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  1. Active shooter nearby last night
  2. 2 K9s die after being left in vehicle...
  3. Jay-Z on the 4th Amendment
  4. New less lethal tech
  5. Blackhawk Gladius Maximus Alternative
  6. NC Deputy LODD
  7. Westfield Mass PD Officer LODD
  8. VA Police
  9. Bloomberg in the limelight, again.
  10. Have you ever encountered a questionable rape accusation?
  11. Civilian set fire on Navy Submarine
  12. US Postal Inspector succombs to injuries
  13. EOW: Waxahachie TX, Patrol Officer
  14. Beyond Belief!!
  15. The benefits of going to a rifle class....
  16. What we get for governor candidates in Washington
  17. Thin Blue Line stickers
  18. Police K9's, Pursuits, and Multitasking
  19. GT Distributers- LEO AR Sale
  20. From the Day You Raised Your Hand
  21. Winchester Ranger .40 'recall'
  22. 5.11 Patrol Ready Bag and Maglite
  23. I can't get them shined!!
  24. Quesiton for LEO's from an instructor
  25. 5 shot snubbie: Maybe not enough gun for the movies anymore?
  26. Best Off Duty flashlight
  27. Carry ear protection w/ patrol rifle?
  28. Scranton's cost 6%
  29. Brimfield Police take on meth...
  30. I wonder if an electrified door knob would have helped...
  31. Milwaukee County Deputy in serious accident
  32. Indiana shoot out.....?
  33. 5.11 TDU vs. Tru-Spec 24/7
  34. The Back Defender - Has anyone used it?
  35. Good news!
  36. Remember the thread about the lion ...
  37. This looks like a fun place to work
  38. Civilian shoots gunman who is shooting at deputy
  39. Houston - DPS Smart car chase
  40. Weaponlight Question
  41. Donate Used Body Armor for K9s?
  42. Warning! Winchester ammo problem
  43. Aurora Radio Traffic
  44. LODD - Reagan County TX
  45. Jones County MS Deputy/SWAT officer shot
  46. Gentlemen, were going to need another equipment upgrade....
  47. May a civilian take a ride along?
  48. Question about felons and firearms
  49. G19 "wobble" in Serpa Level II Holster?
  50. Border Patrol questions
  51. Father sues over son’s shooting by police
  52. Anaheim: The truth isn't popular
  53. Hose monkeys?
  54. Obama Immigration Policy Devastating Morale Among ICE Agents
  55. canine tracking log
  56. Sleepy girl
  57. Duty Guns
  58. Low life gets Cop in trouble...
  59. Uhhh . . . wow?
  60. Seriously...
  61. Shooting at Sikh Temple in WI
  62. Stealing Ipad, stopping the theif? Legal options?
  63. Coin from Cops TV
  64. Spain charges two Al-Qaeda suspects
  65. Another mass shooting, LEO in critiacal condition
  66. M.R.A.P.S. Level III SWAT Shield
  67. Road Rage'r shoots at cop...
  68. A good day
  69. CVPI Question
  70. Louisiana question...
  71. LA Deputy has gun taken kills suspect
  72. Federal CO Retiree Death
  73. Police car nostalgia
  74. AZ Game & Fish Commissioner shows his ethics.
  75. Is this former chief for real?!
  76. Dept glocks jamming... looking to upgrade need input
  77. EOW: Officer Daniel Ottis, Ashland, NE PD
  78. Just a little drunk, and oh yeah, gonna kill ya!
  79. 1k
  80. LEO and competition shooting
  81. Bad boots
  82. L.E. Review of Benchmade 175 CBK Push Dagger
  83. "I have a LOT of friends in law enforcement"...
  84. Electro-Motive Diesel justice.
  85. Basic ways to loose a GunFight!
  86. Light choice for rural use patrol rifle.
  87. Better be careful what you eat at work
  88. Ok educate me on plate carriers...
  89. Radar reminders.
  90. Need some advice
  91. Arlington police investigate video showing officer breaking up fights, body
  92. Police arrest Crisco Kid's slid into crime
  93. I didn't know Sig made TV's
  94. WW2 Vet Beaten / Robbed
  95. A man of the cloth? Not!
  96. protection from a citizen review board?
  97. Haha
  98. More thinking with the wrong head...
  99. How to Return New York City to the Street Gangs
  100. More TSA fun.......
  101. Narrowbanding wonders.
  102. And more from DHS: ICE lawsuit
  103. Start the academy monday
  104. Stars Earn Stripes
  105. Fellow "Peace" Officer disturbing the peace by "whacking" Police Officer
  106. Oc sucks!
  107. Darwin Award Winner
  108. Does a walking wacker count?
  109. City Council Man doing investigation ?
  110. Boston, MA and metro area LEO
  111. Duty Gun
  112. A question for the traffic gurus
  113. National Park Service Ranger Kris Eggle: In memoriam, 10 years later
  114. Shooting @ Texas A&M
  115. NCIS gets handed an easy one.
  116. Onion Field Killer dies
  117. Bride breaks groom's heart.
  118. My first call 5 min into my shift...
  119. Freemansburg chief still struggles with decision to arrest cop killer
  120. Beware of the beavers
  121. Department Restructure
  122. IFAK Individual First Aid Kit
  123. Out of state LEO carry in Missouri question
  124. Serious wrecks
  125. Uniform pin holders
  126. Florida cop alleged to have pulled the plug..
  127. Military Medals
  128. Who's wearing a body camera?
  129. "But it smelled so good"!
  130. Active shooter St. John's Parish, LA. 2 officers, 4 total wounded...
  131. Norfolk Active shooter in a Rite Aid
  132. Any one been to polygraph school?
  133. Thoughts for Brothers & Sisters
  134. Ex-BP Union Pres Indicted
  135. Church on Duty
  136. MN state rep "recovering" in hospital
  137. Video captures Michigan man's shooting by police
  138. The color of your skin is your sin
  139. Patrol got interesting today
  140. Disappointed with some of my guys . . .
  141. International CIT Conference
  142. Thank you Facebook and YouTube!
  143. Philadelphia police hunt for killer in shooting of off-duty cop Read more:
  144. Former Texas Teacher sentenced after sex with students
  145. Yes, but who's pants?
  146. Gear Recommendations please!
  147. Dashcam Video: Deputy Shoots Knife-Wielding Man
  148. Brightest Light
  149. Vest Carriers
  150. Philly officer down
  151. Bad advice
  152. My Update..
  153. Citizens recording police operations
  154. My personal opinion of cops...
  155. Browning Hi-Power on Duty
  156. FTO-Recruit question on training
  157. Looking back at your own LEO encounters before you became an LEO
  158. Question for LE
  159. CR123 kaboom
  160. Peerless CuffClip?
  161. Am I in the clear? (NOT a legal advice question)
  162. Horrific case of animal abuse
  163. SSA puts out bid for bullets
  164. Two Rugrats Enter, One Rugrat Leaves!
  165. Reaching out. LEO on another board needs our help.
  166. CBP ... strongly “encouraged” to attend an event pushing Islam, Arabism,..
  167. spare rifle and pistol mag loadout
  168. What should i expect? * not legal advice*
  169. 2012 Connecticut S.W.A.T. Challenge Video thread
  170. Lesbian who reported 'hate crime' attack staged incident, Nebraska police s
  171. Update: NYPD vs. Ferrari
  172. Deputy Shoots Knife-Wielding Attacker at Traffic Stop
  173. An (illegal) immigrant's tale....
  174. Walking Small Wins Again
  175. What to buy for an old retired fed
  176. Spokane Officers... watch out.
  177. Florida K-9 cop fired after roughing up a woman he pulled over...
  178. Breaking OIS, Hueytown, AL
  179. Kydex off duty carry holsters etc.
  180. gallbladder removed......
  181. Update on Stockton and San Jose
  182. Baton Rings for Larger Diameter Batons
  183. Motorcycle pursuit policy - Whats yours?
  184. GNG Incredistory
  185. Rodney King death accidental.
  186. Shirt stays!
  187. Burglar breaks into LL Cool J's home, pleasing results follow
  188. I was wrong
  189. Witness shuts Detroit courtroom down-covered with bugs
  190. This is one way to end a gunfight
  191. A cops expert response to open-carry stop.
  192. Any tips?
  193. "Please step out of the vehicle"
  194. Shooting near the Empire State Building
  195. Cops: How would YOU want a CCL holder to inform you she's armed?
  196. Need Patrol Rifle Class Powerpoint
  197. Interdiction for non-LEO's
  198. Question for AR LE
  199. 5.56/.223 Duty Ammo
  200. Any major depts in the country you absolutely would NOT work for?
  201. Heroes Behind the Badge Documentary
  202. Another PD goes bust.
  203. The Reality Of Going Federal?
  204. Good set of boots? But not too good...
  205. Taser Instructor Training
  206. Just a reminder
  207. Glaco Belly Band for Running?
  208. Cops: Ever stop a "Sovereign Citizen"?
  209. Ever disappointed by your supervisors?
  210. Two killed, Three Injured in Wreck with Tenn. Cruiser
  211. Does anyone know on average how many stolen handguns are recoverd?
  212. Please legs don't get me kicked out
  213. Anyone Watching "Copper"...
  214. Back from being robbed by the mouse
  215. Deputy's Killer Acquitted
  216. Anyone got any good news?
  217. Oh, Horror!
  218. Open carry....
  219. Prayed needed! Two WVSP Troopers and Deputy Down
  220. Lesson learned
  221. Where's the CALEA exemption for this?
  222. Tactical civil matter in South Africa
  223. Mobile AL OIS 8-29-12
  224. Lt. Brian Murphy Returns Home
  225. Police release surveillance video in O I S
  226. Retired Sheriff/Police Chief murdered - Kentucky
  227. Need some help with a Pursuit Policy (TX)
  228. Need some LE advice *not really leagal i dont think*
  229. BOP Officer and Family Wrecked Into By Teenager
  230. Escape Happens
  231. It got lonely at FCI Phoenix...
  232. Patrol Car "must haves"
  233. Open carry saved the day.
  234. Im bored.....soooooo
  235. How often do you change your oil ???
  236. California Bans BB Guns...WTF
  237. anyone here into air soft sports ???
  238. Social networking policy
  239. favorite hobby off the job ?
  240. OIS? Carson, CA (LA County Sheriff's Office)
  241. If it isn't funny videos, then it's gonna be the e-mails
  242. Car Theif gets what he Deserves!!!
  243. Just a comment after seeing reports of some recent police street incidents
  244. Week 11 down, just checking in to say hello!
  245. Do we have any Montana HP Troopers here?
  246. how much schooling have you had to be leo ??
  247. Traffic stop PowerPoint needed
  248. ND man pleads guilty in synthetic drug overdose Read more here: http://www
  249. EOW Pueblo County SO, Pueblo PD Retired...
  250. Anyone have any experience with spice?