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  1. SouthLAnd returning for Season 5!
  2. 2nd chance for PT test?
  3. Paging LWT210...
  4. Any sources for a new CVPI?
  5. Any FL people know the deal on this case?
  6. Anyone watch the last episode of 'In Plain Sight'?
  7. Video: 2012 Connecticut S.W.A.T. Challenge Preview (video)
  8. Hit a freaking skunk in my POV...
  9. Truck monkey.
  10. Note to self
  11. LEOSA and Reserves
  12. Excited Delirium
  13. Interview advice helped!
  14. New movie: "End of Watch"
  15. Carry at Atlanta Ampitheater??
  16. Shotgun Sling
  17. video preview: 2012 Connecticut SWAT Challenge
  18. Rio Rancho (NM) PD
  19. 67 years later, a sacrifice recognized.
  20. Thank you Mr. Slayton
  21. How would you handle this call?
  22. What should a driver do in this case?
  23. Just for fun......
  24. Teen dies in shooting prior to movie crew's arrival
  25. "reality tv" question
  26. Officer cleared of assaulting old man who tried to mount her
  27. Shocking: A GOOD story about a Pitt Bull!
  28. S&W's Shield
  29. You know you're in TX when.....
  30. Man attempts to rob police station
  31. Don't be stupid if ya got warrants!
  32. Trooper immortalized in Rockwell print dies
  33. Web site help?
  34. Vet shoots intruder with gun he carried in Korean War
  35. New car time
  36. A Night Inside South Florida’s Gang Wars
  37. Attempted execution of CHP Officer
  38. They really do watch the numbers, ya know
  39. Viewing Child Pornagraphy now legal in New York
  40. Officer(s) shot S Florida
  41. Smooth move from a felon
  42. Parole Officers
  43. Federal Inmate makes strong showing against Obama in West Virginia primary
  44. Today was an Honor and a "Bummer".
  45. The joys of getting old - new hip coming up
  46. New truck
  47. Anybody here drive a Chevy Tahoe at work?
  48. Of Pistols, Pappa's, Crossbows, and Police
  49. Mace day at the Academy
  50. Duty holster Olight I6 Paladin LED Flashlight?
  51. You might want to rethink that trip to Mexico
  52. Pre-game rituals....
  53. A little holster help please
  54. Man try's to pawn printer, gets hassled by the feds instead.
  55. How much info from previous backgrounds gets used?
  56. Ballistic Shield use
  57. Cops take gun away from man
  58. Booby-trapped flashlights
  59. Traffic stop leads to dragging of officer
  60. Trenton NJ Police Vehicle and Officers Fired Upon
  61. Speed Automated Violater Enforcement citation
  62. Well, "IT" finally hit Oklahoma...
  63. Question for police officers, regarding imposters
  64. PA officer succumbs to LOD injury
  65. PD makes 10yr old Honorary Police Officer
  66. Detroit cop injured on duty, dragged by suspect, broken leg (2x).. ok.
  67. $22k seized In New 'Policing For Profit' Case
  68. First Black Federal Officer Killed In 1883 Honored
  69. Love the Brotherhood
  70. LEO Interview.
  71. Blomberg Not Guilty of "Official Oppression"
  72. Just saw Kelly Thomas video...
  73. TREK Police Bike
  74. Help locating supreme court ruling
  75. Chicago area LEOs
  76. Question about being pulled over???
  77. Outbreak of shootings in Louisville
  78. Figured ya'll might enjoy another whacker story...
  79. Any way to verify past Military service?
  80. New patrol shotgun
  81. 10 Most Audacious Shoot-Outs in US History
  82. Guy steals antique revolver-try's to sell it on national television
  83. Vest for ride along?
  84. Yeah, it's legal, but...
  85. Monadnock holster
  86. I don't understand.
  87. US Police targeted for searches at the Canadian border??
  88. Streamlight TLR-1s contour switch install???
  89. Sac CA: K9 Officer Shot, Gunman Smoked!
  90. Significant Date In History - Tank on the LOOSE
  91. Hey Cochese.......
  92. Cops ar dirty bums!!!
  93. Rofl
  94. Need LE input on "CCW Removed during traffic stop..."
  95. Miss. police arrest highway shootings suspect
  96. Well done Chicago PD
  97. Meanwhile, in Chicago . . .
  98. Open Carry
  99. Fitness Training
  100. P90x
  101. More Asset Seizure
  102. LEOs how do you feel about.......
  103. Guard down in Mississippi
  104. Tennessee police chief shot
  105. Your perspective
  106. Only 4 weeks and counting...
  107. My birthday
  108. Humor me...How many Concealed Carry/Handgun/Firearm permit/license holders
  109. Cleveland TN officer EOW 05/20/2012
  110. Glock 23c stuff
  111. Lt. Col. Dave Grossman
  112. Hot Ninja?
  113. ive stacked a few tickets, but come on man.......
  114. Home made shotgun looks like super soaker
  115. Freeze +P.....
  116. Charged with manslaughter
  117. Hey bacon bits, how do you feel about . . .
  118. Selecting a patrol rifle.
  119. Summit deputies save drowning child in Arizona
  120. Question for you Optics Guru
  121. Air Cooled Vest
  122. Ford Seatbelt Extender
  123. How Many TV News People Does It Take To Subdue One Man?
  124. Paging BexarWolf?
  125. Bicyclist openly carrying firearm, contacted
  126. Berkeley PD Chief has 10 off. look for son's iphone
  127. Dear Citizens
  128. We always get our man, er.....snake!
  129. LEOSA Instructor in S.E. Florida?
  130. Wounded and paralyzed, but not forgotten
  131. Changing back to 9MM?
  132. Sig Sauer Won't Give Left Handed Officers a Break
  133. Something neat
  134. Another LEOSA Conundrum
  135. I'm an instructor again
  136. LODD: New York State Police
  137. Officer shoots (naked) cannibal
  138. Practical Aspects of Interview & Interrogation
  139. Injured again
  140. CHP shifting to SUVs for patrol cruisers
  141. In need of a Great Attorney for Fleeing & Eluding in Michigan? :/
  142. Thanks for YOUR service
  143. Reserve deputy/jailer found dead
  144. Englewood Colorado officer down
  145. One percenters in Deutschland
  146. Carry Payne
  147. Dallas robbery suspect avoids cops by skydiving off crane
  148. man stabs self, accused of throwing intestines at police
  149. I hate rats!
  150. CDC Preparing For the Zombie Apocalypse
  151. Open Carry would have prevented this....
  152. Well, USMS is out I guess.
  153. Afternoon drunk
  154. Holster dilemma
  155. Virginia State Police 2012 Ford Taurus.
  156. Harrisburg cop shoots wife in the *****!
  157. Deputy U.S. Marshal Exam
  158. Testing Soon
  159. Zombie Virus Spreads: CANNIBAL STRIKES IN MARYLAND
  160. Tools for the long hot summer,,,
  161. Local guy makes it to retirement
  162. National Donut day
  163. LEOSA question.
  164. Always Carry Off Duty
  165. So I quit my job...
  166. "Violating rights" has positive results
  167. I'm on private property, you can't arrest me--NOT!
  168. Family starts DWI Tracker program
  169. I SAID the Purple Kool-Aid is better... Punk!
  170. Any other cities have dope "pass out?"
  171. An odd DUI
  172. i'm a bad detective - can't even find a sticky!!
  173. Demoted for being republican, eh?
  174. Attended a retirement party
  175. 6PX™ Pro vs Streamlight Strion
  176. How many Open Carriers teseted for Police
  177. Best cop show ever?
  178. Duty belt that will relieve sciatica problem?
  179. Prom night FAIL!
  180. Off duty NYPD officer dies in single car accident
  181. NYPD Zombie directive....
  182. SDPD provide marriage counseling via hot lead...
  183. Props to the REAL cops!
  184. Border Patrol Agents Broken in Half
  185. 3rd strike for bath salt in my area.
  186. I'm a Eunuch now I guess.
  187. MA Officer down
  188. Miami police chief raps 36 officers for off-duty speeding
  189. LT and K9 dog shot; Suspect, Girlfriend Dead
  190. Aurora PD gets the job done...
  191. There and back again (a cop's tale)
  192. Skin tags & body armor
  193. San Diego and San Jose: what a mess
  194. Don't like the weather? Shoot the weatherman!
  195. Off Duty Caliber Question
  196. Helo Ops
  197. Civilian model Caprice?
  198. The Lord was on our side today
  199. Truck rear window emergency lighting help
  200. PA Trooper Imposter in Florida
  201. Western Pa Police Benevolent Foundation
  202. The Taser Camera and Taser X2 Thread
  203. Tomahawk Tactical Light by First-Light-USA
  204. I have a BUG/Off Duty conundrum.
  205. Be safe?
  206. Somebody lit me up today!
  207. Sometimes you just gotta say "Ouch"
  208. was this a legal search?
  209. I think he may have gotten off on the wrong foot....
  210. I'm proud!
  211. Hey bccop...
  212. A few questions...
  213. Claim $550 14 gun safe on TAXES?
  214. You know you're doing a good job when....
  215. "You ain't arresting (expletive)."
  216. Burglar shot when entering off-duty officer's home
  217. Special Prosecutors assigned to investigate security leaks
  218. Getting a kick out of fighting crime
  219. "I have a permit to carry"
  220. I thought it was just a myth....
  221. Back in the saddle!
  222. Medical Info Card
  223. Another day at WalMart...
  224. History of violence didn't prevent Mitchell from getting firearms permit
  225. NC HR-218 question
  226. Deputy + DUI = No Job
  227. Trainee fired from the NYPD Academy for not shaving
  228. New Ford Interceptors
  229. Grab Bag
  230. Personal history statement
  231. Fla. officer fired for writing too many tickets
  232. What's your "stupid" call?
  233. Ohio Highway Patrol hiring....
  234. What constitutes a 'concealed' weapon regarding a pocket knife?
  235. Anybody remember Jose Guerena?
  236. Indiana legalizes shooting police officers?
  237. The crazies are loose!
  238. COPS TV Show - People they have filmed with.
  239. Peoria Sgt. appeals demotion.
  240. Any Kentucky officers here that can help? KSP preferred...
  241. Fitted Uniforms
  242. Pittsburgh police standoff ended by Deputy Sheriff
  243. NYPD officer charged in fatal shooting
  244. Open carry would have prevented this...
  245. .223 Tula - 62gr HP
  246. Background check for hiring
  247. How many of your agencies have full time
  248. Case law question regarding 4th Amendment concerns
  249. KelTec Carbines
  250. Psych Eval last Hurtle