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  1. ATF Director forced out, who's next?
  2. Drunk DC 20 yr. veteran cop opens fire on transgender people, rams with car
  3. 1911 carry guys, what magazine feed lip design do you roll with?
  4. You can't wait 12 hours? Seriously?
  5. anyone in Chicago for IACP next month
  6. SF impersonator nailed
  7. Barricaded woman in standoff w shots fired acquitted..
  8. about an officer in an OIS talking to investigators w/o attorney guidance
  9. Any one collect Law Enforcement patches?
  10. Is it bad when...?
  11. I have a question...
  12. So I respond to a bank robbery in progress...
  13. Stupid Charger control panel backlight!
  14. Another month down...
  15. Staten Island Man Has Himself Shot
  16. NY1 Movie Review: Film Forum's NYPD Series Highlights
  17. Miami police forced to shoot mental subject with toy gun
  18. Deputy Dewey's shooter convicted
  19. Suggestions, meeting a Chief of police informally.
  20. Probation Officer Accidently Shot & Killed By Training Instructor!
  21. Two WV Deputies/Armorers Wounded While Working On A Glock .45
  22. Are Departments REQUIRED to Post Openings
  23. Surprised at SWAT Magazine's Briefing Room..
  24. Can you still carry revolvers?
  25. Justice Department thugs find themselves in hot.
  26. Good Tase or Not?
  27. A little light reading
  28. not without a warrant officer.
  29. Where's the little Girl?
  30. Holy Batman Sheriff!
  31. check out the code Adam in this link
  32. JBT Police forcibly remove terrified occupants from vehicle.
  33. Job interview for LE jobs
  34. 2011 Stanley Cup Riot Review
  35. Sleeping with the fish?
  36. Finally a news story about parents taking active interest in raising kids
  37. Highway Patrol
  38. Great comeback!!
  39. Selling Personal firearms (Florida)
  40. What would happen if you lied on tag check..
  41. *Video* Teen Thug Takes A Leak In The Courtroom
  42. Osceola, FL impersonater caught for more impersonating!!!
  43. Question about flip-top OC spray canisters
  44. Confidentiality for LEOs
  45. Prayers are needed!
  46. One of our own...
  47. Pocket size flashlight
  48. open top mag pouch
  49. FNG unarmed/untrained wearing LE id
  50. Nypd cop shot confines 77 pct
  51. Ooops- my bad
  52. Check the handcuffs
  53. 9/11 Tower Challenge
  54. NYC for 9/11 Memorial
  55. Norfolk Police Involved in another shooting
  56. Officer shot Woburn, MA.
  57. Yet another Safariland thread ...
  58. I found this funny
  59. Anyone wearing mourning bands on 9/11/11
  60. Front overheads OFF during traffic stop? Why?
  61. Not good, officer suicide.
  62. Parole won't become recidivist
  63. Bank Robbery two-fer
  64. Fat Boy Update #2
  65. 911 calls capture horror of Nevada shooting
  66. Hi Ho hi ho
  67. Training Opportunities - Official Thread
  68. Good way to ruin your weekend....
  69. TX Blue light Utility Vehicle
  70. Atlanta Braves LEO friendly?
  71. I could not stand to share oxygen with these mouth-breathers.
  72. AR question from local advertisement
  73. Airsoft Training
  74. Suck it, Bloomberg
  75. Hot Stop Training Materials?
  76. used ballistic shields source......
  77. Prison contraband question
  78. MSP Lansing Post Trooper Drew Spencer ...
  79. My city never fails to deliver...
  80. Just wow...
  82. *Video* FOUR Year-Old McDonald's Burger & Fries: Skip The Fast Food, Guys!
  83. No Penetration!
  84. First Shift Jitters
  85. Any Seattle Cops Here?
  86. Compliance question
  87. In Memoriam...
  88. Three Yuma County, AZ Sheriff Deputies shot
  89. Mass Break-out Attempt ...
  90. What Happened ON 9-11-01 During Your Watch ?
  91. Just watched a great Cop movie...the ending sort of sucked, though..
  92. Magpul Classes/Videos?
  93. The List
  94. How the NYPD Foiled the Post-9/11 Terror Plots
  95. 9/11 Smith & Wesson...
  96. NYPD, PAPD, and FDNY guitar tributes
  97. Aren't you still supposed to stand for the National Anthem???
  98. 09-11-2011
  99. Ankle Holster
  100. Corporal Aigner-EOW 9/10/2011
  101. Corporal Aigner-EOW 9/10/2011
  102. Bike Patrol Guys, step inside
  103. need help with school I need to see your agencies physcial fitness policy
  104. L.A.P.D. Changing pistols?
  105. This one is not too bright... How stupid do you have to be to rob.....
  106. Iowa: DOT Enforcement merging with State Patrol
  107. How do you fight job burnout/ dept. burnout
  108. TSA Agents, Cops Busted in Drug Scheme
  109. EOW: NYPD Police Officer Sherman Abrams
  110. Widow of officer killed by "firendly fire" sues city/officer
  111. Would you trust a former drug dealer?
  112. Question about retention holsters off duty?
  113. Getting into running. Anyone else?
  114. Need advice on applying.
  115. You ever just feel like giving up?
  116. parole skaters question
  117. Escaped Inmate Lansing, Kansas
  118. Do "advanced" shooting skills make for better LEO prospects?
  119. *Video* N.Y.P.D. "Dirty Dancing" @ West Indies Cultural Pride Parade
  120. Cook County won’t hold felons for immigration
  121. 17 month Old Shot In Stroller As Mutt Shoots Into Crowd
  122. Went to the 9/11 Memorial Today
  123. OIS-Officer injured suspect DRT
  124. Birth Cert required while driving???
  125. Never a G-man around when you need one...
  126. Giving you guys first crack at it
  127. Carry in DC Passport Office?
  128. Delaware Officer Killed in the line of Duty
  129. found sneaking around the station.......
  130. Scumbag given a nice dirt nap
  131. IHOP active shooter update: he had a fully automatic MAC 90
  132. Another Bay Area OOOPPPPSSSS
  133. S&W Micro 90 weapons light
  134. I was driving my car, minding my own business...
  135. Finally, bad guy family DOESNT blame the cops
  136. Concealed Carry and Churches
  137. Working more than one cop job w/ two diff sidearms.
  138. Mesa, AZ. PD officer dies of ALS
  139. Quality cop movie coming out 9/30/11
  140. Police in Kabul
  141. Say bye bye to pursuits in Southern Indiana
  142. Sad
  143. Eow 9-18-2011 deputy whittle
  144. The best take down of a fleeing suspect ever?
  145. Heads down???
  146. My County DA recommends shooting in direction of intruders to scare them
  147. Sheriff Joe Arpaio selects 5 Member Cold-Case Posse to Investigate B.C.
  148. I received an invite to the psych!
  149. Iowa: State Trooper Killed in Crash
  150. Florida Prison closing-Glades Correctional
  151. Texas State Law Inforcement
  152. *Video* Cop Killer Troy Davis Set To Die In Georgia Wed. Night!
  153. Next Generation Of Cop Cars Good For 150mph.
  154. KENTUCKY: Gallatin County Sheriff shot.
  155. Your Wackiest Pursuit
  156. Any LEO's carrying Gen4's?
  157. IHOP Raid
  158. Anybody have the new Caprice's yet?
  159. AZDPS air rescue pilot killed
  160. Jackson County Deputy kills man armed with burning gasoline
  161. Any of you going to the shot show Jan 12?
  162. 2 Police Officers Charged in Death of Calif Man
  163. Allied Barton Security services?
  164. Sheriff's vehicle stolen with assault rifle
  165. Poor Frankie
  166. Union stupidity
  167. Bad teacher
  168. Suspect shot dead by police in New Brunswick (NJ)
  169. rookie scum!
  170. Would you want to Choice?
  171. Opening for 2 Coppers in Alaska
  172. Mid-Atlantic Police Motorcycle Rodeo Gainesville VA
  173. What level vest do you wear?
  174. TLR-1s question
  175. Three Officers Shot-Lake City Florida
  176. Spirited Defense Tactics
  177. Mounting a backup gun holster to my vest
  178. Baltimore and the Orioles
  179. Crazy day in Issaquah, WA
  180. Let's hear your falling asleep on the job stories...
  181. how to carry rifle mags
  182. Georgia Deputy killed
  183. RIP Idaho Officer
  184. Boardwalk Empire Returns
  185. What's in your Duty Bag?
  186. NYPD chief: Police could take down plane if needed
  187. Duty Guns and Ammo
  188. Danner boots breakin questions/sizing
  189. Paracord bracelets with hidden cuff key
  190. Little Dilemma
  191. APD Sarge Mistakes Beat-up Camry For His Marked SUV; Waves Pistol Around!
  192. Duty belt for OSI?
  193. Unreal!!!
  194. Anybody live in honolulu?
  195. They can run, but can't hide.
  196. What your biggest fears as a cop?
  197. Florida preparing to execute cop killer after 33 years.
  198. Not the norm Duty Handguns
  199. Saw drunk; arrested same.
  200. I.C.E. and child porn? Say it ain't so!
  201. Detroits Finest??
  202. RCTA, Meridian
  203. Flashlight nerds - help me, Surefire question
  204. "Semper Fi"
  205. Deeper and deeper
  206. Social Thread LV Autumn At Last
  207. Less citations: Enforcement or City Revenue Issue
  208. My '09 Hemi Charger has drawn first blood... and it was MINE!!
  209. Really weird shooting last night
  210. Duty Vest Instead of Duty Belt
  211. Police Magazine, Sept issue...
  212. Your monthly light reading
  213. Louisiana Wildlife Officer Down 9-30-2011
  214. What does he want them to do?
  215. Blue Bloods
  216. Pistol Lanyards: Why not?
  217. San Diego is having a really bad year!
  218. Cali. penal code and full capacity gun magazines
  219. Two LAPD Officers Shot
  220. Good guys 3, murderer -1
  221. Any last minute advice?
  222. What a fool
  223. Seeking New Suggestions: Things Cops Want People to Know
  224. Anamosa Officer Found Dead
  225. Agency size
  226. It is time to bring the old G22 out of retirement!
  227. Has anyone seen one of these yet?
  228. Off-duty officer thwarts robbery, shoots 4 suspects
  229. Bad habits picked up on the job
  230. 2 Reserve Deputies EOW
  231. Vest expired, bought personal and now denied to use it.
  232. Happy Broderick Crawford Day!!!
  233. NYC Officer's Actions
  234. active le or military only... PACA level 3A ranger exterior vest for sale
  235. Oh good lord...
  236. BDU Shirt with Removable Sleeves????
  237. You know those Wall St protests...
  238. Way to go, MI! 2 out of the top 5!
  239. Now I've almost heard it all........
  240. Here's a REAL sheriff fer ya.
  241. Need some quick Cop advice
  242. Glock Model 32 (.357Sig)
  243. Ever Handle a Call Like this one?
  244. Deputy James Anderson's murderer convicted yesterday
  245. Patrol rifles: anyone running maagnifiers with their dots?
  246. Bike Patrol Shirts
  247. POS Finally sentenced justice almost served
  248. Ahh, Seattle . . .
  249. Holder knew and Obama flew (homage to Turk 182!)
  250. Officer Safety