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  1. A cops christmas eve
  2. Turning to the CT Community
  3. What do the bad guys carry?
  4. Four Arrested In Watertown Drug Bust
  5. Intruder shot three times by retired cop
  6. Police going door to door, entering homes with locksmiths
  7. I know what I'm getting TBO for Christmas...
  8. Things I've Learned in Glock Talk
  9. 'Nervous Bowels' Bank Robber in Jail...
  10. Athletes Foot
  11. The Justice Department Condones Perjury Again
  12. Amount of guns discovered in carry-on bags doubled in 2011 @ BNA
  13. Dash cam video reveals the dangers police face
  14. Turd Burglar
  15. Anyone From the Highway Patrol?
  16. California Officers own 7,600 Assault Guns
  17. Best lines from fruitcakes and intoxicateds?
  18. Nightsticks on the job
  19. Motorists warned about unattended cars-unattended police car stolen
  20. OSP got there jack boots out.
  21. Reporters: Wow! Cops: Well, duh.
  22. Thanks to all the LEO working during the holidays...
  23. Merry Christmas!
  24. To all of you working today....
  25. Holt AL OIS (near Tuscaloosa)
  26. HELP! LAPD K9 Uniform????
  27. Calif again caves in to illegal alien pressure
  28. Thermal Underwear
  29. *Video* Man W/ 5 Active Felony Probations Shoots Woman In Head!
  30. Officer Down - Seminole County SO, FL
  31. Is a K frame snub too big for on duty backup?
  32. Score 1 for the good guys:
  33. "ThugFindr?"
  34. paper, plastic, or hot lead?
  35. I phone on duty belt question
  36. A positive police story in the local news...
  37. Clerk KO's wouldbe robber- video
  38. L.A.P.D. X-Mas 1911 Qualification Course!
  39. *Video* Armed Robber Mostafa Hendi Gets His Block Knocked Off By Clerk!
  40. 22 back up guns??
  41. Metler's :)
  42. 2011 police fatalities up 13 percent
  43. Glad he wasn't one of my C.J. teachers
  44. Tough Marine-shot 3 times in chest by robbers-plugs holes with fingers
  45. prayers needed
  46. Anyone know how to disassemble safariland 6360
  47. Uncle Mike's Reflex me talk him out of it
  48. Are you guys having trouble hiring?
  49. Another suspender thread
  50. Any other Training Officers out there?
  51. Holiday laughs for the coppers
  52. Glocks and a salt water environment
  53. EOW- Chicago PD off-duty/ robbery
  54. What is your EDC load?
  55. Honist officer... only two beers
  56. California Police Officers... I'm too old to go back to the academy!?!?!?
  57. CA- Stanislaus CSO Officer Struck, Killed by Turlock Dispatcher
  58. I buried my father today. (lengthy post, beware)
  59. FBI Agent dies saving swimmer.
  60. Looking for an Easy on and off Duty Holster
  61. I was driving home tonight, minding my own business...
  62. That sound you heard? Twenty-three years flushed away.
  63. Missing Teen from Amarillo, TX
  64. Remember tinfoil guy?
  65. To my brothers and sisters in blue...
  66. Would you like fries or hot lead with that?
  67. Atf lod
  68. EOW: ATF Special Agent John Capano
  69. *Video* Detroit Police: City Makes Sure They Have The Tools They Need!
  70. Remembering those lost.....
  71. Anyone have change for a $1,000,000 bill?
  72. So much for a quiet new year start . . .
  73. EOW: Puerto Rico PD
  74. EOW: NPS Ranger, Mt. Rainier, WA
  75. Mere hours into 2012, Newark records first homicide of the year
  76. Some New Year's Eve party...
  77. Elbeco V1 uniform external vest carrier
  78. Prayers Needed...
  79. Retired LEO's
  80. Anyone else have issues with AB 109?
  81. Kansas Department of Corrections ?'s
  82. Job question? URS in Nevada - anyone know what these guys do???
  83. Yearly Qualification
  84. "You are out of your jurisdiction...."
  85. GNG is going to go nuts.
  86. My Daughters new job
  87. Texas folks
  88. So ... What Was He Thinking?
  89. "So...what was he thinking" PART 2!
  90. New York City
  91. Breaking- Armed 8th grader put down at Texas school
  92. Deadly New Year!
  93. AZ Sheriff Paul Babeu to run for Congress
  94. Guide me through my career
  95. Man attacks Baltimore Police
  96. Non-LE duties on the job
  97. Career guidance for a young troop
  98. What did this officer do wrong?
  99. St. Paul MN - heating up
  100. Police: 6 officers wounded in Ogden shooting; no reports of fatalities
  101. 6 cops shot in Ogden
  102. Hiding a Cop Car
  103. 6 Utah Cops Shot During Drug Warrant Service
  104. NYE in a broken down ambulance...
  105. Any tips for mentally preparing for a residential academy?
  106. Looking for Range / Bob bag
  107. Who is working for the apocalypse?
  108. A disappointing and ultimately tragic ending
  109. If you don't mnd my asking,
  110. Firing guns over holiday means court date for many
  111. Light reading- SPECIAL Edition
  112. I'm not from around here
  113. Be on the lookout for Beezow Doo-Doo Zopittybop-Bop-Bop
  114. Marshals Shoot and Kill a Fugitive in Oregon
  115. *Video* Ga. Trooper Had 20 Accidents, 7 His Fault, Before Fatal Wreck!
  116. Company Needs 300 Million Dollar Loan, Or There's No CARBON Police Car 4-U!
  117. College help
  118. Question: How many of your all's Dept is set up this way
  119. Lake City MN LE Funeral pics
  120. Any aviation cops in here?
  121. Breaking: Maricopa County, AZ Deputy shot, killed...
  122. Phoenix police precinct will test 13-hour days
  123. Alpharetta GA Police officer dies at 26
  124. Dashcam of OIS
  125. Bodyarmor Question
  126. Diesel Pulls...... Harder than they look!
  127. Maricopa County, Az. Deputy EOW
  128. Jihadist Plot in Tampa...
  129. f bombs on the air
  130. Sheriff Cecil Nobles dies, longest serving Sheriff in GA
  131. Chief blasts anti cop council members, defends his officers
  132. 870p
  133. New duty gun: Gen4 22 or 35?
  134. The things we ask of officers....
  135. Another argument for Open Carry
  136. Investigator I Position - Birmingham, Alabama
  137. Can a Texas LEO...
  138. New duty gun G17 Gen4 from a G37 gen3
  139. Most sick I've ever been
  140. OMB Police Supply blow out sale
  141. Another escape artist.
  142. What was he thinking?
  143. Boot Knives
  144. Kalamazoo MI, Officer Fired upon - video
  145. Almost there!
  146. Union City Ga
  147. Woman curses at LA cop, is punched
  148. Anybody ever done a complete 180 in your career choice?
  149. MPD officer accused of fraud
  150. Court
  151. Ever wanted to call in an airstrike?
  152. Pole smoker
  153. Home Depot Securtiy Rules are nuts
  154. Thread in GNG about fugitive with .38
  155. Milwaukee PD dash cam shows cops struggling with their asst. chief
  156. verdict: capital murder
  157. When you get home tonight kiss your wife!
  158. It's come down to writing warrants for "pushing"
  159. Auto insurance deals?
  160. Do you have a gun....
  161. Traffic stop question
  162. So who got to test fire this weapon?
  163. Moe, Larry & Curly in action?
  164. Burned out.... license plate light
  165. Grand jury dropping charges?
  166. What is worse than a monkey with a machine gun?
  167. 6280 vs 6320
  168. Flashlight switch location/function question
  169. ook; Community policing, A comtemporary prespective
  170. EOW: Michigan Department of Corrections, Michigan
  171. Civil Lawsuits
  172. Patch trade with Illinois coppers?
  173. For you 3rd shift Art Bell fans
  174. radar policies...
  175. Le Issued fire arms
  176. Why Surrender is never an option
  177. SouthLAnd starts back up Tuesday night...
  178. Chuck E. Cheese's in the News Again
  179. 'Onion Field killer' denied parole
  180. Light weight Plate carrier for patrol....
  181. Well, it happened. Warrantless blood draws gone in MO.
  182. Question for you NC guys
  183. I have a fulltime job..
  184. Patrol Rifle: Build or buy?
  185. G21 4th gen police use
  186. Shirt Stays Trick?
  187. Sleep mask
  188. Senate: Citizens Should Have Right To Resist - INDIANAPOLIS
  189. Dealing with personal crisis/health issues at home
  190. Fixed poket EOC, please review
  191. Teens find SIG .40 pistol in public restroom, owner is retired feeb
  192. First Job Interview
  193. EOW: Puerto Rico, PD
  194. Any ideas for stopping a vehicle?
  195. Will Clayton county vote this nutjob Sheriff in again?
  196. new jersey question
  197. EOW: Calcasieu Parish S O
  198. Getting Guns Off Our Streets
  199. Screwing up a career
  200. So, how many fakes have been busted
  201. Radio Holders: Swivel or No Swivel?
  202. Child killer found dead.
  203. Glock Armorer recert
  204. Not in a good mood right now...
  205. A question forced entry
  206. We lost another one last night.
  207. Do Cops get targeted/attacked just because they're a Cop?
  208. Different than facing a: Falling tree, or Slippery boat deck
  209. Answering Call About Armed Intruders, Police Kill Resident Holding a Gun
  210. Marijuana users are non-violent, right?
  211. Resident arrested after shooting burglar
  212. Policeman exposed to vomit during CPR attemps denied Workman's comp by dept
  213. Inmate Packing Heat!!
  214. Medical Marijuana
  215. Detroit area cops: NA Auto show, cobo hall, pistol free zone?
  216. Job Postings
  217. Ark: Female prison gaurd killed.
  218. Wacker stealing debit cards
  219. Question for MO LEOs
  220. Another Blackeye........
  221. J-Frame + CT in Ankle Glove?
  222. Just a short note to remember a friend...
  223. Spyderco supporting LEO museum
  224. Patrol laptop and camera costs
  225. Academy Starts Tomorrow
  226. EWO Honolulu PD
  227. Case law or news reports on none stock Glocks causing problem for LEO
  228. Deputies may have tipped off sex offenders about sweep
  229. Different kind of duty belt thread...
  230. Tasers who doesn't have them? Why ? We don't have them.
  231. Wet weather gear suggestions
  232. Supreme Court says search warrants needed when police use GPS devices to tr
  233. EOW Teller County Colorado
  234. SC Mayor pulled over then pulls over Trooper.
  235. Ankle Holsters: Increased Comfort
  236. Review of AE Nelson 114 quad mag carrier
  237. My non-standard (but awesome) duty light.
  238. Treadmill /increase heart strength
  239. I-PAD's in cruisers?
  240. First day of FTO
  241. Tenn. police officer fired for smoking in precinct
  242. salary comparisons
  243. EOW: Pike County, KY Deputy
  244. A Question for you guys....
  245. Oscar bid by CHP trooper convicted of murder
  246. FBI arrests 4 Conn. cops for alleged racial profiling
  247. Too close for comfort?
  248. VIDEO: Perp w/crowbar vs. cops
  249. Occupy Lexington KY finally moved along...
  250. SouthLAnd is back!