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  1. Department 1911 armorers... Where do you get your armorer certification?
  2. Nevada DPS director stops the use of 1911's.
  3. Happy German-American Day
  4. Lucky Charms?
  5. What to say to help support a LEO who...
  6. 2012 Nissan GT-R is the scariest police car ever
  7. Charges filed against officer in raid (little girl killed accidentally)
  8. NC officers -- question
  9. If H&Ks were the same price as Glocks
  10. Duty Ammo, are you satisified with it?
  11. Grenada,MS PD EOW
  12. Need Iphone Holder For Gunbelt
  13. University of Missouri hiring.
  14. Cold Steel Safemaker 2 Back-up knife
  15. Looks like I might be academy bound
  16. Only This Wasn't a Hollywood Movie
  17. Where has TBO been?
  18. Training Video of the Day: Felony Stops
  19. Flagstaff, AZ Chief of Police dies....
  20. NYPD Sgt dodges a bullet, perp had gun stuck in his guts.
  21. EOW K-9 Clif, Vineland PD
  22. Remember the Seattle "superheros"?
  23. Safariland Patrol Rifle Instructor Course
  24. What is going on in San Jose, CA
  25. Governor Brown does it again!
  26. Interested in moving over to probation. have questions.
  27. A Black and White world?
  28. OIS- Pensacola FL
  29. EOW - Hamilton Co. SD, IN Deputy Leanea Nyeayea 10-09-11
  30. New rookie...
  31. Lawyers
  32. Oakland, Ca. Chief of Police resigns.
  33. "E-Mail Traffic Ticket???"
  34. LEO down, Grenada MS
  35. Caption me...
  36. Embroidered Name Tag
  37. Special Olympic Sponsorship
  38. FT Lauderdale PD approved weapon list???
  39. Detroit trial over in underwear bomber
  40. Lower Burrell Officer Shot, Killed In Westmoreland County
  41. EOW Walker, Michigan Officer
  42. *Video* Let's Pick On A Retarded Person
  43. Duty jacket suggestions?
  44. Wouldn't mind some prayers
  45. *EOW* Deputy Mitchell
  46. Vicarious liability
  47. Stop Sticks.
  48. The Best Laid Plans...
  49. Salon Shooter - Offender has Moobs
  50. Would you like meth with that hotdog?
  51. Wow
  52. Funeral Processions Questions - Escorts and Protocols
  53. Academy shopping is fun!
  54. Tactical Research Boots
  55. One Group of recidivist beating another
  56. Can a cop do this?
  57. Memorial Tree Dedication
  58. LEO Glock stocking dealer in Tampa Bay area?
  59. Yet another not-too-well-thoughtout tatoo
  60. IL case law question.
  61. New Jersey LODD
  62. Colt 6920s for $999 delivered
  63. Special on Sgt. Sean Drenth, Phx. PD
  64. Went to the range today-had 2 squib rounds in one box of ammo
  65. Awesome Card Stunt
  66. Worst police composite sketch-ever?
  67. Dispatch can you hear me?
  68. I feel safer already.
  69. The irony of it . . .
  70. Thinking about Florida Highway Patrol...anyone got advice?
  71. Make sure your health shots are up to date!
  72. Dear Chief......
  73. Ahhh... The polygraph
  74. Well, back to my bodyguard for backup.
  75. Well, it happened...
  76. Does Glock Still Offer LE Pricing for Magazines?
  77. NYPD Inspector Broke Pepper Spray Rule in Occupy Wall Street Incident
  78. Boys only wish is to meet law enforcement...
  79. New Vest with Electrical Discharge Weapon Protective Inserts
  80. "I wouldn't be anywhere else, doing anything else, but this job."
  81. Lions & Tigers & Bears.....
  82. Policy help
  83. Hawaii 5-0 reset. spoiler-if you watch the show.
  84. Fun ballistics workshop yesterday
  85. Aimpoint PRO vs M68 CCO
  86. Advice for aspiring officers
  87. Is Civil Service good or bad for Police?
  88. A Few L.A.S.D. Female deputies have bad day
  89. A few prayers for the wife please
  90. Props to Peerless Handcuffs
  91. Any Forest Service or National Park Service LE around?
  92. Store security and handcuffs
  93. When $110K a year just isn't enough...
  94. Burger for a cop
  95. So, I am thinking about a security job...
  96. Shills . . . explain why
  97. Tuff Products Taser-Mag Pouch?
  98. Question for LEO's
  99. Man who set fire to house, stabbed police officer "good son"
  100. Active Shooter Questions
  101. The thin blue line
  102. Thoughts on Missing MO. Baby
  103. Welp, that didn't work . . .
  104. Running Gurus: Rest?
  105. Occupy Wall Street protesters coming to my town...
  106. Performance based bonus checks
  107. S.F. Bay Area: Freeway closed. Hells Angel murdered.
  108. Kudos to St. Louis County Police Department...
  109. Frustration
  110. Before the kickstand could even go down . . .
  111. RIP Officer Paugh
  112. New Hidden Handcuff Key
  113. Who else is being forced to wear a light blue hat tomorrow!!!
  114. Kansas Highway Patrol use of H&K MP5
  115. So, a con says to his new cellmate....
  116. From todays NEWS-Arizona police departments hiring officers
  117. Suspect who shot PA officer in head disputes account
  118. Best tackles?
  119. Texas - Okay to lie to police about possessing a weapon
  120. I finally have a job interview!
  121. LE Job interview type books etc?
  122. trying to find an email adress...
  123. ClusterF call
  124. 1st time using simunitions.
  125. Oakland Police raid "occupy" encampment.
  126. Escondido police brutally murder Bambi in front of school children
  127. MN State Trooper recovering after being assaulted.
  128. Vaccines You Have and One's You Want To Get
  129. What type of undershirt with vest?
  130. Flasher knocks on Chief of Police's door- oops
  131. Mich SP arrest 87y.o. with 228 lbs of coke in veh.
  132. Another whacker sighting.
  133. Why is he an "ex"?
  134. Plate carrier
  135. Leave it to a motor...
  136. The other side of Off Duty jobs
  137. Eric Robert, 'Evil' Inmate Who Murdered SD Guard: I'd Kill Again
  138. High speed chase-wearing only heels, fishnet and G-string
  139. Anarchist vision
  140. EOW Augsburg (GER) PD Officer
  141. Resume Builders
  142. OIS Mobile, AL
  143. Are there any Kentucky State Police Troopers on here...
  144. ANOTHER Border Patrol Agent convicted on the word of a drug smugler.
  145. Cochese and other CO folks
  146. It's like the song that never ends
  147. Traffic stop suicide
  148. AZ cop? You have to see this.
  149. 3 OIS in Metro Phoenix and a call to shoot Police
  150. This Isn't Good
  151. EOW Ofc Bradley Jones- Glendale, Az
  152. Traffic Stop
  153. Training Ideas?
  154. *Video* Off-Duty Miami Cop Busted Doing 120mph In Marked Cruiser!
  155. Sikh Settles With Ca. For 296K & Cush 61K Job, Due To Beard!
  156. I may have saved a womans life today
  157. In the state of Texas
  158. Denver sure looks like fun
  159. Updated Video on FHP Trooper who Arrested
  160. My new little one.
  161. Occupy wallstreet (Phoenix) - excercise thier 2nd Amd rights
  162. Off-duty carry blues
  163. ...and in WTF? were you thinking news...
  164. Was forced to talk to the Police at my work today (Halloween 2011)
  165. Freaking priceless-- bad nypd
  166. Kentucky State Police To Recognize Medal of Honor Recipient
  167. *Video* Sweet Home Alabama
  168. Protester pushes over motor officer
  169. More Fuel for the Fire ...
  170. Your most bizarre, WTF story....
  171. *Video* No Charges In The Hottie Posing Naked In A Dead Horse Carcass!
  172. *Video* Let's Meet Judge William Adams & What He Did To His Daughter!
  173. 1 pot cooks
  174. Cops brutally arrest 9 y.o. girl for riding school bus!!
  175. So did anyone get invited to the riot?
  176. New cop show hoping it takes off.
  177. "Anyone wonder what happens..."
  178. Polyester pile-on video
  179. Baby Formula?
  180. Traffic Cops, Question For Ya
  181. A question about revolvers
  182. My Update - the full [and long] story
  183. *Video* Mayor's Brother Has Suspended License/Bench Warrant; Gets To Drive!
  184. Looks like I'll be back
  185. Occupy Fort Collins now burning buildings down...
  186. Anyone see one cop pull another one over?
  187. Fast and Furious
  188. If you are occupied or get occupied...
  189. Question for No. TX, DFW Police Officers
  190. Texas law enforcement officers
  191. What kind of boots to puchase for the academy
  192. CCW motorist "declines" being disarmed during a stop?
  193. Oakland cops, Occupy, and a bit more of the story
  194. Hello from Central Texas!
  195. A crazy pursuit! Tucson PD is chased by AZDPS.
  196. Making it Easy
  197. EOW Det Michael Morgan, Newark PD
  198. A real no $^!+ moment.
  199. FOP is backing Eric Holder
  200. More "The Blaze" goodness. VIEVU Cameras
  201. Motor guys: Helmet cams?
  202. Need to vent! Thanks in advance for listening.
  203. I received my official letter, but the class date has been postponed!
  204. *Video* MMA Jujitsu Competitors Foil L.A. Robbery In A Whirlwind Of Action!
  205. Smooth move Eric (not the owner one) . . .
  206. Cultural diversity training
  207. Listen-only ear pieces
  208. NC LEO's Off-Duty Carry...
  209. New pistola ideas...
  210. The cop movie that you guys have been waiting for!!
  211. This is how my day started
  212. Exemption from personal identity websites?
  213. Oops . . .
  214. Man Directs Officers To Pot Operation. His Own!
  215. New kind of Knife.
  216. The Dog Breed of Peace Declares Jihad on Central KY...
  217. How badges are made
  218. Now here is a first...
  219. AR-15 / M4 / M-16 Armorer School in TX
  220. Rifle Plates
  221. Advice on a Knife Fight!
  222. Perspective
  223. 5.11 Tactical Specialst jacket question
  224. Talking to little kids at a school
  225. Got ticket, need advice
  226. Occupier picks wrong event to protest-gets tossed on his ear by ex-cop
  227. A few questions about becoming an officer...
  228. 870P Finish Question
  229. Biggest mistakes and butt chewin' in FTO.
  230. Fun times in Fla.
  231. Chicks with guns
  232. OWS hippies ousted from Zuccotti park!
  233. Glock Blue Label's and Texas LEOs
  234. This story you have to read to believe
  235. Shooting at University of California Business School in Berkeley
  236. Is there any way to find out
  237. Infectious diseases at occupy protest
  238. Mile high club, while cuffed, in the back seat of a squad car?
  239. Sheriffs possibly taking a new position.
  240. Going to be a father again!
  241. Bullets hit White House - MSM suddenly silent
  242. Plain clothes holster
  243. Belt Padding
  244. Geocell cell phone forensics training?
  245. Gun pocket?
  246. If you are a state CO and a trooper candidate....
  247. Surefire V70 Holster Question
  248. Best Under Armour source?
  249. 17 year old burgler spends 10 hours stuck in chimney
  250. Dept of State Special Agent shooting