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  1. Justice - over 50 years later . . .
  2. LE & Traffic Cameras
  3. You can run for a long time...
  4. Position open in Belle, Missouri.
  5. 2 Patrol positions available in Oklahoma
  6. I'm hurting
  7. Stolen lic plate stickers, how common? Penalties?
  8. Waiting Sucks!
  9. rip deputy
  10. Custom Kydex Mag/Cuff holder
  11. EOW - Hernando County, Florida
  12. Oh the irony, motorcyclist is killed protesting helmet law
  13. Officer down, prayers needed!
  14. This article made me a bit emotional...
  15. Length of application?
  16. K9 tries to save fallen officer
  17. Music that gets you jacked up for work.
  18. Zetas leader arrested...
  19. Anyone Try This Holster?
  20. Which taser holster for an X-26?
  21. What is the count of fallen officer now?
  22. folding traffic barricade
  23. In Memory of Patrolman Timothy Warren aka "Anvil" EOW 7/3/2011
  24. Interesting times in Troy
  25. Are you ****ing kidding me??
  26. Prayers Needed: Charlotte Officer in Serious Condition After Wreck
  27. Wallet thief caught after he drops his own wallet
  28. Why do I do this anymore....
  29. Can't you let me go?
  30. That less lethal round sure did work!
  31. *Video* U.K Police In Stange Chase With Street Racer!
  32. How to Officially Thank an Officer?
  33. Dealing with old Inmates/Arrestees.
  34. Dress for LOD funerals
  35. How formal is your agency?
  36. Thanks
  37. Baby, they are da bomb !!
  38. Detroit cop in temp serious condition at Det Receiving..
  39. EOW: Sanford, NC
  40. Motor School
  41. Just execute the turd already!!
  42. Prayers needed! Officer shot!
  43. One of the silent majority saves Cop...
  44. Cuffs4Cops closed?
  45. So I guess I'm rooting for Ryan Newman tommorrow...
  46. When should you shoot a Cop?
  47. Community supports fallen officer
  48. Highway Patrol clears trooper of wrongdoing
  49. Terrorism in Spain!
  50. short pistol drills needed
  51. From A L/E Perspective, Any Thoughts On What Pat Buchanan Has To Say>?
  52. Question for Vigilant????
  53. EOW: Beaumont, Texas Officer Hebert
  54. Officer shot/killed in Bismarck, ND
  55. Patrol rifle photo thread
  56. Those of you with Auto-License Plate Readers...
  57. Duty gear dealer?
  58. Memphis Sea of Blue
  59. Cycling legs-a little bit of overuse?
  60. *Video* Amazing Close-Quarters Quick-Draw Technique For Police!
  61. gear bags
  62. "My son is a good, &^%$#@ son!''
  63. Question for CA Coppers rea: CA ID's/CDL's
  64. It is on the edge of the Bermuda Triangle
  65. EOW-Alhambra (CA) PD
  66. Question for leos
  67. Where's the one place you can...
  68. South Dakota LEO struck with female hygene product.
  69. Tell me about your heroin...
  70. I'm suprised he still has a job...
  71. My first AR-15!!
  72. *Video* British Cop Vs. Cyclist: Jerk 1/Cop 0
  73. THPD officer and K9 killed
  74. divorces up in your area?
  75. Hero's pride.
  76. Ever wonder what contributes to LE back problems?
  77. Idiocy on display...
  78. Active shooter training yesterday
  79. We had a fake Police break in last night.
  80. Kid tased at Walmart
  81. *Video* Open Carry Challenge: Man Walks Main Street--With AK47!!!
  82. *Video* Oh, The Joys Of Multi-Culturalism At Denny's!
  83. Whacker Alert
  84. What do your recruits learn in in-service?
  85. Justice-Russian style. Too funny for words
  86. *Image* World's Scariest FaceBook Page!
  87. Woman cuts ex husband's thing off and...
  88. Carbine/Rifle training classes KS area
  89. Pagans leader jailed after Hempfield raid
  90. AR15 Light Position
  91. Rodney King Arrested on Suspicion of DUI in California
  92. On the other side of the bars
  93. Snyder, TX Officer Down, Prayers Needed
  94. Video clears officer
  95. Man seeks comfrontation with police...
  96. Chimpanzee goes ape with an AK-47
  97. Town turns out to mourn the loss of 'Officer Mike'
  98. *Video* Couple Smokes Salvia; Man Falls Out 2nd Story Window!
  99. Would you do it all again to reloacate?
  100. Which sling to get
  101. D.C. Firefighters To Help Police Streets?
  102. Alleged robber held as sex slave
  103. Off duty Newark Officer Carjacked
  104. duty holster for glock + TLR-1s
  105. EOW Laurens County SC
  106. WTF... tough days at PD.....
  107. Left of bang--CSI in the sandbox
  108. Hey cops pull your heads out.
  109. Bronx uc shoots drug dealer that had the drop on him
  110. 8 year old boy walking home alone for 1st time murdered
  111. Take care of your back
  112. IMPD Officer denied full pension after shot in head
  113. Shirt Pins
  114. Cool New Police Vehicles
  115. *Video* Drunk Woman 1; Russian Road Police Double Zero!
  116. Dial 911 - Not your typical GTMV
  117. And sometimes there is good news.....
  118. Worth Watching
  119. *Video* Crime Busters!: Police Shut Down Little Girls Lemonade Stand!
  120. Iranian Female Police Officers
  121. Under your body armor?
  122. Will to win video.... Must see
  123. Crispy Cruiser
  124. For Those Who Want to Have Fun In a Comment Section
  125. Info on COPS. (No. Not the TV show of white trash & crack heads.)
  126. Fixed Blade on Vest?
  127. Do I have a shot
  128. Prisoner goes out cruiser window, falls off bridge, dies...
  129. Whoa nellie! Chief resigns.
  130. EOW, Puerto Rico Officer killed.
  131. *Video* S.F.P.D. Deadly Shoot-Out!
  132. Burglar chooses wrong house
  133. *Video* File Under: "Gonna Leave A Mark!"
  134. Jim Glennon - "Arresting Communcation" book
  135. Any brothers in IL/ Chicago?
  136. Featherwoods
  137. Blast from the past...
  138. Checking in
  139. any Georgia leo's,, I have a question.
  140. Main Stream Media Reporting
  141. Why lie?
  142. What is wrong with kids today?
  143. My user name
  144. OH LEO's
  145. Harley Rodeo
  146. 2 officers hit chicago
  147. Conversation with a PIMP...
  148. LEO's that get of lot of threats
  149. Accepting LEO applications in Fallon, NV
  150. How's the Heat Wave Treating You?
  151. TX - Pursuing LE
  152. Dumb question from somebody going through the hiring process
  153. Campus PD on G4TV
  154. Important Question for you guys in LE
  155. Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes
  156. Anaheim and Simi Valley, CA officers down in AZ
  157. AZ pursuit with great example of Taser lockup!
  158. *Video* "Streetwise 1984"
  159. An alternate look at handgun stopping power
  160. A bit of Advice
  161. Conditional offer for a non-sworn position.
  162. Need some advice...
  163. Reserves: Show of Hands
  164. I have been selected to move on in the process...
  165. Tonight on CNBC:Nightmare in the city that never sleeps
  166. Georgia Blue Alert
  167. Ohio stop with CCW video
  168. Love/Hate
  169. Thank you for your service but we need you to take one for the team
  170. *Images* Players Arrested Since NFL Lock-Out
  171. California: untrained officer mishandling UOC
  172. I'm not usually a "cop needs fired" kinda guy..
  173. Ever had one of those weeks that gave you brain damage
  174. And this is why we pay attention to
  175. Police Officer Deaths Up for Forth Year!!!
  176. Federal Law Enforcement Career:
  177. *Video/Article*NEW DNA Evidence Excludes "West Memphis 3" From Victims!
  178. Weapon seizure from a CCW holder
  179. Contradiction?
  180. OIS-POS 0 Cop 1
  181. Galco Fed Paddle
  182. Good Officer handles open carryer correctly
  183. Prayers for our brothers and sisters in Norway
  184. Peerless 801 Cuffs
  185. Blame it on the economy
  186. Metro Nashville Police Officer Attacked At Urinal
  187. L.A. traffic officer fired over porn video
  188. Va. police fatally shoot federal officer
  189. Sylvester GA PD officer shot
  190. An officers worst nightmare call.
  191. This makes me smile
  192. Road Rage in Sunny So Cal.
  193. What is in your Duty Bag?
  194. Flash mobs
  195. Backup knife carry?
  196. Listen to the little voice in your head...
  197. Moving to Cali, God help me.
  198. *Article & Images* The Shocking Conditions In A NORWAY Prison!
  199. As Fed. criminal laws proliferate, more are ensnared.
  200. Where to buy a Blackhawk holster and light together?
  201. Gang banger killed - waked standing up
  202. Mugger attacks pregnant woman-gets his butt kicked
  203. Traffic Direction and Control
  204. Officers missing child found in microwave
  205. Music Teacher arrested - sexting - wait for it.....
  206. *Video*500 Poleeses w/ Red Beams Hide In Bushes & Come Thru Walls!
  207. Houston Officer Killed By Illegal Invader; Had 6 Outstanding Warrants!
  208. I have friends that are citizens
  209. Internet "Wisdom"
  210. POSA Active Shooter
  211. What is in your go bag?
  212. Sucks to be me today
  213. The Utimate Insult
  214. Fellow Officer Loses Daughter In Fire
  215. NEW DEPUTY ADVICE, Welcome To The Club
  216. Active shooters: The killing will not stop until we stop it
  217. Richmond, VA, wreck help
  218. Driving from Montgomery/AL to Chicago/IL
  219. Why would an agency not allow a BUG?
  220. I know you all think your job is dangerous, but with all due respect
  221. 2 Miami Beach officers fired after on duty DUI - ATV crash
  222. Your agency firearm instructor program
  223. speed trial
  224. Question about cameras in cop cars
  225. Norway had one helicopter crew and they were on vacation?!?
  226. Marksmanship/Qualification insignia
  227. Norway to form a commission to review police response.
  228. M3 Light Upgrade
  229. Harrassed an OH CHL holder this afternoon and I feel fine.
  230. Entire Towns PD Fired For Doing There Job In SC
  231. What is your favorite carried BUG? Pictures welcome!
  232. efman is officialy official.
  233. Privatized Corrections making a comeback?
  234. Entry level Resume
  235. "roosch" entry?
  236. "one or two leg shots would have been sufficient"
  237. Blonde in a Bentley causes $1,000,000+ fender bender
  238. The right to detain?
  239. Pros and cons of double handcuff cases...
  240. *Video* $445 Ticket Issued Over Truck Testicles!
  241. (insert facepalm) - Really?
  242. Coffee shop worker charged with fouling cop's coffee
  243. Another child locked in a box/cage.
  244. Just another typical Thursday night in Hollywoodland, LAPD..
  245. Anyone here get to play with the PPQ yet?
  246. Favorite Scene in a Cop Movie
  247. Be Careful Out There
  248. Converse County WY Deputy Missing
  249. SON OF SAM JULY 29th 1976
  250. I need your opinions please.