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  1. Uniform pants that don't fade in a month
  2. PA K9 down
  3. Daniel Defense Wait Time
  4. Introduction
  5. Nashville tourist help for a visiting copper
  6. Added charges when being stupid in parking lots/other
  7. Who ever said there is no justice? Poor lil' rapist....
  8. Cops the TV show question
  9. Hartford Man Arrested After Displaying Handgun At City School
  10. Felon arrested with loaded gun
  11. Man charged after drug dog sniffs out gun on school property
  12. 29 Years of Service...
  13. Somebody make me feel better about going to work
  14. The Cop & the hotrod
  15. "Come into my parlor" said the Cop to the punk
  16. study says cross-training cops, FFs not feasible
  17. workplace hijnks
  18. Pittsburgh officer shot, still wins gunfight.
  19. Bridgeport Police Say Case Illustrates Gun Trafficking Problem
  20. Denver PD Experiences?
  21. Old video clip
  22. NYS Trooper's NY gun law Constitution warning
  23. When is the moving date?
  24. Wanted’’ poster calls for the murders of the two NYPD cops
  25. Ever wonder what your children do during spring break?
  26. "I'm direct"
  27. Have you hugged a cop today..or just said thanks?
  28. Well regulates militia member fires on police, is killed
  29. Reach out and get help!
  30. CO DOC executive director shot & killed at home
  31. Officer Down (Wauwatosa, WI) DENIED her name being added to DC Memorial!
  32. Found my next patrol car!
  33. Confused FBI Agents Continue Search For Harlem Sheikh
  34. Police Sniper kills bus shooter
  35. What pattern for SWAT/SORT bdu's
  36. Leo on "Get Home Bag"
  37. Short Asp or Long Asp?
  38. "Civil rights" group wants COPS cancelled
  39. Question for the legal pros here
  40. Handheld Chemical Spray Instructor Course: Alabama
  41. Bingo!
  42. I do believe I'm done
  43. West Valley City, UT officer missing
  44. Naked pictures get Houston Police Department sergeant demoted
  45. Securing rifles in a Ford Expedition
  46. Married guys; wedding band tat
  47. How old is too old to join the police?
  48. Best way to approach law enforcement?
  49. Inservice Shoot
  50. Another Death Penalty Case
  51. Shooting Death of an Infant
  52. Basic Police Patrol Rifle Certification Course: Alabama
  53. Classic MSP Photos
  54. Driving the Charger: What should I be looking for?
  55. Colt 6943 experiences? (or anything in the 694x family)
  56. "BOP- No Sequester!!"
  57. Anyone got a 6070 nylon holster for P226 they are willing to sell?
  58. Smith & Wesson M&P 10
  59. Lets year ya'lls weekly workout
  60. Crappy day to work on the island
  61. Archery discussion
  62. Red dot sights on shotguns
  63. FTOs, share your wisdom.
  64. Ground Defense & Escape for Law Enforcement Instructor Course: Taught by
  65. Stockton to declare bankruptcy
  66. OK, some of you don't like the Charger, so what is/was
  67. Off Duty Jobs - Paid Details
  68. Stolen unmarked car found in lake
  69. So jealous of dept's w/own range
  70. Possible sovereign citzen issue
  71. Life Lion flight of HPD K9 was a first
  72. Slain Pa. officer's widow gives birth to baby boy
  73. Mossie Tactics MT2400FSB light mount review
  74. Cue the banjo music
  75. Santa Cruz Warriors retire basketball jerseys for fallen detectives
  76. Crimes against kids
  77. Police Officers Refused Service at Buffalo Wild Wings Because of Guns
  78. Colorado Sheriffs being extorted ?
  79. Police canine shot in Arizona
  80. Drug dog sniff is unconstitutional search, Supreme Court rules
  81. Disabled former police captain ejected from Memphis bar
  82. Glock Transition Advice
  83. Those aren't my pants
  84. Off Duty Carry
  85. patrol rifle choices
  86. Man Allegedly Picks Fight With Cops While Carrying Gun, Cocaine
  87. Man Accused of Throwing Sandwich at Pregnant McDonald's Worker
  88. Getting plowed
  89. Conn. trooper forms bond with family of Newtown victim
  90. Social Thread LIX - OC flys to LAX (for his 30th birthday!)
  91. "We were the Flintstones and now we’re the Jetsons,”
  92. Fla Trooper Fired for writing no proof of insurance vs. speeding ticket
  93. Deputy resuscitates baby along interstate - Milwaukee WI
  94. Report details dramatic confrontation between driver, officer in Baldwin Pa
  95. CT Rocks
  96. Any of y'awl know this former PA Trooper?
  97. Attention Maryland LEO's
  98. Anybody carry a gen4 G21 on duty?
  99. EOW: Illinois State Police
  100. Name Tag Problem
  101. New turn in baby-shooting saga: City commissioner arrested
  102. Police officers and suicide
  103. Handgun question for CA Cops
  104. Request for a post here
  105. Sigh.. I'm back..
  106. Want to have some chinese? Call 911 of course!
  107. A Poem to Honor Butch and Beth by Ted Rossiter
  108. Kaufman DA murdered.
  109. Gangs? Here? Bwaaahahahahaha!!, it's real...
  110. Need some help from Officers
  111. Veterans are not exempt from stupid
  112. "These cops were trained to do something like that, right?"
  113. Come out, or we'll send in our dogs!
  114. Smoke & Prayers for Alaska SP
  115. DA & wife assassinated 2 months after ADA is assassinated.
  116. New movie glorifies domestic terrorists.
  117. Alaska State Trooper Helicopter Down...
  118. POSIT training
  119. ACLU calls for 'mugshot makeovers'
  120. Easter Festival broken up by California Cops
  121. Which pistol light?
  122. Anyone familiar with this bill?
  123. DHS made major purchase of ammunition drunk!
  124. It's good to see new 'faces' among the posters here in Cop Talk...
  125. This is how foot pursuits should be handled
  126. White kids shouldn't save minorities says Phoenix gov't.
  127. More rip-off crew action in metro Phoenix
  128. Who here has been to the officer memorial site in Washington, D.C.?
  129. Photo radar corruption.
  130. Had a guy demand to see the test results....
  131. Student fakes violent rape on UCSB campus
  132. Weapon Mounted Light - Travis Haley video
  133. Prayer request, Det cops in shootout last night
  134. Mingo Co WV Sheriff Down
  135. OIS- Suburban Chicago
  136. DPD as political props
  137. Bryant officer kills fugitive in shootout; state police investigate
  138. Denver DA Kills intruder
  139. City employee fired - husband belongs to a community organization
  140. Interesting new product
  141. Books for Cops, written by Cops
  142. Shooting at Jackson, MS police department headquarters
  143. Maryland LEOSA carry
  144. Drove a New Police Package Explorer Today
  145. contemplating dumping 1911 platform
  146. "The only thing I could think of . . . "
  147. Threats come in many forms
  148. Off duty Cop take down
  149. Anybody working where they grew up?
  150. What drew you to your department/agency?
  151. The Political War on the NYPD
  152. Ar10 platform accuracy vs. bolt rifle?
  153. IALEFI conference
  154. Sgt came on the job in 64 and still working!
  155. Question for my friends in Law Enforcement
  156. Police week 2013
  157. Jesus!
  158. More cop bashing by the media
  159. AR-15 Choice
  160. Beantown Brothers?
  161. LEO's views on the Second Amendment (PoliceOne 2013 Gun Policy & LE)
  162. Tennessee tragedy
  163. Shootout in Brazil!
  164. Time to ban knives as well.
  165. Calling the Police 101- Citizen guide
  166. Way to go deputy. Boy, 4, accidentally kills Tenn. deputy's wife
  167. Guess Who's Back In The News
  168. AARP member gone wild
  169. Open carry, any carry might have prevented this.
  170. How does your agency handle Alarms?
  171. Finding The Leader in You seminar
  172. Looks like I'm going K9...
  173. I'm going to cry....
  174. Need some advice/help
  175. Any MO State Troopers here?
  176. MA State Troopers
  177. Thirsty Ore. burglars left telltale juice carton
  178. AMAZING helmetcam vid: motor cop ~ hi-speed pursuit of motorist
  179. ANOTHER Case of Militarized Cops Killing a (Presumed) Citizen in His Home!
  180. Police take down - (video I came across)
  181. How Much Training Ammo Do You Shoot?
  182. Attempted mail bombing
  183. Getting away with murder?
  184. Community activists rally to free disbarred defense attorney
  185. New uniforms finally debut
  186. Pursuit Video on a Motor
  187. Southland
  188. Overcoming Poor Morale
  189. Be careful out there, it can get more than just your badge!
  190. Cops arrest man on charge of carrying gun without permit
  191. Police, ‘anti-gun’ prosecutor clash with soldiers in area around Fort Hood
  192. In Arizona, suspicious package addressed to sheriff Joe
  193. 'Classy' Dubai police add Lamborghini Aventador to patrol fleet
  194. I am going to pull the trigger on a rifle plate rig
  195. sovereign citizen...ghetto style!
  196. Colt 6720s for a Grand, in stock
  197. Sight disposal
  198. District Attorney gets popped for DWI
  199. Brookfield, WI EOW
  200. K9 Camera
  201. Rare footage of Dragoon in his younger days
  202. Freelance PJs
  203. So it wasn't the A.B.
  204. Woman killed by 4 year old at cookout
  205. duty gun v. back up gun for off duty carry.....
  206. "probably cause" in the news
  207. Let's talk ankle holsters
  208. FL Cop fired for target choice
  209. Boston Marathon bombed?
  210. Over the line!
  211. Need Help finding Computer mounts for our cars.
  212. ILEETA Conference
  213. Thanks guys,........
  214. NYPD Academy on Fire
  215. Bail Enforcement Agents gunned down
  216. Supreme Court Ruling on Warrantless Blood Draw
  217. Colt LE6920 In Stock $1050
  218. Taurus PI question
  219. Former Kaufman Co JP's wife arrested.
  220. Surefire R1 Lawman
  221. Devastation in Texas
  222. The President thanks everyone except, well, you know who...
  223. Teens mob NYPD in subway
  224. Albany police union blasts SAFE Act as ‘foolish’
  225. Colt vs DD vs LMT vs BCM vs others?
  226. Active Shooter @ MIT - possible officer down
  227. Shots Fired on MIT Campus - Officer Down
  228. Patrol rifle question
  229. MIT PD Officer Down Memorial thread...
  230. Real heroes in Boston
  231. Texting juror tossed in jail
  232. Police from othe States in MA
  233. Post-arrest scanner traffic
  234. Question for my CA brothers
  235. This one is for you
  236. Please school me on rifle plates
  237. Every so often, America and the world are reminded of the valor, courage...
  238. Another JBT Story thread...Get over it.
  239. I just wish it didn't take a tragedy...
  240. Some thoughts on the loss of Off. Sean Collier: EOW 4-18-13
  241. In the midst of JBT oppression...
  242. circumstances of Officer Sean Colliers murder?
  243. PA officer in critical condition after crash.
  244. End of Watch: Wa****a County SO Oklahoma
  245. EOW: Grayson County (TX) Sheriff's Office
  246. off duty harris co deputy motorcyclist down rip
  247. California- 10 round magazines
  248. Do you know who I am!?!? Yup, "Under Arrest"
  249. Shooting at Tennessee nuke facility...?
  250. GLOCK (OEM) + 2 Mag Extensions