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  1. Another 'defector'. This one in Arizona.
  2. LAPD will give new truck to women shot by officers
  3. Sellouts......
  4. Are police ever off-duty?
  5. Lost my first partner today.
  6. If you're gonna put em down...
  7. Shin splints
  8. Audios scumbag
  9. Snow Storm
  10. was it just me...
  11. Dial 112???
  12. Random Question: LE-grade OC and bears
  13. What do you carry on duty
  14. Hugging the opposite sex in uniform in public.
  15. OIS Barry County Michigan
  16. Looking for some information about Raleigh City PD
  17. Patrol rifle picture thread
  18. EOW: Riverside PD
  19. Economic Impact of Gun Ban
  20. Dialing 112
  21. What is that whiz bang AA flashlight?
  22. 2nd Annual National Interdiction Conference
  23. My little Cousin has hit a wall in pursuing his dream career
  24. Tac Vest and Body Armor Question
  25. Gun grabbing politician
  26. Daniel Defence LE Financing
  27. LIVE: Shootout With Dorner
  28. Calling All Cars
  29. Sad Day in Atlanta Area
  30. Any SRO's here?
  31. Police K9 Stabbed to death Tuesday
  32. Wear your hats!
  33. Multi jurisdictional training exercise goes horribly wrong
  34. To others, It is a Family Crest...
  35. Dorner had problems in the Academy
  36. PMAGS in Stock for Colorado LEO's (also have info for out of CO LEO's too)
  37. How was your shift today?
  38. Sheriff: There was no intent to burn cabin to get Dorner
  39. EOW: San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department
  40. wanting advice from those with narcotics experience.
  41. Police: Superior impersonating an officer incident was fake
  42. Is the FOP anti gun?
  43. agency protocol for transfers
  44. Body confirmed as Dorner's
  45. Tell me about your duty shotguns
  46. No L.E. exemption in MO & MN gun seizure bill??
  47. Los Angeles On High Alert As LAPD Back On Regular Duty
  48. Seriusly???
  49. Double amputee Olympic athlete arrested for murdering girlfriend..
  50. Tahoe PPV: Incredible issue & Update!
  51. Video: Suspect slams into squad car
  52. And here we go again.......
  53. New local cover/jam band - thought some of you might like/relate to this
  54. Dorner Committed Suicide, Did Not Die In Fire
  55. 2013-2014 Dodge Charger 5.7 Hemi (Any Problems?)
  56. Convicted felon runs from police, discards assault rifle
  57. Making yourself invisible...
  58. Coolidge, AZ PD officer shot
  59. How many miles on your patrol vehicle?
  60. Can't abide this
  61. Fun With Sovereigns...
  62. Dozens protest...!
  63. Shotgun Shell Holder
  64. "I chase him, I bite him..."
  65. Palo Alto PD tweets a ridealong w/ the Chief
  66. Ex-cops like Dorner may [still] own banned guns
  67. Man died of asphyxia while in police custody
  68. G19 vs G23
  69. So firearms companies are screwing cops..
  70. Push to keep feds out of state gun markets
  71. More Chicago Corruption.....
  72. There can be only one!
  73. Trooper Down in NC
  74. Multiple Shooting Scenes This Morning
  75. Looking for LEO insight
  76. For any officers who have been in a shooting...
  77. Question for me Breathern
  78. Nuevo Laredo looking for new Police Chief
  79. Questioning a minor.
  80. Second City Cop brightens the day
  81. That gosh darn adrenaline.
  82. ? for dept. hiring recently separtated MP's
  83. Sheriff's deputy, man injured in shooting (Hits Close to Home)
  84. AK-47 shooter may get only 8 years in prison for trying to kill two cops...
  85. How many people don't have ID
  86. Shots fired house burns
  87. It's the small pleasures that keep me in this job...
  88. Just hit the trifecta!
  89. Rifle questions, continued...
  90. Cop who killed grandmother in 100 mph crash gets case dismissed
  91. Any one challenge the tcleose certification
  92. Cruiser lock for Benelli M1's?
  93. OIS in York County, PA
  94. Pro 2nd Chicago Cops - "Stand and Fight"
  95. Dorner Booking Photo
  96. Problems with OMB Guns
  97. Trouble may come looking for you
  98. So I created my first big thread..
  99. Man breaks into fire station to wax the pole
  100. Retired ATF agent down
  101. Chamber Flag For Patrol Rifle
  102. How would you handle this traffic stop?
  103. Ratio of Decent People vs. Dirtbags
  104. Opening at the Pittsburgh PD!
  105. Record setting bust.
  106. Holy Professional Courtesy!!!
  107. You really can sue anyone, for anything!
  108. So you want to be able to CCW nationwide?
  109. Bartender Fired For Alerting Police To Drunken Patron Getting Behind Wheel
  110. Hearing protection
  111. Anyone have an M1 Carbine in the trunk?
  112. Domestics-Old Way vs New Way.. Better?
  113. Permit to Purchase question for MN LEOs
  114. Sequester impact on Federal prisons
  115. External vest carrier
  116. Pursuit Driving / PIT instruction
  117. My wife was pistol whipped
  118. Anybody have a Sig P290?
  119. OK, which one of you is the 'chubby elvis'? lol
  120. What effect does social media have on officer safety/event outcome?
  121. went to Nashville.....
  122. Thanks
  123. Petition to Amend LEOSA for Correctional Officer's
  124. Post-autopsy pics
  125. Car stop with a ccw driver - what would you do?
  126. "The Texas Sheriff Exam"
  127. Need a bit of new job advice.
  128. corrections officer killed USP Caanan
  129. Obama's latest tactic
  130. Drag racing on my road. Advice needed.
  131. Horrible news - 2 Santa Cruz, CA officers down
  132. Agreeing with the CPD Superintendent McCarthy
  133. DWI runs into trooper, says "you need to be out catching real criminals."
  134. now i'm REALLY confused!
  135. Another BOP officer killed in drive by (Puerto Rico)
  136. Perp shows up in court already wearing handcuffs
  137. How would you like to be R/O on this call?
  138. G37 mags?
  139. Tale of Two Mugshots
  140. Cop killer in Santa Cruz a 'ticking time bomb' who hated justice system...
  141. EOW - St. Lucie County, FL
  142. Father of the year--FAIL
  143. Bad Day in Northern Virginia Yesterday, 2 Officers Down
  144. Expletive filled tirade
  145. So I got an e-mail from Wilson Combat
  146. There are still good parents out there!
  147. Biden - Cops coming to him - "We’re being outgunned. We’re being outgunned"
  148. Cops Shoot Sharks after Fatal Attack.
  149. Where to buy practice ammo for PD?
  150. Four bullets struck Santa Cruz fire truck
  151. Our department hit the streets again today.
  152. Police chief suspended for Facebook pic with gun-toting woman
  153. Marijuana, non-transparent side windows, unlicensed operation
  154. Safariland SLS Taser Holster
  155. Cop rear-ends motorcycle then threatens a "**** load of tickets"
  156. Unfamiliar Weapon on a stop
  157. Memorial Serivces Moved to SJ
  158. Use the "Report Post" Icon, PLEASE!!!!
  159. Old school war on drugs (1969)
  160. Obama's lastest tactic, part II
  161. If you've never....
  162. Judge Constance Briscoe arrested for 'lying to police'
  163. Man "lied to police", court told
  164. Need some feedback on the new Ford Taurus
  165. East Orange man lied about being carjacked in Newark
  166. Langley Boys Who Lied To Police Punished
  167. LEOSA - 24 hour peace officer status
  168. Quick turn-around
  169. Photojournalist unexpectedly documents domestic violence
  170. EOW- Kuujjuaq, Quebec
  171. Anyone still driving a CV using an iPod or XM radio?
  172. K9 Has an AD
  173. New Avitar for Cochese
  174. Speedfeed? Yay or nay?
  175. Rapid Transition Sight
  176. 20 Officers on leave for expired LTC
  177. Dealing with family members
  178. LODD: Sebastian County, AZ Sheriff's Office
  179. “You guys going to let me die?”
  180. Thoughts on the PBA?
  181. "dozens of other motorists had passed by without doing anything"
  182. Proud of Maryland Sheriff's Association!!!!!!!!
  183. Daughters say father drove up to 100 mph while they opened beers for him
  184. Work for the Public Defender and taking it up a notch
  185. Nevada disses Arizona
  186. So this happens here as well?
  187. California city Supports JBT Chief who won't do his job...
  188. One of those rare moments
  189. Saw my first high speed chase today....
  190. Deadly force is not cut and dried (video inside)
  191. this looks perfectly legal...
  192. National Police Week
  193. Pantless woman tries to flee scene of an accident. lol
  194. Law Officer Magazine
  195. EOW: Virgina State Trooper shot during traffic stop on I-85
  196. man goes berserk at Dunkin Donuts...
  197. Colo. waitress gets own stolen ID when carding patron
  198. this looks very effective!
  199. Suspicious man/vehicle near school....
  200. CLEO opens his mouth and reinvents technology
  201. $16.00 felony beef.... Sorry, felony chicken
  202. Ban them to Protect the Police......
  203. MPD Officers Save Family From Fire.
  204. Out of life's lemons, disabled Chicago cop makes applesauce
  205. Fallen Officer "Smilies"
  206. It is legal to hunt humans. Who knew?
  207. Lost a kid this week.
  208. Need help re; ballistics from glock barrels???
  209. Minn. hunter faces firearms ban over wolf killings
  210. Green mobile
  211. Kentucky police officer fined $2 for striking handcuffed suspect multiple t
  212. Anyone running a TLR1 HP on patrol rifle? Got ?'s
  213. Minnesota offenders who win back gun rights stay out of trouble
  214. Courage Under Fire: SCFD
  215. California bicyclist faces felony charge after hitting, killing pedestrian
  216. Painting firearms?
  217. Pro Gard Seat Organizer
  218. Job opening Western PA
  219. IN PROGESS: Two Officers Down in North Liberty, IA
  220. Does such Case law exist...
  221. FOP or PPA
  222. Cell phone thief caught when his pants play different tunes
  223. Wasn't this the low life who assaulted a detective a while back?
  224. Vt. holds forum on 'stun gun' use by police
  225. S&W mod 60 as a backup?
  226. Best Uniform Ever
  227. Got our pepperspray back today
  228. Irvington cops investigated for making gangsta-style rap videos
  229. Shameless commerce post, with FREE STUFF!
  230. This gun is dope!
  231. Don't run with scizzors (at police)
  232. Real concealed carry
  233. Ala. officers serving warrant slashed with box cutter
  234. Police Officer Stops To Help Mother Pushing Stroller On Cold, Rainy Day
  235. u cant catch me im da ginger bread man...sincierly da gingerbread man
  236. Arrested Fla. spring breaker pees on officer's lunch
  237. Cops get sentenced for illegal escorts...
  238. 10 amazing photos that’ll make you proud to be a cop
  239. Interview Advice Needed
  240. Fallen Projects video of SCPD memorial
  241. Full size LED light
  242. N.J. State trooper - victim of false accusations by Vineland woman - awarde
  243. It's just weed, what's the problem?
  244. Not Your Average Traffic Stop
  245. Changing for better insurance?
  246. SWAT teams in standoff with gunman sought in four deaths in upstate NY
  247. Anybody recognize this name?
  248. Things that make you go ummmm
  249. LAPD vs. LASD
  250. Molle Outer Vest Carriers