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  1. Cold out for a run
  2. Hickock45 reviews Glock42
  3. You know your a shooter when...
  4. "Blowtorch rapist" - Detroit
  5. Stevie Nicks
  6. 1000 kids.
  7. Heads up
  8. Did Medicare break up Captain & Tennille?
  9. Rare coins??? What to do....
  10. Thinking of purchasing this Mustang
  11. CT non-compliance with registration
  12. Help me identify movie
  13. Smith & Wesson to End Most CA Sales Due to Microstamping Regulation
  14. Even in death, you have to pay back obamacare
  15. PB&J Utensils
  16. New sights for Glocks displayed at SHOT show
  17. “Piers Morgan Constitutional RKBA Without Infringement Act”
  18. *****Gun free zones*****
  19. Glock 42, Hickok Review Video
  20. Zombieland on Syfy
  21. I am the KING of all PROCRASTINATORS !!!
  22. Thanks for 11 years together folks!
  23. A Conference Call in Real Life
  24. Why do women always have to ruin everything?
  25. Frozen water lines -- prevention and post freeze
  26. Got a call from the BATF today...
  27. Super Bowl Party, what's on the menu?
  28. Little known history about your state
  29. Need suggestions for a rifle restoration.
  30. You know you're from Kansas when....
  31. going back to a droid phone
  32. CNN Cuts 40+ Journalists
  33. Piers Morgan getting a rib broken
  34. Who was the best P-51 pilot?
  35. Reccommend a rental car for a road trip
  36. Recommenced a good cigar
  37. Important medicare information
  38. Any releif for psoriasis?
  39. Turn em Loose Jerry
  40. Justin Bieber question
  41. $7.00
  42. GT on OHUB: anyone else having problems?
  43. Justin Bieber
  44. Does anyone write "See ID" on Credit/Debit cards?
  45. Newspaper wants concealed carry informatio
  46. Anyone go to Centralia, PA?
  47. Road Rage Shootings
  48. Agentines on GT, what is going on there?
  49. PC-Matic, etc
  50. Supreme Court weighs gun rights challenge
  51. Cost of propane
  52. Newspaper plans Concealed weapons database
  53. What Are Your Thoughts on This Music Video
  54. Obama Blames Conservative Media, Limbaugh and Fox News For Failures...Again
  55. Worst drivers in the US are.......
  56. Ngd
  57. Gun control twist...How can we help each other?
  58. blazing saddles starting on AMC
  59. Any Human Resources experts here?
  60. My Best Friend Just Died
  61. Pick my next Scotch....
  62. Epic texting pranks
  63. Panhandler
  64. Do you have friends that you never talk to?
  65. Am I the only one that.......
  66. Some folks are going nuts..
  67. The great smartphone app thread...
  68. Young Guns: A Diane Sawyer Special(anti-gun rant??)
  69. No Sound From Toshiba
  70. Proposed Oklahoma Ban On Marriage Licenses
  71. Workmans comp advice
  72. Ouch
  73. Anyone seen this ammo or dealt with it
  74. The End of an Era
  75. State Guns
  76. Doubling-down on dumb: Homeland Security loses assault rifle
  77. Towel rack repair - thoughts from The Hive wanted....
  78. Shooter at Maryland Mall
  79. <sigh> I really hate funerals
  80. For the Gold Bugs
  81. First indoor range visit
  82. Pretty Decent Looking UFC Fights Today
  83. New G2R Ammo (VIDEO)
  84. What will your funeral look like?
  85. The Real Challenges to Growth
  86. Sopranos vs Breaking Bad
  87. Honda Ridgeline Owners
  88. DC man faces jail for having empty shotgun shell
  89. Gun owner unarmed, unwelcome in Maryland
  90. ObamaCare finally nailed me. Ugh.
  91. Neat game.
  92. Agent Carter
  93. RIP round
  94. Work boots
  95. Armed Guards at AMC Theater
  96. Natural Gas pipeline rupture in Canada; not a good time for this...
  97. Question for those who can squat 300 Lbs or more...
  98. 911 and broken pipe
  99. Snowden: NSA involved in industrial espionage.
  100. The Blues are back
  101. Frozen the Disney Movie
  102. The 40 yr Old Blanket and The Fire Department
  103. Odd Knowledge and Obscure Facts
  104. Is there any person on TV more irritating than....
  105. 11 Sounds That Your Kids Have Probably Never Heard
  106. This will hurt the pocket book...
  107. A good dont text and drive video
  108. Triple B Clays WOW !! Yesterday was GREAT !!
  109. Klondike bar
  110. Woman "hit and runs" a pedestrian...her boyfriend
  111. Two COM, one to the head
  112. curse of Oak Island
  113. NFL Super Bowl "What Ifs"?
  114. Willie, Merle & Kris in Grammys
  115. Nuns Adopt Elderly Pitbull...
  116. Neat desk scanner
  117. When You First Got Your Driving License
  118. Happy Birthday Navy Seal Danny Dietz
  119. I ate at BWW...
  120. NFL Pro-Bust
  121. What are replacement of struts worth?
  122. Nathan Hale
  123. Fruit and Veggies juicers, which is the one to buy?
  124. A drive in the ground blizzard
  125. Obama to Assert Unilateral Agenda
  126. Black Sails = Fail
  127. Dolly Parton
  128. Weapon of mass destruction in Pennsylvania.
  129. How Long Before this Ammo is Outlawed?
  130. Ordered a pair of Danner Mountain Trail Boots
  131. This is something we all do without thinking and it could burn your house d
  132. This is the ONLY Adams-Farwell automobile left in existence
  133. WOW what a 10 year old girl
  134. Isn't Kim Jong-un just a little ray of sunshine?
  135. Medicine Bill From last Year..
  136. F150 owners
  137. Anti-gun mayor holds 'gay' crush hostage with gun
  138. Ever wonder if they just make this stuff up as they go along?
  139. Favorite dry puppy food
  140. Are U.S. Veterans selfish?
  141. Splitting a check
  142. Shocks & Struts clearance question
  143. Unwinnable arguments/debates
  144. Standley Lake High School closed after student sets himself on fire
  145. Very bad night last night, nightmare from hell
  146. Why isn't the rotary engine more popular?
  147. anyones slider not working ?
  148. bread and milk crowd
  149. Who knew "extensive eduction" was the gold standard remedy for fraud??
  150. Snow Tow-Sled Ideas
  151. Manhattan man, 84, ticketed for jaywalking to file $5 million lawsuit again
  152. Stetson cowboy hat ?
  153. Educate me on electric cooktops and wall ovens.
  155. Best Leather Wallet you can buy!
  156. ‘the last round you’ll ever need’
  157. 65 Years Of Hot Rod Magazine...
  158. The next Shawn White?
  159. RIP Pete Seeger
  160. Good Drawing Markup Pencils
  161. Overused words and phrases...
  162. Two and 1/2 hours in the dentist chair, **** me !!
  163. What is the best all-round pistol cartridge?
  164. Home was broken into
  165. Maybe there's a way to make a buck here ...
  166. Review of Obama's '13 State of the Union: Results are in....
  167. Wife wants her kidney back
  168. Wife wants her kidney back
  169. Who will be the better peace officer?
  170. Should Yamaha Build This Super Bike?
  171. am I the only one
  172. Snow shuts down Birmingham, AL
  173. How to beach a 21,000 Ton Ship
  174. Bought a '05 Mercedes w/22,000 miles. Should I buy an extended warranty?
  175. NFL and Concussion Payouts
  176. Obama raises minimum wage.
  177. Winter Boots
  178. Truck is going south...and not for the winter...
  179. Charity Mountain Bike Race... come ride!
  180. Wow another School shooting
  181. Massive Rock Slide - WOW
  182. I bought this for my ma cave, anyone else have one
  183. State Of The Union Drinking Game
  184. ObamaCare Dumped $1.2 Bil Into Failing State Exchanges
  185. Dang...GA got hammered with snow & cold
  186. Vasque boots
  187. Land grab
  188. They Sound Tired, But They Don't Sound Haggard
  189. Vegetables are served!
  190. Mama Said
  191. Warren Sapp: Michael Strahan doesn’t belong in Hall of Fame
  192. Help finding old style military watch cap.
  193. Petsmart $5 off $25 coupon
  194. Help, Cat, Keyboard, Little Screen
  195. College for fun.
  196. Damned post office!
  197. Best Movie Soundtracks
  198. Back to the great sinus debacle of 2014
  199. Walking Dead Season 1
  200. Futuristic bra only opens for 'true love'
  201. 401k revisited
  202. $1,000 to $3,500 for superbowl tickets
  203. the history around the Iwo Jima sculpture
  204. Don't try to "photobomb" The Weather Channel's Jim Cantore
  205. I don't like Pete Seegers music.
  206. K&N air filters vs OEM
  207. Taylor Swift attacked during Grammys
  208. Cars that run differently on different days?
  209. Chic-Fil-A gives food away to stranded motorists
  210. What is the actual result of raising minimum wage?
  211. WV Water Situation Just Got Worse
  212. A weird and odd stuff thread....
  213. Brake check a tank, stand in front of it
  214. Winchester 22LR ammo recall
  215. Budweiser Ad
  216. Polar pure water purification unavailable due to CA/fed regulations
  217. Not a fan of Delta
  218. Transatlantic Cable Info
  219. spinal health question
  220. Think we'll see this on the Super Bowl?
  221. Any good job quitting stories?
  222. Beiber downward spiral
  223. Letter to Gov. Jay Inslee
  224. some prayers .
  225. You folks seen this?
  226. Marlin 25mn actin replacement
  227. wanna a quick burrito
  228. Bad Designs We Live With
  229. when did they start ...
  230. If you were in the Army or Marines you will understand
  231. Three tools.
  232. What causes people to become homeless?
  233. First Porsche motor car found in old warehouse after 112 years
  234. VIDEO: Former Navy Seal DESTROYS Islam And Obama, Drops Quran On Floor
  235. AHS: coven season finale ( here be spoilers)
  236. So my wife bought a car with a turbocharger...
  237. Remote Starting System - 2010 Civic
  238. Does anyone have anymore details on this story
  239. Is Bruce Jenner Turning Into A Woman?
  240. New Aussie PSA
  241. Magpul dumps CO, PTR flees CT and now Beretta drops VA
  242. Best way to transfer files from Dropbox to Google Drive?
  243. Superb Owl Eks Ell Vee Eye Eye Eye - Seahawks v. Broncos
  244. Amanda Knox- Guilty (again)
  245. Rocco Needs Your Prayers...
  246. MMA and self defense shooting
  247. Automatic Knives
  248. The Ukraine Uprising
  249. Masons: Is there a way to confirm if someone in my family was a member?
  250. 3 days in Madrid, Spain