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  1. I'll be back...soon.
  2. Officer's Choice?
  3. Boston PD used excessive force to stop terrorist
  4. Magpul program for Colorado residents to buy mags before the ban
  5. How and where do you guys carry your BUGs?
  6. Dog related help needed PA/Philly
  7. Westminster, CO PD
  8. Rethinking Casualty Care In Tight Spots
  9. Patrol rifle policy
  10. Rescue from burning car
  11. This stuff will get stolen
  12. CO's get pregnant by inmates; indictments follow.
  13. Bullet Vest Weight and Duty belt Weight
  14. Texas Deputy Stops Theater Shooter
  15. A brief primer for jail/prison sentences
  16. Love my local cop shop.
  17. Is he really this dumb?
  18. Just another day at the office...
  19. Aim High
  20. Awesome cop video
  21. Looking for specific STG info
  22. Need a refund from your drug dealer? Just call 911, of course.
  23. Sergeant David Clifford, head of Minneapolis SWAT, convicted of assault.
  24. Motorcycle training video
  25. A cop pulled me over once.....
  26. Assistance please...
  27. Melissa Zak (LAPD) background?
  28. How good of a shot are you?
  29. The Officer That Carries 145 Rounds of Ammo...
  30. Post a picture of your patrol car thread
  31. Arkansas Officers....?
  32. Best episode of Cops ever...
  33. DHS ammo purchases
  34. Retired certification under LEOSA
  35. Deputy Sheriff Takes out bad guy that just shot his girlfriend
  36. Weird question about LEOSA (opinions only, not "official" advice)
  37. I'm confused! It must be my crackerdom.
  38. Oops, I did it again
  39. Compensated Glocks
  40. Can drunks get in trouble with the law...
  41. The things we remember.........
  42. Off Duty Carry
  43. Duty belt suspenders.
  44. Black Peerless handcuff rusting
  45. Can i go to jersey?
  46. Coming soon: A Breathalyzer for pot and cocaine?
  47. Crime Prevention through Environmental Design.
  48. A black eye for AZ
  49. Open Carry- Utah PD lobby
  50. MPD (Washington DC) and LEOSA
  51. Cop-killers up for parole
  52. America's worst serial killer?
  53. Barry and his cronies got me
  54. 10.1" 300 blackout as a patrol rifle..
  55. Search Procedure
  56. gas drive off- Epic failure
  57. Sioux City cop shot in head on T/S
  58. MIT Off. Collier was ambushed in att. to steal his pistol.
  59. Anyone going to DC for NPW?
  60. Thanks!
  61. Zimmerman
  62. Leosa
  63. G23 duty gun failure to feed - when to get rid of it
  64. Met a fellow LEO off duty for the first time...
  65. Upgraded my BUG
  66. Getting questioned and then arrested for drinking Arizona Iced Tea
  67. Seattle residents demonstrate their support for law enforcement
  68. Old-time L.A. Sheriff range training
  69. Nothing I can say can add to this.
  70. Can anyone in the military confirm?
  71. Baumshoe LE Supply?
  72. Yet another new duty light thread: Eagletac GX25L2
  73. Chase vehicle front tag...
  74. Need Holster Help, Need to present options to the boss.
  75. Carrying under LEOSA in Illinois
  76. The Last Carbon Motors Thread You'll Ever Read
  77. Hey, QB's!
  78. A new rifle option
  79. Friend of Bill Ayers Added to FBI’s Most Wanted List
  80. EOW: Patrolman William J. "Jerry" McCarthy, IV
  81. RIP Jamie
  82. Traffic stop shoot-out
  83. Ammo
  84. Service stripes
  85. Got stopped tonight...
  86. Well this should get interesting..
  87. Bizarre 5x fatal car fire in CA
  88. Think 2x Next Time You Park Illegally
  89. Glock LE rep for the Colorado/Utah region
  90. Remember to search suspects!
  91. Is your department emergency prepared?
  92. Cops is moving
  93. Traffic stop shootout.
  94. PR law enforcement uniforms
  95. E.O.W. - AZ Highway Patrol officer
  96. Any Tampa, FL. coppers?
  97. Yay! OC.
  98. EOW: Littleton PD CO
  99. Streamlight Stinger LED HL and HP
  100. Holy Sweet Chocolate Jesus, What a Flustercuck.
  101. Tell me about your traffic stops
  102. Off duty police shoots, kills woman, barricaded with toddler, surrenders
  103. "Why do Cops"...
  104. "Warm, wet, and not your own"
  105. Officer Safety
  106. Narcotics Trainings/Schools
  107. Phoenix PD sworn employees grade their chief
  108. EOW Towns County Deputy
  109. Counterinsurgency Cops
  110. An Important Petition for All Of Us
  111. Question about left turns in Colorado
  112. My new summer beverage Koozie
  113. Ph***er Enforcer
  114. Meeting with the Majors
  115. Krav Maga Force Training Division
  116. Taking a bite out of crime in FL
  117. Video depicts wild shootout that wounds FL cop, kills shooter at growhouse
  118. How the heck
  119. LEOSA petition
  120. Two Officers shot in MLPS MN S Becker?
  121. New duty guns...
  122. Southland Cancelled...
  123. The latest from SJPD
  124. Play stupid games right?
  125. Heading to Florida
  126. Filed under "What were you thinking?"
  127. 1%er shootout
  128. Breaking news, 12 shot in New Orleans
  129. Stranded coppers enroute to DC
  130. I suppose this beats a GSD?
  131. Must really have wanted to quit smoking
  132. Just curious how you would handle this if you stopped me
  133. That special birthday....
  134. The road to hell is paved w/good intentions
  135. Any MO (or other) coppers looking for work?
  136. Training Video
  137. This should be ended
  138. US officials recommend lowering drunken driving threshold to .05 blood alc
  139. Chicago Police; please BCOT!
  140. Police vs. small plane - Non-standard PIT maneuver?
  141. Chief James Craig, Cinci to Detroit, what's the scoop?
  142. Trespass arrest - water supply
  143. Duty pouch for Olight M20S-G2 Warrior LED Flashlight
  144. Fargo drug informant charged with bringing drugs to sting operation
  145. This may be the movie I want to watch
  146. PSPD (District of Columbia)
  147. PSPD (District of Columbia)
  148. Murdered officer tribute
  149. Too Nice To Shoot???
  150. WE GOT WEED - Illinois
  151. Animals...
  152. Nighthawk vs. Hawk Earpieces
  153. Helluva way to crash and burn
  154. '06-'09 Tahoe PPV reliability?
  155. Hofstra student was killed by police, authorities say
  156. Someone needs prayers and thoughts.
  157. Are any Agencies Still Carrying 10mm?
  158. Knox County Ohio Deputy "severely injured"
  159. Well, I'm a daddy again!
  160. E.O.W. - Phoenix FD and Phoenix PD
  161. Vehicle weapon mount
  162. EOW - 2 FBI agents killed in training exercise.
  163. How would YOU Handle this situation
  164. Average arrests for the year?
  165. What Happenned Here?
  166. Officer shot norfolk va
  167. Smoke and Prayers for our Oklahoma First Responders
  168. Hang in there, OKC.
  169. houston: drunk driver kills harris co so
  170. Semi successful march for peace/non-violence in Detroit...
  171. Written Consent Forms
  172. Thanks for the help...
  173. Tank PIT maneuver on a house!
  174. News about new duty weapon...
  175. Saw my first dead body yesterday
  176. Talking to my son's kindergarten class tomorrow
  177. "Routine traffic stop" quickly went South last night
  178. FBI OIS with terrorist suspect
  179. Prayers needed
  180. More animals . . .
  181. NJ Officer's house firebombed
  182. Pensacola/Escambia county Florida
  183. Acetylene + spark = BIG BOOM
  184. Interesting day at the range yesterday
  185. Sunset from Pensacola
  186. Do you know why I pulled you over?
  187. Cell Phone = Gun ?
  188. LEOSA and Magazine Capacity
  189. 75 officers attend fallen officer's daughter's Kindergarten promotion
  190. Hmmm... Not sure if good shoot or not...
  191. Our LAPD contingent may appreciate this
  192. Y'awl's thoughts on this one?
  193. The Cop movie thread...
  194. Resisting Arrest Question
  195. Back on Duty
  196. Revolver Training for Cops, 1939
  197. For the MMQB's
  198. Backup carry with new vest?
  199. Bardstown PD EOW
  200. Mercedes Benz helps out rescuers.
  201. A chief for the ranks
  202. CHP Off. Kevin Briggs recognized
  203. Cell Phones
  204. EOtech and patrol rifle ?'s
  205. Alabama Officer Injuried in Crash
  206. Why couldn't they shoot him in the hand?
  207. Latasha Love, N.C. mom, has son arrested for stealing her Pop-Tarts :faint:
  208. Fred on cops...
  209. Front Sight Training Center
  210. McKinney Officer (Tx) killed in MC crash
  211. This deserves to be here
  212. Seat belt crusader...
  213. Post a pic of your patrol Motorcycle
  214. Too good to pass up
  215. Australian police tested 3d gun
  216. Another failure of the justice system
  217. EOW - Jason Ellis, 33
  218. Researching DV interventions where rescuer is attacked
  219. Born crazy or learned crazy?
  220. Anyone pushing a Jeep Wrangler?
  221. So, will he get Brady'd?
  222. Ever wonder why people hate lawyers?
  223. Title/tab questions (MN state)
  224. Grant County man who beat officer to death to be released in June
  225. Woman with knife shot as she came at cops
  226. Start the PST academy next week
  227. Officers save trucker from flood waters.
  228. Local K9 E.O.W
  229. Two *rookie* cops together?
  230. Largest drug bust I've ever heard of...
  231. Rifle proposal - a thank you to the brain trust
  232. WI domestic violence bill advances out of panel
  233. Embezzeling LE Director
  234. Cloquet man gets 3 years in prison for shooting at people outside party
  235. 100 pairs of panties stolen from Somerset Mall
  236. Customer refuses to pay.
  237. I sense a beat down coming
  238. Hope these Ambos don't show up when an officer is shot
  239. This would have ended badly.
  240. I love eBay!
  241. WSP Trooper E.O.W.
  242. I got GIVEN a Thompson SMG.
  243. Drop Leg Taser Holster
  244. Hey police guys and gals: question
  245. Intimidation or Assault?
  246. LEOSA Taking a Hit in Illinois?
  247. Ever have a close friend arrested for a serious crime?
  248. I know some cops do dumb stuff but DANG!
  249. Thought of the day.
  250. The Supremes Rule on DNA Swabs