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  1. Man arrested for carrying gun while drunk
  2. Cadet whose father was killed in line of duty becomes an officer
  3. Nypd / ois
  4. United in Uniform discounts
  5. Worked my last least for a while.
  6. Less than 24 hours to go...
  7. Mr Ayoob speaks on Stand Your Ground Laws
  8. My Fathers day gift.
  9. Paragon of virtue cashes in his chips
  10. Rodney King Dead
  11. Question for bccop or others in the Great White North, eh?
  12. Heart Rate Monitor
  13. LEOSA - Legal Issues (California)
  14. Rifle Plates
  15. Review: Dead Stop Equalizer Police Shields
  16. Arizona leos
  17. Armoured Car Guard Robbery
  18. Send good vibes my way, please...
  19. All In
  20. Minneapolis police officer charged with off-duty assault appears in court
  21. 1st Aid Penetrating Trauma Kit
  22. Two Deputies down
  23. Trip to NYC Adivce
  24. SHOT Show 2013
  25. Police stop WalMart Shoplifter who tried to kill them with vehicle
  26. Patrol Rifle Slings
  27. I'm Retired
  28. Some interesting information on Vests
  29. Kentucky State Police carry G35's ?
  30. Oklahoma Motorcycle laws
  31. Quick question for LEOs about Federal arrest
  32. Arizona DPS hiring again....
  33. KY Supreme Court says cops cant lie
  34. Props to XM/Sirius
  35. Another Rainier Ranger Down
  36. yet another pseudo cop pulls over real cop-usual results
  37. New Ford Interceptor
  38. Whacker gets busted messing with badge bunny
  39. I have nothing nice to say about this
  40. Has anyone on here been through a Franks hearing?
  41. Detroit Seeks to Break Police Union
  42. Need help with gift for Officer
  43. Law Enforcement Recommendations for Visiting NYC
  44. FOX OC Spray
  45. Man claims leprechauns beat him up
  46. Psst! Don't tell the cops.
  47. What a fun 4 days I will have.
  48. Fires everywhere
  49. Washington dc
  50. Personally Owned AR-15's
  51. Denver PD officer shot in the head
  52. Denver PD Officer E.O.W.
  53. Background checks
  54. Free liters of cola?
  55. Mugshot of the week award
  56. Is this coercion?
  57. is this a common side effect of tazers?
  58. Departments using grants for equipment,vehicles etc.
  59. Stand Your Ground (ie, Florida) vs Martial Arts
  60. Old Newark NJ Homicide
  61. I got sworn in last night
  62. Can't miss at that range.
  63. H&K MP5: The Best CQB Weapon I’ve Ever Kicked to the Curb
  64. Off Duty OIS
  65. This turns my stomach
  66. What did you see on patrol today?
  67. Any Border Patrol? Question ref, training.
  68. Stockton, California to file for bankruptcy
  69. Welcome to America: Dearborn, Michigan
  70. EOW: Puerto Rico, PD
  71. Houston PD in a rolling gun battle during rush hour
  72. It may be harsh but . . .
  73. This incident could have made a Barney Miller episode
  74. Quality Badge Holders?
  75. Pike County, Ky. Sheriff Honored at Highway Dedication
  76. Miami cannibal toxicology screening
  77. Anyone else having a bad spell?
  78. Heat Wave!
  79. Convicted arsonist gets immediate pardon!
  80. Holder: you need to be held accountable
  81. I don't know where else to post this but maybe my brothers in blue will...
  82. CHP antique needs help
  83. Department issue off-duty/back-up pistols
  84. The Heroes Behind the Badge
  85. It's Official!!
  86. New CALEA Q-badge
  87. Sometimes you just gotta get naked...
  88. Looking for recommendations for leather/nylon gear..
  89. Dirtbag in blue, or, good riddance
  90. OC question for PA cops
  91. Question: Hand to Hand training
  92. Unmarked Cruisers
  93. Ugg anyone else in VA with this?
  94. Assistant Cheerleading Coach Arrested....
  95. Another violation of constipational rights
  96. Hood shooting suspect again barred from court
  97. U.S. might send Gitmo detainees to Afghanistan
  98. Criminal motorcycle gangs suing the cops.
  99. Man with a gun? Run away!
  100. A week on the range.....
  101. EOW - Utah Highway Patrol
  102. Casino Royale
  103. Go Vest
  104. Off-Duty cuff carry
  105. Huge spike in violence stems from-the Pilgrims??
  106. Pay and Benefits
  107. Cop keeps job after being fired several times
  108. Sigh . . . clowns + Seattle = . . .
  109. Norfolk, VA Officer Victor Decker's Killer Found
  110. Naked Indiana Zombie Attacks 3 Cops 'Ninja Style', Escapes
  111. America's Sheriff is dead...
  112. ICE Special Agent shot
  113. Cool way to benefit CO wildfire victims
  114. Maine SP OIS
  115. Hired!
  116. Hollywood vs reality
  117. Never bring a stapler to a gunfight... unless.....
  118. OIS Memphis
  119. night shift has some perks.....
  120. Social Thread LVII: Who'da thunk it?
  121. Position open in Belle, Missouri
  122. What if they won't drop the gun?
  123. Dog Breed of Peace enjoys a weiner on the 4th of July
  124. NYPD Officer Shot
  125. 10 Must Do Actions before your Patrol Shift
  126. Innocent woman spents 7 1/2 weeks in Fulton County Jail
  127. Taking a trip.....
  128. Court Rules: Cops need to be Sober to shoot someone!
  129. Anyone watch 'Cajun justice'?
  130. Peerless model 700 malfunction
  131. Bi-polar woman, 20, kills herself inside police car with the cop's own GUN
  132. I got hired!!
  133. Mama's gangsta got a spanking...
  134. Favorite / Best Less Lethal?
  135. Security Cam Question For Mas & Other LEOs
  136. Call outs and pay
  137. LEO Training Opportunity-Helo Rappel and Fast Roping
  138. Power and cable have been out since 06/29...
  139. Geneva Co. deputy injured in wreck
  140. Millville Police LODD
  141. Blame it on the (Seattle level) heat!
  142. Routine Traffic Stop........
  143. Hug triggers Detroit officer's gun, kills woman
  144. Florida LEO son's death...
  145. Philly Officer Down
  146. It would suck to be an officer in Scranton, PA...
  147. Another holster dilemma...
  148. Police Entrance Exam
  149. UK: off-duty police officer shot dead.
  150. BPA Brian Terry
  151. Dry firing/holster draw
  152. Wannabe Cop in Deadly Crash That Killed an Officer
  153. The dreaded Background Investigation
  154. Counterfeiting with a weird spin.
  155. Tattoo Checks Trip Up Visas
  156. Unlocking the Secrets of a Car Thief
  157. CBPOs on here?
  158. Tips for organization during academy
  159. Call from TX State Patrolman's Assn
  160. Cops - made in Austria :D
  161. More chicken nuggets...
  162. Interview with the Chief.
  163. May I Ask
  164. CHP Officer injured by helicopter blade during mountain rescue
  165. State Trooper acted accordingly IMHO
  166. Shoot it out of his hand?
  167. Well, I'll be...
  168. My partner is a magazine cover model!
  169. gallbladder surgery next week?
  170. Its jumping off
  171. Straight vs Collapsible (Advice needed)
  172. Current Fed and Local Reserve?
  173. Anyone buying a new
  174. Deer Washington State Patrol . . .
  175. Safariland ALS holster swap
  176. DFW steps in becoming a police officer
  177. Colorado
  178. The Night Dad Got AWESOME.
  179. The 2012 Fords
  180. So much for Hope & Change
  181. 1 Lucky Russian
  182. This is why cops get free drinks at 7-11....
  183. Drug-sniffing dog left in DPS patrol car is euthanized
  184. Down day anyone have one lately?
  185. How could this tragedy have been avoided?
  186. Florida Police Taser Jaywalker Three Times
  187. Oldtimer Saves the day
  188. So now we are exporting our public Fail?
  189. EOW: Lumberton, NC
  190. The 'casual' uniform gets canned.
  191. Evo
  192. OD Fed Shoots Thief in Queens
  193. Thinking of a career change to Law Enforcement
  194. Bus of Israeli tourists blown up in Bulgaria
  195. Rookie and Some "Advice"
  196. Academy Running Cadences?
  197. Naked Ninja/Taser Taint
  198. whacker tried to pull me over.
  199. Just caught the tail end of an episode
  200. Halfway Thru The Academy
  201. Antique ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ cop car stopped by trooper
  202. Sociopaths
  203. Huntington Beach Officer are experts in weapons.
  204. Duty Holster Help
  205. First run in with a sovereign citizen.
  206. Danner Acadias
  207. EOW: US Border Patrol, Uvalde, TX
  208. Not good - at LEAST 14 dead in Aurora Colorado mass shooting
  209. Some pointers on asking questions of GT LE members here in Cop Talk...
  210. Just trying to lighten the mood! Check it out
  211. Do Cops really hate I.A.?
  212. I dont' Know...
  213. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink irony...
  214. An officer needs some help
  215. Is It Always This Easy, Or Is It Just The Stupid One
  216. Long day.
  217. 5 weeks down, 22 to go!
  218. Transitioning to Nights
  219. Every Parents Nightmare
  220. Anaheim shooting
  221. Look for what ain't right, Aurora Chief said one thing was wrong...
  222. LE & txt "auto-correction" tales
  223. If you could pause for a moment: NY cop shoots/kills son mistakenly.
  224. EOW: Lancaster Police Officer Dustin Dodson
  225. This will end an "average person" getting job in the future.
  226. Any Milan, IL Officers on GT?
  227. Clowning around in Seattle, part 2
  228. Cadet Needs Help
  229. Failing probation
  230. What in the world?! Can some Mass. cops shed some light?
  231. Nice weekend
  232. Goin to WI for vacation... any of you out there
  233. Light Reading
  234. Here! Gimmie that paint!
  235. How may of you are also EMTs?
  236. Suspended and demoted.
  237. Keep dreaming jerk....
  238. EOW: Colorado Springs Motor Officer Matt Tyner
  239. Movie massacre suspect sent chilling notebook to psychiatrist before attack
  240. Sweeping NOPD reform strategy outlined in federal consent decree
  241. Are you that freakin' stupid?!
  242. Arrest made in 2002 murder of Birmingham, AL Officer
  243. EOW: Honolulu, Hawaii motor officer
  244. Unarmed off-duty Houston PD officer shot in robbery
  245. A great source of information on Bath Salts et al
  246. Oh! The drama!
  247. Spy Car/Anti-cop car
  248. Ofc. Jonathan Schmidt's (Trumann, AR PD) killer convicted today
  249. Citation book holder
  250. Needed: Basketweave 6360 for Glock 17/22