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  1. G27 On-Duty BUG (holster?)
  2. *Video* El Paso Has Poop & Pee Probs On Downtown Streets
  3. Blue wall fail
  4. Essential Gear
  5. Officer Chad Peery benefit.
  6. Have you ever been wronged by an Inspector?
  7. Rifle mag pouch help
  8. Dumbest Bank Robber evah
  9. officer fired after responding to officer down call.
  10. digital video recorder
  11. D.C. officer charged in killing of P.G. woman
  12. Man arrested for paying with pennies
  13. Another example of why police chases need to be banned!
  14. Just one more thing to be aware of when you wear a kilt
  15. Fan rushes stage-bodyguard appears out of nowhere
  16. TN officer down
  17. Two Memphis police officers wounded, suspect killed in ambush shootout
  18. L.A. Chief wants toy guns bright colors.
  19. EOW: Oneida County NY
  20. Oklahoma County K-9 deputy laid to rest today.
  21. Someone in Detroit PD??
  22. A little light reading...
  23. Breaking: 30 Bodies In Mass Grave Near Houston
  24. Man fatally shot by police was holding cellphone
  25. Two Officers Fired for Speaking Out
  26. Eyewitness to Miami Beach shooting alleges police misconduct.
  27. Agents killed in shooting
  28. 24 hour shifts
  29. Question: foot chase
  30. Camden County NJ thinking of changing to a County Wide Police Force
  31. Indiana girl?
  32. FN P90 in service? (or other ideas for motorcycle units, etc.)
  33. Trooper in unmarked car charged with DUI
  34. Retired cop forecloses on B of A, after it wrongly foreclosed on him.
  35. "It's not a weasel... it's a marten" ... [BAM!]
  36. Mexican cartels building assault vehicles
  37. LE Funerals ?
  38. Have't had this in awhile. What guns are we carrying?
  39. Border Incident involving Texas Rangers
  40. Supreme Court is on fire this year
  41. Under the title of "There's More to the Story"
  42. Just bought my 17 year old son a .22 today
  43. Any legal way to move this car?
  44. Need new toys.. what to get?
  45. Police officer fatally shoots own son
  46. Things I learned on the net.... part 2
  47. The lengths a guy will go to find a good disguise
  48. Hats...
  49. Bonnaroo- Manchester, TN
  50. Is this what i think it is?
  51. EOW: Nash County, NC
  52. New courthouse staircase causes a stir...
  53. *Video* Detectives Have Arrested The "Crimson Crusader!"
  54. Interesting BUG carry..
  55. Who Polices The Police
  56. My father's book. The events of Shannon Street, 1983 in Memphis TN
  57. Idiots that keep driving "I didn't know you were pulling ME over"....
  58. Poplawski jury set for June 20 trial date (Pittsburgh)
  59. Any officers issued/carry the S&W 99?
  60. EOW: Detroit officer...Charles Armour
  61. Columbus PD shoots up car, makes it crash, kills 2
  62. Kansas City, Kansas PD Heroes
  63. Denver detective shoots himself in the hand in the can
  64. Remember that whole "Soverreign Citizen" Thread?
  65. Maglite XL50
  66. The Good Cop Thread
  67. You gotta love rednecks..
  68. Ex-BART leo freed from prison after 11 months for manslaugter conviction.
  69. Tlr-1 Contour Switch
  70. Florissant, Mo
  71. Back support for patrol cars
  72. Stay safe out there.
  73. Retired Detroit police officer shot during carjacking
  74. Woman Beats Kittens With Ball Bat
  75. Hats off to KCMO Motorcycle Officer
  76. Pensions
  77. Rifle rack for patrol car
  78. Rapist finds out there is no parole or probation for this crime.
  79. Good job Austin PD!
  80. Here I am Coppers
  81. Another example of the importance being in a police union.
  82. Lost another one
  83. Well ya see chief what happened is...
  84. help me spend some money for a gun
  85. Police officer awarded $1.9M in civil suit
  86. Patrol Cameras
  87. Sports Memorabilia Values
  88. What was your first call?
  89. Rate your Dept's BDU uniform brand
  90. Coyote ??
  91. Glock Armorers I need your assistance
  92. EOW South Pasadena, CA PD Officer Kevin Sandoval
  93. *Video* Could This Man Be Lying>???
  94. Former Laurel officer pleads to child porn charge
  95. Alberta Easter's death in prison called justice for murdering 3 Inkster LEO
  96. Frivilous complaints
  97. You would assume that . . .
  98. Teens assaulted by medical MJ grower.
  99. THIS would be a fun handgun for just plinking around!!
  100. Wool uniforms?
  101. Damn kids...
  102. WI: Right to Work state for LEO and FF too
  103. Safariland leather/laminate belt..
  104. Serious Question on the Marine/SWAT Incident in AZ.
  105. Is your job description expanding?
  106. Strangest riot picture-ever!
  107. 357 Sig ammo for LE -- what is it?
  108. 2 bank robbers dead after shoot out with OHP
  109. Yearbook=child porn.
  110. *video* NC deputy shooting
  111. Convicted...
  112. Would you want this "Officer" as a partner?
  113. James Taylor Arrested for Drinking 48 Beers
  114. DVC Cassette player
  115. Promotional Interviews
  116. Silk Road...
  117. 911 LED Lightbar
  118. *Image* Anyone Wear A Luminox>?
  119. 99yrs for 7th DWI...I LOVE This State/County
  120. Clowing Around is fun until somebody gets hurt
  121. Black Boots - What kind & Where to buy them
  122. Steve Albrecht - Contact and Cover
  123. Old School Stories
  124. brick to the head
  125. Galco King Tuck
  126. Killer clown gives this Bozo a dirt nap
  127. First day back and recieved the perfect gift!
  128. Bump Results In 8 Shot in East New York
  129. *Video* So You're On Patrol, & See This Guy Doing This!
  130. Happy Father's Day, guys!!
  131. Calling all cars, calling all cars- BCNA in progress
  132. For those that have used an impact weapon
  133. How to catch a Cop.
  134. LEOSA in Arizona
  135. 4 killed in robbery gone awry in NY
  136. Tenn. man arrested for racing unmarked police car
  137. Help me buy a new Off Duty Glock
  138. Okay, it's been asked before, but...
  139. Can you all take a look at this thread please?
  140. 1972 Active shooter- Close to home
  141. Burglary Suspect Found Hanging From Razor Wire
  142. Police show support as trial in officers' killings begins
  143. Synthetic Drugs - Spice/K2/Bath Salts
  144. Classic Rookie Ribbing - You have the right to remain silent
  145. Poor Horse
  146. Girlfriend Goes Ninja on Boyfriend - WITH NUMCHUCKS!
  147. See? The JBTs don't get any justice either, folks
  148. LMPD officer injured
  149. Deputy shoots dog
  150. Police Patch Thread...
  151. Conditional Offer Question
  152. Inmate Shoots Inmate Inside Fulton Co. Ga. Jail
  153. whst color furniture should i get
  154. No-knock warrants
  155. Police director disbands Memphis undercover unit, or not.
  156. GREAT Legal advice...
  157. Safariland open top OC holder $6 on Ebay
  158. Iowa OIS: Don't take a knife to a gun fight...
  159. Leavenworth Resident Earns the Stupid Prize
  160. Cop's dad and nephew killed...home invasion
  161. Wth
  162. If you cops were just nicer to DB's, they would be nicer to you.
  163. LAPD Senior Lead Officer Questions/RFI
  164. Atlanta PD
  165. Pay/Tenure
  166. Texas Lawmen 1835-1899, the Good and the Bad
  167. AZDPS computers hacked
  168. A very proud day for me.....
  169. Hyper mode keeps you alive? Without it are you dead?
  170. HB218 while visiting Washington DC
  171. Stolen assault rifle found in home of ex-Marine killed by SWAT
  172. Aimpoint patrol rifle optics vs Eotech xps
  173. Starting with a new department
  174. A quick prayer for Sheriff Dee Stewart Spalding County GA
  175. Way to go Chicago!
  176. Oregon coppers: a question
  177. EOW Va State Trooper
  178. Resume help
  179. Streamlight Repair
  180. Chicago's top cop+open mic=pain
  181. WI officers no longer have to collect traffic stop data
  182. Which way to wear the belt?
  183. Clip Knife
  184. Anyone using paddle holsters?
  185. Glock 35 w/ TLR-1 issues
  186. Holder for M/A-COM P7200 radio
  187. How Do You Feel About Being Videotaped?
  188. Congratulations! You're fired!
  189. Pa. man found guilty of killing 3 Pittsburgh cops
  190. Strange 2-fer OWI, and a new nickname...
  191. An ode to summer carnivals
  192. Anyone with Federal LEO hiring experience?
  193. Strange Traffic stop
  194. For those of you that have sold your homes, or put them on the market...
  195. LEOSA in NY while attending 10 year 9-11 Memorial
  196. Busy year so far, calls for service
  197. Getting Used to Streets/Layout
  198. CJ what for a Masters?
  199. AZ: Navajo Officer Down
  200. Be Careful Out There
  201. This will get messy
  202. Women assaults officers with her breast milk.
  203. Prep Test Question
  204. glock mgazine sale
  205. "The Death of the Beat Cop"
  206. EOW - Ball PD, La.
  207. Cincinnati gets new Chief
  208. Deputies find her argument Udderly ridiculous in tit for tat disturbance...
  209. Counting down the days till banned from the GNG section.
  210. Seattle leads the way . . . again
  211. LE Off Duty Carry in MASSACHUSETTS...
  212. Why do people do stupid stuff like this?
  213. Missouri LEO's, need help with a LE question.
  214. "Embarassing . . . " - gee, ya think?
  215. Carrying Off-Duty
  216. Chicago's Chief McCarthy
  217. My wife and daughter helped out an officer today!
  218. Man arrested after stabbing puppy five times in the face
  219. Go fight some real crime
  220. Another Taser death
  221. Can't hit the target
  222. More Stupid Than Stupid
  223. 6 days of training and all I got was this...
  224. Issued Glock 34 or 35?
  225. Active Manhunt in West-Central IL
  226. Officer's Lied In Cover Up
  227. any cops here in limestone county Alabama?
  228. My latest 419 e-mail
  229. Glock 27 holster question
  230. Arlington TX police testing unmaned surveillance aircraft
  231. EOW - Berks County, PA
  232. This is what's wrong with
  233. FYI-ACLU: Rules vary on police Taser use in Arizona
  234. ACLU: Rules vary on police Taser use Arizona
  235. Tips When Stopped By Police (video)
  236. Yay!
  237. New LAPD Cruiser (?)
  238. A time I'm glad to be wrong...
  239. Five nypd cops hurt at rap concert
  240. 4 bad guys dead no officers hurt
  241. EOW: Brazoria Co SO, Texas
  242. FBI offers to train Westboro baptist church of Topeka, KS.
  243. Post your Rifle Qualifications (courses of fire)
  244. EOW: York Regional Police Service, Ontario, Canada
  245. Officer tells the truth, may get disciplined.
  246. Inmate lose in my area
  247. Magazine issues
  248. Dave Grossman
  249. Any recommendations on a shotgun school?
  250. Justice - over 50 years later . . .