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  1. Unprofessional cop with open carry activist
  2. EOW: USBP Douglas AZ - Second BP Death This Week
  3. "Retiring" Tomorrow!
  4. Saskatchewan police want appeal of spitting case.
  5. Prayer request.
  6. Detroit Chief Behaving Badly - the sequel
  7. Feeding the Malcontent, (State Corrections)
  8. The Latest Wacker
  9. Last Police Magazine (September 2012 edition) - Interesting . . .
  10. Any Albuquerque guys?
  11. Divorce
  12. Street corner losers.
  13. Teen Calmly Tells Dispatcher He Killed His Family
  14. How much to give a crackhead to return your stolen phone?
  15. Loaded Pistol Found in Backseat of Squad Car
  16. Anybody need some lights?
  17. Any Round Rock TX cops here?
  18. Tactical question...night traffic stops
  19. Jackboots taser seizure patient...
  20. 2 yo found in car with crack pipe, alcohol.
  21. Yes, Mr. Citizen, it's me the cop!
  22. Free Patches!
  23. Louisville Detective does the right thing, gets the shaft
  24. "They've got a whole lot of guns and ammo. And they don't like the law."
  25. Question for our right to work brothers/sisters..
  26. So I’m At A Wake This Evening
  27. If you have an airport in your beat...
  28. (Re)Adjusting to midnights
  29. Say a prayer...
  30. Just a reminder.....
  31. Baby steps, baby steps and how I decided to stop being a fatty
  32. Plain clothes holster opinions.....
  33. Alabama: Homemade Porn, Starring His 15 y/o daughter
  34. Xanax made me do it
  35. FOP fundraiser to be held for cop in punch video
  36. Prayer request
  37. Secret Service Agent arrested...assaults cop.
  38. Anyone know anything about these?
  39. L.A.P.D. Qualification
  40. Virginia LODD
  41. New job update
  42. Physical Agility Test Assessment
  43. Last Day of FTO
  44. Phoenix, AZ police officer ambushed
  45. Lockup starts tonight
  46. DRE School Advice
  47. Skateboarding is a crime
  48. ID this car for me
  49. SCOTUS strikes down mandatory life w/o parole for juveniles. Thoughts?
  50. Obligatory Shot show thread
  51. Ask Tell Make
  52. So I was at my relatives wake.......
  53. Off Duty Carry
  54. I don't care what the cops say or the records say, he's good at heart
  55. Police arrest another victim!
  56. EOW - Canadian Border Services Agency
  57. probably cause
  58. Tactical hand signal 'spoof'...
  59. I am out, now looking to sell some gear
  60. New adventures in store....
  61. Missed him by THAT much!
  62. Meanwhile, back in Detroit...
  63. OWB holsters
  64. Curious how many times it took for YOU to get on?
  65. Riots after the election?
  66. Old lunch place
  67. Cops as Conservatives
  68. Dallas PD off. speaks about being ambushed.
  69. Duty holster for Glock+RMR?
  70. Anti-gang had it all wrong
  71. How to *****slap
  72. Life sucks
  73. LODD: Nassau County (NY) PD Highway Patrol
  74. Houston Cop Killer Receives Stay of Execution
  75. Didn't make it this year...
  76. I knew what it is like being a cop...
  77. Lonely?
  78. EOW: Prince George's County, MD
  79. EOW: Oklahoma City, OK
  80. University of Missouri is hiring..
  81. 12 year old shoots home invader
  82. The standoff took two lives that day. Ten years later, it took one more.
  83. 3 arrested for outing undercover officer
  84. Got made recently, but now how I intended.
  85. This leaves my jaw hanging.......
  86. Georgia Dome Carry
  87. I need advice on Firearm Insurance
  88. Biggest fear of being a cop
  89. What is wrong with people these days?!
  90. "2 off-duty Fla. officers fatally shoot (armed) naked woman"
  91. The Boot
  92. Scholarship winner
  93. What might have been: Officer John William Westfall
  94. very disappointed Military Service / Age not allowed to apply
  95. EOW: Nassau County, NY PD
  96. Question about animal abuse/cruelty
  97. Gotta love dumb criminals...
  98. Promoted to Corporal!
  99. Another one lost
  100. Off duty Lancaster, Ohio Officer EOW.
  101. Musings from a "Tactical Curmudgeon'
  102. Insurer cancels H.O. Policy because of Police Dog
  103. Chief Paudert of the West Memphis Ak PD
  104. Stupid is as stupid does...
  105. Dress Out Gear(Helmets)
  106. Homeless Man Saves Police Officer
  107. Big brass ones
  108. Questions about running plates
  109. Question on Theft report
  110. Time for a backup
  111. Retired LEO needs prayers sent...
  112. Awwright! Who will be the first to prank your partner?
  113. Bare Foot & Pregnant Is No Longer Enough!
  114. OK, Something A Little More Normal About the NYPD
  115. Diabetic psychosis and cops
  116. Definition of probable (probably?) cause....
  117. Complaint
  118. i found out the hard way....
  119. On a traffic stop ever had a firefighter drop tin
  120. Don't play in traffic...
  121. What are you guys thoughts on this article
  122. Death from above
  123. Brookfield WI Spa Shooting- Local PD getting blasted in the media...
  124. N.Y. 'Cannibal Cop' Arrested in Torture Plot
  125. Carry Your Retirement Badge?
  126. CHP dumps guy who attempted gun grab
  127. Thank You...
  128. Wow campus cops
  129. Harry Reid security detail crashes
  130. Custom kydex or nylon maker out there?
  131. Hurricane Sandy
  132. Top Gun
  133. ATF Industry Operations Investigator
  134. Big quake in western British Columbia, Canada
  135. My geography lesson for the day . . .
  136. "Shift staffing around here is like the AIDS quilt...
  137. Badge placement effects survival
  138. Well, it happened.
  139. Backup Gun- Semi-auto vs. Revolver
  140. Forfeiture gone too far?
  141. Firearms Instructor Course Material
  142. New...Rapid Fire Trigger for AR
  143. Questions for Hurricane cops:
  144. Duty Rig for Sale
  145. To those that have Sandy duty tonight
  146. Did someone order one of these?
  147. Boring story - great booking photo
  148. The voice of a hero...
  149. Halloween Mugshots
  150. Duty ammo.
  151. Help from the collective.
  152. Non-Leaded Ammo presents problems for police.
  153. Reciprocity: unrestricted CCW....
  154. East Coast
  155. Behind every name is a story of sacrifice, written by a Chicago Police offi
  156. Nano BUG
  157. Social Thread LVIII: Lawman wants a Euro-hug
  158. Off duty NYC cop drowns after saving 7...
  159. Bringing Home the Browns: 'I'm not giving up on my wife'
  160. Suspenders
  161. What a ****ing Mess
  162. Halloween suspect descriptions
  163. Tampa Police does Call Me Maybe
  164. Outstanding performance by a police officer!!
  165. JPS in the Academy
  166. does a college degree really matter.....
  167. What does the DHS need with all this Ammo?
  168. My shiny boots finally paid off
  169. 4949 Shooter
  170. Hollow or Real?
  171. I-96 Shooter "terrorizing" motorists
  172. Police Helicopter crashes in Atlanta
  173. Some TX Law Help Here
  174. Anyone use Adidas GSG 9.2 boots on shift?
  175. Joining Military Reserve/NG while being a cop.
  176. I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this question
  177. National Guard Assistance In Brooklyn Because Of Their Possession of guns
  178. New Tauruses (Tauri?) finally hitting the road
  179. Thank you Troopers
  180. G34 for duty carry
  181. Threats Put Minneapolis, St. Paul Police On High Alert
  182. Safariland 6378
  183. “You reach the point where there is nothing left to cut”
  184. "Police acknowledge that they have all but ceded these streets to crime"
  185. State’s Attorney requests a probe of the NIUPD after a judges ruling
  186. A "civilian" would like LE opinion
  187. Hmmm, better go check my credit cards . . .
  188. Karma returns
  189. Another mass shooting - CA
  190. XDM 9MM Good trade?
  191. Wish my judge would do stuff like this
  192. The Defendant's instructions to the Jury...
  193. First time in my department's history
  194. Stephanie O’Sullivan, ex-hockey star, is now a Boston Police officer
  195. Prayers for fellow officers
  196. Election results....
  197. Be careful out there..
  198. Government Auctions for equipment?
  199. Colorado, Oregon and Washington State
  200. ID this military clothing
  201. Question for Ohio cops
  202. EOW Victoria County SO Chief Deputy
  203. STOP Sign Question
  204. Below 100
  205. Anyone have any experience with P.O.L.C.?
  206. Cell phone extortion
  207. So looting is okay now?
  208. Diane Feinstein moves to ban assault rifles, magazines and pistol grips
  209. Officer Shot Tonight.
  210. Don't mess with certain groups
  211. Memphis officer shot by fellow cop, critically injured
  212. Lakewood CO Officer Killed
  213. Why aren't you there for yourself?
  214. Help a brother out.... duty belts anyone?
  215. Denver PD taking care of business
  216. Smiles- 25 I - N Bomb
  217. Heroes Behind The Badge
  218. Happy Birthday to all you Jarheads out there...
  219. Sgt. William A. Prochazka, EOW 11/10/75
  220. Its Karmageddon!!! Gas thief sets himself on fire...
  221. Auraria PD officer injured, suspect dead
  222. Today in 1910.....
  223. Must have apps?
  224. Troopers assisting in NJ.
  225. O-I-S escapee from Arizona
  226. 21 weeks down, 6 to go
  227. "Patrol Ready" Carbine Status
  228. Soft armor outer carrier with Molle capabilities.
  229. 64 year old attacks police station.
  230. So much for that career
  231. Personal Patrol Rifle!
  232. Travis Haley carbine DVD
  233. Need some help (after academy purchases)
  234. A Question for Urban Officers
  235. Kevlar Gloves
  236. Folks who claim to be, when they're not
  237. Case law regarding training with issued rifles...
  238. Officer down Henry County PD Georgia
  239. LEO Jobs Florida
  240. "I confronted evil in the parking lot. And evil was not gonna leave there."
  241. Marion county, KY Officer down
  242. New to the Union Rep. Game
  243. Ugh, missing it..
  244. Cops: The Most Arresting Show on Television
  245. Horrific Midland, Texas fatal accident
  246. Boot knife, suggestions
  247. Counterfeiter can't keep his presidents straight
  248. One way to enforce highway speed limits
  249. Is Mike Tyson a whacker?
  250. Aggressive Driver units