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  1. Value of Human Life
  2. Microsoft Surface Pro
  3. Best non-supported actress
  4. Florida vacation
  5. Packages stuck at USPS "Depart USPS Sort Facility, LOS ANGELES, CA 90052"
  6. So how many of you GT'rs have medical MJ cards?
  7. The New Beverly Hillbillies
  8. Surgeon General Adds to List of Smoking's Harms
  9. Octo-Mom to appear in court today
  10. Texas man faces citation for warning about speed trap
  11. inspiring and sad.
  12. Utah police officer kills family
  13. CO HS Shooting Might Have Been Preventable
  14. I Had a Visit From Police at Work Today
  15. Ivory Coast cracks down on cyber crime
  16. Any "cold justice" fan's?
  17. Made a huge mistake and drank a monster energy drink
  18. Japanese soldier hid in jungle for 29 years, dies at age 91.
  19. $1.6M Colonoscopy
  20. Work Hours
  21. Price check on .357 ammo
  22. Sundance Film. FE 26 "iron"
  23. Vietnamese Dong (currency) revaluation?
  24. Wife's car got broken into this morning.
  25. Body cam police shooting...
  26. Upper Division instructor former FBI and CIA
  27. Maine To Follow Kalifornia Lead Bullet Ban?
  28. Dr. Phil. Felony Murder
  29. Y-chromosomal Aaron
  30. New car time----
  31. Gay Marriage & marijuana
  32. smart (but small) cell phone?
  33. Last car question...I promise
  34. Anybody going to Mesquite gun show tomorrow?
  35. What music video makes you say WOW! everytime?
  36. Classic car museums
  37. WWII soldier who hid in jungle for 29 years dies at 91
  38. GT Forbidden in Seoul
  39. Semi jumpin.
  40. Pretty Well Sum Up 80's Music For Me
  41. Predicting the future.
  42. A new attack
  43. New movie to paint bad picture of NRA
  44. Baby Gave Cop Finger
  45. Steak Night!
  46. Traffic Stop Gone Wrong Cop Fired???
  47. 2003 Accord front axle trouble...
  48. Anyone watching "The Taste"?
  49. Kitty Litter Box
  50. Ever hear of a loading party?
  51. Tire pressure monitoring system question
  52. websites and domains
  53. Interesting Site
  54. Homeowner shoots, kills intruder
  55. Never been this sick! So sore
  56. People are more likely to kill when they have a gun
  57. Sunrise in Beijing. I knew the smog was bad, but...
  58. NASCAR Circling the Drain
  59. cigar question
  60. Mike Rowe: Learning From Dirty Jobs
  61. Fire or Police Dept Service Pin?
  62. Did any of you take the flu shot and still get the flu?
  63. Mecum Auto Auction Is On
  64. Call that a bullet mate? Now I call this a bullet!!
  65. Hard copy data storage
  66. Drought Emergency Declared in CA
  67. Amberlamps movie
  68. At IDPA this morning......
  69. Ruger dumps California
  70. New Job Opportunity
  71. Steak tartare
  72. Liberal Discussion Forums?
  73. Live Bill Murray Reditt Thread
  74. Anyone using an oscilloscope app?
  75. Gov. Andrew Cuomo says gun-loving pro-lifers not welcome
  76. Doomsday Prepper arrested on gun charges
  77. Good leather hiking boots
  78. Fess up. Who here shaves their arms?
  79. Can anyone recommend some maintenance management software?
  80. Who knew Harley Davidson used to make snowmobiles?
  81. Online auction vs in house auction
  82. Great American Outdoor Show, Harrisburg, PA, Feb. 1-9
  83. out of 10 things,,,
  84. sundays divisional playoffs
  85. Strange x-rays.
  86. Interesting character at the gym today...
  87. Blackphone
  88. Just got back from watching Lone Survivor
  89. IPhone 4 Bricked?
  90. Thought they were hot then, but now looking back...
  91. Where to get a good leather dress belt?
  92. Target offers credit monitoring - any downside to it?
  93. Glock Talk App
  94. 300 rounds through revolvers yesterday
  95. Global Freezing Coming
  96. Someone asked me a question about black powder revolvers...
  97. I got the bug to buy a tablet
  98. Duck Dynasty. ...before
  99. Dog video
  100. R.I.P Roy Garber (Shipping Wars)
  101. AFC Championship: Patriots at Broncos
  102. NFC Championship: 49ers at Seahawks
  103. Tiny frickin' leaves: rake 'em or get leaf blower?
  104. What is this weird portable stove?
  105. Anyone built their own kitchen cabinets?
  106. Ventura, Ca. ?
  107. Our Nation's biggest cocaine dealer: The DEA
  108. Verizion Hot spot puck????
  109. My Wife's Been Kidnaped, PLEASE HELP !!
  110. I am NOT worried at all! Anybody else in the area concerned?
  111. Looking forward to the Red Sox !
  112. As soon as it starts getting nice outside, I'm gonna....
  113. The Dumb Criminals Thread
  114. A young woman's common-sense discussion regarding firearms ownership
  115. which Gters in Vegas 21 and 22nd of Feb?
  116. Dear Leader says Marijuana no more dangerous than alcohol
  117. Jessica Buchanan on 60 minutes
  118. Coming soon to a hipster near you.
  119. Ban assault clips
  120. At what point will the money not be worth the strings attached?
  121. Peyton Manning "Omaha"
  122. New Star Trek TV Series
  123. Blatant Discrimination!!!
  124. Blatant Discrimination!!!
  125. It's MLK Day
  126. Will Washington and Colorado...
  127. Mussel shell stuck in throat...what to do?
  128. No wonder gun sales are at record high sales
  129. long term ammo storage. Recommend containers
  130. Any fitness folks here?
  131. Seattle's Richard Sherman being himself
  132. Handling Layoff on a short notice
  133. rat & ants - Help
  134. Ghost Gun with a 30 Caliber Magazine Clip!
  135. Jeep Wrangler Owners
  136. idiot sighting
  137. How do you attract skilled people in the building trades?
  138. Inflation chart or graph?
  139. Everyone is entitled to their opinion :)
  140. The NBA Basketball Thread
  141. Cheap digital cameras. Much differance between brands?
  142. Anyone off Microsoft Office?
  143. So I Was Watching Movie With The GF...
  144. ‘Liberal’ TV Anchors Alter Stance On Second Amendment
  145. Chainsaws
  146. Harvard Study finds for 2A
  147. Runaway Kid
  148. Looking for a new (pre owned) car Sport Sedan type
  149. High end blender or food processor, and why?
  150. Shopping in Texas
  151. Maryland Profiling Gun Owners Passing Through?
  152. Anyone Liking the 2015 F150? Not Liking??
  153. Recommendation on tobacco pipes and where to find
  154. 2014 Olympics - odds of an incident?
  155. I couldn't resist...NEW G42.. (PICS)
  156. ** 911 **
  157. The ‘Backpack Cannon’
  158. 401K advice needed...
  159. Bought my 1st pair of nice boots today!
  160. NFL Nixing PAT?
  161. Skater Flips Off Competitor
  162. Which Cruise Lines Are Best?
  163. This police officer takes his public service to a whole new level
  164. Considering the current weather: This is really good!!!!!!!!!!!!
  165. Amazon question (not the river)
  166. OK it's VR time
  167. I just want to go on record and say......
  168. Bacon
  169. Good, economical knife sharpener
  170. my new glock purchase
  171. How does one spend 75,000 one dollar bills in a strip club?
  172. 98-02 F-Body vs 99-04 'Stang GT
  173. Itunes Match
  174. Celebs without their makeup
  175. Prisoners (the movie)
  176. Danner boots
  177. "Touch" kitchen faucets
  178. Police Scanner Listeners??
  179. online courses for college credit
  180. One dead at Purdue,
  181. Anyone Here Knowledgeable on Immigration Policies, VISA's, Green Cards??
  182. For you Mars Conspiracy enthusiasts
  183. Small pocket sized pepper spray options
  184. Snow Bound!!! Life Is Canceled!! LOL!!!
  185. The philosophy of ambiguity, as well as the idiosyncrasies of english:
  186. old guy parking
  187. Who wants to save $$$ on CCWP in MN this month?
  188. Proof that weed Can kill you
  189. What's the best popcorn butter that taste the most like movie theater..
  190. Powered paragliding.
  191. Connersville police chief accidentally shoots self at gun shop
  192. Cellular advice needed
  193. Car Problems
  194. Pirate Movies
  195. SPANISH FORK, Utah. Wasn't someone just asking?
  196. Would they turn you in?
  197. Girl calls female teacher who molested her in school.
  198. 200 pounds of $#!& standing on the scale this morning !!!
  199. USAA CC and Target issue
  200. 4runner question
  201. This is starting to become crazy
  202. Book Recommendation
  203. A great man gone.
  204. Wolf of Wall Street
  205. Weirdo with a pillow
  206. New Years Resolution BROKEN!
  207. Moose Tenderloin
  208. Pimco CEO Mohamed El-Erian to Leave Pimco in March
  209. Interesting dream.
  210. Religious epiphany?
  211. Need one of those I-Pod thingys...
  212. Single Man - two cars?
  213. Awesome Eurofighter Typhoon Low Level Flight
  214. Home weather station
  215. Ordered Off the Senior Menu for the First Time
  216. Been asked to help coach a new scholastic pistol program.
  217. 2014 BMW M235i Driving Review
  218. Music Through the Generations
  219. Breaking News Shots Fired
  220. Does anyone know if the law enforcement ems discount...
  221. Both LAX Terminal Officers During Shooting Went On Unreported Breaks
  222. Math guys - help
  223. Netflix dead!
  224. Another brainless politician
  225. Recommend a Bluetooth for wife's car
  226. My Sony Bravia is Broken
  227. Astrology, Fact or Fiction?
  228. Hey Bac, show us your holsters
  229. Cell phone use at the movies
  230. Plenty of fish in the sea!
  231. 8 Year Old Boy Dies saving Family from Fire
  232. What is the best all round combat fighter aircraft?
  233. Roll Call! Last Item you ordered on Amazon?!
  234. Domino Tricks...
  235. This isn't justice!!!!
  236. Cat (and probably dog) treat names...
  237. What's in your man cave
  238. New Chevy Suburban too expensive now.
  239. From Rags To Riches. Now what?
  240. What Do You Collect?
  241. Is this a set up
  242. They've Got Money, But They Don't Have Cash
  243. Fight or give up ? Depends right ?
  244. Is It Possible to Move a Couch Alone?
  245. Ruger is going to stop selling semiautomatic pistols in California. S&W too
  246. Justin Bieber Arrested Last Night Miami
  247. Cessna 210 vs. Canada Goose
  248. Opinions wanted - pub crawl theme
  249. Turbans and beards now OK for US military
  250. US Military to Allow Turbans, Other Religious Clothing, Observances