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  1. Can I ask a legal question here? - NY City and Knives
  2. Missing Person in Flagsaff, AZ Report#P12-23482
  3. Bank robber fatally shot by off-duty deputy
  4. When I think things are bad
  5. EOW - San Antonio PD - TX
  6. I need some help with court rulings on firearm training
  7. LE Giveaway
  8. Career change
  9. LMT Rifles
  10. I love the spin on this article
  11. Wait! Those ARE my pants!
  12. Would you enforce a magazine ban?
  13. VA officer down
  14. Happy New Year!
  15. Best mugshots of 2012
  16. FBI Ammo Stats?
  17. Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic
  18. Nationwide 2nd amendment peaceful demonstration
  19. EOW 2012 - "...Dear God, let my name be the last."
  20. The confiscation begins!!!
  21. Its already started!
  22. More magic rounds
  23. Question for our LEOs in Alaska
  24. Jeanna Assam opposes armimg teachers
  25. 15 hours in a paddy wagon? Anyone with info?
  26. Naked Man Confronts San Jose Police With Sword, Assault Rifle
  27. Violence against NRA, GOP leaders
  28. This has to be the stupidist thing I've heard this year.
  29. Some new gear for 2013
  30. Thoughts on a Mossberg with Ghost Rings?
  31. The latest News from Oakland and Stockton
  32. Belleville cops booted from Denny's for toting guns
  33. Is this Chief of Police PC, or is this a good idea?
  34. Detroit Police Beretta 1201FP
  35. Are localities having issues obtaining ammo as well?
  36. Flipping off an Officer is legal..
  37. Two officers shot in Hilo, Hi
  38. Ban all hammers; it's for the children!
  39. 2 officers injured in NYC subway shooting
  40. Denny's apologizes, Chief recinds his order
  41. Well, that might wake the neighbors......
  42. News from Camden
  43. No Surprise - Skells Like Permit Holder Listing
  44. Officer Decker murder investigation. Looks like suspect is DOA
  45. Suspenders: Orca or Blauer?
  46. Stupidest thing seen on patrol this week
  47. We have a winner!
  48. Help with boots.
  49. Missouri State Troopers hiring..
  50. Fatal traffic accident in OR.
  51. Pro 2A Sheriff puts money where his mouth is
  52. What's the Oldest Case You've Been Subpoenaed For?
  53. After issuing a ticket, would YOU show up for this court fight?
  54. Cheif proposes 2nd amendment preservation ordinance.
  55. Lateral transfers and the hiring process.
  56. We lost one last night in my town. RIP
  57. These Are the Top 10 Jobs Most Likely to Attract Psychopaths
  58. Police misconduct payouts in Minneapolis drop
  59. Phoenix, AZ police officer shot
  60. Cops tv
  61. What is least understood about being a cop by those not in or close to LE?
  62. Wish me luck!
  63. Must not've been +Ps
  64. You can't make this stuff up...
  65. Attention job hunters
  66. Monthly union dues
  67. (facepalm)
  68. Norwich, CT officer shot
  69. DMV worker behaving badly
  70. Maricopa County, AZ S.O. Deputy shot
  71. Caliber rumor
  72. A few uniform shirts
  73. Duty Holster for Sig P220 Carry
  74. Running just gets you tired.
  75. Road toilet made the news
  76. Why the cuff keys?
  77. Big Brass ones
  78. Shots fired
  79. Interesting
  80. getting written up....
  81. What's the word
  82. Need Help, Search and Seizure laws and rules
  83. Fahrenheit 3100
  84. Radar Question
  85. "Handsome bandit" chase & shootout
  86. An elk is the same as a child?
  87. So Smart!! She should be in charge
  88. To see police in action......not the TV kind...
  89. Arresting for fights at sporting events
  90. Vests, does your Department/Agency Issue a Bullet Resistant Vest of not?
  91. Dog Breed of Peace plays "Got Your Nose!" game with 10 year- old boy.
  92. LimeyCop I miss you....
  93. Do you want LE updates from SHOT?
  94. Lets talk about uniforms
  95. Another normal Friday night
  96. Washington DC
  97. New Pistols on the Way
  98. Of all his choices he chose this to rob a store?
  99. How do you guys that have to take paper on every call stay sane?
  100. Cold weather warmness - Merino wool vs UA
  101. In the market for a S&W Shield?
  102. NY City Sheriff's patch & pizza
  103. Concealment holsters & retention options - experience/advice
  104. Discreet Uniform Shirt Camera
  105. Respectfully want your opinion
  106. Bad Day for Bad Guy
  107. Why I loathe most police 'administrators' and 'executives'
  108. Ideas and helpful advice on job search
  109. RIP Sheriff Yochum Randolph County GA
  110. "A police presence makes us feel unsafe and unwelcome in our own schools"
  111. Creepy Double Murder
  112. Duty gun?
  113. Anyone from New York State need help.
  114. Misunderstood youngin' flees, strips, & is ejected
  115. Off-duty officer assaulted with gasoline
  116. Patrol jackets
  117. NY magazine question
  118. OIS - Adams County, CO
  119. SHOT for Cops
  120. A K9 hero
  121. Prayers...A Cop's dad has passed...
  122. 25 threats against LEO...the joke is on him, I guess.
  123. New York and LEOSA
  124. Officer down - Galt, CA
  125. Have a few days on...
  126. Finally. Process is PROGRESSING
  127. Is Black Eye PC? This is a backeye IMHO for the LEO Professionals
  128. Hey,......
  129. What do you get with liberalism, dope loving and a retired cop?
  130. President's Speech, do we get raises?
  131. Crime Stats revealed (re: gun violence) video
  132. Any agencies looking at .300 AAC Blackout?
  133. Denver officer shot
  134. Montgomery County, Alabama, Sheriff supports AWB!
  135. The President: We owe law enforcement the tools they need to keep us safe
  136. Another of America's finest-Dog killer
  137. Head JBT of Larimer county plans for gun confisication
  138. Police Collectors Show 1/19/13
  139. Blatant cross post - GTer Nestor (Canada) off to LE academy.
  140. Go Seahawks! (Well, maybe not)
  141. A Dedication to Those We Have Lost
  142. So there I was, again.
  143. Streamlight SL20 LED upgrade?
  144. Low light courses and instruction ideas?
  145. In keeping with "If they were smart..."
  146. Youi have to get one of these before they are Banned!
  147. It will happen because you made it happen
  148. 2 Boulder police officers in deep doo doo over elk killing
  149. Pension Reform comes to Lexington
  150. California felony for Service Member storing firearms prior to deployment.
  151. Rock On Brothers
  152. It's almost official, putting in my 2 weeks...
  153. Danner Boot Leather
  154. List of Sheriffs Standing Up Against Obama’s Gun Control
  155. Police chiefs raffle gun like one use in Newtown massacre
  156. Chandler, AZ PD hiring
  157. Kydex MTS2000 radio holder
  158. Florida cops - Questions about moving to FL and getting into LE
  159. Question for New York LEOs from a Civilian
  160. New "duty" load for our patrol rifles. It sucks.
  161. Gahhhhh! No Rocky Eliminators!
  162. Personally owned patrol rifle questions.
  163. Question about paying informants
  164. Wow - what a mess this is
  165. schools react swiftly to prevent violence on campus
  166. "Pog mo thoin"
  167. Gloves
  168. Another flashlight thread
  169. Robbery foiled when get-away donkey fails them
  170. proposed patrol rifle specs
  171. Roll Call: who was the brass being the Feinstein
  172. Detroit Tigers waiting on customers at Dunkin Donuts Fri 25th
  173. CA Bill to keep LE from having patrol rifles in schools?
  174. New product you rifle coppers might want [you do need it].
  175. Home Owners Association Police???
  176. Detaining multiple suspects to find a bank robber...
  177. A sign of things to come?
  178. Somebody's not getting their G- ride back today...
  179. Milwaukee County Sheriff urges citizens to arm themselves...
  180. best place to buy gear online?
  181. There is hope....
  182. Help with tac light holster other than safariland 6285
  183. Thoughts from the other side of the pond
  184. Irish Police Officer Murdered
  185. Appropriate?
  186. EOW: St. Mary Parish SO (Louisiana)
  187. Lodd in TN
  188. After Action Reports
  189. Good Boots(yeah another thread)
  190. Big test tomoorow.
  191. A Smartphone So Tempting That Even Its Thief Was Robbed
  192. In Desert Outposts, Border Agents Keep Watch
  193. What not to do with your duty weapon when you go to the bathroom...
  194. Officers down in Louisiana
  195. Joe's MCSO posse training questioned
  196. Interesting Picture
  197. Why I carry my gun in church
  198. OWI defense: Mental defect
  199. Judge: Immigration Agents suing Obama can move forward
  200. Whistleblower fired
  201. Another piss poor state of affairs
  202. Highland Park cops busted.....
  203. Removing a husband from a home?
  204. Uniform shirts for the tall and skinny
  205. “One look, and your life was absolutely changed,”
  206. Texas DPS, roadside BCS officer to be fired...
  207. Another year gone by. Officer JoAnne Liscombe.
  208. PWC police caught picking up chicks while on duty
  209. another home invasion-good guys win
  210. F-Troop
  211. Indian Reservation in middle of Jurisdiction?
  212. "why police couldn't have used a Taser gun or OC rather rather than a gun"
  213. Man holds kid hostage in bunker
  214. Active shooter Scenarios
  215. Texas ADA murdered
  216. Return of The Police Marksman magazine online
  217. St. Louis Blues...
  218. 2 CPD P.O. cause burglary victim to cry; accussed of not going by the book.
  219. Local PD is CALEA, is that a good thing?
  220. I guess Wayne LaPierre was right
  221. Carry those trauma kits!
  222. Officer Down: Conway, AR PD
  223. Question on LEO buying personal weapon
  224. Well done officer!
  225. Need to workout
  226. Seatbelt cutter
  227. Question for Harris County, Texas Deputies.
  228. Putting down animals.
  229. Hostage Situation, Alabama - OVER
  230. We continue to be our own worst enemy
  231. optics
  232. Leave it to the media . . .
  233. FLIR Scout for patrol?
  234. What a disgrace.
  235. Reserve officer in off duty shooting (no worries, right ones got shot)
  236. Ammo in stock for LE
  237. A post from Eric re: GNG & LE oriented topics...
  238. Tourniquet Comarisons: SOF-TT vs C-A-T
  239. Downed Operator Kit Review
  240. Prison officer busted after becoming pregnant by cop-killer
  241. Herdon/Reston, VA Information
  242. Deputy steals dog, makes a bloody mess.
  243. Getting my stripes on Monday. Let's hear some advice!
  244. What is a Policeman...
  245. More info on the Acapulco assaults.
  246. Question for LEOs.
  247. Crazy Ex Cop and his "Manifesto"
  248. Priceless mug shot
  249. Thread to follow progress of manhunt in Southern California...
  250. Another 'defector'. This one in Arizona.