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  1. help me build a patrol rifle
  2. PPCT and Straight Batons
  3. GNG Lounge
  4. What's wrong with Cops these days?
  5. Question about LEOSA
  6. Cops
  7. Looking for a cop dash cam video
  8. I would like to praise the officer that arrested me.
  9. New surefire lights
  10. Working special events...
  11. Which Would You Bring?
  12. Calibre Press Street Survival
  13. stolen handgun
  14. Vintage, but . . .
  15. Cop+DARE=DUI
  16. So, you think you're a tough cop?
  17. Oak Hill FL PD wiped clean....
  18. EOW Det Tina Rambo O.C.P.O.
  19. FTO aint all its cracked up to be....
  20. Karbon Arms MPID
  21. I Want The Special... wink wink
  22. Territory carry
  23. Cop hit by car, still gets his man
  24. EOW: Rapid City, SD (Two others shot)
  25. Does your State-Agency authorize extra employment
  26. Police anecdotes...
  27. RIP Officer Moses Hightower
  28. Conditional Offer of Employment ?'s
  29. Classic Leather Holsters
  30. concealed carry dude jumped by 3 bad guys-happy outcome
  31. You've got to be kidding. Really
  32. Bubba Smith passes
  33. Getting ready to enter an open enrollment academy..
  34. B.P. Agent Brian Terry
  35. Shooting through a car windshield
  36. Glock Armorer aest Al or west Ga?
  37. Miranda Invocation
  38. Anyone here work at Fort Leavenworth?
  39. KY officer working detail in OH - LODD
  40. Well Known Instructor in hot water......
  41. Any thoughts on this one?
  42. Aimpoint deals...
  43. Dept.'s That Used The .45 Colt>?
  44. No other way to say it...
  45. Riots at Wisconsin State Fair
  46. Door-to-Door Sales - worth the time to call?
  47. Officer shot in SD.
  48. The Crap You Got Away With...
  49. New guy to GT and CT
  50. Londonites hold rally to show support for police
  51. 'By any means necessary, you come home to me. I love you the most,'
  52. Some quality work in Denver today....
  53. Hey; Unemployed Coppers
  54. Favorite off duty/plain clothes leather belt?
  55. Troopers Won't Give Up Search for Missing Comrade
  56. The Problem With Thug-Hugging Judges...
  57. Police Patch Swap
  58. Question on police creds...
  59. San Diego Officer Murdered Execution Style.
  60. Police gift ideas.
  61. Another poster boy for handgun safety
  62. Street Justice, a happy ending
  63. [WTF] lumbar adjust on a 2011 CVPI???
  64. BUG revolver: exposed hammer, shrouded, or concealed?
  65. Will events in England influence behavior here in the US?
  66. Motorcycle Cop Obstacle Course Competition -- VIDEO
  67. Any Czech Police here?
  68. Thoughts on a serious question.
  69. Inexpensive sunglasses?
  70. Question for FL LEO's
  71. Looking for a Knife.
  72. Anytime, any place. Always prepared.
  73. If at first you dont succeed
  74. Not just another pretty face.
  75. Express Police Supply
  76. Do you or know someone who uses Rottweilers as there K9 Partner?
  77. Question on pot heads..
  78. How old is to old to become LEO?
  79. Northern Kentucky Officer's tragic death.
  80. Survival Shooting Techniques (vintage training movie)
  81. Riots in England
  82. U.S. Attorney's Office Rejects Family of Murdered BP Agent as Crime Victims
  83. Complaint Solicitation from Supervisors
  84. We're our own worst enemies
  85. PA Officer Down...
  86. Dirty judge sentenced.
  87. Ois
  88. RTF2 Duty Gun
  89. Columbus PD shooting, bad guy w/ real "red gun"
  90. New Cinci PD chief does away with hats, mandatory long sleeves
  91. National Politics and Cops - What's Important?
  92. Safariland holster gurus.....
  93. Pregnant Pacifica woman killed by family pit bull
  94. Truck deals...
  95. USAF to POST Cert
  96. BART PD shuts down cell service...
  97. Firearms Instructor Schools : What are the differences
  98. 2012 Charger, disable seatbelt chime?
  99. Transport a fire arm interstate ???
  100. What Kind of Roadkill Do You Guys Deal With?
  101. What to look for in armor.
  102. Need some good vibes tomorrow
  103. 5-7, 63 Year-Old Subdues Robber W/ A Rear Naked Choke!
  104. 15 shot, 7 dead this weekend in Detroit.
  105. Family of dead drug dealer sues police
  106. Let the games begin....
  107. Looks like I'm in!
  108. Results are in.............I'm not crazy
  109. How would you handle this, part 3.
  110. *Video* The Epic FAIL In The History Of Public Drunkedness!
  111. Savage decapitates his disabled son
  112. ? re: unmarked traffic stops
  113. Police suicide
  114. Remember those videos lampooning a local LE agency?
  115. Aurora Office Resigns - Tragic
  116. Philly mayor Michael Nutter
  117. Great story-neighbor steps up and probably saves girl's life
  118. Need a quality plate carrier that won't break the bank?
  119. LAPD Bodyguard .380 Qualification Course?
  120. Question for cops..
  121. ATF Promotes 3 Managers Who Oversaw ‘Operation Fast And Furious’
  122. (Another) Poly question...
  123. Selection Process
  124. *VIDEO* Officer Jeremy henwood's final good deed caught on CCTV tape
  125. What happens if citizen's no longer trust the police?
  126. Federal C/O raped at USP Tucson
  127. Scummy little scum
  128. New Scam ~ NYS Traffic Ticket
  129. Looking for suggestions/ideas/input on new SGT promotional testing?
  130. Green Bay PD getting new badges...
  131. Pepperball air tanks
  132. Soft Body Armor Recommendations
  133. What are Policemen made of?
  134. How's your night at work going?
  135. 28-year-old Caruthersville police Officer Evan Burns killed
  136. Houston PD officers, can I request a favor?
  137. Thanks!
  138. Battlefield Forensics
  139. Odor of marijuana and probable cause for vehicle search.
  140. Chicagos Finest????
  141. Family of Marine Killed in Arizona SWAT Raid Sues Pima County
  142. Alabama Purple Heart help
  143. Yabba Dabba..... DON'T!!!
  144. Dep't of the Army police officer dies in Arizona
  145. Would a Florida Cop Please Explain This Sign
  146. Apologies
  147. Predictive Policing
  148. ideal barrel length for patrol rifle
  149. Unusual wreck
  150. Can we require appointments?
  151. Finally!-West Memphis 3 Freed!
  152. I thought I shook this problem but it's back with a vengece...
  153. Open carry of a rifle explained
  154. BIG discounts on Surefire!
  155. Did anybody go to Salt Lake City...
  156. get careless with a gun-this is what can happen
  157. Trouble brewing...
  158. Police Rumbler
  159. I think I may have upset a senior officer...just don't know how? Advice ple
  160. Question on what to do.
  161. Oh, thank god... back in municipal LE...
  162. El Cajon CA officer down.
  163. Chief: 'Officer had no choice' in Fountain Square shooting
  164. smelly under armor shirts
  165. Man stabs and kills 76 year old scout leader
  166. ANOTHER busy weekend in NORFOLK
  167. Physicals before tasing
  168. Are You Allowed A Beard?
  169. Christmas time
  170. Marking Duty Gear and other gear
  171. Another non-incident LEO encounter....
  172. I hate polishing brand new boots!
  173. What would the charges be?
  174. Opinions on ASP cuffs
  175. A poster child for birth control
  176. Supplying "Dick & Jane" With Fox 5.3>Should I Get Them Stream Or Cone?
  177. "No Chase" policy may have helped killed 2 children
  178. Man who tried to murder me sentenced yesterday
  179. Deputy Butter bean-TAZED!
  180. Looking for pouch for duty belt for Fenix TK12 R5 light
  181. Test taking
  182. LEOSA and the NYPD
  183. Question about video cameras/mics
  184. 5.8 Magnitude Earthquake hits DC / VA
  185. Stirrup Shirt Stays
  186. Another boilerplate.
  187. I think Sparkter's story should be a 'Sticky' on this forum...
  188. Some people just need to be taken out on the ocean and left there...
  189. from the 2011 Connecticut S.W.A.T. challenge -- VIDEO
  190. I get new body armor NEED HELP!!!
  191. DeKalb County, GA officer wounded
  192. your dept policy on treating Tasered suspects?
  193. Beretta 92 DAO
  194. Survival in Adversity
  195. Metal Memorial Bracelets
  196. Shift Work
  197. Fox Labs still among the best?
  198. Officer Down, Anniston AL
  199. Massive Taser Judgment!!!
  200. Any LE in St. Louis, MO area tomorrow or Friday...
  201. What not to do
  202. Fraternal Order of Police
  203. Pro Gard Seat Organizer
  204. I love the slow news days here in the mountains!
  205. For those brothers and sisters on coastal NC . . .
  206. Hurricane
  207. sticky holsters
  208. There can be only one! Sorry bud, it ain't gonna be you...
  209. Gear Junkies - chinese LED flashlights
  210. Anybody carry an Otterbox on your duty belt?
  211. Hurricane advice....
  212. Wow! Really?!
  213. Clowns hold-up jewelry store
  214. Well They Took our 3rd Gen Glock 22's away and gave us 4th Gens.
  215. All y'all on hurricane duty...
  216. Why do you want to be a police officer?
  217. L.A.P.D. Underfire
  218. I wonder how long this one would last in general population....
  219. HUD Housing
  220. Giant 3-Foot Rat Pitchforked To Death, @ NYC Housing Project!
  221. Vest Question?
  222. Columbus Police is hopping..
  223. Des Moines officer injured, prayers needed.
  224. Tempe, AZ detective passes away....
  225. The Mall Ninja of Yeovil...
  226. After 25yrs an ankle holster that works
  227. Any Bailiffs Here?
  228. EOW - Bexar County, TX
  229. A blast from the past
  230. What sidearm is LASD carrying??
  231. The Lizard Brain
  232. NJSP Hero
  233. Hurricane sign in thread
  234. P/T work for current/former/retired LEO's
  235. Animated Freeway Patrol
  236. EOW: Puerto Rico PD
  237. Can off duty cops carry inside of a school?
  238. Colorado Trooper
  239. Question for the hive place in Tx to become a cop?
  240. For ISP, USBP and Other Officers...
  241. Cops who leave thier cruiser in thier driveway when they get off duty???
  242. FTO's, enlighten me:
  243. What not to do while being being stupid with a gun...
  244. Financing for Cops/FF/EMS etc.
  245. Sicko gets sicker...
  246. The most dangerous place for a Chicago police officer is:
  247. Question for LEOs: Support conceal carry or not?
  248. No Good Deed goes Unpunished
  249. Any highway patrolman from oklahoma here?
  250. ATF Head Steps Down