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  1. "must qualify with .45 ACP, .308, .223, .375, .458 & 45/70"
  2. Do the writers of Southland just watch COPS reruns or what?
  3. DEA...A Kingdom unto itself
  4. animal escape call
  5. Ohio HS shooting
  6. NYPD MOS Hit in Gunblelt During Running Gunfight
  7. Any Chance
  8. It's raining, you get arrested, SHUT UP!
  9. Defensive tactics training question
  10. Side Jobs
  11. Daughter draws gun and father arrested
  12. H&K LEM Question
  13. Cops remove guns from family home
  14. ssdd
  15. Fight like you train
  16. For those who have followed my hiring process...
  17. Ga. judge brandishes handgun in court
  18. Execution by Firing Squad
  19. Most sleep deprived, and best rested occupations
  20. "Might as well shoot your lawyer"...
  21. What to engrave on a sword?
  22. My Health Thread
  23. Crossbreed Vest Holster
  24. Leader of the Texas 7 to be executed
  25. CHP Smith 1006??
  26. Need new Duty Holster Recommendations?
  27. Man in the Arena
  28. Kind of Off-Topic...Favorite Readings?
  29. Recommend a good vest holster for a back-up Glock 27
  30. Joe's at it again
  31. Fraternal Order of Police's (FOP) Boycott for Daniel Faulkner
  32. What's your "coolest" cop moment?
  33. Chapter 2 of my life
  34. Psgwsp....
  35. Look at what followed me home
  36. Training in Central Texas
  37. Intruder stopped for snack before fatal shooting
  38. Police officer killed in Tamworth shooting (Australia)
  39. Chinese hackers took over NASA's Jet Propulsion Labratory
  40. What Flashlights are we carrying?
  41. Off-Duty Survival – A Refresher
  42. Texas launching navy in all-out pursuit of Mexico drug cartels.
  43. OIS- Mobile, AGAIN
  44. Indiana house approves bill authorizing the shooting of Police Officers
  45. Georgia lawmaker tries to shield officers from 'sovereign citizen' harassme
  46. Discomfort (or why are people in NJ such ******s?)
  47. Can an officer take your gun?
  48. Compstat Bingo
  49. Taser X26 for sale
  50. Robbery at local store, where I work off duty
  51. Possibly Nation's Oldest officer
  52. I passed!
  53. looking for statics about officer involved shoots and injuries.
  54. Applicants and the PT physical agility test...
  55. We have met the enemy and (s)he is us
  56. Sheriff's Deputy dies in fire, working as volunteer firefighter.
  57. Knife / Glass Breaker
  58. EOW: Brevard County Sheriff's Office
  59. Brevard (FL) Deputy Shot and Killed
  60. Dash cam video used to convict deputy's killer
  61. Question about carrying duty weapon when not in uniform
  62. Need some prayers for an injured Brother....
  63. What the crap? Now have two broken Stinger chargers
  64. Good degree for Law Enforcement
  65. City Marshals?
  66. New Jersey guys
  67. Holster Gurus
  68. EOW: Lake County (IN) Sheriff's Office Corrections
  69. PA Trooper Injured
  70. “Die faster”
  71. Another PT Thread
  72. Any Ohio cops here?
  73. Hired again.
  74. Parents Didn’t Realize They Left 3-Year-Old At Chuck E. Cheese’s
  75. Legal Question about Obtaining DNA
  76. Sovereign Citizen Help
  77. Because I don't want to be accused of being a faker
  78. Carbon Motors Dead. Again.
  79. Interview
  80. Family Members of Former Marine Killed by Arizona SWAT Team Arrested
  81. Shooting at Woodbridge Center mall
  82. Former Navy SEAL booted from Gov. Christie town hall after heated exchange
  83. "Invisible baton!"
  84. And another my off duty job
  85. Bring back Crucifiction
  86. Got my application ready for the SO.
  87. Do you ever feel guilty?
  88. Cal Preference
  89. Stupid people thread
  90. Will NIJ 0101.04 Level II stop Gold Dot 165gr?
  91. Deputy Shot in WA
  92. City Kitty to County Mountie
  93. The DOT and CELL phone use.
  94. Watch your facebook reminder
  95. Who to go to if a gun deal goes bad with a cop?
  96. Florida Starts Task Force to Check Police Crashes...
  97. Tax question for LEOs...
  98. TAX BREAK for Retired Police Officers and Fireman
  99. Feds/Local LE Attack the NYPD for Surveillance of Muslims
  100. Just wanted to say........
  101. Brothers & Sisters, Secure Them!
  102. It's a lawsuit!
  103. Newark Airport?
  104. Weed Grinder??
  105. Fire-Police
  106. Good story
  107. Bouncer busted for carrying concealed gun without permit
  108. Buggy Vs. Patrol Car
  109. Officer tazes 250 pound 9 year old truant
  110. Questions on career in LEO
  111. Quality Thumbreak Holster for 1911
  112. Uniform "malfunctions"
  113. Marlborough man arrested after reaching for pellet gun
  114. Muscle Shoals Cranks Up The Juice
  115. ND at home
  116. Hollywood vs. Reality
  117. Personally-owned sidearm policy help
  118. Civil Service Exam
  119. And so it begins.....
  120. 11 year old dies trying to save mother from POS father...
  121. Too Old for the Job
  122. Attention patch collectors!
  123. Missouri LE: What occupation allows concealed carry w/o a ccw endorsement?e
  124. Is it ethnicly based?
  125. Street Survival Seminar
  126. OIS - Lancaster, PA
  127. Ho let go
  128. Squad Upfitters and Vehicle Equipment Guys
  129. Speeding ticket question
  130. TN Trooper Down
  131. Policeman injured in Clarksville, TN
  132. Anoka County corrections guard charged with sexual assault
  133. Ever arrested any male prostitutes
  134. M-4 questions
  135. Tide for Drugs
  136. i recommend V A L O R
  137. Wrapping A Cruiser
  138. Anyone using the X2 Taser?
  139. A word of public praise
  140. Suicide at the entrance to our police station
  141. Firearms instructors
  142. 3rd times the charm!
  143. Learning the hard way
  144. Walgreens, weapon, washington ave
  145. lost another one to suicide yesterday
  146. Watching for depression
  147. Back on Nights
  148. For those working tonight...
  149. Man Leads Police On Multi-County Chase (MN)
  150. Reckless Homicide Illinois 720 ILCS 5/9-3
  151. Basic Patrol Rifle Course: Alabama
  152. Did somebody key their mic?
  153. DG series tailcap for Surefire X200/300
  154. EOW - FL DOC. Sgt. Ruben Thomas
  155. What A Police Car Wrapped Around Superman Would Look Like
  156. Bad day
  157. Gas house
  158. 15 year old shot dead
  159. Back in the saddle, again!
  160. Interview advice?
  161. New Jersey Officers Bid Farewell To Ailing K-9
  162. OIS: Chicago PD
  163. Anyone in CT taking crash investigation in Ohio?
  164. What are your experiences/opinions on the Kabar TDI?
  165. Mass. officer shot cop over apparent love affair
  166. Prayers needed.
  167. Social Thread LVI: I need a margarita IV, STAT!
  168. Anyone here Washington DC Metro Transit Police?
  169. Murdered Sgt. Ruben Thomas Donation Page
  170. Why use a gun when you have a dog
  171. K9's rock
  172. Items You Never Thought You'd Need On Duty
  173. States that are actively hiring officers
  174. Ailing hero K-9 gets NJ police salute before death
  175. ASP Triad USB
  176. Three officers hurt in shootout in Toulouse, France
  177. In Memory of 3/21/2009 - Oakland PD lost 4 to gunfire...
  178. FF Killed, LEO and FF critically injured in Arkansas
  179. Manchester, NH Officer shot
  180. BUG location?
  181. PPCT Disarming Techniques
  182. Forgot your wife's Birthday? No problema...
  183. Another reminder for officer safety!
  184. La hidta
  185. ODMP I got a Response to a Parole letter I sent, Anyone else get one?
  186. RIP Officer Matlosz
  187. We joke about whackers...
  188. Talks with defense attorney
  189. Picking Off duty guns
  190. Another concealed handcuff key!!
  191. Michigan State Trooper shot.
  192. What a fun first week.
  193. Dealing with OMG/1%er
  194. Question for those who are involved in hiring new officers...
  195. Alaska Troopers : Which Duty Weapon?
  196. I think I have lost touch with........
  197. Sim-Conversion
  198. Taser Public Service Announcement
  199. Florida LEO's: What's the real deal with Trayvon Martin?
  200. VA Firearm Instructors -Help Needed.
  201. A gun with bite!
  202. Any EPPD alum here?
  203. Super soaker shotgun
  204. Texas Trooper down
  205. RIP Trooper Arana
  206. Would you encourage your kids to become LEOs?
  207. "stand your ground" questions
  208. City Employee Suspended for Making Sign Honoring Fallen Deputy
  209. Thunder down under
  210. Chicago police shoot man on South Side during domestic disturbance
  211. Open Carrying of guns in Chicago attracts PoPo, shooting.
  212. I am starting to notice things!
  213. Sig Sauer Sales Contact
  214. Another day..
  215. Is this a lawful order?
  216. Steady or rotating shifts??
  217. 'I'll Never Call The Cops Again,'
  218. Academy
  219. Hutaree..Anti-LE Group acquitted
  220. Black Panther leader jailed on weapons charge
  221. Spike Lee tweets wrong address placing couple in danger - charges?
  222. LEOSA Question
  223. Concealed Carry
  224. Good riddance to Frank Straub
  225. Aguila ammo
  226. Should police stop working with neighborhood watch groups?
  227. 911 caller arrested for manslaughter
  228. Interaction With Police - From a Law Enforcement Perspective
  229. Bloomberg: We don't need vigilantes
  230. Anyone here a State Probation Officer
  231. Off-Duty Maine Deputy Disarms Man With Gun
  232. Drunk sings Bohemian Rhapsody
  233. What Can I Do To Help You?
  234. Need prayers for a cop...
  235. Gay LEO's
  236. Drugs? Cotton in a plastic bottle
  237. The video in this article upsets me, but I can't quite figure out why.
  238. M3 v TLR1(4)
  239. ALERRT Training
  240. Lazy Local Cops Refuse to Serve Warrant
  241. Off Duty Carry
  242. Los Angeles Sheriff issue pistol?
  243. Dancing Traffic Cop Video
  244. Recommendation for a good radio holder
  245. Sticking together
  246. off duty carry for corrections officers
  247. Funeral home drive-by
  248. Blackhawk Level 3 thigh attachment
  249. Police guard against 'vigilante' citizens on patrol
  250. EOW: Charles City Va Deputy