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  1. OOPS! Man arrested for groping uncover leo in park bathroom
  2. new from 511. yea, I'll get right on this one
  3. New angle: What IS needed to file charges in Martin Case? What charges?
  4. Fellow officer from the other side of the pond says hi
  5. Citizen of the _______
  6. Not too sharp
  7. Shotgun love
  8. Prayers for coworker's family
  9. JBTs crash NCAA Final Four after party
  10. Awesome new product from Quartermaster!!
  11. Dear old Leonard
  12. Good Neighbor Next Door
  13. When you got to go.... to jail
  14. Thoughts on this flashlight?
  15. Chief mulls ban on Mexican lunches
  16. Geee! Ya Think?!
  17. Ruger lcr .38 spl.
  18. How do you become a cop in the US?
  19. Victim of the blue wall
  20. probably cause really does exist!!!! here's PROOF!
  21. The Badge gets respect!
  22. Wills For Heros...anyone had any experience with them?
  23. Cali College Shooting
  24. Free NRA LOD Membership
  25. Looking for survival article link
  26. FBI Background Check ?
  27. Man with gun is put on the ground, arrested by Reno officer
  28. It's Glockmas!!!!!
  29. Thanks to everyone that supported me...
  30. Video: Residents of E. St. Louis rush to aid off. after he's shot.
  31. "Name on the building" (no, not Denny Crane)
  32. Michigan State Police Trooper Shot.
  33. Public shooting near me
  34. Commercial flying with weapon
  35. Out of state LEO/LEOSA SC carry?
  36. CORBON AMMO LEO discounts
  37. Out of Retirement. Again...rode the lightening!
  38. New issue weapon: Glock 20C any tips hints?
  39. AZDPS Motor run down
  40. 5 former New Orleans cops get stiff sentences in Katrina bridge shootings
  41. Inmate escaped from hospital
  42. Baseball hats in uniform.
  43. How did I do? (Duty belt)
  44. Correctional Officer Hospitalized From Inmate Attack
  45. Officer Down: Austin Texas
  46. For the Chevy fans
  47. Seriously, if something doesn't happen out of all of this...
  48. Deputy gets fired for being out of uniform
  49. Three New Haven police officers arrested.
  50. Anyone dealt with this company (especially AZ and CA LEOs)?
  51. Guy hates cops, lets me know it!
  52. Off duty Volunteer NYPD cop fatally shot
  53. Anyone have the new Ford Taurus?
  54. Warrant to search property after death?
  55. Former officer passed.
  56. Four NYPD MOS Shot, None Likely
  57. Armed standoff between Farmington man and Dakota County deputies ends with
  58. Fletc psotp
  59. In today's "Interagency Cooperation" files:
  60. Tyler Perry victim of racial profiling? Traffic stop spurs Atlanta police i
  61. Radio Earpiece with External Vest
  62. LEO's and Kel tec Shotgun?
  63. 1911 Duty Carry
  64. Articulation / Toast Masters
  65. 12 gauge shotgun SuperSoaker
  66. You may love Jesus, but he hates people like you!!!
  67. LEOKA Training
  68. Question about CCW on I-17
  69. Assaults on officers
  70. WHY We Need To Be Aggresive
  71. Deputy killed saving lives of two FFs
  72. 10 year Anniversary of a Jersey Shore Tragedy
  73. Experience starting a new unit?
  74. What OC spray is everyone carrying?
  75. CNG converted Patrol units.
  76. LODD: Norfolk County, MA Sheriff's Office
  77. Pics of my new patrol car!!
  78. Zimmerman charged with murder 2nd
  79. Anyone else underwhelmed by the Terralux Stinger upgrade?
  80. Advice needed!
  81. Obligation to present Identification
  82. Dangers of Chemical Suicide Response
  83. Indianapolis Police Crown Victoria replacement.
  84. LEO Lawsuits
  85. A Q for the Corrections gurus.
  86. Breaking Chief 2 other officers shot Greenland NH!
  87. New Patrol Vehicle Break-in
  88. Police Chief Killed, 5 Officers Wounded
  89. Cops suing cops in Arizona
  90. Ogden shooter not to blame
  91. Ret. NYPD Lt. ices perp
  92. EOW: Stanislaus Co SD Deputy Robert Paris
  93. Can I get some squad car history help from the CA brethren?
  94. Frivolous complaints
  95. Backup carry issues
  96. Dayton Ohio Police officer shot.
  97. S&W LE Distributors
  98. Son wants to be a LEO.
  99. Any officer ever believed?
  100. a little brag.
  101. Well, wish me luck..
  102. Tough Chinese Cop!
  103. Exercise-Methods
  104. Entrance exams
  105. Working on your own vs. with workmates
  106. Sam Spade
  107. Introduction
  108. Need help w/ references for "Exigent Circumstances"
  109. We've seen the new rides. Now, show the beaters you drive!!
  110. Dolton: Man killed in shootout with police
  111. Galls charging sales tax now?
  112. No more singing and dancing
  113. " When Worlds Collide" or How I met the open carry poster child.
  114. I swear I stopped at that stop sign... theoretically
  115. Fellony Arrested for Felony
  116. Oops... (no one hurt - could've been alot worse)
  117. Must have been a busy day!
  118. “You could say he was blessed to have been shot 10 times before and lived e
  119. Full gear required when in uniform?
  120. LEO kills man's dog in Austin
  121. IMPD Chief given the boot
  122. Guns Aren't The Only Danger On The Street
  123. For your light reading pleasure...
  124. Think heads will roll over this?
  125. Summon the horde!!!
  126. Patrol rifle carry bag
  127. Another WalMart Tale
  128. If BamaTrooper Can.... For Your Light Reading Enjoyment
  129. What do you make of this?
  130. Civil Traffic Court Testimony
  131. Documents on Smart Phone
  132. Hr 218
  133. Scorpion and other body cams.
  134. A whacker with a twist
  135. Ky. Man Steals Gas From Cruiser, Posts Photo
  136. Teen brings an ax to a gun fight
  137. Thief briefly steals Memphis police car
  138. Current Behavior here in Cop Talk...
  139. I got sworn at today...
  140. And You Thought YOU Were Tough?
  141. Quick questin
  142. Chemical Detector for Haz-Mat and Meth Lab
  143. I got my letter!!!!!
  144. Even Security has it whackers!
  145. Motorcycle seized after youtube video
  146. James Street resident arrested after standoff in Teaneck
  147. Thanks, Cochese!
  148. Level 2 vs level 3 holsters, what's the diff?
  149. Did somebody say...
  150. LEO only fitness/shooting competition
  151. Anyone else experiencing this?
  152. Ohio a question
  153. Detective Bumps Into Cigarette-buying Suspect
  154. Nebraska State Trooper injured
  155. Coping mechanisms?
  156. Need suggestions for a vest.
  157. Let's see your trunks.....
  158. 8 shot, 1 dead, 5 officers injured in Phila.
  159. Paul Harvey what is a Policeman
  160. What Should the Father of a Leo Know?
  161. Punching bag
  162. Unlawful??? Detainment Video
  163. Sanford PD chief's resignation refused
  164. Law Enforcement Officer (L.E.O.) Member List
  165. Off duty everyday carry.
  166. What do you think?
  167. Verifying Louisiana State Trooper
  168. NJSP Strikes again
  169. A waste of money for something that's not needed
  170. Mexican Officers in Cancun Shake Down Retired NYPD Officer
  171. Border/Port guys,what do you see smuggled?
  172. Selling my Pistols
  173. Extended mags
  174. Anyone else have vampires in the Prosecutor's office?
  175. Any Juneau area cops?
  176. Duty knife
  177. NJSP escorting another vehicle
  178. I missed the point
  179. Okay, so what the crap is...
  180. Have guillotine, will travel
  181. First Aid
  182. My 27 years as a cop. Carried a S&W model 10. NYPD and Glock in Florida
  183. At least, they weren't hookers
  184. Two NYPD guys fire 84 rounds at bad guy
  185. Illegal immigrant accused of fatal hit and run ordered deported
  186. I am sorry for any of you street working LEO
  187. How often do you replace duty boots?
  188. Greg McGee Flashlights? M3-2I
  189. Had to happen eventually
  190. Who cares about flying pigs...
  191. I am the law!
  192. To all the guys who've been testing for awhile...
  193. Liar! Where's the Chief!
  194. Crack down on drugs
  195. Elderly Couple Attacked
  196. New Chevy Caprice
  197. elaborate bunker in the woods
  198. JBT's... what cruelty will they be caught dishing out next.
  199. Church carry legal in las vegas?
  200. Matthew Underwood The Cops ILLEGALLY Raided My House ... for Pot
  201. Michigan Glock LE Distributors?
  202. Belle Meade (Tenn.) Adds VW Passats to Patrol Fleet
  203. Non Cop with question
  204. Shout out to FIREFIELD TAC-LIGHTS
  205. Is that a Meth lab in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?
  206. Is Prostitution Human Trafficking. Yes or now and why? (LEO's please!)
  207. Is Prostitution Human Trafficking. Yes or No and why? (LEO's please!)
  208. Dear Mr. President . . .
  209. Motorcycle gets pulled over for speeding
  210. The Dutch and Their Weed
  211. Cali Officer Indicted for Blinding Woman with OC
  212. Question about patrol officer's rank insignia.
  213. Duty Light options?
  214. No serious criminal convictions
  215. Just saw the coolest foot pursuit on COPS...
  216. “There were no charges against the dog.”
  217. Anger issues in local deputy.
  218. A question about car fires
  219. Well That
  220. EOW: Pearl, MS officer shot, killed this morning...
  221. Uh oh, here we go again
  222. Deputy's house burned/burgalized
  223. Larchmont, NY PD Capt killed
  224. Pinellas sheriff fires 4, suspends 2 for loafing on the job
  225. We've got a river SAR for a teenager going on...
  226. Detroit cop shot 5 times tells off judge
  227. Pursuit in my area...
  228. Cop's gun misfires and saves his life
  229. Whacker!!!
  230. Thoughts on getting older and weaker...
  231. Anybody used or have seen these type of sights on a duty gun?
  232. First Day Tomorrow...
  233. He's either the suspect or one of the victims...
  234. Maricopa County, AZ SO Deputy dies
  235. Montgomery, AL, competition
  236. Lights on Personal Vehicles
  237. Cops shoot man dead, cuff/haul away his family members
  238. Cops beat unarmed B/M with batons (video)
  239. A Guns & Ammo magazine editor behaves badly
  240. Ariz. deputy dragged by truck dies 9 years later
  241. Miss. investigator killed serving warrant on pedophile
  242. Local officer facing attempted murder charges
  243. LEOSA liability
  244. Suggestions for ankle holster for Glock 30sf
  245. WVSP Trooper down...
  246. delete please. sorry Russ
  247. Cops with Tattoo's
  248. Mag disconnect
  249. Attempted Cop Killer Gets Minimum Sentence
  250. SouthLAnd returning for Season 5!