: 1 Pants: 0
  157. Samsung Galaxy S3 tops iPhone in smartphone satisfaction poll
  158. Is my wife going to need a lawyer?
  159. they call him Dances with Shotguns
  160. My gf sent me this
  161. Painting question DIY
  162. Skyping Question
  163. Everything you do on the internet is available
  164. Breast Cancer Symbols Everywhere
  165. Vision computers, any experience?
  166. Held for 5 days no food or water
  167. George Zimmerman stopped for speeding in Texas
  168. LTE: Gun advertising criticized
  169. Carol Megathlin: Gun sight at the OK Café
  170. Senator: NYC mayor is reason to oppose 'gun control' group
  171. Gabrielle Giffords Gun Control Super PAC Raises $6.5 Million
  172. It takes a real man to do this.
  173. 16 yr old girl. World record 1500m freestyle swim
  174. Please feed your dog...
  175. Tulammo BrassMAXX 223
  176. Rumor Has It: A lower-cost iPhone 5C for everyone!
  177. Samsung Galaxy S4 to make travel easier with dual-mode LTE
  178. dedication...
  179. Another ammo thread
  180. Lone Survivor(the movie) Trailer
  181. JCDP Chairman Bill Conover arrested
  182. Murder and Double Standards....
  183. The good, the bad and the ugly!
  184. Advice on enclosing a screen porch.
  185. Any veterinarian's around?
  186. Christie must deny gun sales to terrorism suspects, ban certain weapons
  187. New Jersey Gun-Carrying Limits Upheld by U.S. Appeals Court
  188. Federal Gun Agency Gets Its First Permanent Director in Seven Years
  189. Guns, Guns, Guns and the First Amendment
  190. Great Birthday Cake!
  191. RED 2 movie, anyone?
  192. Flag Pole Recommendations
  193. Tow Truck Driver takes a Car with Kids inside...Father Gets Arrested
  194. Looking for waterproof camera
  195. Apple store crazy lady immortalized by Backstreet Boys
  196. What is a "drone?"
  197. Alaska man kills charging bear with assault rifle
  198. Anybody Ever Put Your Picture on a Resume?
  199. 1,122 Record Cold Temps in the U.S. in one week
  200. Blacks benefit most from Stand Your Ground laws
  201. Translating 10 anti-gun propaganda phrases into English
  202. Sen. Baucus should support background checks
  203. Ohio has gun reversal since Sandy Hook
  204. Are Maryland State Police Unable or Unwilling to Expedite Instant Back Grou
  205. Accelerated finger nail growth??
  206. Maybe the greatest story ever to become a movie!
  207. Does your carry gun change depending on where your going?
  208. Judge grants restraining order vs Teamsters picketing
  209. Ohio Lawmakers Rushing Gun Legislation
  210. Am I being careful enough?
  211. Another music thread...
  212. Bloomberg's argument for Yellen as next Fed Chair
  213. Samsung Accused of Inflating Galaxy S4 Benchmarks
  214. Dos and don'ts of letting kids use Facebook (CNET)
  215. Norm!
  216. Samsung at work on dual-screen 'Galaxy Folder' -- report
  217. Recommend a Good Bench Grinder
  218. Motorcycle thru traffic...completely NUTS!
  219. SUPRISE....SURPRISE This tell you anything?
  220. I've always been iffy on the death penalty but...
  221. Airline repo
  222. Moto X: The first true anti-iPhone
  223. Bass Pro Shop Fall Master Catalog--bad photoshop job?
  224. So I got called into the boss's office today...
  225. Online programs to improve myself, math
  226. Dozens of CIA operatives on the ground during Benghazi attack
  227. A trace of sanity on refining stand-your-ground law
  228. U.S. Gun Violence: Murders Down, Suicides Up, CDC Reports
  229. Mayor Michael Bloomberg Blames Virginia for Big Apple Gun Crimes
  230. There is a 'gun control playbook' versus Washington gun owners
  231. Lawmaker: Stand Your Ground law is about self control, not gun control
  232. Racine boy, 14, accidentally shot while target shooting with relatives (WI)
  233. OMG they are gonna remake Scar face
  234. A well-spoken Black Gentleman
  235. Think I got a smoking deal
  236. Google is your friend, right?
  237. Bad Grandpa.
  238. Cops show up because you google pressure cooker
  239. Have you ever had to draw your weapon? Intervened in Feloneous activities?
  240. TV shows you can't wait for the next season to start!
  241. Biology/Physics (evolution related) question
  242. water
  243. Blacks are not killing Blacks
  244. Tennessee newspaper fires editorial editor for anti-Obama headline
  245. Dewalt deal for me
  246. Forget Rogaine: Grow your hair with this laser-light helmet
  247. Gun Permits Surge in Newton
  248. i need a translator.
  249. Must have medical packs?
  250. Has anyone here ever been deputized?