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  1. Advice to a room full of 18 year olds....
  2. Do people think asking for the manager helps get something stupid?
  3. Worst advice you were ever given as a teen?
  4. Bud Day laid to rest
  5. Seagate Laptop Ultrathin HDD Review: 500 GB In 5 mm Of Space
  6. What 8gs in a simulator looks like.
  7. Favorite Speeches/Monologues
  8. Youtube video: CCW holders live in a dream world
  9. Its beautiful!
  10. The "Name this thing" thread.
  11. Hey man, do you mind?
  12. Arkansas attorney general: Schools can’t arm teachers, staff
  13. Gun control efforts set back as Senate Democrats abandon background check
  14. Springfield's Smith & Wesson makes presence known in gun control debate
  15. Illinois Citizens Might Have to Choose Between Pot and Guns
  16. Ohio could soon be the latest state to enact a Stand Your Ground law
  17. MD: Guns released to buyers with criminal histories
  18. CO recall vote targets two senators who supported sensible gun control
  19. New BMW M4. Whaddya think?
  20. Freedoms and their limits
  21. Getting rid of gun control in Chicago?
  22. Illinois State Rep. Says Police may be killing black youths
  23. Hunting binoculars <$500
  24. Small Android tablets gain as Apple 'buzz' fades
  25. Tech Minute: Best waterproof phone cases
  26. Senior discounts
  27. Texas 'running out' of execution drug pentobarbital
  28. Trayvon Martin’s parents meet with federal authorities in Miami Read more
  29. Bad Lip-Reading
  30. Pollo Tropical
  31. Moving to Austin, TX!
  32. Caveat emptor or dirty trick?
  33. Politically Correct?
  34. Walter Mitty lives!!!
  35. Sharknado in real life!
  36. Android 4.3 causing issues for some Nexus 4 owners
  37. Fatal shark attack caught on camera...
  38. What Was Your First "Taxing" Experience??
  39. After fish hook mishap, dad on the hook for reckless driving
  40. VT: Firearm incident sparks debate over rights
  41. Looking for a job? here's a job in clothing retail NSFW
  42. In Russia, TV Watches You ....
  43. The $16,138 Straw That Broke the Camel's Back
  44. Reconditioned Echo String Trimmer?
  45. Luminox vs Citizen divers watch
  46. WWI movies and documentaries
  47. Scored three boxes...
  48. This week in College Football 2013/2014
  49. Wish us luck - entering 48 Hour Film Project
  50. Vote Poll: Don't fund anti-gun junk science
  51. MADtv Self Defense for Women
  52. Oh yes!
  53. Caption time!
  54. Tell me about Pittsburgh
  55. Gun Owners "Looking" for Confrontation
  56. Muscles so sore you can't sleep
  57. Would you rather work for a small firm, or a large one?
  58. Stop Android 4.3 from always scanning for Wi-Fi networks
  59. Debate: Do we need gun research?
  60. Ark. school superintendent: Hiding from gunman "failed policy"
  61. Google New Nexus 7 vs. Apple iPad Mini (CNET)
  62. Walmart ammo
  63. How much is your hand worth?
  64. Anyone else here not carry life insurance
  65. The lows and highs of small Android tablets
  66. Baboon burglars: How gang of kleptomaniac monkeys steals from People
  67. What is the goal of open carrying an AR15 ?
  68. GT Plumbers
  69. D-Day Reenactment coming up
  70. Self Defense Is Not An Option-They'll Just Have To Kill Me
  71. Why was the MN capital open at 12:01am?
  72. How to Use Gun Control Advocates’ Playbook Against Them
  73. Car guys, help me settle it
  74. Gun raffle upsets some in Blacksburg
  75. Leahy: Bloomberg's Gun Ads 'Didn't Help A Bit'
  76. Brady Campaign lawsuit against Armslist dismissed.
  77. Poll: Would New Jersey be safer if more people carried concealed guns?
  78. 93 Octane No Ethanol In Small Engines
  79. So I'm in Bermuda and this older black gentleman is telling everyone......
  80. Used Car Opinions
  81. Milwaukee county sheriff: Take a course in firearms.
  82. Guess Where I Am
  83. Gun company displays largest-caliber rifle ever created with bullets that c
  84. Need help: Denzel Washington trivia
  85. mac question
  86. There are plenty of articles out there, but when says GT: FJ or Xterra
  87. Kid Rock profiles people!
  88. Punk's not dead.
  89. What age girls should someone like me try dating?
  90. LOL Piers Morgan, really?
  91. Cuz I'm Drunk
  92. Outdoor ranges - NW Atlanta area?
  93. FrogLube
  94. Brady Bunch sues Armslist....and lose
  95. percentage of Missouri that's southern.
  96. XDs makes my hand hurt/solution
  97. I Love the Smell of Napalm in the Morning
  98. Love kills heroin addicts...
  99. Pro-gunners who are anti-knife?
  100. Anyone not have cable/satellite tv?
  101. Exclusive Footage of Birth of Royal Baby!!!!!!!!!!
  102. Alabama a may issue state?
  103. A Girl and A Gun comes to PA
  104. NH: Both sides of the gun control issue rally supporters
  105. Inside NRA University: The Gun Group Takes Supporters to School
  106. MD: Gun-buying frenzy in a summer of violence
  107. Will Spark Plugs Help?
  108. What says Summer to you?
  109. How Were the Jedis Killed Off So Fast
  110. Some gabe Suarez quotes
  111. Creeped out at the big box store.
  112. FBI allowed informants to commit 5,600 crimes
  113. Those "I Told You So" Moments.
  114. Pot bellied pigs
  115. Best offer I've heard in years
  116. 1956 Quarter
  117. Do We Need Gun Insurance for Concealed Carry Permits?
  118. cops shoot 14-year-old dead after teen shot at fleeing man
  119. New License plate stickers go OVER the expired one
  120. Just got back from Afghanistan
  121. Va. Gun Sales Rise, Firearm-Related Crimes Drop
  122. Off to Scotland, what to see/do/buy?
  123. Any DIN-sized in car gun safes?
  124. Invited to join AARP; I'm not even in my 40s
  125. Texan Shoots 2 Bank Robbers that abducted him and his wife
  126. Huckaby
  127. I'm a BB handgun sharpshooter
  128. haha funny pic I came across.
  129. You Went From Biance To Big Foot In Eight Hours
  130. The Wolverine - steaming pile of mutant dung!
  131. Short wave radio advice
  132. Nashville trip, what to do ?
  133. NSA Collects 'Word for Word' Every Domestic Communication
  134. Watch recommendations for my son...
  135. How a Car’s Electronics Can Be Taken Over Remotely
  136. Going Watchless.
  137. Does anyone consider the current terrorist threats as "convenient"?
  138. Can anyone help with outdoor stereo setup?
  139. Megalodon: Shark Week
  140. Would I be in trouble if I had shot this dog?
  141. Tourists and Stand Your Ground
  142. Husbands shoots bank robbers.
  143. Art Donovan Dies
  144. Man arrested at annual Gun Buyback Day event
  145. Caucus tries to prevent self-defense law's implementation in Ohio
  146. Heroes or hindrances: Incidents give rise to debate over citizen arrests
  147. CO: Stand your ground laws protect a citizen's right to defend themselves
  148. Here's hoping Colorado recall elections fail miserably
  149. New study finds vast online marketplace for guns without background checks
  150. Buying motorcycle with lien on it?
  151. US Cover Up Program - Cover it Up and/or Just Flat Out Make it Up
  152. Man Arrested For OC In Rutland VT
  153. Chuck E. Cheese is where the action is at!
  154. What I have to put up with (local politics / gun range)
  155. Tray-style table recommendation?
  156. WI: Vigil, call to action on gun violence to mark date of Sikh Temple
  157. and now for something complete different
  158. Keith ellison confesses his kleptomania
  159. 1st time drawing in real self defense situation
  160. The employee from hell is back.
  161. Now thats a big round. .905cal
  162. Soylent Green
  163. Your DMV horror stories?
  164. Mobile Payment Company Says NO To Guns
  165. Night vs Day video comparison landing on the aircraft carrier
  166. Do we live in the age of scams?
  167. Must ban these "Assault Cars!"
  168. A Rod and others suspended today - MLB of the darker days?
  169. Sound of Marine F/A-18's irks Long Beach city council woman..
  170. I got a Reply from MArco Rubio about Edward Snowden
  171. A-Rod is on TV lying...
  172. Parents of older teenagers: Advice needed.
  173. Neat App: ISS Spotter
  174. Black Teens brutally assault white teen on school bus
  175. All you Glock Talk members are so stupid!
  176. Today In Gun Fun Times: Should We Arm Our Precious Snowflake College Studen
  177. House Republicans keep defunding organization that doesn’t exist
  178. The problem with the Second Amendment is that it’s confusingly worded
  179. Patrick Leahy: Gun control is dead and Michael Bloomberg killed it
  180. Whey do we tell Al Qaeda what we know?
  181. USA or Austria
  182. Whoa bad accident.....flying 18 wheeler....
  183. going to el segundo....what to see and eat?
  184. You all know the insane amount of stress I've been under
  185. Ark. AG: School must name teachers in gun program
  186. 14-year-old teen fatally shot by New York City police officer
  187. Any Falconers here?
  188. A woman as fed chair? No, no, why not a transgendered?
  189. When will the idiots stop shooting?
  190. Tendinitis
  191. Family Affair
  192. White men can't jump.
  193. Question for Sailboat People
  194. 2nd Amendment Victory in CO
  195. How teachable is critical thinking and problem solving in adults?
  196. New Explorer Sport into the 12's already!
  197. Ashton as Jobs?!? That's the best they can do?
  198. Anybody else saddened by the controversy over the 12th Doctor?
  199. All I want, is frickin' sharks, with frickin' laser beams on their heads!
  200. Is it just me???
  201. Federal judge dismisses suit stemming from 2011 Oak Brook shooting
  202. Should U.S. Gun Manufacturers Be Held Responsible For Mexican Violence?
  203. Wooed by Gun-Friendly States, Some Manufacturers Pull Up Stakes
  204. Palo Alto mayor signs on to gun-control coalition
  205. Is Banning Toy Guns A Solution To Reduce Violence?
  206. MD: Prince George’s police announce gun-trafficking hunt
  207. ‘Insane’ support for ‘stand your ground’ laws
  208. Would the Founding Fathers include driving...
  209. Lab grown meat - would you eat it?
  210. PB&J Lawsuit Dismissed
  211. Forgive if a re-post...Dem. Dream Ticket in 2016.
  212. Millions Of People Will Suddenly Find Themselves Eligible To Buy Guns
  213. Oprah Winfrey compares Trayvon Martin to Emmett Till lynching
  214. Stalingrad Trailer
  215. Both sides ready for debate at Florida’s ‘Stand Your Ground’ hearings
  216. PA: Gun violence leading cause of death of Black children
  217. Looks like Amish Mafia is back on next week
  218. AP gets threats after asking names of concealed carry permit holders
  219. The truth has been spoken!
  220. The Last Ship Trailer. New TNT Series
  221. Obama speaking in my city today.
  222. What is a good blender?
  223. Need help with music folder
  224. How many of you listen to Dave Ramsey - why are people so stupid?
  225. Breaking Bad as a Middle School Musical
  226. Am I the only one that wants to try this?
  227. Man calls 911 because McDonald's got his order wrong
  228. Great news (RE:DOD CIV Employees)
  229. TextNow kicks off mobile phone plan for $19 a month
  230. Football on Your Phone - Manning Brothers music video
  231. Some HVAC help please.
  232. Patriotic...
  233. Forum settings - anything to make this happen?
  234. Tony Stewart out of the #14
  235. Best Wishes to George W...
  236. PGA Championship Predictions?
  237. Bang!
  238. If you think you have a hard time making up your mind about something,
  239. Movie theaters in the future
  240. Hulu Plus or Netflix
  241. Went fishing today with my youngest daughter!
  242. Another guy that needs a dirt nap
  243. Bullet weight vs barrel length questions
  244. Need some help with my weedeater....
  245. Circuit Court: ‘Unsettled’ if 2nd Amendment Applies Outside of Home
  246. EVEN as he fights the N.R.A., Chris Murphy understands that guns are in the
  247. Favorite summer treat (non alcoholic)
  248. My First Real Cannon
  249. Made a nice little score today...
  250. Will Suzuki Ever "Modernize" The DR400?