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  1. Aggressive Driver units
  2. Dupo IL
  3. Have You Ever Been Fishing Like This?
  4. Mag holder, why horizontal vs vertical?
  5. Police: Fake officer shot himself in the foot
  6. Tucson PD Sgt shot, suspect outstanding
  7. another "routine" traffic stop
  8. Safariland 6006
  9. They never learn, do they...
  10. My kid
  11. Speaking of clowns... They're all over the place lately!
  12. Case for mobile phone.
  13. What a ....!
  14. Police shoot man suspected of abducting his 2-year-old child
  15. Busted
  16. IALEFI Master Instructor
  17. Eight with concealed-carry permits charged with felonies in Sedgwick County
  18. Someone watches to much judge dredd
  19. The fun we can have when we learn to read
  20. The best compliment you can get is...
  21. Shot down pretty quickly..
  22. Testing for Synthetic Cannabinoids in Urine and/or Blood
  23. Happy Thanksgiving
  24. You're not a Cop until...
  25. Ohio Cop Smart Phone App
  26. J.D. Tippit. Dallas PD. EOW 11/22/63.
  27. To my brothers at the GSP...
  28. People just ain't right...
  29. Mall Cops: Mall of America
  30. Cool old police chase with motorcycle
  31. Video-Officer almost run over deploying spike strips
  32. Going from inside the fence to out on the street
  33. We've Lost One - Baldwin Co., Alabama
  34. Ride like you're invisible....
  35. Most OT in one month?
  36. Interesting series
  37. Checkout these pics from an attempt copkilling
  38. Seven robbers shot dead
  39. Big spike in police killings in 2011, then a drop in 2012
  40. Danner sale. Hurry up.
  41. NY State Hollow Point Restrictions?
  42. JETBeam PA10 failed, and need a new one.
  43. LAPD-professional art critics too?
  44. CG Reserves
  45. Having some light issues
  46. EOW - Illinois State Trooper (Motor Officer)
  47. Anyone here in New Orleans?
  48. X26 Taser battery leakage!
  49. Citizens in Illinois can film cops, says Supreme Court
  50. L.E. Review of the CRKT Hissatsu
  51. "Don't think, you'll just get hurt."
  52. what can police do in this situation?
  53. Commerce City cop caps Chloe
  54. D.A. memo details suspected L.A. sheriff's captain-drug suspect link
  55. DPD Lt, AKA "Lucille Baller" stars in rap video
  56. investigators for D.A. are cops or not?
  57. Opinions on Teams for Shifts
  58. It's O/T in Arizona
  59. Interesting times in Kansas
  60. Tactical Assault Gear Company Purchase Issue
  61. Brief update
  62. Oakland Crime Rate Soaring As City Loses Officers
  63. CTAV Concealable Vest
  64. Good on you Ofc. DePrimo!
  65. Anyone here ever attended this training?
  66. You're not a cop until... (HUMOR)
  67. Tactical Mall Response Team fail!
  68. We've lost one of own yesterday
  69. Going old school, need some advice
  70. Officer DiPrimo, NYPD, Random Act of Kindness
  71. Medical supplies
  72. They arrested Tinky Winky!
  73. Cold Spring MN Officer down
  74. Local cop in bad crash..
  75. A bow and arrow murder at a college.
  76. Federal office bombed in Arizona
  77. Ok, guys. Need your help for a big money bet.
  78. Iowa cops, some questions.
  79. Question for Las Vagas NV officers
  80. San Bernardino City Atty: “Lock your doors and load your guns”
  81. All Haters should see this JBT in Action
  82. Claims of theft
  83. Ford Interceptor SUV review
  84. Say Wa?
  85. Wallet opinions? Looking for slim.
  86. Family survival
  87. What percentage was your salary raised?
  88. Columbus PD officers among nonjackpot winners in Powerball
  89. Po Po Rap
  90. Reserve Officer Liability
  91. Baltimore blogger broadcasts police standoff, surrenders
  92. Interview with BNSF Police
  93. We've lost another
  94. Command Staff Not Playing by the Same Rules....
  95. US Coast Guard member killed in crash of California coast (Smugglers)
  96. Entitlement means never enough
  97. Police Jurisdiction - Alabama
  98. San Bernardino city atty to citizens: “Lock your doors & load your guns"
  99. Bear-Sprayed Theft Suspect's Lawyer Alleges Vigilantism
  100. “We are absolutely fed up with dealing with this off-duty behavior,”
  101. Suspect in Cold Spring officer's shooting death is released without charges
  102. You gotta write me a note!
  103. Bank robbery suspect boasts on YouTube before arrest
  104. Cold Weather On a Budget
  105. Dash cam reveals N.J. assemblyman's lies about traffic stop
  106. Not Good!
  107. Search your prisoners and your unit well
  108. Great news my buddy and one tough SOB back to work
  109. Well, report writing is pretty important
  110. Pig Gift Ideas For LEO
  111. New Drug in the US.
  112. Promotions
  113. Thug 'life' meets reality
  114. X26 Taser LEO model for sale
  115. Va. boy who is fighting cancer wishes for Christmas cards from police offic
  116. Finally Came Through
  117. I feel a bad case of Schadenfreude coming on...
  118. Secret Service oops..5 years ago.
  119. Article Feedback request Regarding Force-on-Force training
  120. In Medical Triumph, Homicides Fall Despite Soaring Gun Violence
  121. We only catch the dumb ones
  122. Week 25 done...2 more to go
  123. Open carry can be dangerous
  124. FTO Passed
  125. Ghetto deer
  126. Putting your Christmas wish list into prospective.
  127. City policy to cost injured Longview (TX) police officer her job
  128. "Journalists do have agendas; their articles do marshal facts selectively"
  129. Between seat mounts for rifles and shotguns
  130. Please tell me S.A. PD cops are tougher than this.........
  131. Got a second to do something
  132. It finally happened
  133. 8 years ago.........
  134. ASP Cuff Help
  135. Locker Plans
  136. Incident conclusion
  137. “They're cops, you idiot,”
  138. Active Shooter Rigs
  139. Tracking the Police
  140. Be Careful, cameras everywhere. Cop caught punching the clown
  141. J. Edgar?
  142. "Officer in dire need of assistance"
  143. Active Mall Shooting Clackamas Oregon
  144. Another mass shooting - OR
  145. The great Twinkie caper...
  146. “I’m like a zookeeper now...."
  147. Citizen Attempts to Pull Over LEO
  148. DHS and discretion
  149. How to turn Justin Bieber into a gelding
  150. Guardian of the Golden Gate
  151. Need some advice
  152. Tactical Medical Gear Sale
  153. Officer gives $100 to needy motorist
  154. 7th Circuit Court of Appeals endorses CCW
  155. Tucson, AZ PD K9 officer 'Ivan' down
  156. 13 rounds in 4.2 seconds - thoughts?
  157. Score!
  158. The family that robs together, stays together
  159. Deputy Shoots Man Through Store Window (Greenville, SC)
  160. Indianapolis PD looking for electric police cars?
  161. Two Memphis PD officers shot, one fatally
  162. At Least 20 Shot, Multiple Dead, At Sandy Hook School Shooting In Newtown
  163. Another mass shooting at Connecticut elem. school
  164. Question that came up from a movie...
  165. Non-LOD passing of a county sheriff
  166. A little good news in the midst of all the garbage
  167. Finally!
  168. Shot show
  169. An Oldie, But Funny. Man needs a bambalance
  170. Washington County Missouri Deputy Murdered
  171. Another boot questiom
  172. Alabama OIS
  173. Sgt's Test for Selection.
  174. In Light of All the Doom and Gloom Lately...
  175. What I learned on the internet Part IV
  176. Sometimes you just feel like smacking stoopid folks!!
  177. Could the Mayans have seen this coming?
  178. Off duty carry
  179. Aimpoint 3X mounting Options
  180. Training or Informational PDF
  181. Former police chief assaults, is Tased, and dies
  182. Shooting in San Antonio Theatre This Evenin?
  183. Two Topeka PD officers killed
  184. LODD: El Paso, TX Police Dept.
  185. Taxes
  186. Any of your agencies ever received this before?
  187. 2012 Officer Down Memorial page
  188. It's all in the title.
  189. The saga continues
  190. An office in your local schools?
  191. Stand-off in Harrisburg, PA
  192. Hey, watch how this works!
  193. Clayton Co. GA rookie officer shot
  194. Strangest case ever??
  195. Flagstaff, Arizona man with gun helps stop suspected robber
  196. Ammo & magazine shortages in your area?
  197. Mass School Bombing...45dead
  198. IL Sheriff retires, dies 1 week later
  199. AZ Highway Patrol officer struck by a tractor-trailer
  200. At what point is one within his rights to "resist" an unlawful LEO sear
  201. ATF shenanigans
  202. Barber shop conversation about gun violence leads to: gun violence
  203. must be the barbasol talking
  204. Nathan Norman "Wish upon a Hero"
  205. Nice Christmas Poem
  206. Woman shot after high-speed police pursuit
  207. Biden, Holder Meet with Officers On Gun Violence
  208. The Facts about Mass Shootings
  209. End of the World? Status check...
  210. Several Pennsylvania State Troopers shot
  211. Cops in schools
  212. CAD to CAD
  213. Classic Responses for my Area
  214. Why Cochese didn't really lose out on the Fed job
  215. So now that he is retired it is story time...
  216. 5.56 duty ammo
  217. Any current product testers here on GT?
  218. buying from Glock direct....
  219. I made it! I finally graduated!
  220. Patrol rifle access
  221. 6 yr old cancer patient Christmas wish
  222. LEO Firearms Discounts
  223. Mall Rapid Tactical Response Teams do exist!
  224. Interesting solution based on Grossman's scenario.
  225. Does this patrol boot exist?
  226. Wishing all a Safe and Merry CHRISTmas!
  227. EOW: Bellaire PD (Texas)
  228. Officer Down: Wauwatosa (WI) PD
  229. Patrol bag
  230. Firefighters Shot
  231. Bellaire TX PD EOW December 24th, 2012
  232. Anyone else cranking this Xmas eve?
  233. Public employees loafing on Christmas while others pick up the slack
  234. To all you Jackboots!
  235. Don't kick to the police
  236. Merry
  237. Tawana Brawley case- 25 years later
  238. Squad Equipment Help
  239. "Why do you have 'Hannibal Lecter' cages?!"
  240. School Admin Guide to Practical Hangun Training
  241. NY paper lists all LE pistol license holders
  242. Less lethal ammo trouble
  243. Passed The Academy
  244. Opinions Wanted...
  245. OIS in Gloucester PD Headquarters
  246. 3 officers shot, gunman killed at N.J. police HQ
  247. Uhhh Chief, is something wrong with your hand?
  248. M&P 45 full size, duty package for Glock
  249. Well, I went and did it.....
  250. Lt. Brian Murphy - even more detailed account...