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  1. Tested FNS 9
  2. Back and hip problems aggrevated by duty belts
  3. Cochese ... an apology.
  4. Cop says ported gun wasn't his
  5. HIV-infected man fights to become Atlanta officer
  6. Keister caper creates conundrum for Clifford
  7. EOW Atlanta PD, GA
  8. What car now?
  9. Sauk Village Il, trustees lock police chief out — literally
  10. LE Job Posting resources
  11. ....And The Horse is in "Stable" Condition!
  12. Western Uniforms
  13. Duty Sights for G21SF
  14. The Law In Polk County Don't Play
  15. Help with new flashlight........
  16. Greetings From Death Row:TV, A/C, Reading, Naps, 3 Hots, Healthcare 24/7
  17. Painful lesson learned...
  18. Jury: Deputy not liable in MD TASER death case.
  19. Immigrant drivers' license fraud increases
  20. Yeilding To Emergency Vehicles
  21. Moonlighting Memphis cops get city overtime
  22. Crimes lurk in Memphis Police Department memos
  23. Leosa
  24. Still got it
  25. Wear your Amor!!
  26. 1+ for the good guys. OIS video link.
  27. Vest straps
  28. Cases re: LEO use of deadly force when facing unarmed suspects
  29. Take kids shooting and get a complaint
  30. Peoria AZ, Officer guilty of bad judgement
  31. OFFICER SAFETY NOTICE: Ammo Malfunction!
  32. 34, Am I Too Old?
  33. Next Phase Polygraph
  34. Philly PD
  35. Philly PD
  36. Macomb CO Deputy found guilty of LEIN abuse..
  37. Someone please translate this from Spanish
  38. Meanwhile, as rome burns . . .
  39. Investigator Interview
  40. Clamming equipment on taxes
  41. "Nutjob"...
  42. How to Stop Urban Crime Without Jail Time
  43. Suspects in Robbery take Off Duty Officers gun then....
  44. Police officer killed by another while being arrested
  45. Chicago G-8, May 2012
  46. Occupy clashes with police Oakland, Ca.
  47. New show: Police Chiefs gone wild.
  48. EOW: Aiken, SC, DPS Master Corporal Sandy Rogers
  49. Krokodil
  50. New gig.
  51. 200 hours of training to detect?
  52. Hey Cochese!!!!!
  53. Duty Optic
  54. What kind of Pistol is this?
  55. Anyone Frome The Chattanooga/East Ridge TN. Area>?
  56. EOW:Montgomery County (MD) PD
  57. Crime scene photos
  58. Oregon man uses the force on Portland PD
  59. POSSIBLE Homeland Security threat
  60. Fox Labs is HOT!!!
  61. Nice find on a T-stop
  62. Beware light-sabers on the street LOL
  63. Well, crap.
  64. Origin of Police Shooting Video
  65. Should This Ranger Be Disciplined and Re-trained or what?
  66. Once you're bitten, it's all over from there.
  67. EOW: King County SO
  68. Time as a LEO
  69. What can happen when you don't talk to the Police
  70. NYPD Cops Banned From Owning NYPD T-Shirts and Merchandise
  71. RCMP cancels DUI-drug training
  72. Congressional Dems throw BATFE 1811s under the proverbial bus
  73. EOW: Nevada Dept of Corrections
  74. Visited Gun Show Last Weekend
  75. Milestone today
  76. Brian Terry's family sues ATF--$25million
  77. Probation
  78. Going to Pot...
  79. 'Sovereign citizen' sentenced to 35 years for shootout with Colleyville off
  80. Exigent home entry---SCOTUS covers rules
  81. Building Searches
  82. Department Armorer Stipend
  83. I dunno, I chuckled
  84. Occupier takes a ride
  85. Glock Armorers Course
  86. Speaking of Wackers...
  87. “They could have tased him, like they did him before"
  88. Where's Porky?
  89. New Cop's Knife
  90. 2-3-12 Mobile AL Breaking OIS
  91. A very opinion-splitting story in my home...
  92. Mom gets in trouble for helping her son
  93. Richmond police officer acquitted of all charges in brutality case
  94. Original S.W.A.T. Boots
  95. Patrol bag set ups....
  96. Any DC metro cops?
  97. Fingerprinting?
  98. AR-15 Plunge
  99. Busted for DUI
  100. Josh Powell investigation takes a tragic turn
  101. Lace-In Boot Zippers
  102. Marshals Service Finally Gonna Hire via the Exam Process
  103. LEOSA, badge required?
  104. More details on CA officer killed as he was being arrested.
  105. FYI: Open posistion a MWAA
  106. New Police Officer training
  107. Weapons stolen from several police cars
  108. I Wonder Where Monsters Come From>?
  109. Hackers break into police ass. website, steal & publish cops addresses
  110. Hmmm, hope this was done off duty . . .
  111. Failure to Aid a Law Enforcement Officer
  112. Anyone wearing under armour speed freak boots?
  113. Lateral advice
  114. Decepticon strikes again, foiled by real cop...
  115. CBP Officer shot Newark, CA
  116. Two Year Old Points Loaded Gun at Cops
  117. MOAR cop-hatin' goodness from THE BLAZE
  118. Playboy on the job...
  119. Ois: Nypd
  120. RIP Officer Green, Mobile AL PD
  121. Sometimes, we are the worst . . .
  122. Anybody here know of a good source for law knowledge?
  123. What a POS!!!!! Lakewood cop accused of taking donations
  124. I have to salute this guy
  125. Insert Benny Hill theme music here
  126. How much is a cop's life worth?
  127. Occupy Phoenix Veterans with AR15s keeping the Occupation safe
  128. You're welcome Denver
  129. Another fake busted - fake DEA agent
  130. 15 *TON* meth seizure
  131. Very Good Article
  132. Don't see this every day!!!
  133. What do you folks think about this case.
  134. Hiring
  135. Detroit: Am I reding this correctly?
  136. training question
  137. Entry Tools
  138. Small world.... you know the Grosse Pt Park guy who's suspected of murder?
  139. molle pouches
  140. Yup, I'm that guy.
  141. Tell Us About "That Guy" @ Your Academy
  142. Sniper's Nest at the Superbowl!
  143. Rifle plate carrier
  144. I'd rather be lucky than good...
  145. Things Got Ironed Out, But Started Up Again......
  146. Video: TASERed teen resists Ky. cops
  147. Spotting the fakes
  148. Wrote up one of my guys for throwing someone on the ground.
  149. son of a (pba with) gun
  150. International Police Association
  151. Good news but how do you collect
  152. Just in time for Valentine's Day!
  153. Not Law Enforcement, But a question about this vid
  154. Mobile Ala officer killed, suspect cheesing for the camera
  155. Just learned about an invention made in my home town
  156. Rapper Charged with 3 Murders
  157. Officer Runs Two And A Half Miles To Catch Suspect
  158. How do you carry your Taser?
  159. Prosecutor: Man killed Md. trooper to get revenge
  160. Delicate Questions of Abuse
  161. Judge not, less yea...
  162. Time on the forum
  163. How many of you?
  164. What to do with used body armor?
  165. Upfitted Ford Interceptors
  166. N.Y.P.D. Changes Shooting Policy
  167. People with masks
  168. What Cops do:
  169. Job Opening (Patrolman) Houston Texas Area
  170. Marksmanship without room for error
  171. NYPD Officer injured in Shootout
  172. NYPD Officer Lost
  173. Officer Surrenders After 4-Hour Standoff
  174. Open Carry thoughts
  175. Opinions on off duty badge/ID carry
  176. Rename this article
  177. Bullet-Resistant Clipboard.
  178. Police protecting Powell kids, even after their deaths
  179. At home safe
  180. Any other Officers in the Army National Guard?
  181. Question on 1911 Duty Holster
  182. Crockam found guilty of Lakewood officer's murder
  183. Officers who dodge calls
  184. Two new job opportunities.
  185. A shoutout for support for a Top Shot shooter
  186. D'oh! Police chief behaving badly
  187. Hit and Run
  188. EOW: Clay County SO (FL)
  189. ICE agent shoots several co-workers, at least one dead.
  190. Sums it up nicely, doesn't it?
  191. Oakley Military/L.E. discount
  192. Tactical Entry Vest
  193. Phoenix PD investigating body armor failure
  194. Occupy Vest
  195. Mexico Cops
  196. Annoyatron or how to piss everyone off
  197. Mayor, Sheriff Speak Out on Police Chief Arrested on Drug Charge
  198. EOW: Monongalia County SO WV
  199. LAPD Reserves
  200. GPS tracking installed in your patrol cars
  201. Pota-clip
  202. TVA Police Laid off....
  203. Man Tasered 71 times -- and still alive
  204. Does your agency train like it fights?
  205. My wife, Denise, should be alive today
  206. question on taser policy
  207. March 5th
  208. I hate the media reason #1892805
  209. James Bond dead...
  210. Police video contradicts blogger
  211. Hamstrung Cops
  212. Plain talk vs. Codes
  213. Clay County Sheriff Says No To Enforcing Traffic Laws
  214. Cameras on LEO's
  215. Daytona agrees to pay man $15K for wrongful arrest
  216. K9 Handlers...i have a Question for you.
  217. 90-Year-Old Recounts Home-Invasion Gun Battle
  218. Sheriff Sued by Deputies
  219. Turned in my first police recruit application.
  220. ownership vs right to ccw
  221. Anyone from Glendale PD, AZ?
  222. Question for Texas LEO's
  223. New Sup Ct take on Miranda Rule
  224. Anyone else feel something missing after leaving law enforcement?
  225. Is the J Frame For Back Up Consittered Old School
  226. Glock Instructors Course
  227. EOW: WSP Trooper (WA)
  228. Vehicle placement on traffic stops?
  229. LAPD chief gives in to racist LA mayor...AGAIN!
  230. Which is tougher on one's body..20 years of police work or
  231. Cops......
  232. Question for the LEO's
  233. Ya think we'll be seeing him again?
  234. Ignored 911 Call Turns Fatal In Berkeley; Police Busy With Occupy Protest
  235. Louisville officer shot while responding to home invasion
  236. Question about shootout video
  237. Nims & ics...
  238. Well, what an interesting week..Think I will go pee on something.
  239. Off duty officers shoot another off duty officer, then takes own life.
  240. Note to self: Sigh . . .
  241. Emergency Custody Orders statistics
  242. Cedar Park OIS "Not Today!"
  243. Weapon lights
  244. Miami SWAT Officer Cleared in Shooting; SAO Questions Policy
  245. Too Little Room On Belt
  246. On the street, there is no quarter given, no surrender.
  247. 29 year old off duty officer dies.
  248. Memory of a fallen officer
  249. Monodanok expandable trouble
  250. What's that they say about poor victim choice again?