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  1. Dept of State Special Agent shooting
  2. It's about time.
  3. Revolver as secondary weapon?
  4. Vallejo, Ca: officer shot dead by bank robber.
  5. Investigator Position (Birmingham, Alabama)
  6. OIS: Layfayette, IN...
  7. *video* Metro Atlanta Chief Busted For DUI Buy His Dept!
  8. Dashcam video of a recent shooting in Lafayette
  9. More Bad News For LEO's...
  10. Which one of you
  11. Portland Occupier gets a face full of pepper spray
  12. What Cleaned Up New York?
  13. Radio Ear Pieces
  14. East TX tweaker story
  15. Could this be happening? A man's nightmare made real
  16. Does the current economic situation change bankrupcy as a disqualifier?
  17. What's the California state law re internet publication of Officer info?
  18. OWS Portlandia
  19. P D encrypting radio traffic as scanner technology proliferates.
  20. UC Davis Pepper Spray
  21. Black undershirts... 2x Tall or 3x Tall?
  22. Officer gives speeder the puppy eyes.
  23. Shelbyville, Kentucky OIS
  24. Am I making the right move?
  25. NJ Cities get what they ask for.
  26. Security checkpoint friendly civilian flashlight
  27. retired LEO in FL with questions . . .
  28. Sky-High Metal Prices Lead to a Grave Situation
  29. Almost 60 and Still a Soldier
  30. *Video* "Citizens Arrest" Of On Duty Police Officer!
  31. 11 year old boy stops man attacking mom with his BB gun
  32. Tactical Assault Gear
  33. Being the only officer on duty...
  34. Ois - ny
  35. Seat Belt extender
  36. For all y'all working this Thanksgiving Holiday...
  37. Glock 30 SF
  38. LE hookup. Magpul, benchmade and more
  39. Anybody On The Highway Patrol?
  40. I'm Not As Thunk As You Drink I Am!
  41. VPD Officer Capoot
  42. i know why so many cops are alcoholics.....
  43. Save Money-Hire Police
  44. U.C. Davis
  45. Discouraged
  46. Phoenix, AZ PD officer shot
  47. anti-nuclear protestors
  48. Taunton police take delivery of new .45-caliber handguns...
  49. 911 Hang-ups / Welfare Checks
  50. WTB Glock 21 with Glock light duty holster
  51. HR 218 Exemption on Magazine Capacity?
  52. IN Reserve off-duty arrest power
  53. UC screwed themselves
  54. Colorado Depts, good, bad, and ugly
  55. Local deputy/TN officer shot/Prayers needed
  56. But momma sez he din't have no guns... OIS
  57. Safariland holster adapter question
  58. Nypd police officer attacked in bathroom
  59. Snow...
  60. School Question
  61. Dashcam video shows shootout at massage parlor
  62. J-Frame
  63. Messed up situation in Arapahoe County, CO
  64. EOW:Oregon Department of Corrections
  65. Aging Eyesight, shooting, and Retirees
  66. john has a long mustache
  67. Steven Seagal-He's Back
  68. London police use new barrier to stop protesters.
  69. UC Officer kills carjacking suspect
  70. Police attempt to calm scared neighbors
  71. Crook admits to robbery while calling 911
  72. *Video* So... You Come Across The Homeless Metzger Family & Their "Truck" ?
  73. Jennifer Fox
  74. Let's steal from the children of the fallen...
  75. Ever delt with famous or celebrity people
  76. *Video* New Trials For The Defendents In The Christian/Newsom Slaughter!
  77. Thought this was funny
  78. Sig P220
  79. LE Agencies Carrying the .357 Sig?
  80. Nypd cop fighting for his life and partner freezes
  81. Looking of Cold Weather Undershirt Recommednations
  82. Man's best friend my @#* hurts
  83. St Louis Park, MN EOW:
  84. New addidtion to the family!
  85. An entire PD - gone.
  86. hogtied!
  87. Motorcycle Helmets
  88. No way!
  89. We call this a self correcting problem
  90. New York lawyer gets $1.50 in prison lawsuit
  91. Youngtown, AZ disbands police dept
  92. Best way to spend a Saturday Night...
  93. field interview card software
  94. RIP, Ken
  95. 75 years for recording the police?
  96. Cochese and DaBig help please...and all others who carry 1911s
  97. Uniforms and Dress Clothes
  98. Sheriff Joe's office makes the news again
  99. UC Davis Pepper Spray Incident - Full Background video
  100. EOW: Sherriff Rod Coffman, Lea County NM
  101. What's the national rate of felony reoffending?
  102. Glock's newest commercial-"wrong diner"
  103. *Video* A Day On Patrol With Ronnie Coleman
  104. Private Security Capabilities / Duites
  105. A night on patrol 41 pct Bronx NY aka Fort Apache 1973
  106. Safariland experts
  107. *Video* "80 Blocks From Tiffany's"
  108. Glock or Beretta
  109. This month's light reading
  110. Anyone in LE in Arkansas here?
  111. Trooper's killer back in court
  112. Skyrim I hate you
  113. The great whacker thread...
  114. *Video* Man Uses 12ga. To Blast Mistletoe Out Of Tree Behind Urban Mall!
  115. The findings are in and the ruling is...
  116. 2 cops attacked 9 collard fdny assist
  117. What do you do?
  118. Patch Donations?
  119. Attempted Robbery-Epic Fail
  120. Mumia will no longer face death row!
  121. Wesley Cook escapes death penalty
  122. EOW - Det. Bill Gannon, LAPD
  123. That's it, I'm done.
  124. Duty Shotgun. Opinions wanted
  125. To all my brothers in blue....
  126. G22 gen4+TLR?
  128. Gee Nobody saw this coming?
  129. Question?
  130. Mythbusters has an oopsie
  131. Fort Hood Massacre 'Workplace Violence'
  132. Officer down, VA Tech
  133. Words don't describe it.....
  134. Agency Challenge Coins
  135. Request for assistance.
  136. LAPD required to shoot monthly??
  137. Lightbar for patrol vehicle
  138. EOW, Moore County, NC
  139. Three Oklahoma officers shot =
  140. Any Central Missouri Officers?
  141. When Police Officers Die #VaTech
  142. Any objections for the safariland 6280?
  143. officer death
  144. Atchison,KS Officer killed by gunfire.
  145. Deputy shot in Santa Rosa County
  146. BUG/ OFF DUTY **7Ruger LC9
  147. *Video* Ruger Ultra Pepper Spray System
  148. Medical Marijuana prospective from those who have to enforce the laws.
  149. Keep the last one unfilled
  150. Any of you guys use a Streamlight Strion
  151. Hollywood gunman shoots at passing cars
  152. Wave a flag.
  153. EOW:Signal Hill Police Department, California
  154. Briefcase
  155. Worst nightmare/Attempted abduction/coworker's kids!
  156. FALLEN: documentary about increase in LOD deaths of LEOs
  157. Off Duty Texas Officer killed in MC accident
  158. My father lost a co worker
  159. Unrelated to VT VA Trooper OIS Thursday
  160. NYPD Officer Down
  161. Sphinx multicam pants
  162. Tactical balls?
  163. How to remain calm and cool under stressfull situations
  164. Aftermath of self-defense shooting
  165. Stupid crims (a fine example)
  166. Shots fired, Huntsville, AL
  167. How far can A employer go when searching you??
  168. Lawyer has been suspended for six months for falsely accusing a Trooper
  169. Dumbest thing you have seen someone fired for?
  170. Cleveland area officer shot, suspect probably dead
  171. Fifty miles and holy cow!
  172. Shot fired, Atlanta airport.
  173. Where was open carry when it was needed here?
  174. Indy Metro cop shot, smokes perp. Suspect "a good dad"
  175. Update Nov 28 OIS, Madison Co AL
  176. Miami Police Officer Polevaults Squad Car
  177. Officer Steve Smith Glasgow, WV PD, Injured in shootout
  178. Oathkeepers make up food raid story...
  179. new toys for the uniform, yay!
  180. What to ask for for CHristmas?
  181. Blue Line Family Gifts
  182. Shocked! Shocked I tell ya!
  183. Where to get a LEO discount on a Glock?
  184. Merry X-mas
  185. After 14 years...
  186. 1 year ago, today
  187. :rofl:
  188. Waterloo Indiana police officer down
  189. EOW: Puerto Rico PD, Puerto Rico
  190. **VID** Cop smokes gangsta's butt in a boxing fight!
  191. Opinions on this?
  192. Feds: Arapio violated civil rights....
  193. EOW: Blaine County Sheriff's Office, Montana
  194. Selected for MNPD police academy 3 January!!!
  195. Proper procedure on a stop of a Bounty Hunter
  196. Which one of you almost pulled me over?
  197. Follow up re nypd cop attacked on csi campus
  198. What's up w/
  199. House fire
  200. A Noyd man gets tazed and sprayed
  201. Anyone have data on weaponlights
  202. The latest thing in human smuggling from Colombia
  203. EOW: United States Park Police
  204. Lovely . . .
  205. A cop in the news? For something other than excessive force?
  206. Dear Citizen . . .
  207. Just when I thought it was safe to go back to the movie theater....
  208. K9 off. arrested in death of his K9
  209. Just thought I'd share....
  210. EOW Butts County SO, GA
  211. Interview and Interrogation Courses
  212. Woman Set On Fire On Brooklyn Elevator
  213. Braintrust: Car key keeper?
  214. New Trials Granted for the Christian-Newsom Murderers
  215. Officer d lakeland fl pd
  216. SD county sheriff deputies give shark bitten youth ride to the hospital
  217. Hospital + Inmate = BORED!
  218. EOW: East Washington, PA
  219. EOW: East Washington Borough Police Department (PA)
  220. Lake City MN Officer shot (breaking)
  221. LAPD Chief Beck trades integrity to support racist mayor
  222. Woman catches res burg in progress - video
  223. She decided to clean boyfriends gun and accidently shoots him. Twice
  224. Pocket holsters-whats good?
  225. Possible layoffs for PA State Police
  226. Lmpd ois
  227. Crack Kills.....
  228. The Good Old Revolver for Police Work
  229. eow
  230. Detroit cop caught on camera...
  231. EOW: Chesapeake PD, Virginia
  232. Cop sleep disorders
  233. EOW Aiken SC Officer Scott Richardson
  234. Man is paying $1 parking ticket...58 years late (r)
  235. Looking for active shooter audio downloads
  236. Is your department a weapons hog?
  237. 127k
  238. Why politicians should not be chiefs of police
  239. thinking of applying for amtrak police any thoughts????
  240. Man shoots at mouse, hits roommate; another roommate arrested for rape
  241. South Carolina CCW question
  242. S&W Bodyguard .380?
  243. Taser, CCW, Pistol, Punch, Arrest
  244. Ex-Des Moines police officers indicted in beating
  245. Man Eats Cocaine From Brother's Butt, Dies
  246. Constable Who Shot Accused Shoplifter Files Suits
  247. Surprised to see these on the open market so quick...
  248. You can't make this crap up!
  249. Playing drunken bumper cars with electric carts at WalMart leads to arrest
  250. Before things get any more hectic I want to take a moment...